Balloon Dragoness by Tombfyre

With another audible gasp, the mighty beast gave another try. The audible sigh that emanated from the cave gave a clear sign that again it failed. This pattern of gasps, and sighs had been going on for weeks, and it was confusing the hell out of everyone in the area. All knew that a dragon lived in the cave, but nobody had the balls to go find out what she was up too. You see, the villagers were convinced that onyx was a stupid, lumbering, overweight, evil beast. When in reality, she was thin, quick, smart, and very friendly.

"Damn! I'll never get this right! I know I saw the wizard do it, so why can't I?"

Onyx drummed her claws on the cave floor yet again in frustration. A few weeks prior, the lovely dragoness had watched a wizard inflate a smaller dragon, into a larger version of herself. He had done it with his breath, and thus onyx assumed that by gulping down air, she could make herself inflate as well. What she did not know however, is that the dragon the wizard inflated was a rubber toy. And that onyx could not inflate like a rubber toy, as she was not one. But still, she tried and tried every day. This day however, she was certain that she had missed something. So picking herself up off the floor, she wandered outside, and lifted off into the skies.

Landing just outside the wizards tower, she peered into the structure. This in itself was a very comical site, as onyx was 200ft tall at the shoulder, and the tower was only 3 stories high. She was lucky this day, and the wizard was not home. Rumbling with delight, the massive jade colored mount of scales reached a claw into the structure, and rummaged around for anything that might help her on her quest. She was obsessed about finding out how that other dragon got so big and round; as she wanted to try it out for herself. Just thinking about making herself super-huge, and bloated, got her wet. Thinking that she had found something, she retracted her claw. Draped over the massive digit, was a balloon dragon. Trumpeting her joy, she plopped her scaly rump right where it was, and brought the limp form up to her maw. Doing just like the wizard did, she blew into the things muzzle, until it was properly formed. She cradled the 10' long dragon like it was treasure, and blew into it again. This time, it grew to 15' long, and got a vigorous petting as its reward. Onyx could no longer contain herself, and began to rub her clit with one paw, while still cradling the dragon with the other. Then, she continued to blow into the dragon, making it bigger, and bigger. By the time she had gotten the thing to 60' in length, its belly was starting to distend outwards. This only made onyx hotter and hotter, as she kept making her new toy larger and larger.

It about this time that the wizard returned home, to find half the things in his laboratory knocked to the floor, and his new project stolen. Fuming with frustration, he looked out the door, and stammered at the site before him. Onyx was attempting to ride the balloon dragon, while still making it larger and larger. By now, it was as big as she was, plus its belly stuck out 50' in front of it. A very loud squeaking noise could be heard as onyx rubbed her whole body on the rubber dragon. The wizard's words of warning went on deaf ears as she continues to blow into the massive mount of rubber. When it was nearing a quarter plus her size, the rubber began to groan with strain.

"Foolish dragon! It's not ready yet! It will pop if you keep that up!"

She did not hear him, and as she roared with her climax, the dragon exploded. Bits of dragon cum soaked rubber floated down from the sky, and a very satisfied onyx lay on her side, panting in the afterglow. She did not see the wizard approach her muzzle, and start to wave his arms around.

"You have ruined my newest project! Now you will suffer!"

Colorful rays of light shot out from his hands, and wrapped around the prone dragon. She yelped as a sudden odd feeling spread all through her body. As the pair of them watched, the dragon's scales melted away to reveal shiny latex. All over her body, rubber replaced flesh, and all her movements made the lightest of squeaks. Just as she was about to turn to the wizard to plead with him, he began to speak.

"This is your curse, you shall become a toy like the one you broke. I will shrink you down to a proper size, and you shall be deflated! The only way you're getting out of this, is to be found by one like you. He/she will need to also love what you crave, and love you enough when they blow you up. Only then shall you re-awaken!"

At that, onyx began to shrink, and deflate. She broke into tears when her massiveness left her, and slowly everything went black. The wizard scooped up a small, 3' long green dragon balloon from the ground, folded it up, and packed it away.

Time passed as it always did, and the box that contained onyx was forgotten as it changed hands. Early in the 21st century, the box appeared somehow in a storage warehouse. This warehouse was one of the many ones that contained things you could buy on the Internet. Things in this case, like pool toys, and other inflatables. A worker noticed the irregular contents of the box, and put it for sale as a unique item. No sooner than it was put online, then it was purchased. More time passed, and an eager man opened the box in his bedroom. Ben was his name, and he had been looking for something like this for a very long time.

He fished out a rough instruction paper, (one that a worker had devised) and read it through. Apparently, the she dragon balloon was divided into two sections. The head had its own chamber, that inflated through a port in the nose. While the rest of the body, inflated separately, through the muzzle, or belly port. This intrigued Ben, and he began to blow his new toy up for inspection. Her lovely green head took shape, and soon Ben cradled a 1ft long draconic muzzle in his eager hands. Pausing to inspect it, he gasped at its detail. Her head was gorgeous! Large eyes stared strait ahead, but looked as if they were about to cry. A scale pattern was clearly visible on the stretchy latex, and two pure white horns jutted out from the back of the balloons head. She even had row after row of sharp looking fangs!

