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Hi there. I'm Cerine Ariana Mephit, at your service.

If you're here, you probably want to know a bit about me. Well, it's a long story, but I'll try to keep it short.

I'm a Time Lady. Well, at least I think I am. Though I've been in exile for quite a while now. First on a planet called Mogri, and now in the realm of FurryMuck. An odd journey, a long story - a very long story. But I am here.

I am the fourth incarnation of this form. I remember this now. My first incarnation was that of a beautiful, but lonely phoenix: it made sure I forgot who I was before it passed away. Never remember the past. And I can't remember much but hazy events here and there.

The second incarnation was a creature painfully stable in hir own instability; a chimera named Orelious. Sie...sie was a fabulous beast, who had to endure a lot of tragedy, both on Mogri and later on FurryMuck. Sie had a mate named Milgrove...who sie lost when sie left this realm. It was a shame and a tragedy, perhaps...but even a trinity must pass on when the time is necessary. And it was.

The third incarnation was a peaceful blue unicorn philosopher named Emrys. He was a quiet musician and poet, and preferred his privacy. And loneliness.

And then there is me. And me...well, you'll have to see for yourself. Meep!

My interests...my interests have always been kinky. If there's a fetish you know of, I likely know of it, and probably like it. Nothing blatantly illegal, of course. No. But - I'm the one running the Furry Inflation Pages. The Web InflatoMistress. I like that title.

And, of course, you wonder why the title of this page is what it is. Well, it's because I happen to live at one of the rare Macrophile addresses out there.

C. Casso; 290 Mass. Ave.; Cambridge, MA 02139

  Feel free to send stuff. ;)  

Oh, and I have a player. He's sorta a strange fellow. I don't hang out with him much.


I suppose that's all I have to say for now. Bye!