Author's note - (10/17/00)

Here's me attempt at being a mistress to a furson who I met back a few months ago. N'ver thought of me-self as a mistress, but . . . what the hell, aye? ^_-

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Caitlynn Wildfire

Fukure na Neko Megami

Balloon Tits - A Goddess is Born

Caitlynn's Balloon Room

Welcome to Caitlynn's balloon room. It's a huge room and I do mean HUGE for the balloon neko-girl who loves to be inflated. The floor is almost like one gigantic soft rubbery surface which allows her to sleep anywhere in the room Along the wall are many different tanks of gasses and water which allows her or anyone else to be either inflated or herself to have fun. Next to them is a special canister of high potency liquid latex for those who want to be like her for a short time. Within the wall is a stereo/tv system that makes most threater systems look rather take. Within the confines of the entertainment center, she has a treasure-trove of great music and videos for her amusement.

Illder smiles a little and bends down to playfully bap at one of the balloons, hir wings fanning out behind hir.

Caitlynn smiles as she is stretched out in the huge bean bag chair, leaning back like some sort of latex goddess, her tail coiled up against her leg. She waves to you, making her breasts bonce within her tank top. "Hiya," she replies and giggles at the "attacking" balloons.

Illder smiles to you as sie steps forward, using hir wings to fan a small path towards you open from hir large feet. Slowly sie takes a few steps down the path, hir own body bouncing quite attractively with each step. "Good evening.."

The creature that stands before you is a gargoyle. Sei stands just under six feet tall, however sei appears to be slightly taller due to hir foot structure. Illder holds a mainly humanoid appearance, except for hir clawed hands and feet which appear to be perfect for scaling most walls. Black leathery skin completely covers hir body from hir feet up to hir head, where you can see that hir long white hair falls down onto hir back. Below hir thick skin, strong lanky muscles enhance the power of hir frame.

Illder is currently bare, not of course that sei was wering much in the first place. The black membranes of hir wings hang down hir sides as if thy were a cloak, hooking at the top of hir chest. This frames hir heafty breasts, making them look even fuller than they already are. At the tips of hir dusky breasts are two nipples, sticking out with a purplish color that is slightly offset from the deep black of hir normal skin. The loincloth is also gone now and you can see that sei is a definite she-male, since the only thing there is a giantly swollen and stuff manhood. It sticks up straight, even higher than hir belly- button. Almost touching the bottoms of hir breasts. There is an oddly vacant look about hir eyes as hir tail swishes gently behind hir.

Caitlynn smiles as she tilts her head and brushes the thick, red hair that covers her brow out of the way to the best of her ability, her emerald eyes traveling from your feet all the way up and along your staturesque form. Her eyes pause at the heafty mounds of titflesh and mavel at the size of them before looking into your face. "Welcome to me place here," she replies as she gestures for you to make yourself comfortable.

Illder smiles, feeling hir bared flesh (not even covered by fur) grow a little red and hot under your gaze. Sie does however smile and move to a more comfortable spot, hir eyes not leaving yours once after the initial lock of gazes. "Thank you very much.. It is an interesting place.. relaxing in a playful sort of way."

Caitlynn smiles as she shrugs slightly, setting off a serious bouncing of tits within the confines of her tank top. "It's what I call home," she replies softly as she takes a moment to eye the tanks of compressed air and helium. She turns back to you, her eyes taking on, for a moment, a slightly glazed expression. "For me, it's the perfect place to bring furs to play."

Illder's eyes slip off your own as you shrug.. hir eyes sliding downwards to the bouncing of your breasts. Sie gulps a little and fidgets a little in hir seat. Breathing in for a moment sie smiles. "Well.. it would seem to be a good place for .. ahem.. 'bouncing'." Sie smiles, but seems a little distant as hir eyes travel down your body..

Caitlynn smiles as she arches a thick left eyebrow which touches the edge of the bangs of her hair lightly. "Indeed . . . ," she replies. "I can be all of meself here and nae worry about what anyone thinks." She smiles more as she looks you over. "That's why I find furs or beings who fascinate me and bring them here."

Illder nods a little, hir blush starting to grow a little more pronounced. Squirmining in hir seat sie smiles, latching on to the compliment. "You find me facinating?" Sie smiles wide in spite of hirself..

