Bride of Mr. Bubble
By Rubberbando

It had been a long day at work for Katie. She just gotten home and was ready to collapse from exhaustion. Sorting through the mail, she came upon a strange envelope. It was from a company called Bubbles Inc. The envelope said on it, You "Katie Smith" may be a winner in the "Bride of Mr. Bubble" Contest, details inside. Curious, she opened the envelope and found what appeared to be a sample packet of bubble bath powder. The packet said, "Your Prize inside" on it. Katie chuckled and said "what the heck, I could use a nice relaxing bubble bath..." She began to undress and headed to the bathroom....

Carefully, Katie adjusted the temperature of the water stream until it was perfect. She proceeded to put the plug into the drain and slowly poured the bubble bath powder into the stream. Almost instantly, pink bubbles began to fill the tub. The smell of bubble bath powder filled the room. Katie felt slightly lightheaded and quite intoxicated by its wonderfull aroma.

Soon the tub was full and Katie shut off the water. She dipped her toe to test the waters and found them to be just right. In fact, her skin tingled with pleasure as it made contact with the sudsy brew that was awaiting her. Slowly, she slid down into the water, her body tingling more and more as she sank into the water.

"Ahh..." She sighed. "This is nice.."

Katie layed back and began to feel her slippery, soapy body. It had been quite a busy day after all, her body ached all over. She really needed this. Katie took a deep breath, inhaling more of the intoxicating aroma of bubble bath and dunked her head under the water. She felt light and dreamy under the water, but eventually had to come up for air.

"Ooh...that felt good..." she whispered to herself. "I could lay here all night..."

Katie was feeling so relaxed, she drifted off to sleep.

When she awoke, she felt completely revitalized, but felt strangely different. Looking over at the clock on the wall, she realized that she had been in the tub for several hours.

"Holy crap, I must be a total prune by now..." she thought to herself.

She pulled her hand out of the water to look at it and to her suprise, it wasn't all pruny. Instead, it had turned more of a pinkish color, like that of the bubble bath and was quite transparent with little rainbow swirls moving about in it.

"This can't be real!" she shouted.

Katie sat up and looked at herself in the full body mirror that she had on the back of the bathroom door. She was shocked to see that her whole body had changed, including her head, and it now resembled a giant pink human-shaped bubble. Startled, she tried to get out of the tub to get a closer look, but kept slipping and falling back into the tub. Everything she touched felt very slippery and was difficult to hold on to. Enventually, she gave up and sat back down in the tub to ponder her situation.

Katie wasn't sure what to think or do. She felt quite dreamy and light, but she was a bit distraught by her predicament. Her mind (and hands) began to wonder. She lightly caressed her slippery bubble body and soon found herself playing with her sex. She had never felt so good in her life.

Katie layed there fingering herself, when suddenly she felt something round slip past her fingers and into her sex. She looked down, only to see more bubbles gather around her sex and start working their way inside. At first she was startled but then it began to feel quite good and she eventually let the little bubbles penitrate her with ease.

Moments later, she felt a pressure building in her tummy. Once again she was startled by what she saw. Her transparent bubble of a stomach was swelling to that of a 9 month pregnant woman. It was filled with all those bubbles that had penetrated her sex and they were growing inside of her. She tried to resist but could only lay there and moan as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her. In the end, it was too much for her and she passed out.

Hours later, Katie awoke to find that she was not alone. Floating above her was a strange figure made out of bubbles. He looked very simular to the picture on the sample packet. He was Mr. Bubble.

"Congratulations! You are the winner in the bride of Mr. Bubble contest!" he said.

"What? What do you mean?" Katie responded, feeling quite lightheaded and confused.

"You are now my bubble bride...." He chuckled.

"Come with me..." Mr. Bubble reached out his hand to Katie's.

Katie reached up and grabbed his.

"Soon all will be explained when we reach Bubbleland..." he chuckled.

And with that, Mr. Bubble and his new bride Katie flew out of the bathroom window and into the night sky....