Machinist's Mate 2nd Class (Submarines) Alden MacManx reported in to his new assignment: Repair-5 Division [better known as R5] of the Naval Submarine Support Facility. He had wanted to switch homeports, but his request had been turned down- it turned out that the Division Officer at this R5 happened to have been his shift officer at prototype training, and had blocked the transfer request. The officially-stated reason was that she wanted a petty officer with Alden's ratings assigned to her division. That was true, to an extent.

LT. Marissa Cables was a furson as well, one of the chipmunk-type derivation. They had gotten to know each other at prototype, because there were only eight fursons there at the time. Despite the fact that she was an officer, the fursons tended to stick together. She was tolerated by the rest of the Navy community only because she had an eidetic memory, and can quote chapters from the Reactor Plant Manuals. She also knew some of Alden's secrets.

Alden reported to the lieutenant's office. "Petty Officer MacManx reporting as ordered, ma'am." he said, saluting crisply.

"At ease, and shut the door." Lt. Cables ordered. After he did so, she said, "Sit down, Al."

When he did, she said, "First, I know what happened last year.", referring to the death of Alden's fiancé, Suzy. "Second, I want to know how you are feeling. Truthfully now. We were friends at prototype, and Regs do not deny fursons the companionship of their own kind in the service.

"Come on, Al. Talk to me."

Alden composed himself, then began telling Marissa about all that had been going on with him for the past two and a half years, since they last met. After his brief description, Marissa asked, "Al, when was the last time you made love with a balloonie? It was with Suzy, right?" Noticing the grimace on Alden's face, she continued. "Al, I have a nice open place in Niatic, with a big helium tank waiting to fill someone up. There's not too many of us here, and it's been a long time. You willing?"

Alden noticed the semi-pleading look on Marissa's face, and he realized that he really did miss Balloonie sex- usually, he's the blown-up one while his partner was not. "Sure, Marissa. It's been a long time- please pardon my clumsiness." he said with a little leer.

"Good! I'll give you a ride tonight. Now, go check in with your chief. There's work to be done!" LT. Cables said, turning back to her paperwork.

That afternoon, after work, Alden met Marissa at her car, and she drove them to her home. It was an old farmstead, with plenty of trees for a chipmunk furson could climb, as well as a big barn, where the helium tank sat, along with a compressor and other useful items. After a shower together, they dried themselves off and ambled to the barn. Once there, Marissa fastened chains to her ankles. Taking the hose from the helium tank, she held it in one hand while she hugged Alden. "I remember the first time we did this, after the incident. Still have a lot of stretch?" she asked.

"More than I had then- I've been working on my ability. It helps on the job." he said to her, hugging her close.

"I know. I've read your evals and Chief Silvertack is impressed with your talents. Now you know why I wanted you on my team at work. Right now, I want you to fill me up, then take me when I'm round! I've waited a long time for this- you were always so kind and gentle at school." she said, placing the hose firmly in her navel.

"Even when I popped you that one time?" he asked.

"That was an accident! Besides, I love to pop, even when you claw me!" she giggled as she cracked open the valve, allowing the helium to begin filling her normally trim 5' tall body.

Alden began licking and tickling Marissa's inflating body. She tickled back while she was able, but soon her arms were too full of gas to move. He knelt down and pressed his face into her ballooning belly and purred, listening to the echoes. She giggled because the purring tickled!

Soon enough, the once-trim chipmunk became a fat balloon, so round that only her buoyancy kept her from falling down. Alden rubbed himself against her, making her fur stand from static. Then, she began to rise up, not stopping until her head was 4' from the roof!

Alden stretched himself to where he could look her in the face. "Trying to get away from me, are you?" he growled menacingly. "You know what the punishment for attempting to escape is, don't you, little chippie?"

"What?" she squeaked, feeling herself starting to tighten a bit from all the gas in her body, and more was coming in.

"I'm going to poke you with my needle until you pop, that's what!" he growled as his dick elongated out to the proper place. Grabbing her by her shoulders [or where her shoulders should be], he shoved his shaft in, then caused the tip to enlarge so it wouldn't come out. He then reached around her to the chains and removed them.

"Don't let go! I'll float away!" she squeaked.

"I got you, you big balloon! Now to poke you until you pop!" he said, spreading his hands around her bloating form and began moving her up and down his dick.

They could both feel an orgasm forming for both of them, but Alden had forgotten to do something- shut the helium off! Alden collapsed to the floor as the orgasm hit, clutching Marissa's nearly-spherical body, which was trembling with delight as well. When he was spent, his hands slipped off her, and she shot up nearly to the roof, stretching his cock to its limits. Painful limits.

"Help! Too full! Shut off the gas!" Marissa squeaked, but Alden was in too much pain from his overstretched penis to reach up to the valve. She screamed in mixed pain and delight before she exploded with a loud, brittle BANG!

