Warning:This story contains explicit sex, lesbian content, living inflatables, voraphilia, anthropomorphic animals, and a disturbing reference to Brittany Spheres. If any of this is going to freak you out/offend you, is illegal to read about where you live, or you are not of legal age to view sexual materials, then DO NOT READ THIS! Otherwise, continue. :)

Of Another World Copyright Cyrus Greypaw and his player 2001

"Hey, Melissa, I'm going to go ahead and leave now, okay?"

"Yea, sure. Looks like I'll be working late again."

"Okay. Don't have too much fun."

The short coon-morph walked out the door, leaving Melissa alone in the dark, save for the light eminating from her screen. Melissa had been working on the scientific study of The Rift, an odd phenominon which was an open gateway to other dimensions. What happens within is still a mystery, but hopefuly future research will yield answers. Melissa, often reffered to as Missy, was a rather sexy black wolf-morph. She had nice sized breasts, a sweet smile, and fur with a nice sheen. Melissa often found herself working late, due to the data which had a tendancy come in unexpectedly.

"Aww, crap."

The computer had frozen up again, and Melissa (thankful that she saved before it happened) began to restart it, getting up to make some coffee. She wore denim blue jeans and a green cammie patterned tee which contrasted her fur and the white lab coat over them. Her ID card swayed across her breasts on a metal beaded chain as she reached the company kitchen.


The pot was empty. Again. Grumbling, the black wolf sluggishly moved to put more coffee in the maker, when she noticed a flashing red light from the data recording terminal. Curiosity got the best of her, and she walked into the office room shared by her co-workers. The computer screen was flashing a message in red that said "WARNING: ANOMOLY DETECTED. POSSIBLE TRANSPORTED MATTER WITHIN THE RIFT." Missy glanced over this and then proceded to tell the computer to send out a retrieval bot. A few moments later, a small craft viewable from the window dislocked from the dock and sped away into the swirling mist and dark clouds.

The Rift was surrounded by a constant strom, as a result of it's turbulent mass and paraphysical makeup. Missy was surprised when the craft returned unharmed a few minuites and a cup of brew later. Stepping into the salty night air, Melissa set out to retrieve the item the boatbot had rescued from eye of the storm. The occaisonal breezes were cool and crisp. The dock, damp as it may have been, was lit up by a string of lights set up for night time maitenence. The bot sat at it's lock-in, bobbing merrily as the black canid approached it. Crouching down and hitting the keypad combo, the tiny door unlocked, revealing something very surprising.

A package. A parcel, really. It was wrapped in brown paper and when Melissa picked it up she noted it was somewhat light and inconsistant. Stamped across the top in red was "HANDLE WITH CARE", but the rest of the writing containing the destination and return address had been worn off in the water. The package had been somewhat dried now, and Melissa carried the brown object and it's contents inside. At first, Melissa thought of simply placing it in the holding locks, but she saw no harm in taking it home and attempting to locate it's owner, and so she placed it on her desk. As the night wore on, Missy felt her eyes begin to droop, and following an accidental spilling of her fourth cup of joe, she decided it was time to call it quits, punching out and heading home.

Melissa lived on the same island as the research center and occasionaly, when the winds were just right, within the storm, as did all the other researchers. Her house was a one-story flat and had a semi-leaky basement, but hey, it was home. Pulling into the driveway, she barely retained enough energy to saunter in through the door, walk into her bedroom, and collapse onto the bed, thanking God or whoever was up there that tomarrow was a Saturday.


The next day, she awoke in a shambled mess. Her long head-hair laid strewn across her face and pillow while she licked the sleep from her mouth, almost drunkenly undressing and heading to the refuge of her hot shower. After the rejuvinating waters, she felt somewhat more refreshed, and walked over to the living room where she collapsed on the sofa and nabbed the TV remote.