Caitlynn smiles as she nods. "Aye," she replies as she leans in, shifting her weight and bringing her huge, three fingered hands forward so that her body stretches out towards you. She tilts her head and looks up at you as if she's thinking of stalking you. A soft and playful smile stretches across her lips. "I have seen a few gargolyes, but nae verrae many who are sexy and powerful at the same time."

Illder blushes even deeper.. hir eyes running over your body as sie watches you stretch. "Well, I must say that I am very flattered by that.. though I've got that thin tight powerful.. I'm hardly he bulkiest of my kind." Sie does seem truely flattered though.. the red tinging hir cheeks to a deep purple..

Caitlynn smiles as she leans in closer, arching her back slightly and making her tushie wiggles in the air slightly back and forth a bit as her breasts bounce in a counter-motion. Her tail lashes a bit back and forth as she giggles, making her chest plump up slightly. "But, ye have both and make it work for ye . . . ," she replies happily. "It makes ye really incredibly sexy."

Illder smiles, watching your entire body move so incredibly sexy in front of hir. "You're quite beautiful yourself you know.." Sie smiles, hir eyes sliding down to the deep cleavage of your tank top so evident from this possition... sie gulps a little and feels hir gargoyle-hood start to swell a bit.. sie moves a hand to hide it for now.

Caitlynn smiles as she ohs! softly, her lips forming a small and sentual "o" shape. She leans in and tries her best to look closer at the hood carefully. Then, she looks up into your face, the smile brightening slightly. "Hmm . . . ye are looking better and better all the time," she replies saucily.

Illder's other hand slides down over hir groin teasingly. More so because it is your sexy attitude that is causing hir shaft to swell up larger.. the heavy tip growing its way up hir belly. "Well, you are an extremely good coach." sie teases lightly sliding one hand to the side to give you an intruigingly short view of what lays under hir hands. Caitlynn smiles as she looks into your eyes, tilting her head slightly as she leans in more to kiss you lightly, closing her eyes. Her lips touch your mouth lightly, allowing her rich breath to caress and stroke along your cheeks as her huge right hand comes in and with a velvet-like touch caresses what she can of your hood and starts to slide her palm up and down the length with the tenderiest of strokes.

Caitlynn whispers huskily, "I can be much better . . ."

Illder lets out a soft groan as sie feels your hand wrap around the swollen shaft of hir gargoyle-hood. "Hmmm.. I can only imagine." Sie whimpers as hir lips press to yours and sie returns the kiss with passion. Breathing in the soft scent of your femininity sie becomes intoxicated with lust, letting hir hands travel over your sides. "I'd love a demonstration however."

Caitlynn smiles as she leans back, her emerald eyes glistening with a desire of her own as she smiles more, her gaze traveling over your features while she is this close to you. Her huge hand rises and falls with your breathing, nice and slow. "And, do ye understand that with more attention, the bigger I get?" she asks playfully as if this is a major thing for her, but the lust in her eyes shows that this is the main thing that turns her on.

Illder groans a bit at the exquisit slowness of your strokes. Hir eyes remain on yours, taking in those deep deep eyes.. staring into them as you drive hir wild with the stroking of your large hand. Slowly, strong claws dig along hir seat as the pleasure increases.. slowly but surely driving hir nuts. Then sie hears those words. "Bigger?" Sie asks.. almost incredulously.. hir eyes dropping down to your breasts.. looking curious..

Caitlynn smiles as she nods, the emeraldness of her irises shining brightly like liquid pools of jade. "Aye," she whispers huskily as her tongue peaks out and strokes along the edges of her lips lightly, making the surface of the skin nice and wet for a few moments. Her hand slides up and down, easily keeping pace with your breathing. "Bigger . . ." She balances herself easily with the feline grace that she has and takes her left hand, places it onto your hand, and urges it to touch her huge breasts. "Tweek a nipple . . . and see . . ."

Illder's eyes seem to be glazing over just a little bit as hir fingers numbly move as you direct. Gently they wrap around your nipple and sqeeze lightly. Hir fingers pulling and twisting a bit as they begin to swell before hir eyes. Both hands now off to the side, you have full access to hir heavy gargoyle-shaft.. the rhythm of hir breathing now matching hir fingers on your nipple and hir thrusts against your hand.. a slow, almost hypnotic rhythm... breath in.. breath out..

