Machinist's Mate 3rd Class Alden MacManx looked down at his fiancé, Suze. Looking down is definitely the right term, because Suzy had filled Alden with enough helium to make him buoyant. Fortunately, the apartment has a high, vaulted ceiling, high enough to let him float freely.

"You look so nice up there, love! That big belly is so handsome!" Suzy squealed with delight.

Alden managed to stretch an arm down, wrap it around Suzy, and pull himself down to the floor. Suzy climbed up and made herself comfortable. "Thanks, heavyweight!" Alden squeaked.

"Heavyweight!" Suzy said in a mock-annoyed voice. "I'm not heavy!" She wasn't- Suzy was a rather petite feline furson. "Seems like you need some more helium, fatty!" she said as she squeezed the valve on the helium hose.

More helium began flowing through the hose, up his dick, and into his capacious body. Alden purred as he filled some more- filling with helium was his second-favorite pastime. Suzy held the valve open, and soon Alden was blown up enough to lift the two of them up to the ceiling. She let go of the valve and dropped the hose, sprawling herself out on his gigantic tummy, enjoying the feel of his distended body against her slender one.

Alden managed to stretch his fingers to Suzy's back and gave her a tickle, his fingers now being the only part of his body that he could stretch, his arms and legs being too full of gas. The two fell asleep up there, reveling in the feel of each other.

The next morning, Alden woke Suzy up. "Ready for the ride down?" he asked.

"Yes. I'm hungry now. Tonight, I'm gonna really fill you up, big boy!" she said, giving him a tickle. Alden slowly burped out the helium, letting the gas ruffle Suzy's fur as they descended to the floor. "I wish I could fill up like you can, love."

"There are ways, but they are risky. If you really want to, we can find a way. I don't want to put you in danger, dear, much as I want to see you blown up like me."

"One day, I will. And I want to do it before you go out to sea again."

"Leave me with a good thing to come back to, huh?" Alden said as he removed the hose from his dick.

"Got that right, love." Suzy whispered as Alden hugged her in his special way, wrapping himself completely around her.

Over the next two weeks, Alden and Suzy looked at various ways to inflate her that they could afford on a sailor's pay. Alden was going to re-enlist for the nuclear operator's bonus, but that wouldn't come for almost two months yet, after Alden had gone to sea. They found a shop in Mystic Village that had something- a liquid latex that would give a furson [or person, for that matter] stretching abilities, for a time. Finding it within their means [barely], they bought a quantity and rushed home to try it out.

At home, they followed the application directions carefully, spraying a light, even coat of latex over Suzy's naked body and allowing it to soak in until her skin took on a rubbery sheen, like Alden's is all the time. Then, they discussed where to put the hose.

"Well, dear, you hungry?" Alden said, moving the hose to her mouth.

"Not really- with that hose in my mouth, I can't kiss you as I blow up. How about my belly button?"

"That's going to hurt a lot- you don't have a sphincter there." Alden cautioned.

"I'll risk it, dear. Put it in, then let me get dressed." she told him. Alden, not wanting to disappoint his love, did as she wanted. She yowled slightly as the nozzle was emplaced, but she quickly told Alden that it was all right. She then dressed in an old pair of pajamas, then she asked for the valve. He gave it to her, then he gave her a hug and a kiss.

"Ready?" he asked. In response, she squeezed the valve.

Suzy moaned as the helium entered her belly- it did hurt, but not much. Alden watched as Suzy slowly inflated, causing her pajamas to strain as they tried to stay on her bloating body. Soon, her buttons began to pop. She giggled as Alden cuddled up to her, kissing her bulging belly.

Suzy fattened herself until she was spherical, with only her hands, feet, and head marring the sphere. Dropping the valve, she squealed, "Oh, this feels so good! Take me now, love!"

"Your command is my wish, love!" Alden rolled her to the proper position, and took her then and there. It was the best loving they both had ever had, even with each other. When they climaxed, an unusual thing happened to Suzy. The thrill caused her body to expand further, causing her to go from featherweight to buoyant. She rose up off of Alden and floated to the ceiling, yowling with pleasure. Alden stretched up and grabbed her, pulling her down.

"Hey, I don't want my beautiful balloon to float away!" he purred, kissing her gently around the ears.

"Oh, Alden, being a balloon is so good! Now I know why you love it so much! Let me be this way all night, okay?" she asked.

"Sure, love. Seeing you this way makes me happy."

"That's my line!" Suzy sighed, content.

They alternated being balloons every night until Alden had to go out to sea, each time being accompanied by wild lovemaking. The last night before he left, they took the daring step of both inflating themselves until they were super-buoyant, nearly filling the apartment with their bulging bodies. The lovemaking that night was a challenge, but very fun!

Six weeks after Alden left, Suzy made an appointment to see her doctor, because she wasn't feeling well, and the symptoms persisted. At the doctor's, she received some unexpected, but welcome, news- she was pregnant! That evening, she filled out a FamilyGram form and dropped it off at the ship's offices at the base. The night was very cold, unusually so for the area. As she drove under the railway bridge on the way home, the car started skidding on the ice that had formed there. The car spun out of control, off the road and into a tree. Hard. The fire department had to cut her body out of the wreckage.

Eight hours later, on the Kamfish, Petty Officer MacManx was called to the Captain's cabin. There, he was given the news about his fiancé. He was told to pack his seabag- he was going to be airlifted off the ship in a few hours.

"I'm so very sorry to have to tell you this, Petty Officer MacManx. If there is anything we on board, or the other crew, can do to help, just ask." said the Captain.

"Thank you, sir. Your help is appreciated. One question- may I meet the ship when you pull in for the port visit? I don't want to leave the division short-handed." Alden said, his voice straining to stay calm.

"Stay in touch at the off-crew office. Your dedication to duty is admirable, but you must care for yourself, son."

"Duty is all I have left now, sir. All I have left." he said, his voice breaking. When he was dismissed, he went down to his bunk and packed, his eyes glistening with tears. He said not a word during the airevac, in fact, he said nothing all the way home. It wasn't until the funeral that the dam broke within him, and he cried his grief out. That night, back in his lonely apartment, Alden did something he never did before- get falling-down drunk. In his case, when he gets drunk, he loses the ability to keep his body shape, and after he had drunk enough, he just collapsed on the floor, a loose pile of rubberized flesh.

He was ordered to undergo counseling until he returned to the ship, a process he detested. He did so only because he was ordered to. Much later, he would appreciate it.