While she looked distastefuly at the various infomercials on, she noticed something brown in her purse. It took a few moments for it to register in her memory, but finaly she recalled putting it in her purse after she spilled her coffee. Once again, curiosity getting the best of her, she hit the mute button and reached for the mysterious parcel. Taking care not to damage the inside contents, she pulled off the outside covering to reveal something made of red latex topped with a card.

The card's text had been worn away by the water, and Melissa's mind drifted to the notion that her co-workers had set all this up as an elaborate ruse, a joke being played on her. She unfolded the baloon to reveal that it was a very well made, and very naked inflatable vixen. Missy burst out laughing when she realised what it was, and was about to return it to it's packaging, when she decided to have a little fun with this sex toy from another dimension.

The large sqeuaky wet dream had a lot of love put into it's creation. It's seams were very difficult to spot and detail work had obviously been labored over. The only thing that looked somewhat like a plug was the vixen's anus, which the black wolf promptly put into her muzzle and began blowing into. It took what felt like an hour, but finaly the large balloon-vixen was full of air, and bobbing merrily. As she looked on, it seemed to become even more accurate than she had first thought. The entire thing appeared to be seamless, and with the exception of her genitals and face, without any holes. Leaning over to inspect it's head, Melissa felt a hand squeeze her breast. At first, the black wolf thought that she had imagined it, but then she felt it again, and looked down to find the vixen's paw on her tit.

Missy jumped back from the strange creature, and was too surprised to think or even screm when it spoke.

"What, no foreplay?"

Suddenly, the baloon became animate, and began bobbing along the ground as Melissa leaped back once more.

"What... what... what the.. what are you!?"

She was a scientist first and foremost, after all.

"I'm an inflatable balloon vixen. Are you the person who ordered me?"


"Yea." The vixen hopped onto the couch with a few squeaks and began reading the TV's muted action with vague intrest. "Ordered. In the mail? Last I heard I was going overseas to a nice owner in Europe. We were traveling past Florida when a storm hit, and that's all I remember till now."

"Interesting..." The wolf found herself sitting down next to the vixen, stroking her chin, deep in thought, piecing together what she knew. Apparently she came from a parallell dimension, and the same phenominon exists there too... Like a hole or elevator between universes... Her thoughts were interrupted by the vixen talking again.

"Hey, um... I thought that only humans existed here..."

"Humans?!" The creatures spoke of in cub's tales and legends? Could they possibly exist in this paralell world?

"Hey! Wolfy! Wake up! Care to let me in on what you're thinking?"

Missy explained this new alien world to the red vixen, and told her what she believed to have happened bringing the bubbly balloon into her posession. "Wow, so you realy think that the bermuda triangle is another version of the Rift?" Missy nodded in agreeance. "Wild..."

Melissa was deep in thought again wondering why this was the only thing to make it through, when she saw a dark spot growing on the sofa between the vixen's legs. "Uh... if you don't mind me asking, what's that?"

The baloon looked down and then up again, grinning and giggling. She turned to the wolf could see. The vixen's vulva was dripping with juices, the lips parted ever so slightly. "Sorry, but being in a box for so many days tends to make you a little randy..." She shuffled around a little and some of her sex cream spattered onto the bath towel which the wolf was wearing. "Hey, you wanna... you know.."

"I'm.. a little uncomfortable about doing... it..."

"Why's that? I won't bite..."

"Well... I just got out of a bad relationship... My last boyfriend was... cheating on me" The voluptuous vixen nodded understandingly "I didn't find out till I came home early, finding him fucking that bitch from down the street... I guess I started to put my mind into work rather than deal with it..." She was surprised at how she was opening up to this stranger. Still, the vixen's presensce was soothing, and she felt as if she could tell it, no, her anything. As she spoke, she noticed the inflatable moving down to the floor, placing her head between the wolf's legs.

"Even more reason to have sex. Let go of the past and look to the future and all that. Comon, you need it, I need it..."