Caitlynn mmmm-hmmms! softly as she closes her eyes and smiles slightly in a slowly growing expression of child-like pleasure that seems to wash across her face like the ripples in a pond at first sunrise. The material of her tank top stretches slightly as your fingers pull at the nipples, causing them to stretch lightly like silly putty, making her breathing and moaning increase and become more audiable. After about three or four strokes of your fingers, you feel rich and gentle movement underneath her tank top as if her breathing is deepening far too fast. But, it's remained at the constant inhalation. Her breasts are slowly expanding, pushing outwards against your fingers . . .

Illder's eyes widen wide at the swelling of your breasts.. watching in facination. Hir lips form the word "Bigger" but not loud enough for you to actually here.. sie doesn't know that sie could actually stop playing with your nipples right now.. not really focus on them, but still hir hands move on your nubs, twisting and stroking. Hir eyes seem to be drifting down deeper into those breasts.. that cleavage... that...

Caitlynn smiles as she opens her eyes, the flush of excitement spreading across her face in a delighted show of pleasure and passion. Her gaze drifts down to her breasts for a moment and then back into your face. "Surprising, isnae it?" she asks between her own soft moans of delight. "They expand anytime I feel pleasure or happiness . . ." She looks into your eyes as she reads the desire within. "I can see that ye are fascinated by them . . . "

Caitlynn's breasts swell slowly bigger and bigger, pushing slowly against your fingers as they grow and grow and grow, causing her to moan slightly more, her hand still stroking your member lightly and with the maddening pace that your breathing keeps.

Illder's fingers still move and sie nods slowly at your words.. "Very facinated..." Sie nods some more, and doesn't once look up or away from your breasts.. instead sie just stares, mesmerized by the swelling cleavage. Hir own breasts ride and fall in the pace of hir breathing and the strokes along hir massive cock. "Yes, happiness.." Illder smiles a little to hirself though the smile is etched over hir face as hir other hand lifts up to caress over the slow curve of your breasts, facinated by the size and softness of them..

Caitlynn giggles slightly as she looks into your face and moans slightly louder as her breasts swell up bigger. By now, they are roughly about twice their normal size, stretching the material of her tank top mightily as they push owards and downwards, growing and growing and growing. She mmmms! again as your hand slides along the soft sides of them, the nipples fattening up bigger and thicker, the aeorle puffing up mightily as if they might need bras of their own. Her hand slides up and down your massive member, occassionally pausing to stroke the tip of it with her thmb lightly, almost with the same maddening teasing that she's been doing to you since you came into the room. Looking into your face, she smiles more. "Tell me . . . ," she whispers softly. "What is ye're desire?"

Illder's hips continue to thrust forward against your fingers. All the while hir breathing has actually slowed as sie sits on the edge of a trance, so captivated by the swelling of your breasts. Hir face grows a little brighter in a soft blush though sie feels compelled to answer your question honestly. "I.. I want to be controlled.. to actually become enslaved by the sight of your swelling breasts, feel that everything I do is to bring pleasure to them and to worship them.." Hir eyes are wide and hir mouth hangs open just a little, almost as if sie were salivating over those giant tits.

Caitlynn smiles as she tee-hees! softly, an airy giggle that escapes her lips as she looks into your face, her hips rocking lightly from side to side, making her tushie bounce back and forth while her tail lashes and twitches in delight. Her breathing deepens more a moment, the pleasure of this open and honest desire from anyone, much less someone she just met a while ago, makes her so excited. "Then, any amount of worship would make me a goddess in ye're eyes . . . ," she replies softly, the voice full of power and control as her stroking keeps on to show you that she is not a cruel deity. "To make them bigger, ye must show me as much adoration and tribute as ye can to make them bigger . . . the bigger they are, the more control I'll have over ye." During her speech, she closed her eyes and rolled her head back and forth in delight from the constant tweeking and tugging that you are doing to her nipples, milking them and making small circles of wetness against the material. She opens her eyes as she leans in and looks at you. "Right?"

Illder nods hir head slowly and gasps... "Yess....." is all sie says as sie slowly, without thinking slips down to hir knees in front of you. Gently sliding hir hands along your right breast, hir hands press down to either side of your right breast and press against the massive mound of flesh. Pressing a bit sie continues to stare into the flesh.. not exactly in a hypnotic state, but very open to suggestion anyway. Sie slips hir head foward and begins to kiss along your breast. Hir lips run over the fabric of your ever tightening tank top, wondering how it doesn't rip. Sie then flicks hir tongue around the protruding nub of your nipple and licks at it. Sie moans against you, breathing in the sweet smell of milk and licks again.. soon sie is worshipping your breast, giving hirself up to hir godess..

