"Be Careful What You Wish For..."

Donald was a young fur in desperate need of a job. The wolf was ready to work at anything to avoid being tossed out of his home. Looking through the paper, he saw an ad from a carnival looking for workers. He went to the address listed, paper in hand.

When he arrived, he was given a sheet describing the jobs available. Most of them were for food service, something he would rather avoid, if he could. Then, his eyes lit upon an opening he was definitely interested in- balloon peddler.

Donald shut his eyes in excitement. All his life, he had always found balloons fascinating. He fantasized about being a balloon, going so far as to stitching two king- sized sheets together, taking a weather balloon, putting it next to his body, then getting between the sheets and using a vacuum to blow up the balloon. He was so turned on by the idea of working with balloons and helium, he could feel an erection building. When he noticed, he quickly forced it down.

With only a little fast-talking, he managed to get the job. He was taken to the booth he would be working out of, and shown how to inflate the balloons properly and to tie the strings right, so they wouldn't leak. The balloons were bigger than the ones he was used to playing with [other than his weather balloon], and it took a little practice to fill and tie them quickly. His enthusiasm for the job was obvious to his boss, who commented on it.

"So you like balloons, eh?" the manager, a portly old badger, asked.

"Sure do, sir!" Donald replied happily.

"Well, don't get carried away with it- we need to make money at this fair. The last guy was so thrilled, he was giving them away. Hadda let him go."

"I won't do that, sir. I just love being around them- I won't lose my head over them."

"Better not.

"Well, looks like you got this down. Be back tomorrow at 3, okay?"

"Yes, sir." Donald said. Indicating the balloons he had practiced on, he then asked, "What about these, sir?"

The manager thought for a few seconds. "Take 'em. They'll go flat by tomorrow."

"Thank you, sir!" Happily, Donald went back to his apartment, towing his collection of big helium-filled balloons. They were a mixed bunch; big round ones, long squiggly ones, and three animals: a unicorn, a tiger, and a dragon. He couldn't wait to get them home, to play with them.

At home, he let the bunch of balloons bounce off the ceiling as he got ready to play. After taking off his clothes, he pulled down the tiger. It was a big one, about 3' long and about 2' in diameter in the belly, orange with black stripes, but he thought it could stand being a little bigger before yiffing it. Carefully untying the string, he fitted the nozzle over the fitting on the helium tank he kept at home. He cracked open the valve, and the tiger stretched bigger and bigger. When the tiger was 3' in diameter, almost 4' long, and nearly transparent, he went to shut off the helium. As he shut the valve, the too-big tiger went KABOOM!

"Damn! Misjudged that one. Must have had a weak spot." he said.

Next was the dragon. Using more caution, he inflated the 4' long and 4' wingspan black rubber dragon until it was straining for the ceiling. Then, he slipped a fitting over the neck, [which was in its belly] so he could blow it up more. Now that it was big enough to play with, almost 5' long, he cuddled it to him, rubbing his achingly stiff cock against the firm, but yielding, rubber of the balloon.

Wanting to make it bigger, he raised the fitting to his mouth. Slowly, he blew into it, making it bigger and bigger. Soon, the dragon was 5½' in length, its wings spreading wider as well. Still, Donald blew, the increasing pressure inside his ebony lover making it harder for him to force more of his breath into the balloon.

As he strained to force more air in, he noticed that the balloon had gone from black as ink to something like thinning smoke. "You're almost done, my love. Almost ready for me." he said. A drop of pre dripped from his aching cock as it brushed up against the rubber. When it was once yielding, it was now as hard as he had ever felt a balloon get to be. 'This one is real strong.' he thought. 'Just one more good breath and it will be ready.' He took a deep breath, as deep as he could. Raising the valve to his lips once again, he BLEW!

The balloon groaned as it slowly stretched larger. Donald was sure the one eye that he could see was glaring at him accusingly as the overstretched balloon exploded with a thunderous POP! Dazed, Donald thought 'Nuts! Was a little too eager! Only one left- must be careful!'

Undaunted, Donald turned to the 5' tall white unicorn. Disdaining the helium, he put the special fitting he had made into its nozzle, one that would not only let him blow it up, but would let him shove his cock in and bounce on his inflatable yiffing partner. He blew five deep breaths into the rubber unicorn, making it firm and bouncy. Carefully, he fitted his cock through the fitting. It was a snug fit, but so sensually comfortable!

