A Night at the Warehouse

The warehouse was quiet, not a sound could be heard throughout the entire place. Of course... the silence was soon broken, as was a window leading inside. A figure jumped down through the broken window, landing on the floor. This figure had nice soft gray fur... and a black mask adorning his eyes... with a striped tail showing itself from behind him. It looked around the warehouse, walking around and slowly examining the place, as if searching for something in particular.

Soon, after a bit of searching, the creature came upon a large wooden crate. With a wide grin on his face, the creature quickly begun try pry the top off of the crate, eager to get to what was inside. A look of anticipation could be seen in his masked eyes as he pulled harder... and harder, until finally... the crate's top flew off from the force, falling to the floor with a loud thud. The creature looked down, a bit nervous now. What if someone had heard him? Slowly, he looked back and forth, trying to make sure there was nobody around, lookign in all directions.

Fortunately, either there was nobody around, or they hadn't heard the sound. Never the less... the racoon began digging around inside the now open crate, with an eager look in his eyes. Finally, his search seemed to be over as soon it had started. Inside the crate... thousands of various colored rubbery sacks... each one seemed to have a different look to it. The nameless racoon grinned, starting to fill his jean pockets with the bags... until they were practically bulging with the treasured items.

" I knew it! I knew they were keeping something in these crates! " he said aloud to himself. Slowly, he reached down into the crate, pulling out a nice light pink bag, smiling to himself contently and stretching it out a bit. He then put the thing to his lips, beginning to blow into the sack slowly, but throughly. The bag soon began to fill up at the same rate of the racoon's breathing. With each breath into the bag, the racoon grew more and more excited it seemed, and the thing he was blowing into began to take a more determinable shape as he did so as well. The breathing continued, soon the bag beginning to shape out... looking like a torso... about the same size of the racoon's.

However, the creature kept blowing, harder and deeper... soon the torso began to grow... a foursome of hooves, each one looking as rubbery and shiny as the torso had. Of course, this thing wasn't done growing yet. The racoon continued huffing and puffing throughly, enjoying every moment. He could feel a slight tight feeling in his shorts... but still he kept blowing. Soon after, he started to run a bit short of breath, his blowing starting to slow down a bit... but the bag still continued to swell and shape out.

Soon... from the rear of the thing... a rather rubbery looking tail sprang to life, almost at the same time, a equinian head started forming at the front, slowly filling with air as well. The racoon closed his eyes slowly, losing himself in the enjoyment and comfort he felt. Soon, the last part of the rubbery creature sprang to life... this part of course was a nice stiff cock... apparently this air-filled creature was a male, fortunately the racoon's favorite species.

Finally he finished things up, taking the rubbery member and tying the nozzle on the end shut. He murred with delight as he hugged the creature close, a six foot tall beauty of an inflatable pony balloon, a rather lustful smile planted across it's face. The racoon smiled as he slowly wrapped his arms around the creature, squeezing it wonderfully tight, the balloon slightly bulging out in various places.

" Mmmm, hello there my lovely latex friend, it's nice to meet you. My names Jake... and you are? " the racoon said. He rubbed the rubbery pony's side, elicting some loud squeaks. This made Jake even happier. " Ahh I see... well nice to meet ya Squeaks. " he giggled slightly, quickly giving the balloon a quick smooch on it's rubbery head. The racoon then looked back at the crate... leaning close to the pony balloon and whispering in it's rubbery ears. " So, Mr. Squeaks... how would you like to see me do stuff to some of those other balloons? " Jake smirked, forcibly nodding Squeak's head up and down. " Heh... I kinda thought so. "

Quickly, the racoon sprung back to his feet, searching through the crate once again... and digging out about a dozen more various colored bags. He then soon went back to the inflating process, slowly and happily inflating each wonderful balloon creature, staring into the lifeless eyes of " Squeaks " as he does so. The coon was obviously enjoying himself, but then who could blame him? Soon... after many many deep and heavy breathes... he looked behind him at a rather large pile of balloon critters behind him, in endless shapes and colors.

Jkae murred softly to himself, pulling the pink pony close again, supposedly so he could watch. The racoon then immediately pounced into the pile... sending balloons everywhere! He quickly snatched a lime green piggy shaped one, squeezing it tightly aorund it torso, the thing bulging and straining as the coon held onto it until eventually.... BOOM!!! The swine burst into tons of pieces... littering the concrete floor. The racoon smiled wide, turned on quite a bit by the destruction, next lunging forward and snatching a purple daschund shaped one... hugging it close and flopping down heavily atop of it for another latex induced BANG!!!

Jake grinned wide, grabbing a pair of blue ones soon after, a froggy and a turtle. With a michevious little smile on his face he chomped viciously into the turtle's rubbery shell with his rather sharp teeth... BOOM!!! Then almost immediately he did the same thing to the froggy. Somehow it held up after the first bite, but the second one... BOOM!!! The floor was starting to fill up with a rainbow of latex shreds... and the coon was only warming up!

He grabbed a red snake next, pulling it at both ends... dangerously straining the poor balloon... until finally with a loud snap and an even louder BLAM!!! The racoon looked even more pleased, as the bulge in his pants became even more noticable. He soon snatched a sky blue Hyena up... sitting himself atop of it and boucing heavily... up and down, up and down... up and BANG!!! The coon grimaced a bit as his bottom his the floor, but that wouldn't stop him.