"Wow, this thing is neat!"

He gave the head a nice kiss on the muzzle tip, and began to blow down its throat, to inflate the body. This took some time, and he had to pause to catch his breath more than once. About 20 mins later, Ben was reclined against Onyx's full self. She had stretched out to 3ft in length, not including her tail, and was somewhat round in the belly. When Ben finally got his wind back, he climbed aboard, and gave her a test ride. She was certainly the most intricate, and lovely pool toy he had ever seen. She put up with his weight, without the slightest of distending. Her long supple tail curled around behind her, looking as if it was about to swish at any moment. Her thighs were wide with what looked like muscle, as were her forelimbs. She had a very nice rump, and her folded up wings were a nice touch. He lay down across her back as much as he could, amazed that her limbs did not buckle under him.

"Man, this is one strong pool toy all right. Somehow, I don't think this was meant as a toy however."

Giving her another looking over, he found that she was anatomically correct. She had a deep vent, and anus. The possibilities began running through his mind. And he grinned.

"So yer not a pool toy, more like a bedroom toy. Come with me my love, I'm gonna try you out."

Closing the blinds in his room, he plopped onyx on his bed, and climbed into the sack with her. He wanted to prolong the fun as much as possible, so he stuck to foreplay for this first encounter. Licking over her muzzle, and feeling around inside with his tongue. As he did this, the balloon dragon shifted somewhat. Ben did not notice as her tail started to swish happily. He continued to play, rubbing her side, and scratching her muzzle top. He gave her a big hug, and was surprised at how warm she felt.

"Oh boy, I think I'm falling in love here!"

Those simple words started to undo the curse somewhat, and onyx moved her paws upwards, ensnaring Ben in a draconic hug. Ben jumped with surprise, and looked up to see her eyes staring right back at him. They blinked slowly, and took on a new light. Her maw opened and closed, and the rest of her body shook somewhat. Like a large animal working out the stiffness of hibernation. Ben found that he was unable to get away from her, and even upon standing up, she was still wrapped around his torso. Her tail trailed between his legs, and curled around one. He found this all too unbelievable.

"What, what are you?"

"I… My name is onyx. Where am I? And who are you that set me free?"

"What are you talking about? You are in my house, and I set you free? What do you mean?"

Sighing somewhat as her mind fully woke up, onyx launched into her story.

"I was once a giant dragon, living in a cave somewhere in middle earth. I came across a wizard, who was working on making a certain dragon bigger through air usage. I wanted in on the project, and went to investigate. What I found, was a stretchy dragon, that could be blown full of air, until it was very very big. I proceeded to blow it up till it exploded. The wizard was so angry, that he transformed me into this, and made me lifeless until a lover re-inflated me. You are that lover Ben, and I thank you for my release. I owe you my love, and my life."

"Wow, that's one hellava story. I'm glad I found you! I love dragons so very much! This is all to perfect!"

Onyx gave her new friend, and potential mate a big slurp. It was strange for her to be so much smaller than a human being, but she felt she would get used to it. She released Ben from his hug, and stood up on the bed. Looking into his mind, he found his name, and smiled.

"So Ben, where is this house of yours? Who is the king of the realm?"

"How did you know my name? King? There's not been a king anywhere on this part of the world, ever to my knowledge."

"What? Then where am I?"

Ben led his new friend out to the living room, and he got out a world atlas from the bookshelf. Opening it, he got out a large map of the world.

"Ok, you said middle earth, so I'm assuming you've been asleep for a very long time. What year was it? Do you know?"

"No, I have no idea what human year it was. Let me see some of those maps."

After spending some time looking over the atlas, onyx determined that she had been trapped in the human year 235ad.

"Ok then, and you lived around here in Europe right? Well, you're here in North America now. Specifically, here in Florida; and it's the year 2002."

"Wow, it's been that long? I can hardly believe it. You'll have to teach me about this new world. Where I came from, local king ruled the land, and I kept to myself in my cave."

"Well its plenty different here. There is no king, just a president. All the people of this land choose him or her, to be the leader. With the help of a chosen group of advisors, he leads us all. Well, when the system works what is."

Over the rest of the afternoon, and well on into evening, Ben brought Onyx up to speed on the last 18 centuries of earth. She was very apt, and understood everything after only a light explanation. Once the pair of them were done, Ben stood up.

"I'm hungry. Do you want anything to eat?"

"Strangely enough, no. I don't seem to have a stomach in this body, so I guess a food bill won't be a big problem with me."

The pair laughed, and Ben walked into the kitchen to make some dinner. When he was finished, he found Onyx lazily draped across the couch, waving him over with a swish of her tail.

"Come here my love."

