Queen of Balloonia Dream... (By Rubberbando)

I was in a shopping mall walking around...

Suddenly, I heard a voice call my name...

I looked around to see who it was.....to my surprise, it was a beautiful middle-eastern woman in the distance...

She called my name again and beckoned me to her...

When I reached her, she gave me a big hug...she said that we went to high school together and that she had a crush on me back then...

I didn't recognize her from high school, but since she seemed to know me I went along with her story..

She then told me that her car had broken down and was wondering if I could give her a ride home..

I said sure and she handed me several shopping bags that were completely loaded with stuff...

"Here...take these out to your car, I have a couple more things to pick up and I meet you at your car..." she said.

I nodded and took the bags to my car and put them in the back seat...

Looking up, I noticed her exiting the mall...she had an inflatable lizard under one arm and was holding a lizard mask in her other hand..

I watched as she approached a man by the door and she began to talk to him..

He nodded and she gave him the mask...which he then tried on...

To my shock, the mask gripped onto his face, he tried to pull at the stretchy latex of the mask but it wouldn't come off...instead the green latex started to spread across his head and down his neck and eventually all over his body....then his body started to contort and reshape itself into an inflatable lizard toy like the one the woman was already carrying...

I turned away and got into my car, still in shock...

Moments later, the young woman tapped on my window and opened the door to my car...

"G-G-Got everything you needed?" I asked nervously.

"Yesss..these will do nicely.." she said, tossing the 2 toys into the back seat.

"W-Where to now?" I asked.

"My place..." she responded.

I nodded and proceeded to drive to her place (somehow knowing how to get there).

When we arrived I was amazed at the large mansion that she lived in...I helped her carry her bags inside...

To my surprise, it was like a throne room inside...lush carpeting, tapestries, chandeliers...etc. There was even two thrones at the end of the room...

I also noticed that there seemed to be several inflatable animal toys laying all over the room..

She walked up to one of the throne's while carrying the two inflatable lizards and sat down.

"Please, have a seat.." she said, motioning towards the other throne.

I sat down and set the bags down between us..

"This is quite a place you have here..." I said coutiously.

"I'm glad you like it...as it is your new home." she grinned at me while staring deeply into my eyes.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I am the queen of Balloonia, a paralel world and I want you to be my king." She responded seductively and pulled a tiger mask from one of her bags. "Put this on and everything will be better.."

"No way! I saw what you did to that guy at the mall. I'm not going to put that on." I said while jumping up and backing away.

"Very well." she said putting down the mask.

"If you wish to do this the hard way." she pulled out what appeared to be two pet collars from a shopping bag and proceeded to put one on each of the lizard toys she had in front of her.

To my amazement, each of the inflatable lizard toys began to swell and grow and stand up on their hind legs. With a squeaky rubber noise, they came to life and began to move. Then they turned towards their queen awaiting their orders.

I continued to back away from her and headed towards the door.

"Get him!" she commanded.

"Yes, my queen." they responded.

I began to run to the door, but just before I got to it, the door slammed shut and would not budge.

I turned around just to see the two lizard men standing behind me. Each one grabbed me by the arm and held me in place. I tried to struggle but they were much stronger than they looked.

Moments later, the queen was upon me with the tiger mask in hand...

"Don't worry my love...soon everything will be perfect..." she laughed fiendishly as she placed the mask upon my face.

As the mask made contact with my face, I felt it latch on. It tightened itself on my face, literally bonding to it. The lizard men let go of me and stood back and watched me struggle, pulling at the mask in vain. I felt the latex stretch and mold me as it spread across my body. I found myself having difficulty moving as my limbs, hands (paws), and feet (paws) began to inflate with a loud hissing noise. Moments later, I toppled over, completely parylized, just staring ahead with a big goofy grin on my face.

"Oooh, You turned out even nicer than I expected tiger!" the queen said seductively, tickling me under the chin.

I was amazed at how sensitive my body felt to her touch. I could feel myself becoming aroused and with a soft hissing noise, I felt my manhood inflate between my legs.

"Oh my, I guess we should do something about that, now should we?" she chuckled as she transformed into a balloon vixen.

She then rolled me over and lowered herself onto my manhood while placing a collar around my neck. Suddenly, I could move. But instead of trying to escape, I found myself really WANTING her. It was if some animal instinct kicked in and I lusted for my mate. I pulled her towards me and started to thrust myself into her. I was in pure ectasy! My latex body squeaking against hers. My mind began to swim in pleasure as my memories of my past life began to blur and drift away.

When it was over, I was completely hers....

I awoke the next morning, snuggled up with my lover. Everything was a haze...I told her about this strange dream I had about being a human from another world...She comforted me and told me that it was only a dream and not to worry about it as she rubbed my latex chest and tweeked my nipples....*squeak*