Episode 4: The Mailing List

the mailing list devoted to furry sizeplay, inflation, and related topics.
the name of this *new* :) list: fursize@lists.integral.org .

This is the official FAQ for the fursize list, version 4.01.

There has been a complete overhaul of this page as of 06/03, please especially see the new Rules section. There has been a major update (and new server) as of 01/00. As of 01/11/99, an update has been made here.

If you are reading this, and don't know what the Furry Inflation Pages are, look here. If you don't know what macrophilia, macrophallia, vorarephilia, and other such terms mean, you probably don't want to be on this list. At least not yet...


This has come up in the past with admins. A handful of administrators for domains have noticed this list, termed it spam, and banned me from their server. If the admins had asked the persons receiving the list whether it was solicited, they would find it was. This list is NOT SPAM, nor do I add anyone to the list who doesn't specifically ask to be added. There are easy ways to be removed from the list. - Rourkie, Fursize Admin

Now, with that said:

  1. Technical Stuff (new)
    1.1. Subscribing
    1.2. Unsubscribing/Changing List Options
    1.3. Digest mode
    1.4. For users of the @beaver-dam Fursize list (before 01/00)
    1.5. On free e-mail services


    (sorry, no sublinks, as all of the rules should be read completely)

    4.1. About distribution
    4.2. Authorship of material
    4.3. Posting without being on the list
    4.4. Posting of large binaries
    4.5. Problems with others' content
    4.6. Other material

    Other resources
    5.1. Other mailing lists
    5.2. Other web sites

    Current problems with the list
    6.1. Mail server is not consistent
    6.2. Cerine contact problem
    6.3. My personal computing
    6.4. Slow remote e-mail servers
    6.5. Mail sent to Fursize is bouncing

Technical Stuff

1.1. Subscribing

In order to subscribe to the Fursize list, take a look at http://lists.integral.org/listinfo/fursize, which is the new web-subscription method. On that page you should see the header "Subscribing to FurSize." It will ask you for your e-mail address, and to input a password (as it says, don't make it too serious of a password). Under that, it asks whether you want to receive list mail as a digest. This is now an option for those that don't want to receive individual messages; however, for most people, the answer to digest should be no. Then hit the button, and you're subscribed. Almost. You'll need to reply to a confirmation e-mail first, for security. Your request to join will be processed no later than one business day. If, after replying to the confirmation message, you don't receive a message welcoming you to the list within this time, email me at rourkie@snet.net and I'll try to see what's wrong.

1.2. Unsubscribing/Changing List Options

If you wish to unsubscribe, again go to http://lists.integral.org/listinfo/fursize, and look at the "FurSize Subscribers" subheading. Ignore the bit about the subscribers list (for some lists, you can view the whole subscriber list; not this one, sorry), and look at the "To change your subscription..." line. Under that, enter your e-mail address in the box and hit the button. This should take you to your list options page. Options are listed in this order:

1.3. Digest Mode

This is a new feature of the fursize list. Essentially, it allows you to receive daily batches of mail from Fursize. From my experience, this means that you may have problems dealing with the MIME-encoded pictures through the list. See 1.2 above for details.

1.4. For users of the @beaver-dam Fursize list (before 01/00)

1.5. On free e-mail services (revised)

I highly suggest that if you have any privacy concern whatsoever, that you go and get some sort of remailer or web email account. They're cheap (i.e. free), and fairly easy to use - and there are plenty of them out there. Now, I know that some of them want personal info...I can't say that's very nice, but...you can always give fake info. I do. *grins*

There is a problem now, though. Some people love spamming from free e-mail addresses. They particularly love spamming from servers that have lax or no policies on spam. This is not a problem you can really control.

Fursize's new server, Integral, subscribes to an anti-spam bot that I believe is overzealous in blocking mail servers. This I cannot control. It essentially means that at any point in time, anyone on Fursize may spontaneously have their mail blocked. This annoys me. A lot. On the other hand, in theory all of this is great, because there will be less spam on the Net, blah blah blah. (I'll believe it when I see it.)

So, if you're going to get a free e-mail account, I must suggest that you find one that a) serves your needs and b) has a clear anti-spam policy, and c) is small. I suggest you avoid the two big free e-mail providers, Hotmail and Mail.com (aka Iname, Lycos Mail, CNN mail, etc. etc. etc.), as both are huge and seem to allow spam more or less nonstop. Thus they're on the anti-spam bot. They're also mostly slow and often offline, but these are minor things compared to the mail blocking.