"Umm, Ok. What's up?"

Sitting down on the sofa, Ben found himself ensnared by onyx's whole body. She wrapped her neck around his, draped her body across his front, and wrapped her wings around his back. Her tail curled between his legs, and around them as well. She purred softly, and warmed up thanks to Ben's body heat.

"There, now you may eat. I'll always be with you."

Ben happily obliged, and gobbled down his meal with reckless abandon. He lay back to relax with onyx draped around him, happy that he had found such a nice friend. His love for her grew throughout the night, and she stayed wrapped around him. He turned on the TV, and found a good movie to watch before bed. Onyx was entranced by the pictures on the screen, and was more than happy to watch the movie with Ben all night. She was a bit of a naughty girl however, and her tail kept brushing against all the right places. By the time the movie was finished, Ben stood up, and walked to his bedroom. Onyx did not release him, and happily went along for the ride. She had to get off of him when he wanted to get out of his clothes for bed, but was soon right back on top of him again, once he was ready to get under the covers.

"Are you sure you want to be wrapped around me all night? I tend to roll around in my sleep."

"Oh that's ok, I'm all stretchy now remember? I'll be fine. Worst case, I'll just curl up beside you instead."

"All right then. Goodnight Onyx. Sleep well."

"Goodnight my love. I shall see you again in the morning."

As Ben slept, his growing love for onyx had an interesting affect on her. She became stretchier, and grew in size somewhat. She uncurled from Ben, as she was finding it uncomphortable to remain pinned beneath him. Cuddling up to his side instead, she grew slowly throughout the night, all the time keeping a paw draped across her new mate. When morning finally came, Ben awoke to an awesome site. A large draconic muzzle was right in front of his face, and a large grin did it bear. He lifted off the blankets, and whistled with amazement. Onyx had grown to 8ft in length during the night! She was even lovelier than the day before!

"Oh boy. This is getting good!"

"Erf… yawn Morning Ben. What are you looking at?"

"You! You've grown!"

"I have? Wow! I sure did! I'm as big as you are now! Well, roughly anyways. Oh this makes it all the easier."

"Easier? What easier?"

"You mean you've not guessed? Come here my mate."

With that, she grabbed him off the floor, and brought him back to bed. Tearing off his underpants, she found he was more than willing to go through with what she had in mind. She positioned herself above him, and slowly impaled herself on his waiting member. She gasped at the foreign feeling in her inflated form, but purred loudly from the pleasure she was receiving. Lowering herself onto Ben, she wrapped all four paws around his body, in a loving hug. Ben was in heaven, surrounded by a giant inflated dragoness. She was so warm, and so loving. He nearly lost consciousness as the dragon rode him all morning. He lost himself inside of her many times, but she seemed to never tire. Only when the pleasure was moving into discomphort for Ben did she release him, and climb off his now limp cock.

"Purr! Was it good for you lover?"

"Oh man… I don't think I've gone that long before in my life…. Certainly not with another species before. I think I love you Onyx."

"Of course you do! That's why I grew in the night."

Ben thought about this. Could he live the rest of his life with a balloon dragoness? Ah what the hell, he though. This life is boring anyways.

"That's great to hear! Do you think you'll get any bigger? If you get much larger, you'll have a hard time moving around the house."

"Don't worry about that. I'll try to use my magic's to keep myself at this size."

"Ok then. Now there is only one problem. Hiding you from the world. I guarantee you that you are the only living balloon dragoness in the world. If anyone knew about you, who knows what would happen?"

"Well then, why don't I just stay here, until we can go somewhere more secluded?"

"Ok then. That works for me! I have to work though… that means you'll be alone here during the week days."

"Work? Why? Don't you have a hoard to live off of?"

"Umm… no. Humans don't have hoards. This day and age, we have to work for a living, else we starve to death on the streets. I don't suppose that you know where you buried your treasure do you?"

"Well, I left it all hidden in my cave, but I'm sure after 1800 years, its long gone."

"Oh well, we'll live for now."

"Yes, and I'll make your evenings as pleasing as possible. It's the least I can do for the one that set me free. Besides, I really like you."

The two laid there all morning, wrapped around each other in a tender embrace. The rest of their days went like that for the most part. Until it was time for Ben to go back to work. Every weekday morning, he pried himself away from her, and drove to the office building where he worked. He used to be the model employee, always on time, and wrapped around his work. He had secretly loved dragons, and inflatables all his life, but he never let it affect his work before now. Now that he had a giant dragon at home for real, he could not focus as well as he did before. This was not a problem however, as everyone else was not neccicarily totally on task either. So nobody really cared that he was distracted.

When his shift was finally over, he raced home, only to be tackled by a massive mound of balloon flesh once the front door was closed.

"I missed you Ben. I'm glad you're home!"

"I missed you too Onyx. Man I love having you around!"

The two snuggled on the floor for a time, and Ben hopped up with an idea. He went inside his closet, and brought out an old electric air pump, that he used to use to blow up his air bed.

