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This is something that I have been wanting to share with the e-mailing list of FurSize for a while, something that a friend and fellow artist, Inflation Gnome (or just plain Gnome) and I came up with several months ago. This version is edited slightly so that it fits within the frame of the other stories that I have written about me-self.

I want to note that a lot of Nozzle's paragraphs are only slightly edited since I discovered that the flavor of her writting style is verrae powerful. When she does something or speaks, that's her writting. This is the only story that I have "written" with someone else.

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(Nozzle appears in this story with permission from her artist. @2000)

Caitlynn Wildfire

Fukure na Neko Megami

The Art of Inflation

The tickle of the morning sunlight spilled into the appartment and cascaded over Caitlynn's body like the delicious flowing of thick and warm gooey honey. The soft reflective sheen on her fur created some gentle highlights along her muscular body. Stretching and yawning mightily, she rolled over onto her right side and arched her back which caused her tank top to stretch and creak in a delightful sound to some people, a frightening one to others. She pillowed her fat facial cheek into the crook of her left arm as her bright emerald eyes slowly glided open.

By the depths of the Nine Hells . . . I hate mornings, the elastic feline thought to herself.

Having just woken up after a long night of work, she pushed her huge hands into the air, trying to work out all of the stiffness out of her body. The long, black-tipped tail of hers lashed slightly back and forth, echoing the fusteration that she felt this morning. She rolled over onto her back and pulled her huge hands up and behind her head. Deep within her tummy, she felt a tickling and slightly annoying gurgle. A soft burp bubbled up from her lips and she expelled it out of her mouth, allowing her lips to make an obnoxious sound.

These "helium dances" I preform for the club are starting to get to me. Pumping me-self full of gas for the audience and dancing around them to entertain. A sharp snort exploded from her nose. Though having to lap-dance for that arrogant prick, Sylious Bouch . . .

With an annoyed groan, Caitlynn rolled over onto her left side, causing her massive breasts to spill over and bounce against the soft surface of the huge beanbag chair. Her tail crinkled up with a bit of disgust.

Sylious Bouch had been frequenting the Megami Paradise for a short span of a few months, but, to Caitlynn's way of thinking, it might as well have been several years. Granted, the elastic feline had nothing against overweight furs, but just watching Bouch walk into the club was a touch much. Only Jade, his bodyguard, could tell one her boss's weight . . . that is if you could get her to talk. However, like most hired guns, Jade never seemed to be able to say much of anything. Bouch, like most overbaring people, talked constantly and usually about himself. But, that was not the worst of it. The overweight badger had a serious flatulence problem.

Caitlynn thought she might throw up, just remembering last night.

Suddenly, her wide ears perked, catching a sound like a whispered confession after the throughs of love-making on a sweaty August night. Keeping her eyes closed for the moment, she strained to hear the sound again, just to make sure that she was not hearing things. Sometimes the gas in the tanks expanded, creating a symphony of sound that usually kept the unaware awake for hours. It took Israfel months to . . .

The sharp sound of metal grinding against metal was unmistakeable this time. Opening her large, emerald eyes, Caitlynn rolled over and onto her tummy and pushed gently off with her huge hands to stand on her pillowy feet as quietly as she could.

Sounds like it's coming from the guest room . . .

Pressing her back against the wall, she slid around the corner and down the hall, her huge feet padding softly like the footfalls of a small mouse. Her eyes narrowed as she go closer and closer to the doorway to the guest room. Though something important seemed to nag lightly at Caitlynn's subconsciousness at the moment, she pushed it aside, allowing her to focus on the moment. Blowing her breath slowly out of her mouth caused her head to flatten like a deflated balloon, but without all of the noise or the flapping around the room. Stretching her neck slightly, she peered around the frame of the doorway . . .

The best description of what Caitlynn saw was an odd-looking lithe mousette standing in the center of the room in a state of heavenly bliss. Neon greenish-looking flesh managed to catch the ambient light of the room and gave off the startling soft sheeny appearance. A rich purple jumpsuit with matching high-topped sneakers adorned her body and feet. A tremendiously long tail lashed lightly against the floor, occationally thumping against the carpet in what looked like a show of delight.

