A Starfox Inflation Story - Andross' new creation
by Sparky Fox 2006

Disclaimer - Standard inflation fare, my entry in the FurSize list for a feline inflation. Hope you enjoy.

EDIT: Okay, okay. This story turned out a whole lot darker than I intended it to be. I'm sorry and I hope I dont offend anyone.


Katina, Front Base, 0800 hours

Katt Monroe ran through the last of the preflight checks on her space fighter, the Pink Passion. Everything had checked out fine, no problems.

"Katina base, this is Monroe. All systems are go, requesting takeoff," she said, closing the canopy and buckling into her seat.

"Monroe, you are cleared for launch from pad 21. Have a safe patrol, pilot."

She smiled, flipping the switch to bring the engines online. A faint rumble turned into a low roar as the twin plasma turbines came to life.

Running a quick last scan over the panels, she tapped the thruster controls. Eagerly, her ship blasted off of the pad into the sky.

"Katina base, beginning my sweep of the planet," Katt said, setting her ship's autopilot on a patrol course.

The first few minutes of the flight were uneventful. But as the ship soared over the landscape, Katt couldn't help but feel that something wasn't quite right.

Suddenly, the communication panel in front of her lit up, revealing a familliar, yet unwelcome face.

She gasped. "Andross! You're dead..."

The disembodied face laughed maniacally. "No, no, no, my dear Miss Monroe. I am merely... on vacation! The likes of you and those pests from Starfox cannot hope to ever defeat the allmighty Andross!"

"You're crazy," Katt replied.

"Perhaps, Miss Monroe. But crazy does have it's advantages!"

"Oh yeah, like what? Something tells me the Cornerian government does'nt send you disability checks anymore..."

Andross laughed. "Ever the clown, eh Miss Monroe? A joke and comeback for every occasion? Very well. Let me see how you deal with my newest creation!" The face laughed loudly again, then the screen went blank.

"Fucking ape.." Katt muttered, puting a paw to her forehead. "That laugh always gives me a headache..."

A buzzing noise started to eminate from the panel in front of her. The radar showed a lone blip, moving towards her quickly.

"Crap!" She exclaimed, looking back over her shoulder. Behind the ship, she could see only empty sky. "Where is it?!?" she exclaimed, looking aroudn at the sky around her ship.

Suddenly, she felt her seat restraints tighten, liek live snakes, pinning her back into her seat. Two more belts snaked out from underneath her seat, and wrapped around her wrists, pinning her paws back as well.

"Wha.. what the fuck??!?!?" She cried, struggling against the out of control restraints, which held her in place with ruthless machine efficiency.

"Ow! Dammit! Leggo!" she shouted.

"See, Miss Monroe? Do you have a joke for this situation?" Andross' voice asked, the voice coming from the cockpit speakers.

"You!" Katt snarled, "What are you up to, you insane ape?"

"Just testing my newest creation before I use it to have my revenge on Starfox, my dear. Now be a good little kitty and behave!"

Katt continued to struggle, as yet another device came up from underneath the seat. To her eyes it looked like some sort of plug. Then a second one, with a kind of a knife blade at the tip.

"Wha.. what are you doing?" she stammered, trying to move away from the blade but being held fast.

"Just a little fashion remodeling, my dear feline. Continue to struggle, and I'm afraid the knife may cut you. It's AI is not that efficient," Andross' voice commanded.

Katt stopped struggling for a moment, as the knife moved closer to the crotch of her flightsuit. She struggled again, gasping for breath.

"No... what are you gonig to do?" She cried.

Suddenly the knife arm moved forward with great speed, slashing four times against the fabric of her suit. She gasped loudly, expecting a bolt of pain to shoot through her. None came.

The booming laugh came again. "Not what you expected, was it, Miss Monroe?"

"What is this, some kind of sick pshychological torture!?" Katt demanded.

"No, Miss Monroe, I'm afraid that the danger is quite real. You see, the knife isn't whate you have to worry about."

"What do you mean...?" Kat said, a hint of fear creeping into her voice.

"Just this, Miss Monroe. I'm going to leave you alone with my creation now. I hope you enjoy it. It should make your last moments... interesting to say the least."

The speakers went dead. Katt struggled more as she saw the arm with the plug move closer to where the knife had slashed at her suit.