"Want to have some fun Onyx?"

"Sure! What do you have in mind Ben?"

"Well, I've got this air pump here… wanna get bigger?"

The pounce that Ben received was a very good awnser in the afermative. He got plugged the hose into Onyx's belly port, and turned the machine on low. Onyx nearly fell over with the surge of raw pleasure she received. She creamed onto the floor almost instantly, making the house smell even more like a dragon. Her belly pushed slowly outwards, squeaking as it did. She rubbed herself down, and grabbed Ben to kiss, and hug him. He was amazed at how well she inflated, and returned the hug. The two made out on the floor, and forgot about how big Onyx was getting. She started to rub against the furnature, as her 10' wide belly continued to expand outwards. When Ben saw her taking up a quarter of his large living room, he moved to turn off the pump. Onyx pulled him away from the switch however, and lifted him up onto her massive belly. As she licked at him, she used her tail to turn up the speed of the pump. With a roar, her belly surged forward, and her tail started to inflate as well. Within a moment or two, she filled the entire room. Her puffy looking tail was in Ben's bedroom, arms and legs in the kitchen/bathroom, head going down the stairs, and whole body pressing against the walls. Before she could explode the house however, the pressure sensor on the pump kicked in, and the pump shut down. Onyx was panting heavily, dripping her juices all over the carpet.

"Oh man, that feels so good Ben! We must do this again! I want to be bigger! Bigger!"

Ben was on top of her belly, wedged against the ceiling. He removed the hose from her belly, and held the port open with his fingers. Onyx slowly deflated down to her normal size, and pouted somewhat at loosing her massiveness.

"Aww! Why did you have to do that! I was enjoying myself!"

"Sorry onyx, but if you fill the house, I can't very well do anything can I?"

"Yah, you're right. I won't fill the house again."

"You are welcome to use the pump to blow yourself up big anytime ok?"

"Great! I think I've found something to do while you're at work!"

Dinner was made, and more TV was watched. And as usual, the pair found themselves inside the bedroom. Onyx moved the pump to the corner, and climbed into bed. Ben undressed, and joined her under the covers. As usual, she mounted him, and rode him till he had came many times. This night however, she had something different in mind. She got out the hose again, and stuck it into her belly port. Before Ben could say anything, the pump was turned onto max, and Onyx surged outwards. Ben was buried under soft rubbery dragonflesh, and could not help but love it. Onyx filled the entire room, her bloated belly pushing out the window somewhat. Before she could surge out too much, she managed to turn off the pump, and resumed riding her small lover. He was obviously enjoying himself, as he was only semi conscious. Twice more onyx brought Ben to climax, and herself more than a dozen times thanks to the inflation. All night they laid coupled together, Onyx still inflated to massive proportions. Ben awoke to the sound of his alarm going off, but found he was trapped under the massive jade dragon.

"Umm onyx? I have to get up for work now! The neighbors will see you poking out the window like that!"

"YAWN, sorry Ben. Can you reach my belly port? I can't."

"Umm, I'm having trouble.. There it is. Hold on!"

With a whoosh, onyx deflated much to her dismay. Ben ran over and closed the window, pleased to see that nobody was starting at where the dragoness used to be. He hopped in the shower, while onyx attempted to clean up the bedroom somewhat. The whole house, Ben, and everything he owned smelled of onyx by this time. He had to apply plenty of shampoo, deodorant, and plenty of other things to mask the scent. Though he could not get rid of the latex smell that seemed to cling to himself. He did not care anymore however, as playing with his new mate was way too much fun.

Once he was finished cleaning himself up, he exited the bathroom. A strange smell was coming from the kitchen. Curious, he stuck his head in to investigate. What he saw made him laugh; Onyx trying to cook breakfast. She had figured out how to work the stove by watching him, and was in the process of cooking about a dozen eggs.

"Umm onyx? I don't need that much food!"

"Oh I know, some of it is for me."

"Huh? I thought you did not need to eat?"

"I know, but as I stay with you, some of the curse seems to be undoing. I'm suddenly hungry."

Indeed, she was. She nearly ate the whole pan full of eggs, saving enough for Ben. The shine to her skin was starting to fade. It was if she was becoming what she once was.

"Onyx? Will you turn back into a full dragon again?"

"I have no idea. The wizard that did this to me did not say anything. I'll stay with you regardless of what happens Ben. I've really enjoyed my time with you here."

"Me too. I don't want to loose you."

Time kept on passing for the pair. Each night Onyx blew herself up huge, and made love to Ben. Each morning, the pair cleaned up, and ate breakfast. Each day however, Onyx was looking less and less like a blow up doll, and more like a true dragon. 2 months after they had met each other, the fateful day happened. Onyx reverted fully into her real dragon self. Strangely enough however, she did not loose any of her inflatable properties, nor did she loose the belly port. This pleased the pair of lovers to no end. Lovemaking was slightly more interesting now, as a flesh and blood dragon of onyx's size weighed about half a ton. Her musky reptilian scent spread everywhere, and Ben was no longer able to wash it out. This raised a few eyebrows at work. Even the neighbors began to wonder what that odor was that you could smell all over Ben's yard. Onyx had been sneaking out at night, and marking her turf.

