Author's note - (2/16/01)

This is nae one of me typical stories, but one that I had a lot of fun with over the past few weekends that I was able to log in and play with a fun and wonderful furson named Jaiden. I also got to focus on Eiah Cervantes, me rubbery mousette, for a change. I hope ye all like this one.

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Caitlynn Wildfire

Fukure na Neko Megami

Fun Factory!

Abandoned Balloon Factory(#41156RJ)

This place is huge to say the least with the look of an old dusty factory and a warehouse combined. The place doesn't look like anyone has been here for decades, bit all of the machinery looks in fairly decent order. There is many helium and compressed air tanks. Around many is a huge vat which held perhaps hundreds of gallons of latex. All over the place, there are boxes and crates . . .


Jaiden's Appearance:

Standing at just barely over six feet tall, with an almost-sarcastic grin usually touching at his slim, black-furred muzzle. A pair of round, almost almond-shaped eyes glance around a bit curiously, taking in the surroundings. His slim muzzle is drawn out from his cheeks, with a set of thin, almost wirelike whiskers standing out from each side, and a small, pink nose at the tip, almost always cold and wet.

Ah, time for school.. Even this poor cat has to finish his education sooner or later. And he's decided that St. Mary's would be a good place to do so. Unfortunately, though, they've got him dressed in a uniform. Wrapped up around his upper half is a formal-type white button-up shirt, buttoned all the way up to the top button. The collar is laid flat, obscuring the neckwrap portion of a plain black tie, the rest of it trailing down his chest. It only goes so far, though, before disappearing into the outer layer of his upper torso; a gray dress coat, buttoned up to just under the sternum level, to leave the shirt and tie partially visible.

Keeping his lower torso covered is a pair of grey slacks, pleated and seeming to have just recently been ironed. The white shirt tucks into these, and is held down by a plain brown leather belt. A small hole has been trimmed out of the back of the pants to allow a somewhat thickly-furred black tail to swish free. And, to top off the outfit, his feet have nestled themselves snug inside a plain pair of black loafers. All in all, making an attempt to look the traditional student.

Jaiden smiles as he arrives, purring quietly as he pads over towards you.. His arms slide almost immediately around your soft waist, squeezing you gently against his chest as he kisses your cheek.

Eiah is sitting on top of one of the crates when you come into the factory. With a smile and a wave which sets off some of the bounce within her rubbery body and a gentle jingle from her wrist and ankle bells, she happily greets you. She tilts her head and drops to the floor with another bounce. As you hug her, she closes her eyes and mmms! into the hug, causing her head and tushie to swell slightly, just making her moan in delight. The kiss is the icing on her cake ... ^_-

Jaiden grins down at you, still purring as both his hands slip down to your rear, giving it a firm squeeze as he holds you against his chest.. "Mmm.. You /are/ horny, aren't you?" He leans his head down, sparing a few licks along the side of your neck before his head leans a little further down, one soft kiss placed at the top of your cleavage.. "Mmm.. Kitty would be more than happy to help you with that, love."

Eiah gasps in delight as her eyes snap open at the squeezing massage of her rear, making her head balloon a good bit bigger. Her eyes flutter closed as she manages a nod at your question. She shivers in delight as your tongue slides along the surface of her neck, making her wiggle and bounce against you, her breasts mashing against your chest. When you kiss the top of her pert cleavage, she opens her eyes and presses your head against her chest. **Please do ... ,** her soothing voice echos in your head, showing you how you are able to understand her even if you might not understand or barely understand sign language. **Use me ... blow me up like a balloon ... just make me orgasm and/or pop!**

Jaiden nods his head a little bit, then smiles down at you before he takes a step away... Both hands move down to his waist, quickly unbuttoning his pants, then drawing the zipper down.. He catches both his boxers and pants by the waistband, then tugs them down and around his ankles, stepping out and kicking them to the side.. He turns towards you, exposing his already-stiff feline cock to your eyes before he kneels down on the ground, then lays on his back next to you... "Come over here, love.. Straddle kitty's lap and take him inside you like that..."