Illder nods a bit and is back on hir knees, hir lips presses to those swollen nipples, hir hips squirming around in slow circles as sie feels the thick length of hir arrousal bouncing lightly in the air.. Sie is breathing you in...your suggestion repeating itself in hir head that the bigger sie gets your breasts the more hir mind belongs to you.

Caitlynn moans as she tosses her head back and closes her eyes in delighted passion, letting the thick, cascading rolls of her hair slide down and along her back as she closes her eyes and smiles in a child-like joy of the moment. Rolling her shoulders slightly, she sits down against you and straddles your thighs a bit as her head tilts to the right. The orange and purple mounds of her tit-flesh bounce and quake against your hands as her nipples fatten and puff up more, her breathing deepening more. The exposure of the vast valley of her cleavage yawns in front of you as she balloons bigger and bigger and bigger, the copious amounts of her flesh pushing against your fingers. She shivers and moans in delicious pleasure while your lips slide and sample the feast that is spread out before you.

Caitlynn's breasts are so swollen and pushing within her uncannily stretching tank top and the material seems to expand more and more without signs of tearing as the material seems to welcome the challange to accomidate it's mistress. On the tips of her nipples, more of the milk splashes out, lightly soaking the material as she starts to bounce her hips lightly towards you, feeling the need within her growing as does her breasts. Her huge right hand grips you in desire, stroking you without shame, showing you that she gives as well as she takes.

Illder moves hir fingers first along your belly, caressing slowly around and under the breasts. Stretched as it is, sie finds it exceedingly easy to let hir fingers travel under your tanktop to caress the undersides of your monstrous breasts. Those fingers continue their travels in a long slow trail that goes up between your breasts and slides around the inside of your cleavage. It is at this point that hir lips wrap around your nipple, sucking through the fabric.. hir head bobbing up and down on the heavy nipple, sucking at the huge length of it as if it were a cock..

Illder's shaft has swollen to it's full length now, showing that the process that made this gargoyle a she-male has also endowed hir with great size. The arroused ebon shaft now stands out what seems like 2 feet from hir groin.. enough for the tip of it to rub against the bottoms of hir own breasts as you jack hir off. Sie lets off a soft moan that sounds vaguely like 'Mistress' around your nipple. The moan causing your breasts to vibrate with the sound..

Caitlynn whimpers as she feels the rich material of the tank top stretch and pull tight, the straps of her tank top biting lightly like a lover nibbling into her shoulder, causing her to whimper in delight. The pressure of the stretching manifests itself along the edges of her breasts which are slowly pushing their way down towards her thighs and up to the tops of her shoulers, the fronts teasingly pushing more against your hands and chest. She tosses her head back as she moans in what sounds like a soft hymn of a song, showing her vast pleasure at the nursing of her nipple, the milk teasingly dripping into your mouth, perhaps causing you to crave more. "That's right, me devoted mortal," she hisses between her teeth, caught up in the rapture of this moment. "The offering is making me latcate which will add to ye're own pleasure and size . . ."

Caitlynn's right hand strokes and wraps tightly around your member, starting to stroke it with more and more pleasure as her moaning increases in volume along with her breasts. The vast size of her breasts starts to wrap around your member, showing you that while you are huge, she can be bigger than you. The nipple within your mouth keeps on swelling as the milk is released into your oral cavity, spilling the richness that is almost divine. The rich folds of her breasts encircle your member as she manages to keep her hand bouncing and stroking your cock, causing her tits to jiggle along with the stroking.

Illder's eyes widen a bit at that particular reveleation. Though sie doesn't stop sucking at your nipple for a moment sie slows it for a few seconds as sie contemplates what this means. Turning hir concentration in on hir own body, sie feels the milk filling hir belly.. then spreading the warmth out into hir body.. The warmth grows inside hir.. spreading to hir chest.. to hir groin. Soon sie feels the milk filling hir body, filling hir mind... hir massive shaft growing in time with you.. a little slower, never one to compete with hir goddess however enough to keep things interesting.. the giant cock spreading into your even more massive cleavage, pressing up under your chin as sie feeds from you.. soon hir own breasts, modest when compared to yours are swelling too..though what truely surprises hir is the feeling of hir testicles as they brush along the ground under hir... grown by your richly magical milk..