"Shall we dance, madam?" he said to the blown-up unicorn, which was bellied up to him. Placing its inflated forelegs and hooves under his arms, they danced around the room for a moment, then he fell onto it. He bounced a bit, then came to a halt, supported by the balloon. "Oh, yes, you turn me on!" he panted as he started bouncing and bouncing, getting more aroused by the second. With every bounce, the unicorn's arms, legs, head and horn swelled, then shrank as he bounced back up.

"Who's going to pop first, my dear, you or me?" he grunted as he bounced and bounced and bounced, coming closer and closer to releasing. He tried to take his time, but the need was building up in him, and it had been a long time since he had been able to yiff a balloon animal. The balloon squeaked and groaned, but held up as he blew his wad all over the inside of the balloon. "Oh, yes, that was so good!" he puffed.

Donald sprawled on the balloon for a time, enjoying the orgasmic release, which was enhanced by the smell of latex rubber, slowly rocking on the balloon. When he was flaccid, he carefully pulled his cock out. "Thank you so much, Madam. I need to rest a bit, then you can pop me again!" he said. For half an hour, he cuddled up to the balloon unicorn, holding it down while he explored every inch of its surface. For a time, he held its head to his cock, rubbing it against him. "Trying to blow me up, my lady? Take your time, dear. Make me big! Real big!"

After a few minutes, he began to respond to the nuzzling. "There I go! I'm blowing up!" he cried as the erection mounted. "Easy, lady! You'll pop me!" he laughed as his shaft grew long and hard again.

"Ready for another go?" he asked as he worked his aching shaft in through the fitting. "This time, take your time and pop me good!" Slowly, he began to bounce on the inflated unicorn, kissing its nose with every bounce. "Blow me up until I burst, rubber lady!" He bounced and bounced, trying to drive himself deeper into the balloon, each squeak driving him further into ecstacy.

"Help me! I'm blowing up too much! I'm gonna explode!" he cried before he 'burst', giving the balloon another coating of cum. With a groan, he collapsed onto the balloon, which groaned in protest, but didn't pop.

He stayed there for a few minutes more, reveling in the feeling and the smell of the balloon. Finally, he extricated himself from the balloon. Holding it up, he said to it, "For you, madam, an honorable end. You popped me, now I'll pop you!" Raising the valve to his lips, he slowly, deliberately, blew up the balloon. Breath after slow breath, the balloon unicorn stretched, strained, groaned, becoming thinner and more translucent as she grew. The white of her body became paler and more transparent as she grew bigger and bigger. Donald imagined that the creaking and groaning coming from the expanding balloon were really squeals of delight as he blew her up.

Fighting against the mounting pressure, Donald blew and blew. The bulging balloon gently rubbed against his limp cock, which tried to rise to the occasion, but was still weak. The balloon unicorn was reaching nearly 6' tall and 5' in diameter before, with one final squeak of delight, it finally BURST!

Donald stood in his room as bits of cum- encrusted rubber fell around him like a Christmas snowfall. One large piece landed on the floor. An eye was painted on it, and Donald was sure that she had approved of what he had done. Carefully, he cleaned up the bits of rubber from the unicorn and the other two animals, saving the eye.

After cleaning up, Donald slept peacefully, dreaming his favorite dream- being blown up like a balloon until he was a big, fat love doll for a lady who was as balloon-crazy as he was! He pulled some balloons down from the ceiling and cuddled with them, pulling a blanket over them to hold them down before he fell asleep.

Donald showed up for work on time, and spent the next two hours filling and tying balloons for the booth. Selling them was easy- his bright smile and obvious enthusiasm made his booth popular, as well as his good looks. He was kept busy in the later hours of the night, keeping up with the demand!

This went on for the whole two and a half weeks of the fair. On weekends, he needed two or three tanks of helium to keep up. He made lots of money for the fair, because of his popularity.

On the last night of the fair, in the later hours, a little fox girl came up to the booth. "Please, Mister, can I have a balloon? That one, because it's big and pretty!" she asked, pointing to one of the biggest in the booth.