When Alden's ears stopped ringing, he managed to slither a hand over to the hose and shut the valve, allowing Marissa's skin to knit. When she healed [and she did so far faster than he did], she climbed up onto Alden's strung-out chest and hugged him. "Thank you, Al. That felt so nice." she said as she removed the hose from her navel. "Are you all right?"

"That hurt a bit more than I thought, Mare. Can't pull myself together yet." he said, trying to keep the pain and exhaustion from his voice.

"Yes. You are a little limp." she said, absently fondling his flaccid, 10' long member. "You need a little stiffening." She slid the hose into the tip of his dick, clamped it into place, and opened the valve. Wide.

"Hey! Shut it off!" Alden tried to protest as the helium rushed into his limp body, puffing it up rapidly.

"Why?" Marissa asked innocently, climbing up onto his chest. "I like my men fat and floating! I'm going to fatten you up a lot, Stringbean!"

"Yes, but I haven't recovered yet- still too limp. I can't control myself yet." He panted as his body soon went from flat to fat, his belly ballooning rapidly. His dick was still 10' long, but was now 2" in diameter.

"Just what I want- a helpless balloonie! A BIG helpless balloonie!" she squealed as she began kissing him merrily, scampering around on him, kissing various parts of his now 12' tall grey-furred body as he inflated more and more.

When Alden had inflated with enough helium to become just barely buoyant, Marissa jumped off of his belly to the end of his dick. She then shut the valve and removed the hose, holding his cock like it was the string of a huge balloon, which he was. Alden was trying to rise up and roll over, but he was by then too big to do so in the barn. Marissa carried him outside and tied him to a rope on a stake outside. She pulled on him until he was head-down. "Feeling all right, big boy?" she asked teasingly.

"I'm stuck now, Marissa! I won't have any control over my body until I deflate- you blew me up too soon!" he said. "I better deflate now."

"Oh, no, you don't!" she said as she jammed a cork into the tip, plugging it up nicely. "You popped me, now it's my turn!"

Alden grimaced as the helium flow was forcefully stopped. "But I'm going to have to be a lot bigger than this to burst! I've got a lot more stretch than I did before!" he growled.

"So? I got some gas pills for you, fatty! That will fatten you up enough!"

"But I can't move, Mare! How can I make love to you like this?" he asked.

"Just leave it to me." she said. Marissa went into the barn, where she found five large helium pills. Walking to his head, she made him swallow them. "Good boy! Now, I'm gonna blow you up until you're bursting with pleasure!"

She walked down his length to where his overextended penis hung, removed the cork, and started blowing him up the best way. Alden moaned, half with pain and half with pleasure, as the coating on the pills dissolved, releasing the helium into him, causing him to expand rapidly.

As he started straining his tie-down, Marissa stuffed the head of his dick into her mouth, before it got too big. She hmmmed with delight as it grew, filling her mouth with his manhood. Alden could feel, distantly, what she was doing. That, combined with the rapidly increasing pressure in his ballooning body, was bringing him closer and closer to orgasm, and he couldn't stop it! He yowled with pleasure as the feelings intensified. Then, he felt the tie-down begin to give out under his rapidly increasing size and lift. He wanted to grab hold of something, but, since he was limp when she had started inflating him, he was completely immobile!

Marissa could feel the tie-downs give and Alden's body lurch skyward. She was yanked up into the air as well, because of his expanding dick in her mouth. At the first lurch, she reflexively gulped, swallowing several feet of his cock! She tried to pull it out, but another lurch upward shook her up, making her lose her grip on the thickening hose.

This little incident wasn't lost on the rapidly enlarging Alden, who was becoming increasingly turned on as his body approached maximum size. To their surprise, Alden came, filling her up, first with his cum, then with helium. Lots of helium. Marissa squeaked as she ballooned rapidly, swelling to her maximum, then a little beyond! The tie-down finally gave way completely, and the overinflated pair shot up into the air about 200 feet before they exploded simultaneously, she with a sharp BANG, and he with a loud, deep BOOM.

Fortunately, Marissa was still limp when she hit the ground. When she recovered, she searched for any stray pieces of Alden that she could find. Gathering his pieces together helps him heal quicker. It took him an hour or so to reconstitute.

Once he was together and awake again, he was inside her house, on the living room floor. He was sore all over, but that was typical. Marissa came in from the kitchen, pushing a cart loaded with different foods- fish for him, nuts and leaves for her. "That was so much fun, Al! We have to do that again sometime!" she said brightly.

"Sometime soon. It's been too long since I hit max stretch. You all right?" he asked as he began digging into the fish.

"Bursting twice in one day- that felt good!"

"Glad you're happy. Pass the catnip, please." He mumbled around a mouthful of fish. Exploding always gave him the munchies!