Eiah smiles as she ohs! in delight, watching you strip down to the bare essentials. Her eyes brighten as does the grin on her face, making her features glow with excitement. Her breathing starts to quicken, causing her pert chest to heave in a series of dramatic motions ... with each rise, her chest seems to swell and blow up slightly bigger and bigger and bigger. Kneeling down in front of you, she looks up into your face. **Seems like you need something before entering me ... ,** she whispers through the mental link. Closing her eyes, she takes your shaft within her right hand and starts to lovingly stroke it. **Ah ... there we go ... just a bit of priming the pump ... as it were.** Leaning in, she kisses the tip and slowly takes you into her mouth.

Jaiden's ears perk a little bit, his purring getting even louder as he watches your chest swell... If there's anything he enjoys more than a beautiful mousegirl, it's a beautiful, well-stacked mousegirl... He tilts his head to one side as you whisper to him, then his hips arch right up, groaning softly as you start to stroke along his stiff shaft.. He starts to settle a bit, then mmmfs! and arches back up as he feels his cock sliding into your warm latex mouth.

Eiah groans lightly as she keeps on suckling at your cock, her head starting to blow up like a balloon, much of the air rushing into her mouth and keeping her head growing larger and larger by the moment. Her ears swell slowly as if on an afterthought. In to the root of your cock and out to almost the tip, giving it a light and loving lick without breaking contact she goes ... without missing a beat in her rhythm. More and more her chest grows as her breathing keeps on deepening, her breasts blowing up from A's to B's to C's ...

Jaiden's hands move down to the back of your head, lightly stroking back behind your ears as his hips arch up, pressing his hips against your muzzle each time your head pushes back down onto him... He watches as you start to inflate, and he can't help but purr a little louder as you get even bigger... His arousal is starting to get to him, though, and it shows as he starts to squirm around underneath you.. "Mmm... Please, love, I want to be inside you..."

Eiah giggles in the delight of teasing you, wanting you to squirm in pleasure and enjoy the moment ... knowing that she is perhaps the most unique mousette that you have had to play with you. She closes her eyes as her ears swell from the mirth of her playfulness, making them more proportionate to the size of her head which is about as big as your chest and still growing larger. At the stroking of the back of her head and behind the ears, she churrs lightly as her swelling pauses for just a moment. However, her deep inhaling is making her breasts balloon so much more as they push deeper into the alphabet.

Jaiden is sure that, without a doubt, you're the most unique girl he's ever played with, and he's enjoying every minute of it... His cock has never even touched latex until now, and the pleasure he's experiencing is plainly obvious.. He writhes around underneath you as his hips press firmly upwards, purring deep in his throat as his hands push gently down on the back of your head, helping to guide you down until his entire shaft is inside your mouth again..

Eiah moans and groans lightly, sending a serious vibration through your cock, as she keeps on suckling. The bump and grind of your cock against her face makes her shiver in delight, though the swelling of her chest starts to pick up some speed. Reaching up with her hands, she takes yours and places them on her breasts. The engorged and ballooning breasts pillow against the palms of your hands with the nipples stroking the surface.

Jaiden looks up a little bit, then smiles as you reposition his hands.. His feet move under, pressing against the floor to keep his hips arched, his sheath rubbing gently along your lips as his hands slowly rub along your steadily growing breasts, quickly moving around to take hold of your nipples, pinching each one firmly between two fingers...

Eiah mmmphs! into the suckling, blowing some of her breath against your cock, her ears and head deflating a few inches from the pinching of her nipples. Opening her mouth a bit more, she really starts to suckle at your sheath, determined to have you fully primed and ready to blow this small mousette up like a blimp. ^_-

Jaiden's eyes cross a little bit as you start to suckle even more firmly, groaning rather loud as his hips arch up and start to grind against your warm, soft lips... His hands rather firmly molest your breasts as his fingers wander along them, tugging and squeezing your nipples as he writhes around underneath you...

Eiah groans as she feels the crisp hairs of your thighs and crotch press against and around her face as she keeps on suckling like she may never want to stop. Her head swells larger and larger and larger, her ears barely keeping up with all of the surging of the air within her body. As your hands press and tug against her nipples, the surrounding breastflesh inflates faster as well, pushing out to DD-cups and easily beyond.