"That one is five dollars, miss. Do you have five dollars?" Donald asked.

The girl dug into her pockets, but could only come up with two dollars. "This is all I have, Mister. Please, can I have it?" she pleaded.

Donald looked at the little vixen, then quickly looked around for his boss. Not seeing him, he quickly dug into his own pocket, took out a $5 bill, and gave it to her. Untying the balloon, he handed her the string. "Five dollars, Miss." he said. The girl gave him the money and ran off, happy to have the toy she wanted. Donald went back to work with a will, remembering the look of joy on the little vixen's face.

When Donald left work that night, he was met by an attractive, if slightly plump, red-furred vixen. "Excuse me, are you the man who gave a balloon to a little girl tonight?" she asked.

Donald blinked in surprise. "Yes. Yes I did. How do you know? Nobody saw me do it!"

The woman laughed. "Relax! She's my niece. She was so happy over what you did for her.

"Come on- I have an offer for you." she said as she started walking down the street. He quickly caught up with her.

"What sort of offer?" he asked.

"Since you made her so happy, at risk of losing your job, I'm going to grant you a wish. A wish that will make your deepest, most- hidden fantasy come true. If you want it, that is." she said.

"How? How can you make my wish come true?" Donald stuttered.

"It's my job. Do you want to become a balloon yourself, being blown up until you're big and bouncy? Do you want to be filled with helium until you float? I can do that."

"Yes! I want that! If you can, do it, please!" Donald exclaimed.

Without breaking stride, the lady said, "It is done. You now can be blown up until you are big, fat, and bouncy. Want some help?"

"Are you offering to do it? I don't feel like a balloon. How can I be blown up?" he asked.

She stopped and looked at Donald. "If you want, I can blow you up. I like balloons, too. I like to see men all blown up." She saw the eagerness in Donald's eyes. Smiling, she cooed, "Come on. I live near here. I'll make a balloon out of you, skinny boy!" She put her hand around Donald's waist, her fingers lightly brushing his stiffly erect cock.

The woman brought Donald to a big old house. Inside, she led him to what once was the garage, but had been closed in. The floor was carpeted, the walls smooth, and the ceiling was open all the way to the roof, which was also smoothed and carpeted. One wall is just one huge mirror. On the floor was a pile of pillows, mattresses and blankets. "Make yourself comfortable. I'll be back in a bit." she said.

Donald hurriedly got undressed, nearly ripping his clothes in the process. His cock was rigidly extended, looking to him like the neck of a balloon. Well, if she was right, he soon will be.

He looked at himself in the mirror. He was tall and slim, with light grey fur, shading even lighter along his belly. As he admired his trim body, something odd caught his eye. He looked closer, then down at himself. His fur looked a little different, slightly paler than he remembered. Tentatively, he pinched a bit of skin at his waist and pulled. To his surprise, he was able to pull out his skin almost nine inches! He let go, and it snapped back. "Wow! I really can stretch!" he breathed.

"Of course you can. I said I would grant you your fondest wish." the woman said from the door. Surprised, Donald turned to look at her.

She was nearly naked, wearing just a thong and a string bikini top. Her plump little belly hung slightly over her thong, and her boobs looked a little bigger, straining her top. She walked over and hugged him, reaching down and giving his cock a squeeze. "Ready to become a balloon, skinny boy?"

When he hugged her, Donald noticed she felt weird, like she was a red-furred balloon. "Yes, I am." she said. "I need to make the helium in me to blow you up with. Now, lie down. You need some stretching out before I blow you up, balloon boy!"

Donald got down onto the mattresses, and she began to massage him, pulling and releasing his skin. The pulling felt wonderful, and by the time she was done with his back, he was completely relaxed. She had to roll him over to do his front. Slowly, tenderly, she worked her way down his body, from his nose to his toes, pulling, stretching, and releasing his stretchable skin.

When she was done, she spread his legs wide and got between them. Gently pulling on his cock, she cooed, "Ready to become a balloon, big boy?"

"Oh, yes! Blow me up! Make me your toy balloon, lady!" Donald gasped.

"As you wish..." She tugged on his cock a few more times, then brought her muzzle to the tip. Slowly, gently, but firmly, she blew into his cock, which stiffened noticeably when it entered her mouth.

