Date: Tuesday, November 02, 1999 2:48 AM

Hey there. I couldn't help but notice that it's been awhile since anyone contributed anything to the stories page. And commissions have
not exactly flooded my mailbox.

So here'z a sample. My girlfriend loved this one, so I feel pretty confident that the group will too. Enjoy.

A Tiger by the Tail

1999 D.B. Cooper

	In my business, I meet a lot of interesting people.  What do I do,
you ask?  You might say that I solve problems.  Tough problems.
Problems that sometimes require extraordinary solutions.
	Who do I work for?  Sorry.  I'm a professional, and in my field, one
has to maintain a certain confidentiality with his or her client.  The
consequences can prove devastating to both parties.  You definitely
don't want to develop a reputation for acting… unprofessionally.
	However, I have yet to meet anyone more interesting than a woman I
met on my time off.
	I had just finished defusing a very serious situation.  When I say,
"defusing," I mean defusing.  Let's leave it at that.  As often
occurs, I felt a bit tense, and felt a genuine need to have that
tension relieved.
	So I headed for the industrial park.  Thanks to fairly draconian
zoning laws in the municipality in which I reside, The Park is nearly
the only place to find a massage parlor.
	Before you continue reading, spare me your opinions on prostitution.
I know that prostitutes don't always get their start for the right
reasons, and that some of them have a fairly rough time of it.
	But in my line of work, I've met a lot worse people.
	And with my line of work, meeting women is not an easy thing.
Keeping them, and keeping the details of my work from interfering, is
	Marrying?  Out of the question.  If I wed, the marriage will probably
be… arranged.
	So I pay for my companionship.  I have simple needs, ample resources,
and I try to be a reasonable customer.
	This particular night, I found myself in front of a little place
called, simply, "The Den."  I'd gotten a tip that this establishment
had the kind of customer service I most prefer.
	I had no idea.
	When I rang the bell, I could see the approaching figure through the
frosted glass, and I liked.  Curves filled the window all the way to
the door frame.
	I felt sharp eyes inspecting me through the peephole.  The door
opened, and I met the owner.
	She was a tigress, wearing a simple, tasteful top and skirt.  The
skirt was not unnecessarily brief, but revealed beautiful, long orange
and black striped legs, and those wonderful hips.
	The top failed to conceal her considerable bust, but didn't attempt
to thrust it out at the observer.
	While her body certainly enticed, I found myself drawn into those
deep green eyes.
	As the door closed behind me, she smiled beguilingly at me.  "You're
out late," she teased, with a hint of a growl in her voice.
	"It's been a long day," I answered.  I appraised her once again,
enjoying the view.  Probably in her late 20s, although those eyes
could have put her age anywhere between 16 and 96.
	"Are you always this talkative, or do you get paid by the word?" she
	"Depends on the situation," I said.
	"I see," she said, dropping the matter.  "So, what brings you here
	"I'd never have guessed."  Teasing again.  "I'm sorry.  You just seem
like such a wall.  I guess I'm just too curious for my own good."
	I softened a little.  "Ah.  I suppose it's my job.  Being imposing
becomes something of a professional skill."
	"You must be very good at your work," she said, clearly not asking
what that work involved.
	I liked her already.
	"Anyway," she continued, "I am the only one on shift right now.  I
hope that's all right."
	I decided to play on that line a little.  I looked her up and down
slowly.  "You will do nicely."
	She blushed.  "Why, thank you.  Now, as to payment—the house gets one
dollar a minute, but we're running a special-- $30 gets you 45
	I pulled a couple of c-notes from my clip and handed them to her.  "I
can already tell that I would like to spend more than a few minutes in
your company."  I pulled another three.  "And this should be a
reasonable recompense for your time and consideration."
	She took the money, and unintentionally shot me a
"what-are-you-into?" look.  I returned my "don't-worry" look.
	"So you can smile," she said warmly.  "Please follow me."
	We walked down the narrow wood-floored hall, and I took the
opportunity to admire her nicely rounded bottom.  Finally, we reached
her door.  She opened it and motioned me inside.
	"Oh, I'm sorry, I almost forgot.  We haven't been properly
introduced.  I'm Nancy."
	"Please call me Joe."
	"It's nice to meet you, Joe," she answered.  "Please make yourself
comfortable.  After all, we will be here some time."  She locked the
	Nancy helped me out of my topcoat, and moved to the hat rack to hang
it up.  As she brushed it down, she marveled at the material.  I
handed her my hat, which she also placed on the rack.
	She turned and stepped gracefully toward me, with a delightful wiggle