Jaiden shudders underneath you, then his hips give a rather sudden surge forward... He didn't expect anything this nice, this quickly... His cock thickens up a bit between your lips, and his fingers dig tightly into your breasts, claws slipping from their sheaths and poking firmly down into your swollen breasts as he pillows his hips up against your face, yowling out as out of nowhere, thick spurts of hot feline seed spray up between your lips, quite eagerly feeding the hungry little mouse with his cum as it pumps from his cock in thick waves, his hips jerking every time another spray of seed fills your mouth.

Eiah mmpphs! again as she feels your pressing against her face, this time, she manages to keep the air within her for the time being. The feeling of the feline muscles against her face, the tickling softness of the surrounding fur, the heady scent of your species and your sex ... all of this just turning her on something fierce. The suckling keeps on growing and growing and growing as her head swells to about as tall as you are, almost twice her height, but slowing down ... Feeling her lips stretch slightly from the expansion and thickening of your cock, she groans in delight and arches her back, pressing more of her boobieballoons against your hands while the fingers stroke and the claws painfully tickle. Larger and larger her breasts blow up and up and up until the start to pillow against the smooth surface of the floor. Now, this mousette is almost all tits and head with the small body attached. The splattering of the hot seed into her mouth almost catches her off-guard as she moans in delight afterward and starts to suckle hard. Billowing out mightily, her facial cheeks swell and balloon as your seed fills them. It takes her a moment before she starts to gulp back the rich seed into her tummy ...

Jaiden's back arches, writhing in sheer ecstacy underneath you as his seed continues to pour into your mouth, his eyes slightly wide in surprise as he watches you continue to expand as more of his cum spurts from his tip and into your mouth... Slowly, he starts to relax as the flow tapers down, until one final thin spurt spatters against your cheek, his hips dropping down to the floor as he pants for breath...

Eiah groans in delight as she squirms, still with her thick legs folded up underneath her tushie and kneeling on the hard floor. Her facial cheeks are inflated to the maximum volume from the rush of the rich and hot seed into her mouth, making her quiver softly in delight with a jingling bounce. Leaning forward as the pressure starts to taper off in a slow and teasing manner, she pillows her chin against the beanbag sized breastflesh that's encased within the confines of her orange and purple jester suit. Her head, still being about the size of both teats and with her cheeks swelled to match, sort of bobs lightly on her neck as your cock flops out of her mouth with a short and wet pop, splattering a mixture of saliva and cum onto her clothing. All she does is sit there and churr happily with her eyes closed ...

Jaiden's fingers clench and open a few times as he stares up at the ceiling, his back slowly rolling up into an arch as he feels his cock slip free from your mouth.. He shivers briefly as his saliva-coated flesh meets the cold air, then he just lays back and pants for his breath... He head leans up after a few seconds, ears perking as he looks over the quite larger mouse, now, a bit surprised by the sudden change in growth.. Hearing the churr, though, he smiles, tail lashing gently against your thigh.. "Mmm... That.. was definitely.. mmm.. a new experience.."

Eiah mmmms! as she smiles slowly, letting some of the rich and creamy cum coat the edge of her lips and dribble lightly, almost in a teasing manner or even just showing you that she's really enjoying this. **Wait until you have got me going crazy ... ,** she manages to sign with her hands as she looks at you, her eyes glazed with a hazy expression. Her small hands slide along the curves of her massive bust, making her close her eyes again as she stays the same size, though her head starts to slowly deflate ...

Jaiden's ears flick a little bit, then he tilts his head to one side.. "Crazy?" He leans back a little more, and he can't help but smile at the glazed expression on your face... He watchse as your head starts to regain its normal size, grinning a bit more at the fact that your chest is staying exactly the same... "I'll admit, my curiosity is piqued through the room right now.."

Eiah smiles as she licks her lips, getting some of the rich taste of you onto her tongue once again, making her churr in delight all over again. Her eyes drift slowly closed for a moment, then snap open as she smiles a bit more. **Indeed ... crazy ... ,** she signs again, the hand signals and expression on her face make it seem like that she's so mellow. **The more attention I get, the bigger I get and the more turned on I become.**

Jaiden hmmms... "Is that so?" A grin starts to tug at his muzzle, then he lays back onto the ground, smiling up at you as he waves you over.. "Come over here, then, hon.. I'll be more than happy to give you all the attention you want.." He drags his tongue across his lips for a second, tail swishing behind him as he waits for you.. "Just sit up on kitty's muzzle.."