Donald felt the most wonderful sensation he had ever felt- warm air rushing down the inside of his cock and into him! She was tickling his cock with her lips and tongue as she blew and blew, not pausing to inhale.

He watched his trim belly begin to bulge with the air she was blowing into him. When she paused for breath, he looked like he had swallowed a beach ball! There was air all through his body, and he felt different, like small fingers were pulling on his body- pulling up!

As he admired his blown-up body, she stood up. Her once-full boobs were now limp sacs, and her belly was concave, instead of convex. She breathed heavily, and as Donald watched, her boobs and belly began filling up and out. They grew as she breathed until they were three sizes bigger than before.

"Ready for some more, my furry balloon boy?" she asked, patting his tummy.

"Oh, yes!" he said, not noticing that his voice had gone slightly squeaky. "How big can I get?"

"Well, the room is big enough for you to be blown all the way up- till you pop." she said, settling down between his legs again.

"Pop! You say I'm gonna pop!" he squeaked with alarm.

"Relax!" she laughed. "Yes, you can pop, but you will re-assemble, to be blown up again and again.

"Now, I'm going to blow you up..." she held her hands about 3' apart, "and blow you up..." her hands were now 4½' apart, "and blow you up..." her hands were spread wide, "until you're a big happy balloon boy! Before this night is over, I'm going to make you pop both ways!" She put her mouth to his cock and blew!

Donald was ecstatic as his body ballooned up. The feeling as her helium-laced breath filled his body was beyond compare! His arms and legs starfished out as her breath invaded them, and his belly grew bigger and rounder. Even his tail was being filled up! When she came up for air, Donald's waist had grown from its normal 32" to over 60! He found that he could move if he wanted to, but he would starfish back out when he relaxed. When he felt his belly, he didn't feel skin and fur, he felt yielding latex rubber!

"Hey, how can I deflate?" he asked. This time, he noticed that his voice was definitely ducky, thanks to the helium in him. He was definitely lighter, and he can feel the lift tugging at his tummy.

"Well, you have to pop first. Then, you can deflate through your hose." she gasped. As she breathed, her boobs and belly blew up more, making her bikini top strain under the pressure from her ballooning boobies, which were approaching 18" in diameter. Her belly was big and round as well, bulging down below her hips halfway to her knees. "However, one word of warning- NEVER deflate fully. Bad things will happen if you do.

"Now to make you round, balloon boy!" She got between his legs again, rolling forward on her own round belly. She squeezed and fondled his blown-up cock for a while, telling him how big and round he was going to be before she slipped his eager cock into her mouth. It was a lot bigger than when she started!

Slowly at first, then faster, she blew Donald up more and more. He feebly flapped his arms and legs as his body started getting spherical. Soon, his torso was one big ball with arms, legs, tail, and a head attached. His cock stuck out between his legs like the neck on a common round balloon.

When she came up to breathe, he was rocking gently on his back. The ball that was his body was not quite big enough to let him roll around, though. He was definitely lighter than normal. He thought he was about half his normal weight.

Forcing himself to look at his belly, he saw that his skin had turned translucent, like a balloon should. His fur had thinned out, so he could see his skin easily. He could only just bend his arms and legs a little before the pressure in him forced them straight again. "Oh, wow! I'm big!" he squeaked.

The woman stood at the foot of the mattresses, breathing and ballooning. "Not...big....enough...for...me...yet." she panted as she blew herself up and up. Her bikini top burst off with a loud SNAP as her boobies swelled to 2' around! Her belly was a big ball, sticking out 3' in front of her and hanging to her knees!

Giving Donald's huge belly a pat, she settled on her own belly. Grabbing his cock with both hands, she told him, "One more big blow and you'll be my roly-poly toy boy! I'm gonna roll you around and around, big boy!" Squeezing his cock, she stuffed it in her mouth and BLEW!

Groaning with pleasure, Donald blew up and up and UP! He wanted to cum, he needed to cum, but he couldn't! He watched his belly swell bigger and rounder. His arms and legs started to pull into his spherical body. He was squirming with the need to cum as she blew more and more gas down his cock and into his ballooning body!