One day, Ben came home from work, looking sad, but happy at the same time. Onyx picked up on her mate's distress almost instantly, and cuddled him on the couch.

"What's wrong Ben? Did something happen at work?"

"Yes, something did indeed."

"Well? Don't keep a dragon girl waiting! Spit it out!"

"Well, the boss finally had enough of me coming to work smelling funny, and was getting sick of me not paying attention on the job. I've been fired."

"What?! Oh I'm so sorry! I didn't want to ruin your life!"

Onyx began to cry, but was interrupted by a very big kiss on the muzzle.

"Don't cry my love. I was given some severance pay, and another job. I can stay at home, and work from a computer now."

"Really? That's great! Now I can be with you all day long!"

Ben found himself ensnared by the big dragon lass, and was soon being hugged, kissed, and scratched on the couch. He chuckled as the happy dragon worked him over. He was very happy that he did not have to leave her anymore, as their bond had grown very thick. She led him to his bedroom, and her screams of passion echoed throughout the neighborhood all night long. She once again blew herself up big, and proceeded to show Ben centuries of accumulated talent for pleasure making. Again when morning came, Ben was sore from a night of love making, but happily pinned beneath the sleeping dragon's belly. She was beside him in the bed, but the rest of her was all through the room. She had gone too far this time unfortunately, and her belly had poked out of the window, and started to blossom out the other side. Several people were lined up on the sidewalk to stare at the scale covered green balloon that was hanging out of Ben's window.

A ring on the doorbell startled the pair of them to full alertness, and Onyx quickly deflated herself. Ben closed the window, catching the eyes of 3 dozen onlookers in the process. Dressing himself in a bathrobe, he told the dragon to hide somewhere, and then went to go answer the door.

"Hello? What do you want?"

A police officer stared back at him from the portcullis.

"Morning sir. I received some reports of unusual happenings at this address."

"What kind of happenings officer?"

"Well, unusual odors, loud yelling during the night, a strange looking balloon hanging out of your window. Those sorts of happenings. Care to explain yourself son?"

"Well… can you keep this to yourself officer?"

"That depends on your explanation."

"Ok… The balloon was just that. A balloon that my girlfriend decided to blow up, and left it too close to the window. The smells are from a backed up toilet I think. And the yelling… well that was me and my girlfriend… umm… I guess you can say we got carried away?"

The smile on the officer's face spoke volumes.

"All right son. I can see what's going on here."

"You can?"

"Yep. This is just a case of paranoid neighbors, rumor, and some plain old harmless relations. Sorry to disturb you son."

The police officer went about clearing the streets, and soon everyone was gone. Sighing loudly, Ben closed the door, and locked it.

"Onyx? You can come out now."

She leaped out from behind the sofa, and plastered him to the floor.

"What was that all about Ben?"

"The neighbors thought something bad was happening here, and reported it to the police. Were fine though, I told them a bunch of lies."

"Oh, won't they get suspicious again?"

"I think so yes. Especially with that smell of yours all over the place. We can limit your inflation so they can't see you through the window anymore, and we can try to tone down the yells while were having sex…. But I think they will start snooping around anytime."

"Ok, maybe we should move?"

"Move??? How could we move? I've got all this stuff, and movers are bound to see you.."

"Ben, you forget, I'm a dragon. I can use my magic to teleport us, and the stuff out of here."

"Really? Well, where would we go? I'd have to get another job if we moved. And I just got the stay at home one!"

"I'm sure we can work something out. Besides, I want to move somewhere were I can be bigger. I want to be huge sooo badly."

"All right, we'll move. Lets just look for somewhere secluded, that I can work from a computer or something ok?"

"Great! I'll start looking right away! Well, after some fun that is."

Onyx bolted away, only to return with the air pump. She lay down on the floor, and hauled Ben on top of her chest. Connecting the pump to her belly port, she turned it on, and slowly began to swell outwards. She yipped and murroaned as her belly bloated outwards more and more, while Ben could only hold on. His nostrils filled with her reptilian scent, and he started to get wet with her perspiration. He loved this every bit as much as she was. Within a few moments, and several cum stains on the carpet later, Onyx had once again filled the entire front room. This time was different however, as she had managed to stretch outwards, and fill other rooms with her bulk. Her ultra inflated body spread into the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and every little area left in the house. Sighing with pleasure, she heard the pump shut off. All she could do was whimper with the buzz of joy and sexual lust she was feeling. Ben was pressed against the ceiling, and was to enjoying the sight. The smell of sex was everywhere, and the dragon's pheromones made him mess his pants.