Eiah giggles, causing her ears to puff up from the delight of this thought ... of her getting up at the size that she is right at the moment, her head still being twice it's normal size and her bust being the size combined of a small car. However, after pausing in her laughing, she manages to shakily stand up, causing her breasts to slap repeatedly against the floor, just turning her on more and more ... this is evident by the rough twelve inches of inflation that her bust swells to. As her ears deflate slowly back, she slids herself over the top of your face as she balances her weight and opens up a good sized hole in her suit, exposing her flower which is steaming and dripping with mousette honey.

Jaiden chuckles softly as he watches you walk, regardless of the fact that watching your huge bust bouncing about is turning him on like no one's business... even as it swells more, his hips shift about on the ground, his cock rather quickly starting to become erect again... He just watches as you settle yourself over him, until your weight is balanced.. Once the hole in your suit is opened, his muzzle pushes right up, rather hungrily plunging his tongue right up inside you... His paws reach up, wrapping around as much of your legs as they can and pulling you down onto his muzzle as he slowly drags his tongue through your dripping wet flower, lapping up ample tonguefuls of warm mousette honey into his muzzle and drinking it down before another pass of his tongue cleans out more of your warm juices.

Eiah gasps in delight as she tosses her head back, biting her lower lip in sheer pleasure while your tongue slides against the thick and moist petals of her flower and sends wave after wave of rapture through her body like electricity. A soft and rolling moan escapes her lips as she bounces against you, her ample tushie slapping against the surface of your thighs in a hollowly whomph!-ing manner. With an arching push of her own thighs, she presses her flower against your face as she urges you onwards.

Jaiden's paws squeeze firm around your thighs, keeping you firmly settled down onto his muzzle as his face pushes right back up against you.. His hips arch up just a bit to press your rump a little more firmly against his thighs, rubbing his crotch up against you with the rolling arch of his hips. His muzzle presses firmly up between your thighs, starting to purr loud enough for his tongue to slightly vibrate against you as he licks his warm, sandpapery feline tongue through your moist flower, quite happily cleaning up the warm honey coating your soft petals... His nose pushes upward just a bit, bumping it against your clit as his muzzle pushes up, trying to slip his tongue a little further into you.

Eiah groans as she rolls her inflated head over to the right side of her body, her cheek pillows against the edge of the swollen mass of teatflesh as her eyes close in an expression of unadulterated bliss. Feeling the grip of your hands into the rubbery flesh of her thighs, she groans again, loving that feeling of being squeezed and pulled hard. The added pleasure of your thighs against her tushie causes that area to expand slowly like a pair of balloons. With each stroke of your tongue against the petals of her flower, she gasps and moans as she tosses and bounces her head about, her bust pushing outwards more and more.

Jaiden's ears flick a bit, catching the groan as his hands pull at you.. Following that, his fingers start to squeeze firmly against your legs, pillowing his fingers down into the soft latex flesh as he situates you over him.. His muzzle continues to slowly nuzzle upwards against your crotch as his tongue lashes about inside you, his purring starting to get louder as his licking picks up in speed, eagerly trying to bring the gorgeous mousie above him to climax.. His nose nuzzles nice and firm against your clit as his sandpapery tongue drags along inside you, roughly licking against your petals before pushing his tongue back up into you again, groaning softly as he tastes more of your honey, then he starts to push his entire head up, trying to pillow his face in against your crotch and push his tongue even further inside.

Eiah whimpers lightly as she feels a new surging feeling rolling through her tummy, making the toes on her feet curl slightly while she rubs her swelling tushie against your thighs which is now ample enough to set a pair of drinks on without risk of spilling. **Goddess ... ,** she moans, this time through the mental link that you have with her. **I'm getting bigger ... I'm getting bigger ...** Shifting her weight against your face, her thighs spread slightly more as you feel her lower portion of her body starting to swell and inflate more and more, first looking like she's gaining weight to being slightly pregnant.