When she stopped blowing, she had to pull hard to get his huge cock out of her mouth. She took some breaths to re-inflate herself to where her boobs were over a foot wide.

Donald found that he was nearly, but not yet, buoyant. Dimly, he could see her through the stretched rubber of his belly.

Once she was refilled, she gave him a push, rolling him off the mattresses. "There you go, fat boy! You're a nice big balloon! Now for some fun!" she said.

Donald found being rolled around, being bounced off walls and the mattresses, a pleasure second only to being blown up, his tail being less of an impediment than he thought it would be. When he saw himself in the mirror, he was amazed to see that his belly was up to the woman's chin, and she was his normal height! His arms, legs, and tail stuck out like afterthoughts from his spherical body. He was able to catch a glimpse of his cock, and he was pleased to see that it was as long as his forearm was before he was blown up, and very big around!

The pleasure of being rolled dropped from second place to third as she jumped onto his belly. The feeling of weight on his body, and seeing and feeling his body give and distort under her, brought him back to the fever pitch of ecstacy! Still, no matter how much he wanted to, he still could not cum!

She made herself comfortable on his resilient body, face to face with him. She placed her boobs on either side of his head, then strained down to kiss him.

After their lips parted, she said in a low, sensuous voice, "Does my baby balloon want to grow up and be a blimp? Big and round, floating around the room?"

"Yes, please! Make me bigger! Wanna float!" Donald squeaked.

"As you want, big boy!" She placed a nipple to his lips. "Eat and grow bigger, my baby! Grow big and strong!"

Donald eagerly began to suck. Helium sprayed into him, along with something else, which tasted like a mix of latex and milk. She cuddled and caressed him as he suckled, encouraging him to eat just as much as he could. "The milk will make your body stronger, so you can blow up bigger and not worry about easily popping. Oh, yes, you're getting so big! Eat, baby! Get bigger! Eat, baby!" she cried with delight as Donald swelled and swelled. Soon, he had blown up to over 7' around, with enough lift to cause him to roll out from under her and head up!

She grabbed his bloated tail and held him down. "You're not getting away from me that easy!" she laughed as she reached over to the blankets, finding a cord and tying it to the base of his tail.

Being buoyant was a whole new thing to Donald, and he loved it! "Oh, yes, I'm a balloon now! Wanna float and fly!" he squealed, his voice very high-pitched and squeaky.

Holding him down by his cord, the woman hunted in the pile for something. With a satisfied grunt, she found what she was looking for under a mattress: a 4' long bungee cord, with a large bathtub plug on one end and a loop of cord on the other. As she hunted, she was breathing deep, blowing herself up to colossal proportions. When she rolled him to where she could stick the plug into his navel, her belly had ballooned out to where her navel was 4' from her backbone, and when the plug was emplaced, her boobs hurried to catch up!

When she untied the cord tied to his tail, Donald shot ceilingward, stretching his bungee cord about 6 inches. "Now it's time for cuddle and play, you big balloon! After that, it will be time for me to blow you up until you burst, completing the spell. You'll be a genuine inflatable man, big boy!" she said as she began to examine his swollen, translucent form.

After the examination, which showed that there were no flaws in his form and that the milk had its desired effect, she used him as her huge sex toy for over an hour, moving him around so his inflated hands, feet, tail and cock could tickle her on various places of her body. She could feel the pressure building in her, but she did not let herself swell any bigger. She was fat enough already, and she didn't want to be too fat to play. She needed to build up a lot of gas to make this one burst, so she stretched out her play time as her internal pressure mounted.

Donald, in the meantime, was thoroughly enjoying being a giant-sized balloon. He exulted in the feel of his blown-up body being touched and squeezed by her, and his blown-up hands being moved to caress her. "Please, can I get bigger? I'm not full yet!" he squeaked several times during the play.

"Soon, balloon boy!" she would say. "Soon, you'll be bigger than the biggest balloon you have ever seen!"

When she felt that she had enough gas in her, she spun him around to where his cock was pointing at her mouth. Squeezing it with both hands, she said, "It's time, big boy! Time to blow you up until you pop!" She stuffed his cock into her mouth. The head expanded in her mouth until her mouth was completely full, bulging her cheeks. She let the pressure in her come out.

