Annonymous Donation
By Rubberbando

I had found myself stranded in the city of Chicago. I had been mugged and all my money as well as my bus ticket was gone. I found myself forced to panhandle in order to survive. It was a Saturday afternoon. I was standing out on a corner holding my cardboard sign with the words "Help! Need money to get home!" written on it. I kept a cardboard box at my side for people to make any donations to my cause.

Things were going pretty slow, a person here or there would toss some change into the box and go on their way. I was about to give up when a cute asian girl about the age of 21 walked up to me with her grandfather. She seemed quite interested in my plight and was quite flirty with me. She told me that she was visiting the city with her grandfather and that he had brought her there to get a very special balloon. She told me that she loved balloons very much and was quite excited about this. Shortly after telling me this, her grandfather cleared his throat and signaled to her that it was time to leave. She kissed me on the cheek (causing me to blush profusely),waved goodbye and went on her way.

After she left, I looked down at my box and found it was completely full of items. Apparently, while I was talking / flirting with the girl, her grandfather had placed some items into the box. I reached inside and felt something very smooth and slippery, like some sort of fabric. Curious about what was inside, I quickly headed to the old trainyard, where I had set myself up a temporary home in an old cocktail car.

Upon arriving, I quickly opened the box and pulled out the object. It appeared to be a one piece black catsuit with built-in gloves and feet. Oddly, it didn't have any seams or zippers, just an opening in the neck. It also seemed too small for me but suprisingly had amazing stretch to the shiny, silky fabric. I was always curious as to what it was like to wear spandex and other clingy materials. So I quickly undressed and proceeded to try on the garment.

I rolled the catsuit up and stretched open the neck and carefully slid my feet inside. From there I slowly pulled it up my legs and over my very aroused manhood. From there, I stuck my arms into the armholes and hands into the gloves of the suit. Then I proceeded to pull the suit the rest of the way up to my neck. The suit fit perfectly and it seemed to tighten and mold itself over every curve and into every crevace of my body.

Looking into a mirror on a nearby wall. I looked like I had been dipped in some sort of shiny material. It was amazing. I ran my hands all over my smooth, silky body and could hardly contain my arousal. Waves of pleasure flew through my body and I began to feel light-headed. I laid down on a mat I had on the floor and continued to fondle myself. My mind began to drift and float away into ectasy. Slowly, the fabric's texture began to change from just being silky to more of a rubbery feeling. It even started to make little sqeaking noises with every movement I made. I heard a little pop noise come from my navel and looked down to see an air nozzle sticking out of my belly button.

Startled, I quickly got up and nearly lost my balance as I was growing more and more lightheaded. I looked my body over and noticed that it had more of a rubbery sheen as well as becoming somewhat translucent. Curious, I opened the air nozzle to see what would happen. A loud hissing noise immediately followed as well as a feeling of weekness spread throughout my body. My legs started to collapse and deflate, so without delay I closed the nozzle.

Shocked, I stumbled over with my partially deflated legs to my box to see what else was inside. Digging through the various junk people put inside, I found a small airtank. Thinking fast, I attached the hose from the airtank to the nozzle in my bellybutton and slowly turned the knob. I felt the cool rush of air spread through my body. My legs quickly reinflated, but things didn't stop there. My legs continued to inflate and the rest of my body began to inflate as well. Before I could grab the airtank to shut it off, I found myself lifting off the ground and unable to reach it.

I looked into the mirror again and could see my ballooning body floating about the room. I wanted to call out for help but I felt too lightheaded and dreamy. Shortly after, I heard someone turn off the airtank. I opened my eyes to see that it was the asian girl's grandfather. He tied a string to my leg and called the girl inside. She ran in with a huge smile on her face and said, "oooh, he's perfect grandfather! Just what I wanted." She grabbed me and gave me a big hug, my rubbery body squeaking all the way. "I can't wait to get him home to play with him and maybe show all my girlfriends." she chuckled. I smiled softly and drifted away to sleep, wondering what lie ahead for me....