Then the plug touched her, and she shrieked as she realized that the knife had exposed her whole crotch by slicing away the suit and her panties.

"N..No! No!" She cried, feeling the plug push against her netherlips.

The machine pushed harder, and began to force the plug up inside of her.

"Nnnngh! No! Stop!" She groaned as she felt the plug push its way into her pussy.

The arm stopped as the entire plug filled her, then a third arm came up trailing a tube.

"What are you doing now!?" she screamed at the machine. Her answer was the attaching of the hose to the plug, then a faint hissing sound.

Suddenly, the plug began to expand inside of her filled pussy. She moaned loudly, thrashing against the restraints as it inflated inside of her, filling her more and more.

"God... s.s.stop...."

After a moment, it did stop. Both arms moved away, leaving a whimpering Katt weakly fighting against her bonds.

"Oh god... now what..." she whispered.

Her question was soon answered as a thruming noise filled the ship. She watched in horror as the tube began to jiggle like a snake.

"What the fu..." she began.

She was cut off as she felt an immense pressure well up inside of her abdomen.

"Ooooooooooh! What the heeeel!" She cried. The tube was filling her with something, and quickly.

She groaned as the pressure increased inside of her, and looked down with horor as she watched her once slim tummy bulge outwards beneath the fabric of her flightsuit.

Katt moaned loudly as her belly quickly inflated. "K..Katina base..." she groaned, "Katina.. b..bb.base.. come in.."

There was no answer. The machine kept inflating her more and more, her belly pushing out so much she looked like she was pregnant, the pink fabric of her flightsuit stretched over her large belly.

And still she continued to be filled up by the relentless hose. Her belly tightened and she cried out at the pressure. Then let out another loud moan as her breasts started to quickly fill up.

"Oh god.d.d, I'm too big! Going to p..pop!" she cried, straining against the seat restraints, which seemed to relax on their own, just enough to let her body inflate further and further outwards.

She was huge now, her belly pushing up against the instrument panel, her breasts so large that they blocked her view.

She had to do something, anything, before she burst.

"Autopilot.. engage.. c.course. Emergency landing, k.k.k.k..Katina Base.." she gasped, as her body filled tighter and fuller.

"Request accepted, programming coordinates now," the autopilot's computer replied. Katt felt the ship turn and start to decend as it headed back to the base.

Her body filled more and more, her lower body starting to fill now, her ass pressing against the back of the seat, her hips filling out and pushing against the sides of the cockpit.

"Katina Base, seven minutes." The autopilot announced.

"S.ss.sseven minutes??" She cried. "Alter course, increase speed to m..maximum!"

"Warning. Maximum speed not reccomended in autopilot mode."

"Just dd..do it!" Katt groaned, feeling the pressure build inside of her. "Engage boosters, send a distress s.s.singnal to the base!"

"Affirmative," the computer replied. "Engaging boosters and sending SOS."

Katt's eyes were wide as she could hear her body start to give up the fight. She could hear faint stretching and ripping noises, and felt the immense pressure increase more and more inside of her.

Then a peculiar odor hit her nostrils. She couldnt quite place it...

"OH MY GOD!!" She screamed, recognizing the smell. "G-diffuser f..ffuel?!?!?"

"Oooh, of course," she moaned, closing her eyes as the pressure built up to her busting point, "Not only am i going to burst... I'm going to.. to exlpode!!!"

She groaned loudly as the machine pumped more and more into her, her body tightening its last few inches.

"No.. nooooo..." she moaned. She was going to explode. This was it.

Suddenly, through the haze caused by the pressure within her, she had an idea.

"Autop..pilot!! Drop to fifty f..feet, activate emergency j..j..jettison!!"

"Affirmative. Dropping to fifty feet. Initiating jettison sequence.

Katt could feel the ship decend rapidly. But would the ship make it before she exploded?

The pressure was too much now. The last thing she heard before she blacked out was a loud explosion, and the rushing of air....

Katt opened her eyes, and saw dirt.

She looked up, and saw one of the base soldiers looking at her.

"Miss Monroe? Are you alright?"

Katt tried to swipe at the soldier with an inflated arm. "Don't call me Miss Monroe!!!!"