My suggestion is to find a mail forwarding place that has POP access, such that you can access the account from your normal mail program. This makes it quite convenient, much more so than doing everything on the web (which can be quite tedious). For instance, you may want to check out the service at http://eo.yifan.net/ , though I had to laugh when I originally typed in http://www.yifan.net/ . :) \

That being said, take a look here and here.

2. Purpose

The purpose of this list is to provide a friendly forum for people to discuss concepts involving furries of different proportions than what would be standard, and related ideas. To be more specific, this list is for people interested in furry macrophilia (which we need more of), microphilia, weight-gain, vorephilia, pregnancy, and inflation of various sorts. If it's disproportional and involves furries, it should be here. Also note that these are the same standards for the FurSize webring (if we ever see it). This list isn't just an adjunct of the Furry Inflation Pages.

3. Rules

This is where I start sounding pissy. Bleah. I hate sounding pissy.

The following rules were put into place by the original list creator/moderator. Below you will find ammendments to these rules and a code of conduct that were later added.

1. Treat other people with respect. I have seen far, far too many mailing lists erupt in endless, needless flamewars over relatively obscure topics which, honestly, I found laughable. I want this list to (mostly) stay on topic, when possible. Personal lives are fine. I don't want flamewars on my list. Period. I don't mind heated, passionate discussions; I mind ad hominem criticisms. I think we're all sane enough to tell the difference. This applies to any topics which are considered meaningful for this list, some of which I know some people find sickening and repulsive. Example 1: popping balloons. And yes, for all intents and purposes, this is a G-X rated list.

2. I am judge and jury. Yes, this is sounding like a power trip. But I generally feel like I don't get easily angered. (Frustrated, perhaps, not angered.) If you start a flamewar, I will get arbitrarily angry, and will arbitrarily assign punishment. I care enough to hold a tight line on this. (At least I hope so.) Flames which are meant for me should be directed at me, not the list. If I get pissed for a justifiable reason, I reserve the right to be arbitrarily harsh. If I get pissed for an unjustifiable reason, please bap me on the head. Enough said.

3. Do not repost things on this list (without permission). This is covered more later, but it means this: do not redistribute, do not forward. Please. Artists care, and I care for the integrity of this list and my pages. Otherwise, this will all go poof quite quickly. Just try it and watch.

4. I make mistakes. I am not the Web InflatoGoddess (just the Web InflatoMistress with the Bosom of Doom, that's all). I am fallible. If I make a mistake, please point it out to me with all haste. I need to know these things, especially when they concern subscribing, unsubscribing, and redistribution. My purpose here is to not piss people off with what I do. If I do, I lose my credibility, and none of this then has a point.

5. Tell people who like the subjects covered here about the list. I'm not going to heavily advertise this list on alt.fan.furry or the sort, because I fear a) spamming and b) random flamage. However, if you know people who are into furries and size, please direct them here. PLEASE tell them to read this FAQ first. We're around (round?) because of word of mouth. In the days of the old Fursize list, I didn't want too many knowing about it; now that the bugs are worked out, I don't care. However, I would prefer that this list remain adults-only, for some obvious reasons (the law being the most prominent). If you wish to post a link to this FAQ, please ask me first. And I'll take care of the others. With my mind control device (yes, I'm going to use my Bosom of Doom on them). :)

6. Try to post standard formats. The preferred file-types for the list are GIF, JPEG, text, and HTML. ZIP files are slightly discouraged (they don't compress images much, and imo people like to read text files through the e-mail), EXE and COM files are an absolute nono. There have been too many odd computer viruses going through the mail lately; in theory, my virus checker will catch them, but there's no real assurance.

7. I cannot prevent stupidity, no matter what. I can't stop people from posting unreadable files to the list (though I can block some big ones, and if you don't know much about file types, feel free to have a nice long chat with me about it). I cannot (and for that matter, will not) prevent artists from posting several pictures to the list at one time (though I try to discourage it, because of people with bandwidth problems). I cannot prevent people from using the mailing list as their own way to get revenge on other people (though I can take them off the list afterwards if they've violated the rules). If Something Stupid Happens, don't take it out on the list (which will be more spam). Take it out on me or on the persons involved. Preferably both in the same message. If you flame me with reason, I'm not going to be spiteful. Promise. (Also see 4.4.)

Ammended rules:

Now, as many of you may (or may not) have realized, I am not Cerine (the former Admin and founder of this list)... Although I follow many of the basic policies she has set up, I do have my own set of guidelines to determine how the list *SHOULD* be run. And though there is a lot of overlap between our views, I just want all of you to make sure that differences may arise.

