Fara's Toys II, A StarFox inflation story

by Jason A. Collins

2001 Stoned Owl Productions


This story is not intended for those under the age of 18. It contains inflation and sex. If you are not over 18, please turn back now. I really can't stop you from reading on, but just think. What would your mother say?

*Author's Note*

This is my second foray into the Lylat System. Considering the response I got from the original, I've decided to write a sequel. Possibly antoher after this one. As always, Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Peppy Hare, Slippy Toad, General Pepper, Bill Grey, Katt Monroe, the Arwing, Corneria, and Venom are property of Nintendo of America. And Fara Phoenix is property of Benimaru Itoh. Thanks, Ben!

McCloud/Phoenix Residence, 30 minutes after we left off...

Fara Phoenix scurried about the house, trying to find the things she needed. Katt would be over soon, and Fara had to be ready. Some of the items she found way up in the attic, long unused. By the time she had found the last of them, a pile had assembled in the center of the living room floor. Air pumps, balloons, a tank of helium, and various other odds and ends were in the assortment. The doorbell rang, and Fara rushed to answer it. It was Katt. She had a puzzled look on her face, and the look grew even more puzzled when she noticed what Fara wore. "Hey, what's with the bathing suit?" Katt asked, stepping inside. "We going for a swim?" "What makes you think that?" Fara replied. "Well, you ARE in a swim suit, and I figure you wanted my air pump for a beachball or something... Hey, what's with all this stuff on the floor?" "All part of what I wanted to show you, Katt." "Well, this better be good." "Trust me, you're gonna love it." "Alright..."