To the sound of stretching rubber, Donald swelled even bigger. He could feel himself straining at his cork, trying to shoot to the ceiling. He was happy, lost in ecstacy as he stretched past 8' in diameter, and approached 9. He could feel the pressure inside him build and build as he filled, and as the pressure mounted, so did his need to cum! He had to cum, he needed to cum, he couldn't hold back any more- if he didn't cum soon, he'd pop!

Still the woman blew helium-enriched air into his cock. Donald's body was creaking and groaning as he neared 10' around and approaching his bursting size. His once-soft, bouncy body was firm and full, and she still filled him! The latex that was his body took on a shine as he was getting too full of helium!

Then, the inevitable happened, but not the way she was expecting. Donald popped, but the wrong way! He started to cum, blowing large wads of sticky cum into her, along with the helium. The woman began ballooning rapidly. She tried to get his cock out of her mouth, but not only was it too big, it was glued to her mouth by the cum! Her arms shot out to her sides as she ballooned out of control, her belly growing past 5' in seconds! 'I wish to heal from this quickly.' was her last thought as she BURST!

Donald was lost in orgasmic joy as he came and came and came, unable to stop himself and not wanting to! Distantly, he heard a loud POP, then he began spinning on his line, helium rushing out his cock like he was an untied balloon. When he lost enough gas, he rolled around on the floor until he was too small to roll.

He came out of his orgasmic daze when he stopped rolling. 'Aw! I popped my cock! Losing air...' he thought distantly as his formerly ballooned-up body returned to normal, then kept on shrinking, gas dribbling out of his cock as he deflated.

'Where is she? She said I shouldn't deflate totally, and I can't stop!' he thought as he slowly got thinner. He went to grab his cock, to squeeze it shut, but his body was totally limp, and he couldn't move at all!

'Help me! Where are you? I'm deflating...' he thought as his insides touched, totally deflated. To him, everything went dark...

The next thing Donald knew, he could feel gas rushing up his cock and into him. It was cold and dry this time, not warm and moist like it was before. He opened his eyes and saw that his belly was plump and getting rounder, his arms and legs spread wide, and he felt very light! His fur was gone, instead he was colored like he was before. He could see the woman standing next to a tank, hand on the valve, with a hose extending to his cock. When he began to rise off the floor, she shut the valve and held him.

"I did say that deflating totally would have bad results. Now, you're a balloon. Permanently. You will only be awake when you are blown up.

"You surprised me, balloon boy! You were supposed to pop the other way first!" she laughed. "Now, it's too late to fix things. You are going to be my big beautiful balloon!"

Slowly he reached out to her. When he had a grip on her arms, he pulled himself to her. It was hard because he was so inflated. "What's going to happen to me?" he squeaked as his belly touched hers.

"Why, since you're now a balloon, you're going to be my blow-up doll, giving me pleasure night after night. But first, to finish fixing the spell, you MUST burst." she told him. She held him by one hand as she slipped a large hose into his cock.

"This time, you ARE going to burst, big boy, not me!" she said as she flipped a switch on the wall. A motor began to hum, and Donald felt copious quantities of air flow into him.

The woman turned to leave. "Wait! Where are you going!" he shouted as she opened the door.

"Why, I'm giving you the whole room to fill, balloon lover! I'll be back to put you back together AFTER you bust your body, fatty!" she laughed as she shut the door.

Donald floated in the middle of the room, rapidly blowing up with air, growing bigger and rounder by the second. "Help! Come back! Shut it off! I don't want to pop!" he shouted, but she didn't come back. Helplessly he ballooned, too full of air and helium to do anything but float as he passed 10' in diameter and kept on growing! He could both hear and feel his body creaking and groaning as the inflator purred on and on, stretching him, straining him, and also turning him on!

His excitement built as the pressure in him climbed higher and higher. He was definitely super-horny, but couldn't stroke himself! "Gotta cum! Gotta cum! Gotta..." he squeaked as his body stretched past 15', and he came in a whole new way. He burst into little pieces, bits of his rubberized flesh filling the room like snowflakes in a blizzard. Slowly, they moved towards each other, forming into a deflated version of his former self, the painted face smiling, eyes shut in bliss.