Jaiden's ears twitch a few times as that mental link reaches him again... his eyes open a bit as he watches just how much bigger you're actually getting, which triggers a whole new set of purring inside him... as your thighs spread, an idea comes to his mind.. he closes his eyes, then braces himself as his arms start to lose their grip on your swelling thighs.. then, with a sudden surge forward, he buries his muzzle up between your thighs, sliding it right up between your petals as he hungrily laps his tongue through your flower, his face nuzzling firm to your crotch as he drinks down your warm honey.

Eiah cries out in delight as she arches her back almost painfully as you push your head up into her, making her bounce and then push down against you while your head pops into her flower, stretching her all out. With the pressure of your head within her like this, her entire body starts to blimp outwards in a slowly quickening rate, mostly her tummy taking up the swelling. It seems that a part of her blows up like a balloon that cannot make up her mind about where the air and pressure is going ...

Jaiden's eyes widen briefly for a second at that sudden feeling of you pushing down onto him.. then, he feels your hips slide down around his neck, his entire head nestled firmly between your plump thighs... He looks up a little bit, licking over his lips for a second before he starts to nuzzle around inside you, brushing soft facial fur against your sensitive latex flesh, sneaking in licks and nuzzles inside you as he uses the majority of his fur to stimulate you from the inside..

Eiah moans over and over again, her voice sounding really hollowly from the inside of her enormous body as she balloons up larger and larger by the moment. Her head swells up into the air, taking on some size and going up from the growth of her tummy. More and more her thighs widen and swell, thickening up as they start to disappear into her body while the rest of her body rounds out. Her tushie balloons outwards behind her bigger and bigger, sliding and squeaking against the smooth, yet dusty floor of the factory ...

Jaiden's fingers pillow a bit firmly down into your thighs, his claws starting to lightly scratch along your smooth latex surface as he pulls you down towards him... His head shifts around for a second, then his shoulders start to pull back and forth, effectively screwing his head back and forth inside you... His tongue slips out, lapping eagerly at any available bit of warm latex flesh, dragging his rough feline tongue through you as his head twists and pulls, then pushes right back up inside you ...

Eiah arches her back and cries out in delight, her huge head which keeps on blowing up larger and larger and larger by the moment, bouncing up and down on the small and thinness of her neck. Her breasts and shoulders keep on inflating rounder as she keeps on gaining all the size that she can as you fuck the living daylights out of her body with your head. Her tushie seems to try and race her breasts as both push against your body as much as possible while they grow and grow and grow as if they may never stop. While your head is within her flower, the muscles contract and mash your head against her and drenching it with the thickness of her own girly honey.

Jaiden starts to purr rather loudly, at this point... While your rear pushes down against his body, you can feel his cock rubbing against your soft latex skin, the cat under you whining a bit as he pushes up against you... He literally starts to bounce underneath you to get more movement from his upper body, claws digging deeper down against your thighs as he thrusts his head back and forth, working himself deeper up into your flower as you contract around him, trying to force himself even further up inside you... then, an idea. He settles down, angling his body upwards as he presses his hand to his neck. Then, he shoves his hand upward, sliding it right up inside you alongside his head.. his hand continues up as he slides his arm further and further into you... then, with a rather harsh jerk of his body, he lodges his entire shoulder up into your flower, forcing the tight latex to stretch around his body as he shifts inside you ...

Eiah moans as she pushes down with her huge, ballooning form, the massive weather-balloons-shaped tushie of hers mashing and pillowing against your thighs while the inflation fills out the enormous spheres even more. Feeling the cock stroking against the stretched out surface of her tushie just makes her that much more excited to say the least. Bouncing and jiggling, she uhs! with each thrust of your body against her, feeling like one of those cute "Sock 'em!" balloon toys. Each thrust thumps against her hips as your hands with the claws manage to hold her tight, stretching her flesh with the pull against the thrust and the tight grip that you have. As you stretch and tug at her elastic body, she cries out again, her head ballooning up towards the rafters of the factory ceiling. Her voice within the enormous balloon head which is almost the size of her entire ten foot diameter body sounds so hollowy, so disjointed. **Look at me ... look at me!** her mental voice calls out in almost a "tunnel-like" reverberation. **I'm getting bigger! I'm getting BIGGER!!**

