This was written for a very special lady in my life... -- Morphy, 1999

Anastasia and her adventures with magical balloons or bubblegum?

There once was a girl, a girl named Anastasia. She was very pretty by any person's standards but what set her apart from the other pretty girls was that strange things always seems to happen to just her. Nothing bad mind you, just... strange.

Ana' was just starting Spring Break and she was rather excited, going with all the rest of her friends to Florida. A nagging thought in the back of her mind kept at her however, nothing even particularly unusual had happened in weeks. Steeling herself, she secretly prepared for whatever her own quirky brand of fate had in stall for her.

It was about a the third day into Spring Break that she found herself in charge of this absolutely huge house. Ana' didn't know how but she got stuck with the short straw and the rest of them vanished faster than beers at a frat party.

"Hmph, probably out at the beachfront houses," though Anastasia. So rather than moping about it, she decided to go check out the parties too.

Dressing up was mostly a T-shirt and shorts deal. And even that was overdressing in some parts of Daytona Beach. Anastasia did hit a few noisy gatherings, she hesitated to call them parties since the music tended to be too loud or the drunks too annoying, and was on her way back to the house when she stopped at unique vendor's cart.

From under a colorful umbrella bolted to the side of the cart, came an old woman's voice, "You want something?"

"Oh!" As Anastasia hopped back a step, surprised by the old lady. (Funny, I seem to meet a lot of them), she thought.

Waving a weathered and Florida-tanned hand the old crone continued, "Well don't just stand there, you gonna buy something or blink at me?" Flustered, Anastasia grabbed a pack of candy and a Coke. Walking away quickly after paying, (Creepy old woman...). She didn't quite hear the ancient vendor yell, "I heard that!"

Arriving back at the house she was not surprise to find it all to herself. The location wasn't bad but it wasn't near the beach or bars which meant the girls went elsewhere unless they absolutely had to come back. Ana' didn't mind, taking a swig of the Coke, she kind of liked having the place all to herself. She especially liked the living room, a massive room with a vaulted ceiling reaching all the way up to the second floor.

Dropping into a TV-induced coma, she eventually finished off her Coke. Needing something to snack on she almost got out of the large four-seat sofa, (Oh yeah...) Remembering no one bothered to go grocery shopping. Sure there was a few bottles of liquor but Ana' didn't want to get hammered. Well, not if she could help it.

As she sat down, mulling over her options she felt the candy she bought earlier. Drawing it out she muttered a "Yes!" and tore into the package. It wasn't chocolate but a fat stick of gum. Shrugging she popped the pink chunk into her mouth. Almost immediately she started to salivate, (Oh man is this sweet!) as she winced from the intense watermelon flavor. After a few chews it washed away to a more smooth but still very sweet level-- she hoped her teeth weren't dissolving at this very moment. However, over the next hour Anastasia snapped and chewed the gum that never seemed to get hard like the cheap stuff. She made a note to buy more of it when she got the chance but it was late and she needed to take a shower before bed.

Reluctant to spit out the tasty gum, she kept chewing even as she stripped down in the large bathroom, (...When I get rich I was a place like this...) Grinning as she never tried it before, she stepped into the roomy shower stall still chewing the gum.

Lounging under the soft spray for awhile she was glad the water was flash-heated. Back at her dorm there never was enough to go around and wasting it so was a wicked luxury she now abused. It was when she blew a bubble in the shower she felt that strangeness creeping up on her like deja'vu. She quickly forgot it when she noted how big a bubble she had made.

"Whoa!" she spoke into the bubble, now easily as large as a basketball. She was about to pop it when that little voice, her devilish side she suspected, spoke up and told her to keep going... just to see how big a bubble she could blow. Ana' had made some fairly big ones when she was a little girl but this was huge. Taking in a deep breath through her nose she blew again, the gum bobbed and shook with her exhaled breath but remained solid. She tried again, then again, and then held her breath as she was getting light headed.

