Full Power

By Lord Balloony-cat Inflated



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††††††††††† Dimly, Pool-zilla felt something, something pleasant and familiar. Air! Air was flowing into him through the plug in his belly. His inflatable heart swelled along with his vinyl flesh as he realized that she must be near: his little cat-girl mistress; she had plugged the hose into his tummy once again.

††††††††††† Already, he was starting to get fat, and he was beginning to be able to see. As usual, his little mistress was capering around him joyfully as he bloated, clapping her hands and waving her tail aloft as she watched her big inflatable friend take shape. Soon, they both knew, he would be able to stand. Then they could romp and play as they always did.

††††††††††† Then he corrected himself as she rubbed affectionately against his swelling flank; she would romp and play like always, while he would be dragged and tossed about and bounced on, as motionless and seemingly lifeless as a lawn chair. He couldnít even frown as he felt the familiar sadness waft through him for a moment.

††††††††††† If only he could move. Then he could show her he wasnít just a toy. He could run with her and play with her like a real friend, and most of all, he could show her he loved her.

††††††††††† As it was, he could only frolic with her in spirit, forgetting the pain as he took joy in her joy, and trying not to think about the big valve in his tail, the valve she would undoubtedly pop open when she was too sleepy to play anymore.

††††††††††† Once, when she was very small, his little princess had pulled open his belly valve to see what would happen. She had giggled at the air hissing out of him and when he started to slump, she goggled comically, unable to believe that her giant monster was shrinking before her eyes. To his delight, she had ended up closing his valve while he was still half full and curling up on his soft, squishy stomach to sleep. These days, however, it was always the big valve she went for.

††††††††††† When he saw her hands going for his tail, he would beg her silently to stop, to play a little longer, but it did no good. He would feel her gentle touch on his flesh, then the sharp tug, and his air would be rushing to freedom, dragging him away from her and down into soft, flaccid sleep.

††††††††††† He shuddered inwardly, pulled back to the here-and-now by the touch of her hand; she was gauging how much more air she would have to Ďfeedí her monster before she could play with him. He could sort of stand now, but he was weaving drunkenly, and when she touched him, she almost knocked him over; he still had a ways to go.

††††††††††† Suddenly, there was a call from the house. His mistress had gotten a telephone call. He watched her bound off on all fours, feeling a pain in his chest and a lump in his throat as he watched her cute little tail switch back and forth.

††††††††††† Then he realized: she had forgotten to disconnect him, and he was still filling with air. At first, he wasnít concerned; she would be back soon, and anyway, he still had plenty of room in him. However, as the minutes wore on and he continued to fill, he began to get worried.

††††††††††† His skin was as taut as a drum, and he was starting to feel very full of air; what would happen if she forgot to come back? He didnít have long to find out, for the pump kept stuffing his belly with air, and soon, his sun-softened vinyl began to stretch.

††††††††††† Pool-zilla stared in amazement as his air-stuffed body began to bloat. His tummy got rounder and rounder; his arms and legs bulged comically; even his head began to stretch and swell. Without thinking, he turned his head to stare at his fattening body and ran one hand over his swelling skin.

††††††††††† Then he realized what he had done and froze, breathing softly and still bloating slowly. He...had...MOVED. Experimentally, he took a step; it was a little hard, as his legs were almost twice their normal diameter, and he had never walked before, but he managed it at last. He was so dumfounded by the realization of one of his greatest dreams that he forgot about the air hose still feeding his belly, and as he stood stunned, he stopped growing out and began to grow up.

††††††††††† The pleasant sensation of being stuffed with air went well with his happy musings about moving, and he didnít realize what had happened until he went to take another step and found his food covering the family pool. He was over eighty feet tall and still growing.

††††††††††† Carefully, he pulled the now tiny hose from his belly button and closed the valve (not an easy task with fingers the size of telephone poles), then stared down at himself in pleasant surprise. He smiled toothily and flexed, relishing his new-found size and mobility. He had always secretly thought that more air was the key to moving, and now he knew. Now, he and his mistress could really play.

††††††††††† He was just thinking that he would have to be careful not to let her use her claws or climb too high on him when his thoughts were broken by a cry of delight and a scream of terror. Looking down, he saw the girl and her mother standing on the porch staring up at him, and he flexed again and smiled.

††††††††††† His mistress laughed and clapped her hands, but the mother looked like she was about to faint. Her eyes, which seemed glued to his body, were eating up most of her face, and the rest was taken over by her open-mouthed fear. Fumbling behind her, she caught her daughterís arm and dashed into the house.

††††††††††† Puzzled, he bent slowly until he could put his huge eye against one of the windows. The little girl popped up and smiled at him, but was quickly yanked aside by her mother, who was talking frantically into the phone as she slammed the shutter.

††††††††††† Wondering what was going on, he crawled carefully around the house, going from window to window in search of his mistress. He caught a glimpse of her once or twice, but always the mother was there, shooing her child away as she closed Pool-zilla out.

††††††††††† All around the street, kittens were coming out to goggle at him, only to be grabbed and dragged inside by terrified parents. The huge pool toy stared from house to house, trying to fathom the sudden emptiness of the street; why wasnít it play-time now?

††††††††††† For a while, nothing happened. Unknown to Pool-zilla, the mother of his mistress had called the police, but they had dismissed her as a crank, and she didnít know who else to try. Suddenly, the calm was shattered as the little girl came running out of the house and did her best to wrap her arms around her friendís leg; sending out a loud purr that traveled all through his body.

††††††††††† He bent then, and smiled at her, and thatís when her mother struck. Sharp pains arced across his jowl as she dug her claws in, shredding his fragile skin. As his hide parted, Pool-zilla felt himself begin to lose air very, very quickly.

††††††††††† The little girl howled in grief and disappointment as she saw what her mother had done; she tried to cling to him, but wasnít strong enough, and she was dragged away kicking and screaming.

††††††††††† The pool toy had a wound almost large enough for a man to stand up in, and he was going down fast. Hardly had the girl lost her hold on him when he began to stagger drunkenly. He tried to turn and follow his mistress, but he was losing air too quickly; before he was halfway around, he was falling to his belly before her. He yawned loudly, his huge eyes full of sadness, then he collapsed into the final sleep...

††††††††††† ...only to wake up to the girl prancing around him as he filled with air. At first puzzled, he realized that it had only been a dream. He wished he could sigh, for although he was happy to still be whole and with his mistress, he would miss being able to move. He was starting to stand on his own now, and soon he would be full enough to play with, when the girlís mother called, and she ran into the house to get the phone, her tail switching poignantly as she loped along on all fours.

††††††††††† Pool-zilla smiled inside as he felt himself grow fat with air. In the dream, he had gotten too big, and had frightened the girlís mother into killing him, but this was real. This time, he would pull the hose out as soon as he could move easily. Already, he could wiggle his toes a little.




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