Jaiden grins a little bit through his lust-addled mind, nodding.. "Mmmm... You are, love... You're huge..." Now, he literally starts to stand up underneath you.. He angles his body so his second shoulder slips right up inside you as he stands, slowly sliding his body deeper inside you until his upper torso is nestled inside you, sliding himself up to the waist into you... Hie softly furred hands stroke along the inside of your flower, then he full-body nuzzles along your sensitive inner flesh, licking and rubbing and nuzzling all around your damp, slick surfaces... His hips are still arched rather firmly up, far up enough for him to keep his cock pressed to you, his standing position causing him to rub the thick shaft right under the base of your tail, pressing himself right up under your tailbase as his shaft slides along your warm skin.

Eiah gasps and pants in delight as she squeezes her eyes shut while your body stretches and plays around with the insides of her flower, feeling the intense stroking of your body in one of her most intimate of places. Her head pauses within the swelling as the pressure of your body pushes against her, causing the rest of her to start to expand slowly, but with picking up speed. Thick thighs and arms start to disappear more into her body even as they expand right along with her. The only things that remain "large and in charge" are her breasts which push out towards a huge stack of crates that she was sitting on when you entered and her tushie which expands towards the enormous metal vat. **Goddess ... ,** her own lusty voice manages to burble. **Never wanted to be small ... always wanted to be bigger ... to be large and in charge ...** Her head, swelling again as her twenty foot in diameter body slows down, starts to brush some of the lower rafters. **That's it ... keep me growing ...**

Jaiden grins a little bit.. this should be enough to keep her growing, right here... He gets a good enough grip inside you, his legs tensing for a second.. as odd as it might seem, the cat quite literally jumps up into your flower, giving you a full-body penetration as he squirms around inside your flower... No one could even tell the cat was there in the first place, from an outside view, only an incredibly horny, gigantic latex mouse left to be seen. His naked body squirms around inside you as he tries to climb a little deeper inside you, then he lets out a loud groan as his cock brushes against a bit of slick inner flesh.. Almost immediately, his hips are pressed down against you, the lust-driven feline grinding himself hard against your slick flesh as his cock slides back and forth against you.

Eiah arches her back as best she can while you slide and thrust into her with your entire body, giving her something that goes beyond a basic "suck and fuck" yiffing. Although not quite a virgin, she's still rather new at the sex scene, but this is definitely a first for her while you push into her, stretching her flower out more and more while wriggling deeper. Bigger and bigger her body swells as her tushie reaches the smooth and cold metal surface of the enormous vat which is about half the size larger than her entire body ... for now. Her breasts lightly touch the crates, the wood stroking teasingly against the swollen surface of her breasts which surges a tingling sensation throughout her body. Larger and larger her body balloons with you inside, bucking and bouncing against her. The muscles get slicker with her honey which dribbles out onto the floor ...

Jaiden's own back arches up a good bit, matching you in the respect that this is quite definitely a first time for him in this area... He starts to purr rather loudly as he feels your honey dripping down over him, coating him and soaking his fur before dribbling past him to the floor... As your muscles get coated in the warm fluid, his hips start to move a little bit faster, whining softly as his cock slides back and forth, rubbing firmly up along your warm inner muscle.. His body squirms inside you as his hips work, his arms working to pull himself a little bit deeper inside you, fur and flesh rubbing firm along your flower as he pulls ...

Eiah gasps again as she squirms, not being able to arch her back now that she's mostly a collection of enormous spheres of latex-filled air. Her tushie begins to pillow and flatten slightly against the unyielding surface of the vat which makes her gasp and pant more. The wooden surface of the crates prickle and pull at her rubbery breasts which also excites her. Between the contrast of the two surfaces, she keeps on gasping, gulping in as much air as she can while ballooning her body even larger and larger and larger. Her head which keeps on swelling just a few sizes bigger than the rest of her starts to fill the lower side of the factory ceiling and still keeps on pushing outwards and upwards. Now, her body is about thirty feet in diameter and racing towards forty. Gasping and panting even more while you bounce and thrust against her, she screws her eyes shut as she feels the pressure from the resisting surfaces mounting ...