After a few moments, Fara had set up an air pump in the living room. Shoving the other things out of the way, she picked up the pump's hose. "You were right, in a way, Katt." "In what way?" "You thought I needed the pump for a beachball. You were close." Fara switched on the pump, set it's switch to 'high', and put the hose in her mouth. Katt stared, mouth agape, as Fara's cheeks puffed out. "What the hell are you doing, Fara?" She asked, shocked. Katt was about to reach for the phone, to ring up the nut doctors, when she noticed something. Fara's belly was starting to poke out under her tigh suit. "What the..." Katt wondered, as Fara's belly coninued to bulge, growing quickly with the air rushing into it. After a few moments, Fara took the hose from her mouth and let out a moan. "Oooh, the pressure feels sooo good! You gotta try this, Katt!" "Uhhh, no way. I think you're crazy, Fara." "Crazy, huh? Well, I guess I just have to prove it to you." Fara lunged at Katt, and a miniature wrestling match ensued. At the end of the tussle, Katt found herself on her back, Fara atop her. And the hose was in Katt's mouth! Katt's eyes went wide as she felt the air spilling down into her body, and felt the pressure building inside. She felt her pants, normally comfortable, grow tighter with each passing minute. She realized that her belly, like Fara's was growing, filling with air! Then, she felt pleasure. The pressure of the air within her was wreaking havoc down by her privates, and the sensations were intense. She tried to let out a moan, but it was pushed back by the relentless air flow. After a few more moments, Fara pulled the hose from Katt's mouth, and got up. Extending a paw, she helped Katt to her feet. Katt put a paw on her distended belly. "Wow," she gasped, "That felt absolutely wonderful! The pressure is such a turn on!" "Tell me about it," Fara replied, grinning. "And now, for something a bit different." "Whatever it is, it better do the same thing htat one did!" "It does better, trust me." "Okay. I'm your willing inflatable toy. Do what you want. Just give me more of this... this *feeling* inside me." "With pleasure," Fara said, digging a set of basketball pins from the pile. "Off with your shirt," Fara said, putting the a pin on the tip of the hose. Katt did so, and then ran a paw over her swollen belly. "Don't worry about your gut for right now," Fara said, "Bra, please." Katt took that off too, letting her ample busom spill out. Fara took a tit in her paw, and gave it a light, teasing lick. "Hey!" Katt said, shocked. "Relax, you'll enjoy it more if you're not so tense." Fara took the pin, and pushed it against Katt's nipple. After a few moments, Katt gave a surprised yelp as the pin went into her tit. "Ready?" Fara asked. "Uh huh." "Good. Here goes." Fara turned the pump on, setting it to 'low'. Katt gasped as the felt the air begin to seep into her breast. "My god, I feel it!" she cried, watching her breast swell slowly. "Good, isn't it?" Fara asked. "Ooooh, yes!" Kat squealed, her breast billowing rapidly, as Fara turned the pump's speed up slowly. As Katt's tit approached the size of a basketball, Fara switched off the pump. "Hey!" Katt protested, "I'm not done yet!" "We have to have your other one to match, don't we?" A grin spread across the pink furred feline's face. "Oh... right!" In a few moments, Fara had switched the pin to Katt's other breast, and the pump was turned back on. In under a minute, Katt had two basketball-sized baloons where her tits used to be. She reached up with her paws, and rubbed the nipples softly. "Mmmmm... This feels wonderful!" "I'm glad yopu think so," Fara responded, "Because we're not through yet!" "Oh, goodie!" Fara smiled, and took a long, thick object from the pile. Katt stared at the dildo, mouth agape slightly. "What's that for?" she asked, a nervous tone in her voice. "You'll see. Off with the rest of your clothes." was the response. Katt again obliged, and in moments, stood nude before Fara. "Alright, now get down on all fours," Fara demamnded. "Alright..." Katt did so, and then, without warning, Fara lifted the feline's tail, and shoved the dildo up into Katt's ass. Katt let out a loud squeal as she felt the object's intrusion. Fara reached for the pump's hose, and hooked it to the protruding end of the dildo. "I used a drill out in the garage to make a channel through the inside of this," she explained, "it will let the air through into you." "Huh? You mean you're gonna..." "That's right," Fara replied, switching the pump on, and setting it to full power. Katt moaned loudly as she felt the air rush into her. Her already large belly started to push out even more, and the pressure inside her began to build. "Oh, god!" Katt squealed, her belly reaching the floor now, and starting to lift her up, "This feels incredible!" "Yeah," Fara agreed, her paw inside her suit, frantically rubbing her clit. Fara couldn't take the need anymore. She reached for the tank of helium in the pile. Taking it's hose, she pulled at the crotch of her suit, opening it just enough for the house to fit. Without any hesitation, she shoved it in, up into her wet cunt. She groaned lightly, and reached for the tank's valve. She turned it on, and let out a groan as the gas began to fill her. "Wait..." Katt gasped, "If we're both blown up, who's gonna turn off the pump?" Fara didn't care. She was in pure extacy as the helium rushed into her. More and more she opened the valve, and faster and faster, she expanded. Katt tried to reach around to the hose, to pull it from her behind, but her arms had begun to puff up as well. She could'nt reach it. Katt let out a cry for help as the pump filled her more and more. The feline started to take on a round shape now, arms and legs absrbing into her immense globe of a body. Fara was in a similar situation. The helium filled her, rounder and tighter, and it didn't stop. Katt took a glance at the tank's valve, and saw that it was cranked all the way open. And then a look to the pump. It showed no signs of stopping. Katt felt the pressure building within her, and knew that Fara felt the same. Both women were enormous now, and still being pumped full of gas. Fara let out a happy squeal, and Katt's jaw dropped. Fara was now floating five feet in the air, the helium doing it's job nicely. Katt was too preoccupied, however, to worry about Fara. The pressure was intense now, and Katt feared she would explode if she got any fuller. Fara too. The pressure was not alone however. Along with it came intense waves of pleasure, each more mind-shattering than the last. From Fara's cries of extacy, Katt figured that the same thing was going on inside her vixen friend. The pressure and the pleasure was unbearable now, and Katt felt ready to explode. Then, the most intense orgasm she'd ever had slammed into her, and she let out a loud scream as the muscles in her blimped body trembled and shook violently. A few moments later, a similar cry from the floating foxie above. The pressure was still building though, and Katt felt her tail begin to swell like a baloon. Even after her orgasm, the waves of pleasure grew stornger still. "At least it feels good," Katt thought, as another orgasm punched into her at full speed. After a few minutes of this, Katt knew for certain that she would explode. There was no getting around it. She was too full, and any more pressure would finish her. Then, through her pleasure-induced stupor, she heard a door open, and footsteps walking into the room. "What the hell?" she heard a voice say. After a few moments, she recognized the voice as Fox McCloud, Fara's mate and lover. "Help!" Katt managed to cry. A few moments later, Katt felt the hose being tugged from her. The pressure stopped increasing, and she now longer could feel the dildo inside her. After catching her breath, she opened her eyes, and saw Fara floating abover her, hose also pulled from her body. She was smiling a beg vulpine grin, and her eyes were glazed. After a few moment, she heard Fox, doing what Katt thought was a pretty good Ricky Ricardo impression. "Fara, you've got some explaining to do..."


Well, there you have it. As you may have noticed from my recent 'Have A Drink' story, and this one, my stories have been becoming more and more, er, lively. That's the best word I can think of. Furverted, maybe. But, hey, I like writing in this kind of style. And I'm sure there are those of you out there who enjoy stories like this. Anyway, I'm not sure what to write in the sequel to this. I'm thinking about writing what happens after Fox gets home, and deflates the two lovely baloons he found in his lining room. After that, who knows? Maybe Fox will get a little full in the next one. I'm also thinking about bringing the evil Andross into a story, maybe kidnapping one or two of the ladies and blowing them up, leaving team StarFox to rescue them. Explosive decompression, maybe? Let me know what you think, okay? What do you want to read about? Any suggesstions, ideas, or even rants and criticism, again can be directed to:


Thanks a bunch!

Jason Collins/Cid Hawkins