Now, having made that disclaimer, I'd like to mention a few things. The following may seem mundane, but it IS important to make sure everyone knows the proper way to behave here. No exceptions will be made, and anyone not following these guidelines will be dealt with accordingly.

First off, is the issue of on-topic/off-topic.
Note that if the post deals with furs in any way, it is *probably* on topic to some extent. If it's furry, as well as sizey (fat, macro/micro, inflation, pregnancy etc.) to any degree (for instance, in the fat category, anywhere from chubby or pudgy, to immobile...), it *IS* on topic. This includes stories, articles, pictures and RPs. This also includes any responses to the aforementioned media.
A post is "off topic" when it does not include these elements. This includes other news, politics, trees, clouds, carpet, or anything otherwise not directly connected to furs. Please do not post off topic material to the list unless it is clearly marked as such. The proper way to do so is to mark it "OT" or "Off topic". Easy enough? Good.

Next, is expected behavior.
Come on guys. Its really sad that I have to review how to behave on this list, considering that we are all supposed to be adults here, and many of us act rather... well... immaturely. So I'm including this section on what is expected of you all. Its basically simple. Just be nice. How many times do I have to say this before it sinks in? We're all here because we want to be. We share common interests. Should we not be civil to one another? What sense does it make to be at each other's throats when the purpose of this list is to build the sizey furry community? We're here to make friends. Not enemies.

Now, suppose someone DOES start posting rude or hurtful comments on the list. How should you deal with them? Simple: Ignore it. They're usually posting to get other furs riled up, just to bring themselves attention. If their actions aren't acknowledged, they will eventually stop. Or, if its really bothering you, you can E-mail me, and *I* will take care of the problem. Its better than half the list posting threats and obscenities to the list. Just be courteous to one another, and everyone should get along fine.

I really don't wanna have to baby-sit the list, guys. But if I have to, I will. We have something really great here. Its too good to let a few poor decisions or judgment calls ruin it for everyone else. So please, keep in mind to follow these guidelines, (which isn't really hard to do... its basically common sense,) and to think before you post, please?

                                                                                                                       -Email to the Fursize list, Mon, 11 Nov 2002

In addition to these rules, there is also a 3-step warning policy as follows:

I've initiated a 3 step system to deal with such infringements, explained below. I'll then demonstrate with a current
example, to show how things work.

Level 1: Warning

This should be self-explanatory. Its a warning indicating that you've violated the policies of the mailing list. It details what
you've done to recieve the warning, as well as discusses possible ways to ammend such behavior. Hopefully most
problems will end here.

Level 2: Probation: Ban on Posting

If the line of behavior continues, the member will be placed on Posting probation. This means that any an all posts will
have to be approved by a Fursize moderator.

This status can be appealed after 30 days if sufficient changes in behavior have been made, and if a moderator feels that
the violator will continue to follow the improved behavior.

Level 3: Complete ban from the list

It will seriously take a lot of work to get here. If you signed up for this list, you obviously want to be here. If not, then
leave. However, if a member on Level 2 continues to act against the general principles of the list, they will be banned from the
list. They will not be readmitted without a very good reason.

Now the example to show how things work:

Recently a member of this list has been contributing some rather... colorful comments about certain members, posts, and
pictures on the list. In addition, complaints were made by many different members concerning this individual. They were
warned about their actions (level 1), proceded to contact me, and we had a rather lengthy discussion about how the
behavior exhibited had violated policy.

After said conversation, this individual proceeded in these malevolent behavior. Thus having given an opportunity to
change accordingly, still with no change from the violating member, this furson was moved to Level 2, where they are now
currently prevented from posting anything offensive or inappropriate, because of post screening.

Hopefully, their actions will improve enough so that I will not have to move them to Level 3, and kick them out.

In short, This is a place where we all want to have fun. I hope I wont have to use this system too often.

4. Posting/distribution

4.1. About distribution

Some people really don't want their artwork and/or stories redistributed. Either this is because they are in rough form, or because the author is making money from these, etc. etc. As such, there will be no redistribution on *anything* on the Fursize list without permission. Nothing that ends up on this list will end up on related websites without approval. If you send something to the list meaning for it to get into the Fatastic Furry Fantasies or the Round House or the Furry Inflation Pages or anything like that, you will have to tell the respective authors of the pages (Darkwulf, Karloon, Morphy, etc.) separately that you want it posted to those pages (where applicable). No archive is kept of the Fursize list, nor am I planning to ever keep one. If you want something reposted, please email the artists and/or authors privately, and let them decide. Reposting, more often than not, is spammy. I have had people ask me to send them things from previous Fursize posts. For the reasons in this FAQ, I cannot and will not.