Jaiden closes his eyes tight, sensations racing right up his spine as he watches and listens to you growing even bigger... His body continues to squirm around inside you, his limbs touching at every possible area of sensitive flesh as he works himself a little deeper into your flower, trying to climb further up inside your body as that same body expands... His cock drags along your flower as he starts to move upwards, thick length grinding back down against your slick flesh as he lets out a rather loud groan inside you... Doubtful that it could be felt, considering the sizes you're at, but several spurts of the cat's thick seed splatter against the walls of your flower, his paws and claws digging tight grips inside you as his grinding brings him to climax inside you.. Several more spurts of his cum coat your flower as he pushes himself further inside you, rubbing his body along your hot, sensitive flesh as his climax rolls through his body.

Eiah moans and jiggles as she bounces between the pressure of the vat, her massively enormous tushie slides up the side of the metal casing and sends an indescribable shiver surging through her. The crates, not being able to resist the expanding of the equally massive volume of her breasts, start to fall over and shatter against the floor, sending splinters all over the dusty surface. Her flower, being tortured from all of this pleasure, and her mind just about closing down from all of the feelings of the delight of her expanding body team up and cause the beginning of her climax, her body swelling bigger and bigger by the moment, going from forty feet to fifty to sixty feet in diameter within a matter of moments. Her head touches the ceiling and starts to flatten a bit as it tries it's best to match the steadily swelling body. **Goddess ... I'm so huge! So huge!**

Jaiden's own climax starts to slowly slip down, the intense pleasure rolling down his spine and losing steam as his body slowly starts to relax against you.. even with that relax, he squirms himself around inside your flower, honey-soaked fur caressing your flesh as he arches up, pressing his back and paws against you and stretching them out as he stretches himself... He starts to purr rather loudly as he feels that climax just beginning to occur, rubbing and nuzzling himself more firmly against you as you start to swell up so quickly...

Eiah cries out as her own orgasm surges through her wildly, sending her body into an even faster swelling from the pleasure of her body which balloons mightily and pushes into the seventy and eighty foot diameter size, the size of her tushie starting to be even bigger than the enormous metal canister. Her breasts start to touch the walls as they swell in equal proportion. Her head pushes against the ceiling, flatting and buldging out. She manages to open her right eye and glance down at herself. **Oh, Jaiden ... ,** she manages to call out through the spasming of her orgasm, soaking your body three times over with her cum. **You ... you made me ... made me the BIGGEST mousette in ... in the ... world!**

Jaiden's mouth manages to open just ab it as he watches that torrent of cum splash down over him, gulping down mouthful after mouthful of rather delicious mousette honey... He doesn't seem to mind in the least as every single bit of his fur is coated in cum, rather seeming to enjoy it as his slick body runs around inside you... After drinking down every drop that his stomach can handle of your warm cum, he relaxes inside you, purrrrrring happily as he strokes a paw along your flower from inside.. "Mmmm... I did, didn't I? You look gorgeous, too, love... Mmmm, the size you are... just imagine the size of a cat it would take to fuck you at that size...."

Eiah gasps as she feels the pricking of one of the enormous splinters into her breast flesh, sending herself into a mixture of pleasure and pain for just a brief moment. Her eyes close as she cries out in sheer delight for a moment before ... she explodes! in a rush of air ... ending with a sigh of whimpering. The rain of her cum and latex body lightly splatters against you ...

Jaiden just.. blinks. One second, he's nestled snug inside you, then he falls to the floor as you explode around him, cum drenching his fur again as he gets covered in scraps of latex... He looks rather confused as he just sits, stunned from the loud explosion ringing in his ears.. "What happened?"

It takes a bit, but Eiah's shattered body pulls herself back together, back to her small and normally shaped body. Opening her eyes which are still lightly glazed from the orgasm, she smiles as she snuggles against you. **It's a balloonie orgasm ... ,** she replies slowly, working the feeling back into her hands.

Jaiden blinks again as you reform, then he chuckles, nodding his head a little bit as his hands slide gently around your waist, pulling you against his chest as he sighs quite contentedly.. "Mmmm... That.. was certainly a new experience.."

Eiah smiles as she leans in and kisses you lightly. **Thanks ... ,** she whispers in the mental link. **Like to keep my lover satisfied ...**