Snatching next, an orange tiger he teasefully sniffed at the rubbery creature before digging his rather sharp claws right down the side of it... BLAM!!! He immediately continued his rampage, a nice transparent gorilla balloon was next as he easily dispatched it with a quick swipe of the claws... BOOM!!! He grabbed a lavender skunk, straddling it and starting to ride and grind squeakily against it... the poor thing groaning in protest, but Jake didn't care... he wanted to hear another loud bang and after less then a minute... BANG!!! He did... and the coon still hungered for more!

Next grabbing a light red squirrel, he brought it close to him snuggling up with it squeakily... smiling and seeming a bit more gentle then he ahd with the others. He smiled, brining the balloon close to his lips and kissing it slowly and deeply... before giving it a rather quick claw stab in the back... BOOM!!! It seemed that the number of balloon victims was dwindling.

Jake continued his ruthless popping, biting into a yellow duck one, squeezing a black and white panda to death, ripping an orange kitty to latex shreds, belly flopping atop a hgue dark purple whale and digging his claws into the thing! Soon... only one balloon remained, a gray elephant. This balloon looked rather happy and innocent, with a pair of cute bright happy eyes on it. The racoon smiled... walking up behind it and patting it's rubbery backside, making a few more squeaks. " My, you must be the biggest one yet! I should probably do somethign special... to you my little pachyderm. " he giggled a bit, then grabbed it's rubbery sides... practically hugging them!

He noticed a tailhole on the end of this balloon and of course Jake knew exactly how to break this one. Slowly he reached down, removing his shorts... and his boxers. His fully erect racoon-hood could be seen... about seven inches long, not too big, not too small. He let out a soft murr as he slowly slid his wonderfully hard cock into the hole... rubbing it against the inside of the balloon... making more delightful squeaks. He smiled to himself, then immediately slid back out of the hole, only to immediately slide back in... then out... then back in... then out again.

The elephant balloon's squeak started to become more apparent as Jake sped up more and more with his pumping, the wonderfully loud squeaks continuing. He moaned and murred softly, rubbing the phant's sides as his pumping into the wonderful creature continued to increase in both force and speed... the coon was not actually sure this one could take it! However, he continued to keep pushing and pumping in and out... in and out... faster and harder with each passing moment.

Soon jake began to leak pre inside of the balloon... he was starting to get close to his climax, but still he kept going. Pumping in and out, faster and faster. The balloon continuing to squeak as he did so, of course the squeaks began to speed up. He moaned and murred happily in pleasure as he started to get closer and closer to sweet release, the knot inside the balloon starting to swell. He continued going... and going, egaer to relieve himself!

The racoon could feel the end fast approaching, as he kept speeding up, the balloon squeaks continuing to speed up as well, the cock felt like like a jackhammer sliding against the rubbery insides of the pachyderm, soon they started to become a bit weaker. The racoon pressed on though, pumping harder and faster... harder and faster... he wondered if the elephant would be able to contain his load!

He kept going faster...

and faster....

and faster still...

With a loud yelp, Jake murred and moaned as his seed rushed into the balloon... filling it quite a bit as the racoon let out a shiver of pleasure, his spunk seemed like it would never stop... you could pratically hear it sloshing around inside the balloon. Finally... Jake completely emptied out, but the balloon remained intact. He smiled. " Ahhhh... you put up a tough fight, but I know one way that will finish you off for sure. " he grinned micheviously as he pulled out of the tailhole... then looked over to the side.

There in plain sight was an air compressor! It looked quite powerful. Immediately Jake grabbed the hose attached and carefully untied the elephant's nozzle... letting ALL the air rush out of it, as well as quite a bit of his juices. He smiled to himself, waiting until the air had rushed out. Then immediately he hooked up the hose turning the setting on maximum! Immediately the balloon began gushing with air, filling rapidly and quickly... reaching it's original size rather fast... and growing bigger still. Jake smiled, backing up a bit and grabbing Squeaks again... hugging him close and watching the wonderful sight, as the elephant began to become much rounder and plumper than it had started. And obviously, it grew quite a bit weaker.

The colors began to fade as the balloon started to become as clear as a bubble... at nearly three times the size it was originally, and it had stopped growing. Jake grinned wide as he gazed upon the most wonderful sight. The balloon kept getting more translucent... continuing to round out, soon the arms and legs and even the balloons' head being swallowed up by it's rounding torso...


The racoon almost feel back, overcome with pleasure, as grey latex confetti began to rain down all over in front of him. He smiled... holding his pink pony balloon nice and close. As the elephant's rubbery remians finally all rained down, the racoon looked at the pony again, brandishing a claw and looking a bit menacingly at it...

He then quickly untied the nozzle, the thing deflating rather quickly as the air rushed out. Jake smiled, putting his clothes back on and slipping it in his pocket. " Heh, don't worry my friend... I think I'll save you for later. " With that, he hopped up again... and exitting the warehouse, his pockets full of more wonderful balloons... and he would definitely use them in the future.