However, that's not what about made Caitlynn's enormous heart stop.

The mousette was enormous already. A hose snaked through the tight ankle seal in her lucious silk-latex clinger . . . slithering along her lithe leg, over her still taught belly, to a pair of gargantuain, towering ta-ta's. It was difficult to guage their size, for the He tank connected to the nipple-nozzles beneath her strained jumpsuit received gout after gout of the frigidly light gas. Far more than enough to keep her afloat, just lazily drifting a foot or so off of the floor. Between very full and pouty lips escaped the gentle sigh of "Oh . . . myyyyy . . ."

A gentle snicker broke her own silence as Caitlynn pulled her head back around the corner. I see that Lacie-Leigh's guest has found the stock of gas I keep for the club, the feline thought to herself. If me niece's antics are nae enough . . .

Walking quietly into the room with her tail twitching in amusement, Caitlynn's ears perk slightly as she caught the rich sound of the guest's sighing delight. The sight of the mousette's wonderfully swollen tits as they seem to soak up more and more of the helium was almost too much for the feline. A soft whimper bubbled up and over her lips as she stopped at the left side of the helium tank. Sparing a glance at the guage, she could tell that there was still plenty of the rich gas within. Her gaze traveled along the engorged surface of the mousette's teats, wondering in gentle voyuer-delight at the size of them. However, as much as she wanted to, Caitlynn could not just stand there and almost drool over her niece's friend. But, it took a full two minutes for her self-control to punch through the haze of her sleep-deprived brain and inflated liabdo in order to get her to further respond.

"May I help ye?" was all Caitlynn could respond with at the moment.

All Nozzle could do is float there . . . far above the floor. Her body was tilted in such a way that Caitlynn could not the mousette's face, but the memorable predicament was evident in her voice, like . . . an "Oh drat! I dropped my purse!" sort of bother. "Love . . ." she whispered softly, using an endearment to catch Caitlynn's still-out-of-it attention. "Ah . . . ah can't reach th' knob."

Arching an amused eyebrow, Caitlynn glanced down at the tank. Sure enough . . . she was trying to flick the shut off valve. From the gauge, Caitlynn was able to guesstimate her current inflation took place over a few hours. Slowly . . . oh-so deliciously slow.

"Could y'be a dear and help me d'flate?" Nozzle seemed to plead.

Tossing her head back and slightly to the right, Caitlynn flipped the cascading strands of her red hair over the shoulders and down her back, allowing the paired strands to lightly flutter a bit before they came to rest on the swells of her chest with the softness of a dove. Huh . . . , Caitlynn thought. Help her . . . deflate. An interesting idea. Her soft gaze traveled back down to the edge of the valve. Then again, the valve does . . . go to a higher setting. Just how impish are ye, Caitie, me dear?

Another soft whimper crested over her lips again as Caitlynn stood there on the left side of the tank, her huge heart hammering away within her chest while her emerald eyes glided back up in your delightful and floating form. With a bit of a snap like coming out of a dream, she shrugged, causing a bit of a bounce within her tank top, as she glanced back down at the tank, seeming to be delighting in this moment. Her huge left hand touched the knob for a moment, just "accidently" inching it forward. Studying the gauage, Caitlynn stroked the edges of her chin with her thick forefinger. "Ye have been like this for much of the day?" she inquired.

From the angle of her body, Nozzle couldn't really see the inching forward of the knob, but her massive mammaries wobbled when she nodded in mid-air. "Yeah. Planned t'come in and wake y'all up . . . propah . . ." Caitlynn thought she could almost hear the wink. But, the feline's attention drifted down to the mousette's taught belly which began to pucker with growth . . .

Ffssssssshhhhhhhhh . . .

Without missing a beat, Nozzle continued her explaination, apparently not noticing. ". . . When ah noticed th' tanks. Ah've nevah been filled with anythin' but anothah person's breath . . . so . . ." Her perfectly paired spheres of a derriere began to slowly surge to life . . . growing outward . . . making her jade tail so much of a hot-dog in an increasing bun.