4.2. Authorship of material

Please do not post pictures or stories to the list which you did not create, or those for whom you don't have permission to distribute. The fact that they're on the Net doesn't mean they're able to be posted to the list. In addition, this also cuts down on the total amount of binaries sent to the list, which makes it faster for all. If you find a picture out on the Net that you'd like to share, just post a link of the picture to the list. It's simple, easy, and takes less time, even. It also means you won't be mistaken for being the one who drew it. Also, please do not post links to passworded or private sites to the list. There are good reasons why. Think about it.

4.3. Posting without being on the list

The Fursize list is set so that only members of the list can post to the list. However, if an artist or author wants their works to be posted without getting involved with the Fursize list, all you have to do is email me at rourkie@snet.net , send me what you want forwarded, and add a note that you want it forwarded to the list. That's all. I will try to make absolutely sure that the material does not go anywhere but the mailing list, as per 4.1.

4.4. Posting of large binaries

As a note, I just wanted to add: please don't send overly large files (>500 k or so?) to the mailing list, or lots of binaries at once. I just say this with respect to the people out there still working from 14.4 modems. We don't all have wonderful, fast connections. In general, if you have a question, err on the side of caution or ask me. I'm not going to care too much about too many binaries on the list; in fact, I encourage them. But for other issues...again, see 3.4 and 3.6.

4.5. Problems with others' content

I've had to add this part of the FAQ because of some events which have transpired on the list. Let me state this outright: I have no control over what others post to the list, or the content of such. I don't directly moderate the list, nor do I have a real wish to. I can deal with things after the fact if they're problematic. But, I do not have any way of managing homosexual/heterosexual/hermaphrodite/potato bug content on this list. People posting requests (or demands) for more male/female/potato bug pics will get a stern look from the Bosom of Doom. (yes, I seem to have inherited said bosom along with the rest of the list.. *grins*)  This is different than full-fledged ideas, as per the old Furry Inflation Grab Bag, because those ideas can stimulate other ideas for things. (e.g. Hey, here's an interesting idea: what would a furry balloon transformation look like? What sorts of interesting devices could be invented for the sole purpose of changing one from a furry being to one made of latex? "Small squeak for latex, large leap for balloon kind?" Sorry, personal interest. :) )

My personal feeling is that if you want something done, it's better to try to think it through and do it yourself (through commissions, if possible) than to whine about it to the list. I mean, if you've seen the kinds of commissions others have gotten from artists...I think they're pretty good, and they still make me happy looking at them. Because artists draw mostly what they want to draw, and I'm not going to stop them from doing that, lest the artists leave the list en masse. I'll also note that many (far from all) furry artists actually do like to talk with people who like their artwork, as long as those people aren't saying "Will you draw a picture of me, please, pretty please with sugar on top?" all the time. Some might be surprised at this, but my experience has said this is so.

There has been a request for people to put appropriate labels on content of things submitted to the list. (E.g. stating this post is a breast-inflation latex-oriented drawing). I'm not going to particularly require labels (too many categories), but it is recommended that you label content in stories and pics you post, particularly if it's not just size-related material.

4.6. Other material

Otherwise, feel free to make any discussions on any issues you like. For instance, feel free to attach a hose to "Cerine's Bosom of Doom" (sounds like an item from DII) and watch it make yiffy male foxes fall over from heart attacks. As long as you don't piss people off, don't worry about it. (Inflating/fattening Rourkie does not piss him off, with a few exceptions involving piss. Erm... never mind.)

5. Other resources

5.1. Other mailing lists

5.2. Other web sites

6. Current Problems With the List

6.1. Mail Server is Not Consistent

6.2. Rourkie Contact problem.

6.3. My Personal Computing

6.4. Slow Remote E-Mail Servers

There are some e-mail servers who are especially busy. This is likely to to an excess in the user/bandwidth ratio. The end result of this is that it is possible for this list to not be able to contact these servers at points. If the mail does not get to you by then, it won't get to you. This means that it is possible (though highly unlikely) that you could be missing messages. Current servers known to be affected:

In theory, the new mail server will help alleviate this problem as well, but I'm not really sure, to be honest.

6.5. Mail sent to Fursize is Bouncing

See 1.5.

Thank you for joining, and enjoy. Admin: Rourkie Danyals
alternate: gwyndolan@hotmail.com Now with: 572 members! Whee! (06/03/03)