Illder whimpers as sie feels your fist continuing to stroke and tease at hir cock.. your insistent hand motions now have hir drooling thick rivers of hir seed out from the tip. The thick white cum rolling down over the buldging veins of hir arousal. The mammouth size of your breasts now has hir eyes also glazed over.. it is a little uncertain as to whether sie can think of anything other than those beautiful tits and worshipping them in any way possible..

Caitlynn moans over and over again as she delights in the swelling of her own body, blowing up bigger and bigger and bigger, the fur of her form stretching and filling out with greater and greater volume. "That's right, me pretty lass," she manages to whisper heatedly and with the rippling tides of her pleasure flowing throughout her voice. "Ye are just beginning to sample the rich nectaur of the growing that I feel when I get turned on . . ." She rolls her head against the copious swells of the tops of her flesh, the orange fur standing out against her soft violet fur, causing her emerald eyes, as they open slowly, to seem as if they glow. "This is the gift that I bestow on ye . . . the experience of knowing what it means to be me . . . what it means to be a goddess . . ." Her right hand slides up and down your shaft, the rich and teasing trickle of your seed splashing down and against the back of her hand. The fat thumb of her stroking the engorged mushroomed head teasingly.

Illder quietly moans in your hot embrace. Hir eyes looking up into yours, sie sees the luscious green of your eyes drawing hir in. In time with your strokes, hir groin throbs a bit and soon the thick prick is growing larger with every heartbeat. There is a loving look of adoration in hir eyes as sie thrusts to you once more. Hir hands are moving faster around the curve of your breasts, feeling the sweet buldges of your size drawing hir further and further under your power. Sie blushes brightly at your compliments as well.

Illder's shaft easily fills your large hands. The flicking of your thumb on hir shaft causes more squirms from hir, but not enough to convince her to relinquish hir hold on your nipple. Eyes still looking up at you though completely mesmerized by the luscious bounce of your engordged breasts. Sie isn't exactly sure what you mean by the gift of divinity.. sie only knows that sie is getting bigger, hir flesh swelling in conjunction with your arrousal and hir own. Sie swallows a bit and finds hirself almost attempting to deep throat the length of your nipple as it presses into hir mouth.. still drinking your milk through the fabric of the ultra-stretched out tank top...

Caitlynn moans in delicious pleasure as she feels your member stretching and filling her hand bigger and bigger, making her open her hand slightly more to accomidate the steadily increasing girth of your member. The rich feeling of the swelling is just making her that much more exited by the moment. As you look up into her face, she rolls her head around, the danity point of her chin stroking against the orange fur of the cleavage of her breasts as the expansion starts to slide up and along her cheeks. "That's right," she moans in sheer ecstacy, feeling her chest fill up and stretch the material of her tank top to greater and greater pressure as the sides stroke against her lap. "Grow for me . . . grow for ye're goddess . . . show her just how much ye appreciate the gift . . ."

Illder's mind boggles a little as sie tries to comprehend the mass that sie is taking on. Hir eyes are wide and a little uncomprehending of your words, never having been quite so big. Sie does however continue hir hard suckling at your nipple, pulling at the milk.. making it become more and more a part of hir. Hir breasts are now about half the size of yours, bouncy and firm.. unencumbered by any clothing. Hir shaft continues it's growth.. reaching about 6 feet in length, a thin length.. before it stops growing long and begins to thicken.. all that milk going in to fortify hir body and make it stretch. Your strokes are easily lubricated along the giant shaft.. hir testicles now swollen out along the floor, filled with hir sticky cum and creating more which just rolls down the length of hir pulsating cock.. making hir a giant fuck-toy for your use..

Caitlynn hisses in delight as she tosses her head back and cries out in delight while the swelling length of her nipple slides down and along the warm and wet insides of your throat, the end seeming to pump ot more and more of the rich and creamy milk. A soft tearing can be heard over her deep and powerful moaning as the tank top starts to show the first signs of fatigue from the inflation of her ungodly huge chest. The soft purple fur peeks ot of the sides of the arm openings and bulges outwards and toward freedom as they swell, showing off a teasing hint of the orange fur that surrounds most of the vast size of her chest. The tops of her chest bubble like an orange pair of bubblegum swells as they balloon bigger and bigger, pushing upwards and otwards, the tank top barely managing to contain them. The pushing outwards of her chest surronds your member and starts to envelop you in their rich and warm swelling. You can feel them riding along the front and sides of your member as both of her hands have to take over and stroke you, harder and in longer motions. Feeling the hot skin of your tesicles against her thighs, she spreads them and sits up carefully to make more room for you.