They remained that way all night, though Onyx complained a few times that she wanted to be larger. It was the next day that she finally deflated herself, and began to find a good place to move too. Ben worked the day away on the computer, always having the she dragon lavishing attention on him in some way. It took a week for Onyx to finish house hunting, and she only came up with one possibility. Her old cave back in the old world. What was now known as the UK. She proposed this idea to Ben, and the result was surprising.

"Live in a cave? Won't it be cold? How will I work from there?"

"Hang on Ben. Let me check the place out first. I'll be right back."

In the blink of an eye, she was gone. Ben panicked for a moment. He had grown so attached to the dragoness, that the thought of life without her was unbearable. An hour passed, and Onyx returned. Ben launched himself at her, crying like a baby.

"Oh what's wrong Ben?"

"Don't leave me again! I love you so much, I can't stand it without you!"

Onyx puffed up with pride, and blushed red. She hugged her mate happily; glad she had found such a devoted human.

"Oh I love you too Ben. I promise not to go off like that again, unless it's necessary. Ok?"

"Good. Now lets have something to eat ok?"

Ben made enough food to feed an army, and they both stuffed themselves to bloat. Ben had to undo his belt, but Onyx's stretchy body proved more useful for containing lots of food. She was so fat with various foodstuffs, that she had a hard time walking. Her belly stretched down 3ft to the floor. She looked happy as a pig in shit. And her loud purrs revealed this to be true.

"Man onyx, you sure rounded out a bit there."

"Oh Ben, this feels nice… Almost as good as the air inflation."

"Well then, if you like it so much, keep yourself full and fat. I don't mind a bit. The bigger you get, the more of you there is to love."

The two laughed at the joke, and made love in the kitchen. Once they were done, Onyx let some news out.

"My cave is still there, and seems to have been left alone all this time. A thick grove of trees surrounds the place, so we'll have our privacy. In fact, the closest town is 5 miles away. Oh and Ben? My treasure is still there! So you don't have to work!"

"That's great news! When can we start moving?"

"Right away. Now if you would like."

"Sure, if you can send all this stuff over, then us. That would be cool! I'll not even bother putting the house up for sale. I'll just lock the front door, and disappear."

So it was, that Bens life in North America came to an end. They moved all the stuff to Onyx's cave in a few days. So, once again the dragon came home to the old world. Everything was as she had left it. And she was very happy, as the cave was large enough to let her expand to immense proportions. Ben went into town to purchase a generator, so they could cook, watch TV, and use the air pump. Once he had gotten it up and running outside, Onyx hooked up the pump, and began to blow herself up. Larger and larger she swelled, her cries of joy and sexual pleasure reaching even the town. She let herself grow back to her full size and continued to inflate larger and larger. Ben was overwhelmed with awe at his lover's true size. She was over 200ft tall at the shoulder again, but her belly, and rest of her body continued to swell outwards larger and larger. Within a few mins, her body filled the whole 300ft tall cave, and started to push outside. Into the night she swelled, getting larger and larger as the hours past. Ben tried to get her to stop, but she was lost in lust. When the sun finally cracked over the horizon, a truly awesome site was held by all. There Onyx sat, 200ft tall, but 3000ft around. Her blimped out body formed a near spherical shape that pushed out almost a kilometer in all directions. She had only stopped because the generator had run out of gas.

"Onyx! Can you hear me! You've gotten too big! The villagers will see you!"

"Oh let them see me! I'm sick of living behind closed doors! I want the whole world to know of our love! Hear me humans? I love Ben! And you'll never take us apart!"

Ben was trying his best to unplug the dragoness, but she was too big to reach up too. Frustrated as hell, and unable to get back into the cave, he sat down on a stump, and awaited the onrush of villagers he knew must be inbound. Strangely enough, nobody came. By noon, Onyx deflated herself, and shrunk down to hold Ben.

"I'm so sorry. I got carried away… but it felt so wonderful! I meant what I said however; I don't want to live my life locked away from the world. I was here first remember, and I intend to reclaim this land as my own."

"Ok Onyx. No harm done, nobody came. If you truly want to reveal yourself to the world, then I suggest we start with the villagers. Lets go for a walk ok?"

"All right Ben. Lets go to town."

The two strode off, Onyx on all fours, and Ben on two. He longed to be paired with her in more ways than just love, but he did not have the courage to say it. Onyx too wanted more out of this relationship. She wanted a clutch of eggs. But to get that, she would have to mate with another dragon. The only problem was, Ben was not a dragon, yet.

They both strolled into town, and were greeted by a few odd stares. Everyone acted as if they had all seen a dragon before, just not in a long time. Ben walked up to a random person, and introduced himself.

"Err hi there. I'm Ben, this is Onyx. We just moved here."

"Hello newcomer. Welcome to the village of Dergon. Is that a dragon you have with you?"

"Yes sir. I am a dragon. Let me guess, the people around these parts did not forget about us after all this time?"