of those hips.  She began to loosen my tie.  I smiled again, despite
	"If there is anything I'm wearing that you would like to take off,
please feel free," Nancy purred.
	I gently began unbuttoning her top, enjoying the moment as each
button revealed a little more of her marvelous cleavage.
	"I think I know what this wolf likes," she whispered.
	"Indeed," I said, as I unzipped her skirt and removed it.
	She unbuttoned my waistcoat, as I finished with her top.  Her
luscious round breasts fell free.  I cupped them gently, and marveled
at the hardness of her nipples.  Nancy moaned, smiling.  "Mmm… you
have marvelous hands."
	She gently disengaged, and moved to hang up the waistcoat.  She
straightened the lapels of the garment as it hung from the hanger.
	Before I could do or say anything to warn her, she yelped.
	She had pricked herself on the concealed throwing blade.
	I ran to her side.  "Let me see," I said, calm but extremely
concerned.  When I took her hand, I expected a trickle of blood—but
was met by a gentle hissing and a slow rush of air.
	She was an inflatable fur—and she was leaking!
	There was no time to lose.  Instinctively, I reached for the top
drawer of her dresser.  If she was inflatable, she would have
encountered this before, and would have patches on hand for just such
an emergency.
	Sure enough, I grabbed one, and applied it to her palm, holding
	"Thank you," Nancy said weakly.  "Just hold it for a few more seconds
and the adhesive will take over."
	"I'm sorry—I should have warned…"
	"You couldn't have known that I'm inflatable."  She looked softer,
visibly but slightly deflated.  "Normally, I'm much more cautious,
especially with a new customer.  Not that…"
	"It's all right.  I can understand why, even if you weren't
	"Let me assure you, though, that you can trust me.  In fact, if you
ever get into trouble—" I handed her my card.  "Your problem is my
	"Thank you," Nancy said.  She moved uneasily to the bed and sat down.
	"Are you all right?"
	"The leak is almost healed.  I hope I haven't put you off…"
	"Nancy, I believe you are the most attractive creature I have ever
met.  But if you don't feel like continuing, I understand.  I can come
back when you're up to it."
	"And I would never want to disappoint a gentleman like you.  You're
rare enough as it is… and besides, it would be… unprofessional."
	Nancy removed her top.  I could now see why her nipples were hard.
They were inflation nozzles.  She had another nozzle at her belly
button.  "If you could reinflate me…?"
	"It would be my sincere pleasure."  I moved to the bed, pulled her
close, and gently opened the valve at her belly button, squeezing it
to prevent any more air from escaping.  I put it to my mouth and
gently exhaled into her.  In two breaths, she was back in shape.
	"Mmmm… nice lungs," she said, lightly.  "You must be related to the
Big Bad Wolf."
	"Can't prove it," I said with a smirk.
	"If you would like me to be more… curvaceous, you may continue," said
Nancy.  Don't worry about overinflating me.  I can handle tons of
pressure.  It's just sharp objects that I have to worry about."
	Without a word, I began inflating again.  Her already hourglass-like
figure ballooned to epic proportions.  When her hips reached the width
of my shoulders, I stopped and plugged her up to admire the view.  I
ran a paw absently along one shiny flank, squeezing her wonderful
	"I suppose I should also mention that getting inflated is
stimulating," she said.  "Though usually not this much.  There must be
something in the air," she laughed, putting a hand on my face.
	"But don't you want my breasts to match?" Nancy asked invitingly,
holding them out to me.
	"Even if I didn't, I couldn't resist," I said truthfully.  "Although
they're already so nice and round."  I took each one in my paws,
gently squeezing them and rubbing the nipples.  Nancy lolled back
luxuriantly, her head and eyes rolling heavenward as a sigh escaped
her luscious lips.  I took the opportunity to lick her bared throat,
causing her to moan again.
	"Do it," she said.  "Pump me up.  Make me your big, busty sex
	I pulled open the valve on her right breast and blew.  I felt her
gasp, and then grab the back of my head.  I kept blowing until it
looked almost as if it couldn't take anymore, and then corked it.
With excitement flowing through my veins, I inflated the other breast
to match, and then marveled at the way they bounced in my paws.
	Then I found out that Nancy was a tiger in personality as well as in
appearance.  She sat up suddenly with a devilish grin, grabbed me, and
threw me down on the bed.  She popped the buttons on my shirt, and
practically tore it off.  Then without pausing, she undid my belt and
yanked it off.
	She undid my pants and slid them off almost before I could help her.
When she reached my shorts, she paused, seeing that I was already
	"Oh, my," she breathed.  "Look what I found.  Is that all for me?"
	"He likes you," I said, still a little dazed by being suddenly
stripped by this impossibly voluptuous creature.  I sat up and put a