Illder is hardly aware of just how much hir body has changed now.. unable to see much of anything besides your face and your massive cleage. With a little bit of shifting though sie is now accutely away for hir massive cock and the hands that sie can see pumping it up and down. Eyes closed for a moment as sie tries to collect hir thoughts.. sie waits a moment and realizes that sie can't.. the pleasure of your hands and the soft feel of your silky breasts around hir now enormous shaft are just to here.. too now.. for hir to think about anything else. It is at this point that sie begins to cum.. not hard cum.. just a slight orgasm that ripples through hir.. hir testicles are so filled that sie can easily do it.. the shaft spasming in your hands, creating a small fountain of cum that continues to spray.. coating your breasts and not stopping.. The scent of hir cum fills the air, mingling with that of your milk...

Caitlynn moans over an over again as she rolls her head back and forth with her powerful neck, thrashing around and lightly bouncing against the floor as her body is filled with the lust and excitement of her expansion that clouds her mind like a narcotic. Both of her huge, three fingered hands stroke the titantic member with such passion that you might have only found in a few lovers, her fingers stroking the swollen underside and the mighty vein that your rich and creamy seed is spilling out of. Opening her eyes, which definately glow from the pleasure of her excitement, she looks at you and laughs in delight. A powerful laugh which seems to start within her tummy and roll throughout hr breasts as they start to balloon faster and bigger, the straps of her tank top biting into her shoulers more and more as the presure increases. You can feel it from the nipple as it throbs within the deep resesses of your mouth. Her breasts keep on expanding bigger and bigger to slide against her thighs and start to grow around yor body as it to captre you within them. The material of the tank top whimpers and cries out in protest as her breasts push outwards, now becoming a jihad . . . a holy war.

Illder's eyes look up at you, staring into the glow of your eyes for a moment until sie can manage to pull hir gaze away. Your breasts continue to press outwards, stretching and tightening the top. Sie has gotten to the point where sie doesn't know if sie can stand it any more. Letting hir fingers curls back around the fabric of your top sie lets hir strong claws slide around the fabric of your top, pulling at a cuple of strings, thoughts of ripping your top off so that sie can suck your breats without the hindrence of the fabric. Sie gulps again and you feel the insides of hir throat massaging around the sides of your nipple, your milk pouring directly into hir belly where it disperses, making hir grow bigger, and larger and sexier..At this point hir hips are jamming forward, pounding into your cleavage, into your stroking hands, and forcing hir cum to spray up and out, getting everything wet and messy..

Caitlynn keeps on laughing in the sheer delight of your slow, yet powerful and never-ending climax as she feels the member swell bigger and thicker within her hands as the hugeness of her palms slide up and down along your length. The size of her breasts is beyond the imagination right now as they keep on steadily growing larger and larger, pushing around you and taking up more and more of the room that they can. Looking down upon you, she smiles brightly, the saliva glistening on her teeth as the flush of her arrousal. Yor fingers crl into the rich and softness of the tank top's material and start to stretch it mightily, the tearing that has already started from the super-expansion makes the cutting of the cloth easy. "Gotta have ye inside of me," she hisses in delight as she arches her back slightly, pshing her shoulders back. There is a might scream of tortured cloth as the tank top seems to explode in a rich shower of silky-like debris, not unlike the popping of a huge balloon. The vast amont of her breasts, now undenied by anything, surges forward and seems to swell so much bigger, almost doubling their current size. The thick and hot splatter of your cum barely manages to cover most of her massive chest as she leans in and shoves you onto the floor so that you are laying on your back. The nipple, meanwhile, keeps on pumping non-stop the hot milk into your mouth as your suckling increases.