Allowing a child-like smile to cross her face, Caitlynn oh-ed? while she listened to Nozzle's voice. Something she really liked about the mousette was the fact that the tone and words used were like a magnet to her metallic attention. At the offer of coming and waking her up, she smiled more as a soft blush came across her cheeks, making her giggle slightly which puffed up her breasts within the confines of her tank top. "Kinda wished ye had," she whispered huskily. The image of Nozzle's soft and luscious breasts snuggling against her as the mousette tried to wake her up started to make her shiver in delight. Her huge hand slid against the knob a bit more, turning up the helium higher . . . this time being more of an accident.

Nozzle's arms dangled at her sides as she nodded again, her hips flaring outward, her belly distending. "Yeah . . ." she started to replay as something came into focus, now realizing . . . suddenly . . . what is going on. Her voice was begining to get squeeky, almost childish. "Caitlynn . . . Bubbah-chan!" she cried out in mock anger, her arms beginning to cartwheel her around so she could see Caitlynn's face with that absent-minded, daydreaming expression. "Jest what do y'all think you're up to?" It doesn't take long . . . distended . . . bloated . . . rounding. Nozzle appeared as if she was like a plush cupie-doll at the fair: knock over somehting on the bottom row and receive the inflated mousette. Her cheeks began to puff out, allowing Caitlynn to see her face fully. She was a giant pillow, a vast mass that demands an arm's breadth around her - daring you to reach all the way around. A very cute huff was stretched across her face, something between arousal and fury, undoubtedly very beautiful.

Without any conscious thought, Caitlynn kept listening to Nozzle as the feline smiled and looked up at the mousette floating there serenely in the air, drifting back and forth, almost hypnotizing her with the movements and the wonderment of Nozzle's body. See, Caitlynn was the one to always be blown up and had really never been with anyone who can do some of the things that she could. Her huge hand slid thoughtlessly against the knob a bit more, turning the gas up further.

"Bubbah-chan!" Nozzle cried out again!

At the sharp sound of the mousette's voice, Caitlynn managed to snap out of her daydream like a balloon being popped. Blinking for a moment, the feline looked at Nozzle for a moment. She eep-ed! slightly as it struck her that the mousette had been filling up bigger and bigger and bigger. With the startlement of the sharp cry and the appearance that Nozzle had taken, she pulled back her hand quickly which spun the knob all the way to full . . .

"Why . . . y'little minx . . ." Nozzle growled in her squeeky voice.

Then, there was a thunderous SHOOOOOOOOMMMMMF as Nozzle expanded, suddenly, drastically, to the limits of not her suit, not her body, but the entire room. Caitlynn scarcely had time to react as the mousette's ginormous, spheroid femininity burst forward filling the titanic space of the guestroom which was a match for the main part of the appartment, affectionately called the Balloon Room. Nozzle's soft warm body pressed fleshily against Caitlynn violently as the feline was taken from her feet in a flurry of expanding green and purple. Caitlynn's purple and oragne body pressed between the walls of the room and the expanse of what used to be Nozzle's collar bone area. The mousette's face; smiling, cheeks the size of basketballs; pressed into the feline's. Locking eye to eye contact, Caitlynn could see a mute smile struggling against her cute puckered green lips. Nozzle couldn't talk . . . too much pressure and far too much helium, anything she could say would be a squeeky rasp. The mousette's squinty, languid eyes scold Caitlynn like a child was scolded for doing something particularly naughty . . . yet still incredibly endearing.

Deep within her huge chest, Caitlynn's equally sizable heart hammered away to the point where Nozzle could feel it. The muscled form of her back and ample teardrop-shapped tushie flattened against the firmness of the wall, making Caitlynn gasp for a moment in surprise and a bit in delight. The feline opened her eyes and gazed into Nozzle's face, the blush on her purple cheeks brighten more. Without thinking, Caitlynn leaned in and kissed Nozzle's lips as her huge hands find a bit of movement and slowly stroked Nozzle's delightfully bloated form body, what she could reach of it, lovingly . . . Caitlynn had been endeared to Nozzle from the moment that the feline laid eyes on the mousette.

"Be thankful that I'm mated," Caitlynn replied with a playful wink.

All Nozzle could do was to giggle and snuggle against the purple and orange rubbery feline.


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