"I still don't- ohhhh..." The squeaking red toy had manuvered under the towel and gently lapped her long latex tongue against Missy's delicate clitoris, which began to throb after the second lick. "Oh gods..."

"Shhh... just lay back and enjoy..."

The vixen licked tentativly at the soft folds of flesh. Melissa did as she was instructed, setting aside her towel and spreading her hips to allow for a more thurough examination. Missy drank in the pleasure which radiated throughout her body, the soft squeaking sending shivers up and down her spine. She felt the vixen press her muzzle to her pussy and thrust the length of her tongue inside inside, where the baloon resumed licking. Missy didn't last much longer, arching her back and pounding her hips upward at the intrusion. "GOD YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!" She came in a sexual frenzy, a few moments of intense erotic sensations before she collapsed on the couch. Her body gave a few more involuntary twitches before she regained some of her composture.

Melissa's hair lay around her shoulders, her paws still clutched her breasts as her erratic breathing slowed till she was able to manage some sane words. "That was... oh god.... thank you."

The vixen was busy licking her lips, greedily taking in what juices were left. "Eh, everyone needs a release now and then. Say, uh... do you have any food?"

Missy was feeling the post-sex munchies herself, waiting untill she felt the afterglow fade and then picking up her towel... "You don't need clothes around me. I'm not wearing any!" The vixen giggled and the black wolf sauntered into the kitchen, closely followed by a floating red apparition. Melissa was almost half way done making the popcorn when the vixen interupted. "Ahum.... I, uh, don't eat THAT kind... of food..."

"Oh, sorry, I just assumed..." Missy finished popping the corn for herself, even if she may not be able to eat that much. "So, what do you eat?"

"Do you have anything rubber or latex?"

The black wolf closed her eyes thoughtfully, then smiled, "Yea, I have some old condoms and I KNOW I have some surgical gloves."


"Of course.", she replied, smiling. After rummaging through her sink-drawers, she produced a half-full box of rubber gloves. Setting them down on the table, she hopped onto her counter and watched her eat. First, the vixen yanked out a single glove and swallowed it whole. Missy watched in earnest amazement as the white form slid down her throat and came to rest in her belly, where it disipated and the red color of her latex deepened ever so slightly.

"I produce the stomach at will, and the rubber helps me strengthen my skin as well as allow me to work with new colors, for morphing clothes and the like." Missy nodded in semi-understanding, and watched as the balloon engulfed a few more gloves, wondering the entire time if she should be taking notes.

Soon, night fell and the two decided they were comfortable sleeping with one another.

It was the best sleep Melissa had in weeks.


The next day, Missy sat at her control panel, copying down data and running tests to make sure that the information was right. The first thing she had done was have her co-worker, Charles, a sweet panther who owed her one, hack into the videotaping system and clear all the data from her "encounter". Second, she began searching for anomolies within the data. Finding none, she resumed work as normal, though her friends commented on how upbeat she was. To be honest, she was feeling better than ever. Her inbox was finally cleared out and before long, she found herself humming a tune from an old movie long since past.

The information for the day, however, was unyielding enough to drag her spirits back down. Apparently, there was some force around the package, or the contents perhaps, which shielded it from the wormhole at the center of the universe. She deliberated breifly with herself as to weather or not to place the red baloon in a storage tube for experiments. Remembering the night before and how understanding the creature was reminded her that it wasn't an IT. IT was a she. Work passed by fast and she soon found herself back at home.

Missy had stopped by the storage closet at work to pick up a few boxes of latex gloves. She was a growing girl, after all. Pulling up into the driveway, the houses lights were on. Melissa had left the red baloon snoozing away in bed after a long argument as to why she couldn't just sit around and have sex all day. Of course, the black wolf had won, even though she began to regret it by the time she hit some traffic coming in. The mail yielded even less excitement than the data had(she may have won $1,000,000, apparently). Stepping into the door, she set down her purse on the dinner table and traversed about, checking her messages.