hand on one of her plush plastic hips.
	"Does he now…" She slid my shorts down and slingshotted them across
the room.  Then she slowly turned and licked her lips at me.
	Nancy grasped my member in one practiced hand and kissed it.  Slowly,
she let it into her inviting mouth.  She barely touched it with her
rough tongue, and I gasped, half in pain, half in pleasure.  Slowly at
first, and then faster and faster, she moved me in and out of her
	Just about the time I realized I wasn't going to last, she touched me
in just the right spot with her tongue—and it was smooth!  I howled in
ecstatic surprise and almost went off right there.
	Nancy pulled my cock out of her mouth and squeezed it.  "Didn't know
I could do that, did you?  My tongue only gets rough when I use it to
'clean.'"  As I smiled stupidly up at her, she lowered her lips down
on me once more.
	"I'm about to," I said.
	As she prepared to finish me, she said, "Good."
	Then she put me back in her mouth and sucked me ever so gently.  She
moved me in and out just two more strokes when I came harder than I
have ever come in my life.  I could feel my juices spurting with each
upward thrust of my hips, and I didn't feel like I would stop any time
soon.  She swallowed not once, but three times, and still missed a
little.  She licked it as it dribbled down one side of her mouth, and
then reared her head.  "You taste delicious," she cooed.
	I was panting like a marathon runner.  "And you," I said, "could be
the death of me.
	"But what a way to go."  I sat up and took her curvy form in my arms
and kissed her deeply, tasting myself in her mouth.  I felt myself
begin to harden again.
	I couldn't keep my hands off her.  I pawed at her breasts, clutching
them roughly, and then let my paws trail to her haunches.  I grabbed
them tightly, and then wrapped her in my arms and squeezed her tight…
then backed off, remembering."
	"It's okay," she whispered.  "Remember, I can handle lots and lots of
	I tightened my squeeze again.  "Yes, that's right.  Hold me tight.
Don't let me go.  I love it when you squeeze me.  Touch me.
	"Fuck me, Joe."
	I laid her down gently, and took her panties off with my teeth.  She
was already wet and slick when I tasted her.  Her love juices were
hot, not just warm, and tangy.  And she grabbed my head, pulling me up
over her.
	"No time for that.  I'm already so close…"
	"And we've got all night, sex kitten," I reminded her, escaping from
her hands and tonguing her even more.
	"Oh!  No!  NO!" she squealed…"No!  YESSSSS…..!"  She was thrashing in
pleasure, but in the confusion I almost wondered if she hadn't sprung
a second leak.  Fortunately, a quick squeeze of each pneumatic thigh
convinced me otherwise, and also made her gasp.
	"You naughty wolf," she admonished me teasingly.  "I'm here to make
you come, not the other way around."
	"Says you," I replied, and kissed her hard.  "You don't taste too bad
yourself, Nancy.
	"And now I'm going to blow you up even more and fuck you."
	I blew her up until I couldn't wrap my arms all the way around her
hips anymore, and then puffed a few more warm breaths into her already
considerable bosom.  When I finished and climbed over her, I realized
she was also now also about a foot taller than I.  I was now almost
harder than when she had taken me in her mouth.  I played with her
impossibly large breasts, feeling the smooth bounciness of the plastic
in my paws.
	Then, with a genuinely wolfish leer, I looked her right in the eye as
I grabbed her haunches, spread her legs, and plunged deep into her.
	She gasped as I thrust, over and over, harder and harder, my hands
playing over her smooth curves, grasping, groping, clutching,
	I felt her smooth wetness clamp down on my member, slowing my
thrusts, but delivering wonderful sensations throughout.  I felt a
warmth in my belly that spread through my entire body.  And I felt her
bounce delightfully.
	As we bounced up and down on the bed, she bucked her hips against me
and kissed me over and over on my snout, my ears, my neck and my
chest.  I buried my head in her incredible cleavage, and she mashed
her big balloon breasts against my head.  All I could hear was her
heartbeat and the air in her body.
	Then I heard her let loose with an earth-shattering roar as she
stiffened around me.  As her hips wriggled, twisted and flexed, I knew
that I had made her come again.
	Then she spoke.  I could hear it echo through her body.
	"Come in me, Joe.  Come in your inflatable tiger doll."
	I complied.  Again, I felt as though I would never stop spurting.
	As we lay together, cuddling in the afterglow, we relaxed, and I
realized that I wasn't the only one with a goofy grin on my face.
	"You're the best, Joe," she said.  Her eyes, her heartbeat, and most
of all, her scent told me that she wasn't just being polite.
	I answered the only way I could.  "You are pleasure."
	Her smile grew even wider.
	"And we've still got the rest of the night."



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