"Got it in one. There was a large green dragon around these parts 1800 years ago or so. Everyone saw her, and the story was passed down through the generations. Yer a bit smaller than she was, more like really smaller."

"Heh, I am that dragon Mr. I was put to sleep by a wizard, and have been hidden away all this time. I've also decided to remain small so I can better love my Ben here."

The old man stared at them, and broke out laughing.

"You mean you two are hitched? Wow, I thought I'd never see the like! First the dragon from the past returns to our fair village, then she tells us she's hooked up with a man! Hahaha!"

Ben spoke up.

"Were not married… though that sounds like a good idea to me. Here's a grand entrance for you old man. Onyx? Will you marry me?"

Her response was flattening him to the ground, and hugging him as she had never done before.

"Well son, I think that's a yes. The church is over that way."

"Heh, we won't need no church. I'm not religious, and methinks that Onyx is sort of excluded from the rituals of it all. Good luck getting her into a dress."

All three roared with laughter, and the happy couple walked back home. They decided to go with a very old marriage tradition. Onyx got out an old sword, and held it out to Ben. After explaining what was needed, Onyx walked outside the cave. Ben followed, and laid the sword down on the ground. Arm in arm, the pair recited some cheesy poetry to each other, and jumped over the sword. They were now married. The honeymoon lasted for 3 weeks, each night reaching a new level of passion for the couple. When they were finally done with their lovemaking, Onyx asked Ben a very serious question.

"Ben? I have something very serious to talk to you about."

"What's that love?"

"I want a clutch."

"Huh? What's a clutch?"

"A clutch of eggs. I want children of my own."

"Oh… umm… That's a big step isn't it? Can we even have a clutch?"

"Well, that's part of this conversation."


"You see, the only way I can get impregnated is to mate with another dragon. And seeing as I want to stay with you… that means I'll only get my clutch if you are a dragon."

"Well, I'm not a dragon. So I guess that's out."

"Shh, listen. I can change you into a dragon. It will take some time though, and it will probably hurt. Will you do this for me? I want to spend my many thousands of years with you."

Ben thought about this for a long time, many days in fact. It was a different choice in the grand skeam of things. His love of dragons prevailed however, and he made up his mind.

"Onyx? I've made up my mind. I've loved dragons all my life. Finding you was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I've got nobody to worry about back in the US, so I accept your proposal. I'll become a dragon, not just for you, but because I've wanted it for a long time."

Onyx stared at him for a long time, then broke into a pleasant smile. She hugged him fiercely, and went about preparing he spells, and potions required to transform a human, into a dragon.

"I'll tell you this now Ben. This is not like some instant all knowing transformation. You'll not know how to move your body right away, nor do I know how big you'll be, or what color. Its all up to you technically, the dragon you'll become is based on who you already are."

"That's fine with me Onyx. I want to give this a try."

"All right then, go eat some dinner, and get ready. You'll want the food energy to help you through this."

And so the process began, Ben drank the potions, and sat still as Onyx weaved the spells required. The total transformation time was expected to take a day or more. The she dragon never left his side during the entire thing. His body slowly grew in size, but also changed in shape. Bones liquefied, and reformed into a new shape as his two-legged stance changed into a 4 limbed one. His mind went blank for a time as his head reformed into a draconic muzzle, then a sharp pain brought him back to consciousness as his tail ripped its way out of his backside. His wings emerged from his shoulder blades, and slowly his skin fell off to reveal fresh, new scales beneath. Claws sprouted from hands and feet, and spikes formed all down his back. A long, dense mane sprouted from his head, and fuzzed up everywhere. After his neck stretched out, and his muscles bulked up somewhat, the process was complete. Ben tried to stand up on his new limbs, but found he couldn't. As Onyx had said, he did not know how to move in this new body.

The she dragon spent most of her un-inflated time, watching over Ben, and trying to help him learn to move. She would move an arm back and forth, hoping that his brain would clue in that what it was feeling was how to move the arm… yadda yadda yadda. It took weeks of patents, but finally Ben was able to stand up on his own. He smiled somewhat, and tried to say something. But as it had been since the transformation, his speech only came out as a light snarl. Ben spent his days wandering around the cave, and outside in the forest; His golden scales shining in the sunlight. On one of his trips outside the cave, Ben tripped over a fallen log, and banged his muzzle on the ground. Thus, his first words were: "Fuck that hurt!"

Pleased with himself, yet grumpy that he bruised his maw, he returned to the cave. He found Onyx inflated as usual, about 200ft around. Waving a hello, he managed to speak again somewhat.

"H… H…. Hi."

"Oh Ben! You're learning again! That's great! Keep up the good work!"

Ben nodded his head, and slowly lumbered over to his mate's side. Using his 20ft length, he managed to climb up onto her massively stretched out belly, and curl up for a nap. Onyx leaned her head forward, and licked her mate as he slept.

"Sleep well my love. Everyday you come closer to regaining all that you've lost."