Taking steady breaths now she watched in awe as her bubble kept getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger! Larger than any beach ball she knew of, the huge pinkish sphere, over a yard wide dangled lightly from her mouth.

"This is too much," she said into the bubble and grabbed the sides to pop it before she spent the next hour picking it from her hair.

Ana blinked, "What the-" as her hands pushed in the sides of the bubblegum bubble, but did not burst it. She pressed harder, sinking her hands in deeply. Still it did not rupture, the soft bubble of gum closing over her forearms gently. Her next surprise was when she pulled her hands out, or rather, tried to.

"H-hey!" Anastasia gasped into the bubble. Yanking outwards the gum stretched and swelled a bit more with her breaths but seems to have stuck to the skin up to her forearms.

Yanking and wobbling the four foot wide bubble furiously she yelled, "Leggo!"

The roughly spherical bubble, when she wasn't stretching it with her struggles, slowly swelled larger against her. Anastasia still had not noticed that the tiny bit of gum in her mouth and the areas around her lips was also stuck fast and causing it to swell larger with each spoken word and gasp.

Bending over she stomps a foot into the translucent pink side of the sticky bubble, ignoring the warm shower spray striking her rump. Standing up quickly the gum stretches again but as she watches with growing alarm, the bubble does not break. And with a hop, her foot and ankle as stuck in the side of the gum.

Managing a "Ack...!" Anastasia tries to go open the shower door and escape this sticky bubble before something worse happens. The bubble, which would have been five feet tall, is pulled into a longer blob by her mouth, hands, and foot as she stumbles for the door.

"Wha- Ahh!" Ana muffles into the gum, startled as things get worse. The bubblegum bubble catches her other foot, almost as if reaches down to scoop under it, causing her to fall forward and roll onto the large sphere. She gasps again as it not only holds her on it's top but pulls her down over it, spread-eagle.

"Help! Someone help meee!" she cries into the six foot wide bubble as she bounces helplessly on it, her weight sinking her into the amazingly resilient surface enough so it can hug around her from shoulders to knees. Her cries get caught in a choked gasp when she feel something like a ball press up against her sex.

Anastasia pleads to the grabby gum, "Oh no! No! Nooo, stop!" as the ball sinks between her vulva and as she fears, inflates deeper.

Her cries turn to throaty groans, each one inflating not the bubblegum bubble holding her but the one swelling in her grasping canal, "Oh goddessss...! Ohhhh!" The entire bubble wobbles with her kicking and punching struggles, held fast and slowly sinking through the large sphere.

Had Ana' been watching she would have seen herself slip completely into the bubble, the top halves folding over and rejoining to make a round ball cocooning her from just under her nose to her feet and her wrists like a X-frame. Suspended inside by the softly compressing bubblegumskin as if in a bubble within a bubble. Muck to her horror, or pleasure, the inflating gum pushing into her canal expands so much that it presses up against her cervix. But rather than pain, no matter where the gum touches, her skin tingles and relaxes. The cervical muscle not withstanding also yields as it spasms, weakening. Ana' gives a muffled yelp of pleasure as the bubble pushes through, rapidly filling her womb itself, as her belly slightly pushes down from the continuing self-inflation with her own gasping breath. The skin mercilessly squeezes tighter, constricting around her beachball sized womb. Too much she cries out again and again in a overloaded sexual frenzy, inflating herself until...


Slowly Anastasia awoke. Sitting up in the shower stall, still half under the warm spray she blinked, wondering if it was all a nightmarishly erotic dream. A bit weak in the knees it was when she stood up that she felt the pressure in her belly.

"Oooh mann! What did I eat???" she groaned as she rubbed her slightly rounded tummy, the rounded paunch continuing to grow under her hand. She quickly realized it wasn't her stomach that was bulging. It was something lower down. With a startled gasp she grabs at her tummy and crotch as the first deep hisses of pressure and marshmellowy soft inflating gum pushed out of her cleft and into her fingers. Gradually dropping to her spread knees she can only arch back, holding onto the swelling bubble as it emerges from her sex to slowly bloat out and engulf her again...