Illder falls to hir back with a thud, the breath knocked out of hir and hir mouth still wrapped tightly around the eight inch nipple in hir mouth. Gasping, sie tries to breath in and finds hirself with only a spurt of milk filling hir body... Hir shaft is sticking upwards, still spasming.. the head of it just inches form your face now that it has wedged itself so tightly up between your breasts... Sie squirms and the injection of milk right into hir causes an interesting reaction. Hir wings spread out behind hir, stretching large and wide along the floor. Hir tail curls out and downwards, growing as well... though hir body remains the same size, it seems that hir various appendages are growing larger and more powerful.. It is then that the spaded tip of hir tail slides up to caress along the insides of your thigh, teasing your sex as it can.. Sie reaches to the sides, clawing at the floor in passiohn though still unable to breathe, hir eyes roll back and sie gasps again.. not quite asphixiating.. yet.

Caitlynn cries out with a savage cry of uncontrolable desire and need that slams into her from within the soul of her heart, a place that she would have never thought to have looked as she pushes you against the floor. She clentches her hands, causing the knuckles to pop like dry twigs. Sharp claws slide out of her fingertips and she wastes not a moment longer to savage the cloth of her cut-off jeans, really turning them into ripped pieces of clothing. Her motions are deadly and accurate as she removes the last bit of her clothing that keeps her and you from being any closer. Spreading her thighs mightily as she feels your testicles, hot and full of your much desired seed, push against them and cause herself to slow rise in the air, both of her huge hands reach down and take your member within the grip, the fingers thoroughly coated by the steaming cum. Sitting up, she tries her best to slide her glistening womanhood against your member and push it into her. She rolls her head slightly to the right as she feels a sudden burst of the seed to splatter into her face, dripping lightly down her cheek which just makes her wild, evient by the delighted gasp of her voice. The vastnes of her breasts keeps the fat nipple into your mouth as she pushes your massive member into her. The flesh of her flower stretches mightily as she fights to take it all into her. Her head thrashes back and forth as she closes her eyes and cries out in a series of unintelligable moans of pleasure. Inch after inch deliciously painflly slides into her, causing her muscles and fur to stretch, the sensations causing her chest to puff up bigger and bigger.

Illder's hands don't know what to do with themselves. Sliding over hir wings. over hir breasts.. over your breasts.. they just keep moving. Sie feels oddly captured. The pressure of your breasts on hir chest keeping hir held down as sie suckles your breast. Hir eyes are vaguely continue.. the difficulty of getting the air into hir system causing hir to hallucinate slightly.. not really seeing what's there.. only knowing that sie is turned on beyond beleif. It is then that sie feels the tightness of your pussy clamping down on hir shaft.. and sie screams.. screaming out against your breast in pleasure.. though sie had already been coming.. it is this pressure that causes hir to nearly explode. Laying on hir back, hir testicles are spread out and down.. over to hir feet. Sie bucks some more against you.. trying to force hirself further into your tight clentching pussy-lips..

Illder's legs spread open a little wider and around the giant swell if hir sac, the tip of hir tail curls around, teasing the insides of your thighs and up over your clit as you press downward.. sie can barely see, but the tip of hir tail knows what it's doing, attempting to wrap the now long and agile tip around the nub of your clit..

Caitlynn hisses and moans as she arches her back, causing her tits to gyrate in a series of quaking motions that is almost like an eruption as she pushes more and more of your length into her. The muscles within her flower stretch and buldge as you fill her more and more and more. Yo are without a doubt the biggest that she has ever had within her. Closing her eyes tightly, she rolls her head back and forth, hissing and yowling in a symphony of delight that is almost hypnotic to listen to. The flush of her excitement on her cheeks spreads down and along her neck to the tops of her breasts. Hot honey from the heart of her flower steadily dribbles down and along the swollen shaft as her thighs trememble in exersion as she pushes more and more of the titantic member into her steaming depths. It seems to take forever as she pushes harder and harder against you, forcing the object of her pleasre deeper and deeper into her.

Illder watches you in facination as you bounce up and down on hir shaft. Sie is totally caught up int you now. Swallowing and moaning at your nipple. A slave to the milk that you've been feeding hir.. a slave to your breasts. Sie flicks hir tail repaidly over your clit once more, teasing it and pulling with hir trail.. working on getting you as hot as you make hir. The heavy shaft spasms some more inside you.. not only is there growing pressure from the size of hir shaft, but also from the fluids that are rushing into you with nowhere to escape. Sie cums and cums and cums.. so much that your belly is starting to balloon out a bit from the pressure. It's with that that sie wonders at hir growth and if sie's become a balloon.. sie looks at hir hand for a moment but can't decide.. only knowing that sie must pleasure hir goddess more.. and make her cum..