The next day proved just as successful as the first, and so on into the day after that. All in all, it took a month for Ben to fully regain his speech, but it was a month well spent. The two mated every night, hoping to get a clutch under way.

"Hey Ben! Come look at this!"


"This! Look! I'm swollen a bit in the belly! I think I'm with eggs!"

"Wow! That's great news! Now I won't have to fuck as hard every night."

"Oh you! Get out of here you tease!"

Laughing with delight, Ben rampaged out of the cave, and waddled to the village. He decided he wanted something different for a change, and stuck his head into one of the pub's windows.

"Howdy there partner! How yah doin today?"

"Fine earl. I'll have a beer please."

"Beer you say? Well this is the first time you've asked for that. Coming right up!"

Ben sat down outside as best he could, with his head inside the building. The bar keep gave him a straw in his beer, so he could drink it somewhat easier. Lapping up the drink proved more efficient however, as the straw was a pain in the tail to use. On his 10th pitcher of lager, Ben was starting to show the first signs of intoxication. Earl decided the big yellow beast had had enough, and refused the dragon's attempt at ordering an 11th helping. Paying his tab, the drunken dragon staggered off in search of some more fun. He heard some funky music playing outside of the strip mall, and decided to investigate. Several children were playing on some machine that was the source of the music.

"Hmm, nice tune…. What's this thing called? DDR? What the hell does that mean? Hmm… Drunken Dragon Rampage? Nah…. I'm tired… where's the cave.."

It took a while, but with only 3 front-end collisions with trees, Ben made it home. Onyx was sleeping already, and did not notice Ben crawl in beside her. A monster of a hangover greeted Ben in the morning. Onyx did her part to relieve it, with a monster breakfast.

"What happened to you last night Ben?"

"The pub."

"Oh, say no more. Hey, I'm even bigger in the belly today! They sure are growing fast on me."

"That's great to hear! Ow my head…."

Ben spent the day in bed, while onyx mostly sat around eating. She was getting rather fat with the eggs, and all the food she was eating. It only take a few months for her to get ready to lay them, so her and Ben built a massive dirt nest. The eggs she laid were interesting looking, as they shined like rubber. They were also very big, each one larger than a basketball. Onyx had a very fun time squeezing each one of the suckers out of her. But finally, all of them were out. They both slept around the nest every night, but Ben soon got nervous.

"How long do these things take? I've not been a dragon for long I know, but I think they should have hatched by know."

"Well, they take upwards of a year. It's only been 2 weeks. Just settle down."

"Oh, ok. I'll do that then. I know! I'll hook up the computer! That will keep me busy!"

Lets just say that it was humorous watching Ben attempt to type using his smaller claws. It took him a while, but he managed to use the Internet again. He found something interesting on all the world news pages. People from the outside world had heard about two dragons rumored to be living in the UK. And there were reports of other creatures coming out of hiding. All in all, Ben and Onyx's appearance in the world, had encouraged all the other dragons, and such to come out into the public eye. By the time the pair's eggs were ready to hatch, the world had changed dramatically. Everywhere you looked, creatures in human guise, had come back in true form. A dragon was now the prime minister of Canada, and a centaur was the president of the US. Furs were everywhere in full force, and boy was everyone surprised to learn that about 10 percent of the worlds population were really non-humans.

The fated day came, and the eggs started to hatch. In total, 8 eggs hatched, and 2 were duds. 3 green females poked their little snouts out of the nest, followed by 4 golden males. There was 1 brown male there too. Unfortunately, he was the runt. Both Onyx and Ben were surprised at how fast the hatchlings expanded from dog size, to horse size. They ate like they had never been fed in their lives. Also, every last one of them proved apt at inflation like their mother. This pleased both parents much. The parents made love every chance they got, and that was only when the hatchlings were out in the forest.

Ben sat around one morning, recalling how good his life had gotten. He had satisfied his lifelong dream of becoming a dragon, and had found the perfect mate to spend his life with. His kids were nice to have around, and even the runt of the clutch had managed to catch up with his siblings. Actually, the runt had gotten bigger than his brothers, and would probably prove to be a very large dragon when he reached adulthood. All in all, Ben's life ruled.

The creatures of the world had Ben and Onyx to thank for their release into the day. And indeed, they proved their thanks in more way than one. But alas, that is another story. To this day, the first dragon couple of the 21st century still live in that cave. Their children have long since found mates of their own, and started families.

This concludes the story of Ben and Onyx. Circa 2852. Please feel free to make another selection.

A young boy looked up to his mother, and smiled.

"I want to hear the story again! Can I hear it again?"

"No honey, leave the telecom alone for now. Why don't you go out and play?"


With that, the youngster exited the house, and ran out into the green sunlight. A passing jumpship made an interesting shadow on the ground, and everyone stopped to watch as it entered the hyperspace fold. The human, dracling, wolf morph, and centaur friends all ran off into the field of alien grass, and played for the remainder of the day. Thus concludes another story from planet Eden. Have a nice day.

***System shutting down.***