"Hey um... I'm home!" She realised that the balloon didn't have a name. Not yet, anyway. No response greeted her, other than the sound of clicking keys within her bedroom.

Following the source and turning on the TV on her way there, she found the large inflatable with a 3 inch wide, 9 inch tall round bedpost up her pussy, yiffing and yipping in earnest, her body rising and falling rapidly on the massive intrusion. The PC monitor housed pictures of pool toys and their owners having more fun than was likely intended in their production. "I see you found the internet." The red vixen with her tongue lolling out looked over as if she had said a bad joke and then resumed her fucking. It wasn't long before a long scream filled the room and juices poured down the bedpost, the vixen's breasts vibrating with the howl of extacy, her orgasm resounding at least thirty lust filled seconds before she yanked herself off and fell to the bed, recovering slowly. "Hey, soups on!"

Dinner was a rather pleasant gathering. For the first time in a long while, the wolf had some coversation company. The big sated inflatable had a plate of gloves and condoms while Melissa engorged on a salad and some soup. Naturaly, the conversation of a name popped up. "So, what should we call you?"

Halfway between chowing down, she swallowed and replied "I dunno, I never felt I needed a name. I guess it's for the best, if I want to fit in. How about... Alexiel?"

"Nah, too regal."


"Too large."

"Brittany Spheres?"


"Hmmm... I got it!" The wolf's ears perked with intrest. "From now on, I am Kayla."

"That works.. yea, that'll be fine." The two ate silently for a few moments, and Kayla felt as if Melissa had something on her mind. The vixen knew that she wouldn't be able to enjoy her meal with the odd tension in the air.

"Ok, what is it you want to ask me?" Missy looked stricken, but she spoke anyways.

"Well... I'm a little embarrased... I wanted to, uh..." The black wolf leaned over and whispered in her friend's ear, a grin spreading on the shiny red face.

The vixen giggled and practicly dragged her lover to the bedroom.


When Missy returned home the next day, she found the bubbly red Kayla lounging on the couch, her ears perking up. The wolf had had a somewhat indifferent day. Again work was piled up, and again much of it didn't get finished. Still, it was somewhat satisfying knowing that at least some of the work had been finished, even if there was more coming in than going out. Her thoughts were interrupted by a whining tug at her pants, the goofy balloon behind her begging to go back into the bedroom. It brought a smile to the wolf's face, and it wasn't long before the two were laying on the bed in the 69 position.

They tenderly lapped at each other's delicates, Missy burying her muzzle in the soft smooth latex while Kayla engorged herself on the sweet nectar flowing from her own orafice. The black wolf had become somewhat curious about the vixen's elasticity while she was drudging through the main computer at work and decided to put her plan into action. The inflatable beneath her was distracted while Missy began to nuzzle the pussy facing her. She slowly felt her nose slip inside, elicting a sharp giggle from Kayla and a complaint aout how cold it was.

The unyielding ruby slit gave way as the tip of the wolf's muzzle slid inside, a notable hiss escaping from Kayla. More of the large intrusion slipped within, her eyes now centimeters away from the quivering and defenseless pussy, the clenching rubber spattering liquids all over her muzzle, but still she pressed onword. She felt Kayla pull away from her own minstrations and begin yipping in delight, her arms flailing and her thighs clenching around the wolf's head. Surprisingly, Missy felt the muscles begin to pull her in deeper. The heat around the rubbery lips was astounding, but onward she pressed. The tight ring stretched around her face and ears, soon encompassing her head.

Kayla was now sitting on Melissa's shoulders, her gas-filled body proving to be little weight as her rubbery fingers rubbing the horribly stretched lips around her friend's neck. Missy was loving her view. Liquids were practicly pouring down her throat, and she had to swallow the sweet mixture (a bit like rubber and honey) a few times. The red world outside became a blur as she began licking and nipping Kayla's pussy from the inside out, muffled screams reaching her ears through the dense rubber barrior around them. She felt the vixen clench down, pounding her hips onto Melissa's head. Only a few moments later, the vixen came with such ferocity that the wolf inside her thought she was going to be crushed.