Caitlynn moans as she arches her back, feeling the tip of your tail stroking against the nub of her clitty which is coated within the thickness of the combined mixture of both of our passions. Her eyes snap open as she starts to slide slowly up and down, milking your member with the muscles of her lower. Saliva trickles out of the corner of her mouth as she hisses once again. "Oh, ye had better nae . . . nae do that . . . ," she manages or tries to warn you. "If I cum . . . when I cum . . . I will really grow . . . Grow . . . GROW!" While you keep on stroking her clitty and with the bouncing and thrashing, she slides back into the depths of her pleasure. A wailing cry of delight seems to explode from her lips between the hissing as she arches her back and pushes her huge hands into the air. Her tummy, which appeared dangerious pregnant when your member finally slides completely into her, now is causing her thighs to tremble more as the drum-tight surface buldges more and more, stretching her out as she gains the massive weight of the rushing gallons your cum into her.

Caitlynn whimpers in the depths of her pleasure as her seemingly small head thrashes back and forth against her ballooned body which is perhaps one of the biggest furs that you have ever seen. The vastness of her copious breasts push mightily against the floor with their blowup size and volume, roughly about the same as the room itself, the nipple that is within your mouth is stretched and still so soft like a balloon even through when you open your eyes, it's aeorle is about twice as large as your entire head, definately looking like it will need a bra of it's own. Her tummy, even with your massive member within her, buldges outwards as if she is filled up to the undersides of her breasts. However, now with the seed being pumped into it causes her tummy to distend and fatten up like a weather balloon in her own right, making her upper body start to slowly rise into the air as she expands. Small rivelets of her saliva trickle down from her lips and roll down the upper slopes of her breasts.

Illder finds hirself cumming deep inside you.. hir seed spilling out over and over again.. filling you up.. making your body expand. Sie is trapped in the horrible extacy of the situation.. hir eyes wide and admiring of your growin, swelling form. Licking hir lips sie then slips down form your nipple to lick along the undersides of your giant breasts, having a small fetish for that area of the body.. then again, who is sie fooling.. sie has fetishes for just about everything.. still licking and sucking sie tries to bounce you, wanting to fill your tight body to overflowing.. but the pleasure of hir own orgasm soon becomes too much for hir and as you watch, hir eyes roll bck in hir head and sie seems to be loosing consciousness... sie bucks again.. moaning. "Yes.. yes.. cum...."

Caitlynn moans as she rolls her head back and forth on the top of her body, making her pant and gasp in a series of errotic sounds while her tongue peaks ot of her lips, her eyes closed tightly as the expression on her face is one of absolute bliss. Her breasts keep on swelling and surging ot against the floor as thery bloat rounder and fuller, pushing things within the room away from s as she takes up more and more of the room. Her sexual excitement seems to grow right along with her as her head rises up into the air while her tummy distends so big, now trying to seriously compete with her breasts. Spreading her thighs more and more, her hips push outwards as her arse fattens up bigger as well, becoming a nice conterbalance to her huge breasts. She cries out as she manages to feel the softness of your tongue slide against the undersies of her breasts, making her muscles that clentch at your member tighten more, milking you for all she is worth.

Illder's testicles feel so swollen between hir legs. Sie moves hir hands around, groping and feeling the luscious swellings of your body as hir tail tip continues to work over your distended clit. It is working fast and furious.. quiet obviously intent on making you cum as hard and as quickly as possible...flicking over and over... your own smooth muscles pulling at hir shaft help those full round balls to spray as much as they hold.. after a while it even begins to feell like more than they hold...

Caitlynn cries out as she feels the sides of her breasts touch against the walls of her place, the pressure builds greater and greater and the walls starting to give slightly. Feeling the testicles slide against her lower tummy as it surges out against the floor makes her whimper in delight. The stroking against her clitty makes her scream as her flower errupts and showers the cock and your tail with the richness of her honey. Her tummy, now much bigger than the entire size of both of her breasts, starts to break through ther walls and lift the roof as her head touches the ceiling, making her tilt her head slightly to the right.

Something happened within Illder as sie blinked!!

Caitlynn felt it too . . .

The explosion took out half the world. ^_-