Once she was subdued, Missy slid free of her lover's vaginal embrace and cuddled her friend. Kayla was practicly hyperventilating, her eyes half open, still recovering from the intense pleasure. About ten minuites later she finaly regained some composture, and even managed a few words. "You... didn't cum... pant.. yet...?"Melissa smiled and shook her head. "Then get on all fours, I'll help remedy that..."

Missy was a little confused, but obedient, and did as she was told, her soft perfectly formed ass facing the wearied vixen. The sound of rubber on rubber and silk on rubber filled the air as Kayla sat up and moved closer, scooping some of her juices from the drenched waterbed and coating her fingers. Melissa was about to turn and ask what she was doing when she felt two fingers gliding into her wet and needy mound. A delicate moan slipped from her lips when a third finger wormed it's way into her virgin asshole. This brought a new wave and type of pleasure, a sexual fire that radiated through her body and burned slow but hot.

Of course, Kayla wasn't finished just yet. More fingers filled her orifaces alongisde the present three. After a few moments of give, two hands were invading the black wolf who moaned and barked out in delight. The compressed hands made the way for compressed arms as the lusty latex began sliding in and out. Missy wasn't going to last much longer. As one hand went in, the other pulled out. Her mind was awash in sensual pleasure, the extacy she felt pulsed through her body, sweat dripping from her forehead. Her juices were collected, lovingly, in the mouth of the vixen behind her. She could feel her friend's fingers gripping around inside her body, producing intense sensations wherever they touched. A few heartpounding moments of erratic breathing and libido-felt panting, Melissa came, her body spasming and juices flying, pleasure in a long drawn out torch that enflamed her mind and body. Her mind gave way utter sexual desire and her hips thrust back onto the double penitration.

Her orgasm subsided once her friend's arms slipped out, the pleasure slowing tempo to a dull roar in her loins. The duo laid in their wet bed, Melissa lovingly licking her own cum from her vixen friend's rubbery hand. After it was clean to their satisfaction, they cuddled close to one-another, joy radiating from her mind and heart. 'Now I know what love is' she thought as a gentle but passionate kiss was shared between them. Missy felt things couldn't be any better as she rode the waves of afterglow into a much needed rest.


Yet again, Missy awoke with her latex lover in her arms. The wolf looked on, smiling, as the rubber murred in her sleep and snuggled closer. Melissa laid back into her bed, seeking sleep butnot finding it, to her avail. Today was a work day, and Missy knew she should be glad she was actually able to get up after yesterday. Sliding out of bed and her lover's embrace, a kiss was left on her friend's cheek as she made her way down the hall.

The shower was hot and inviting. Steam rose out of the small glass cubicle, beckoning for the sultry wolf to step in. Wasting no time in obliging, she stetched out, marked some porcalin and ran a paw through the mess that was her head fur, removing her glasses, all that remained after last night's "activities". The hot and wet onslaught gave her body a slight shock as she stepped in, but soon she adjusted, the warmth surrounding her and soothing her weary muscles. Accomidating the big red snooring mass in the next room over had left her somewhat tired, though she knew she wouldn't be regretting it any time soon.

Reaching for the bottle of shampoo, her black hands worked her fur into a lather, stroking luxuriously and sighing in joy. As she sunk into her hot moist heaven, she noticed another pair of hands cupping her breasts, working in the lather deeply. Turning slowly to the stranger, she was greeted with the face of her new roommate. The water trickling off their bodies, she looked into her eyes, but what she saw surprised Melissa. Her friend's eyes bore a deep lusty look into the back of her skull, the inflatable licking her lips and pressing their bodies close as she whispered in her lover's ear, "I need you."

Missy let her hands trail down to her friends smooth latex buns and kissed her deeply, the singeing rain played a maddening sexual beat on their naked forms. She was, to her own displeasure, pushed away by her red goddess, instructed to close her eyes and move against the wall. Melissa did as she was told, of course, obeying her lover and listening to the sound of the shower and an occasional loud squeak. Soon, she felt her leg being guided upwards by a gentle hand, and it slid back down though what felt like a warm sheath. The wolf moaned out happily, imagining what sort of exciting new idea was being acted out in this shower right now. The foot found a bottom, finally, and soon the other followed it. She was given garbled position to open her eyes again, and like magic they batted open.

Her first reaction was shock. She was up to her thighs down her best friend's throat. She felt the throat muscles clutching at her body and it touched something deep and primal within her. Something from her wolf side awakened and the lust that followed was insurmountable. Rather than struggle to escape, she stroked the rubbery face and gave an exciting moan, as her friend had one paw furiously pounding away at the folds of flesh between her own red legs. Sliding down a little more, Melissa's soft butt was enveloped, the vixen around her stopped and laid down. As the wolf began to question her friend, she felt a tongue sliding into her anus. The tight ring yielded to the latex delights and the baloon's soft rubber teeth sawed merrily against the defensless lips of silk between them.

The two moaning and sweating masses stroked themselves furiously. Missy gripped at her soft heaving breasts while Kayla's rubber hand which wasn't holding her friend up was producing a loud and rapid squeaking sound between her own ruby thighs. It didn't take long for the wolf to cum, the tongue worming around in her asshole and the rough lumps of rubber teeth grinding against her exposed delecates. She came with a violent scream and her back arched, noting with even more joy as she slid a foot deeper into her friend's stomach. Her breasts were sucked down one by one and the vaccume formed was enough to make the black Venus howl out in another mind shattering orgasm, her juices flowing and tickling the warm throat around them.

Kayla was still yiffing away at her inflatable mounds as her furry friend slid down into her stomach. She stopped and panted while she focused on the digestion process...

Melissa curled into a ball once inside her friend's stomach, getting a faceful of crotch. The small chamber began to fill with a stange latex-like liquid that invaded her nostrils and and seeped along her body. This only inspired her to work harder as she tongue-yiffed herself into oblivion, the last orgasm she would ever have rumbling gently across her wracked body, her world turning a deep red, then black with the blood pounding in her head...

Kayla came as she felt her friend struggle and die within her body, a long waterfall of juices intermingling with the shower water. She scooted back up to a wall and stroked her full belly, watching her lover dissolve, untill only a white orb remained within her belly, the essence of Missy. Of course, she could have simply consumed that as well, but instead she moved the round package over to her belly and pinched it off of herself, the ball seperating from it's origin. The red vixen smiled with joy as she gave birth to her best friend, the ball beginning to take form.

First came the head. It shaped itself out of the quivering latex ball. soon followed by arms and legs. A tail came afterwords, then breasts and details began to shape themselves. Nipples and ass-holes formed, as well as eyes and small bouncy teeth. After it had become a rubber replica of her friend, the essence within seemed to course throughout the inanimate body, fading away as Missy blinked her latex eyes once. Twice. Then the rubber faded from it's once prominent red into a dark black, the wolf sitting up from the shower floor and looking at her friend in amazement.

"Consider it a gift for being my lover and my friend." Their eyes met, love darting between them, and they locked into a deep and squeeky kiss, the forgotten shower raining down on the happiest wolf and vixen in the world. "How about we call in sick?"....

~~~~~~~~~EPILOGUE Everyone noticed something different about Missy. Her smile never faded and she seemed to have a spring in her step. Her scent was strong of rubber, but no one mentioned it. The males were practicly throwing themselves at her, as were the females. Whatever had happened to her during her week of sick leave worked. She never seemed more alive.