Havin' a Blast (Part 2 of... Whatever.) by Shutaro (shusune@hotmail.com)


Amanda Silverfox heaved a plaintive sigh, expelling the last of the excess air from her body, and eying the hose that lay on the floor of her room. She had still not yet ventured outside the sterile, window less cavern she had been calling home these past few days...


No more than a month had passed, she was certain of that. She would have to ask Shutaro for a watch, or a clock, or a calendar or something... Anything to keep track of the time. She had peeked out the door once to her room once or twice, but never went any further. Something always drew her back, calling her away from the brink... Outside was a maze of caverns and tunnels. It seemed this room was one of many, part of a complex of sorts.

Lately she had been restless. Wanting for something more, as had become her habit since coming to this place, since assuming this form. In her former life she had been content with what she had, projecting an image of satisfaction even though there existed some small glimmer within her soul that wanted for something. It was as if that part of her personality had been magnified. As if she had become a different person mentally, as well as physically. The change was utter and complete.

It wasn't that she was lonely. Shutaro made sure to keep her company, visiting her regularly and always leaving her satisfied. It wasn't that she was bored. As much as that might seem the case, given her situation. She slept a great deal... More that usual, which she had simply attributed to her change. She dreamed a great deal, when she slept, as well. The dreams she had were always quite vivid, almost real. Such dreams usually helped to make up for the shortcomings of her present reality, as they had done for much of her life.


Not this time, however. The room, her room, was simply too small. When she first arrived it seemed a bit large, a bit much for only one person. But when she saw that she could be inflated as big as she wanted to without having to worry about obstructions such as walls or ceilings, she began to see things a little differently. As she grew accustomed to herself she experimented more, during the time between Shutaro's visits. She made herself a little bigger with each attempt. Holding onto the hose for a little longer each time, before spitting it from her mouth (it had a device that shut it off when it wasn't hooked up to anyone, or anything). She tested her limits until she felt she had a fairly good feel for how her soft, gray, latex body behaved. Until she felt she had a good feel for how it would stretch and expand.

Ironically, she eventually came to a point where she again had to worry about walls and ceilings. At first she was careful... Careful not to fill the entire room, lest she become stuck and trap herself in the room. But curiosity had gotten the better of her, and she had found that, either through technology or through some other strange, mystic, force, the room was somehow designed such that she could not get stuck. However, true to form, this was not enough. Soon the novelty of filling an entire room wore off.

She wanted more...

She wanted to get bigger...

She wanted to truly test her limits...

See wanted how big she could get, see if she'd pop...

At first it had scared her, but now she wanted to know; needed to know. Her thirst for knowledge was akin to that strange compulsion she had felt when her eyes first met Shutaro's. Her naturally curious mind wanted to experience the sensation, be it pleasant, or unpleasant, for experience's sake alone. It was one strong, overriding, all-consuming desire that haunted her every waking moment.

She secretly hoped she wouldn't find out, though. She hoped that she wouldn't burst, that she'd just keep getting bigger and bigger. Not because of some deep down hidden fear, but because the thought, the idea, that this wonderful body could have limits made her shiver. This room, and the limits it imposed on her, were like a ball and chain, a weight dragging her down. She hated it. But at least she knew that she could leave the room, if she chose to do so. She knew that discovering her limit, if she had one, would impose a similar burden. One she would not be able to easily remove.

In the battle between fear and curiosity, curiosity always wins...


She awoke in the dark, from her sleep, with Shutaro by her side again. She didn't know when or how he had arrived. She never did, only aware of the simple fact that he was there. She never saw him use the door and never heard him knock. He never came to visit while she was awake. He only came when she was sleeping. The room was dark... She didn't know how, or why, it was dark. Was it night?, she wondered, silently to herself as her eyes began to slowly adjust. There were no lights in the room that she could see, but the room had been lit when she fell asleep. He was there, beside her, in the dark. She could smell him... The smell of the kitsune almost intoxicated her. A peculiar smell...

The scent of fresh spring breezes...

Cherry blossoms...

And latex.

This time he was sleeping. His twin tails were curled around her bare waist in a snug, cozy, embrace. His head rested on her shoulder, using her inflatable body as a pillow, and one arm resting lightly atop her, protectively. He looked very much like a little boy asleep with his favorite new toy. It was, she though, a fitting comparison.

They had no strong emotional attachment to each other; no bond of love between them, and she had no illusions of one. There was no direct proof of it, but she was almost certain that she was not the only one. She had suspected, since she first arrived, that Shutaro had done the same to other furs, and kept them like she was being kept; almost like a pet. But he was a kind master, and never demanded much. Indeed, as with all relationships, no matter how unorthodox, it was a two way street. He kept her happy, and she kept him happy. She was always glad to see him, and did whatever he asked, without question. He always showed her new heights, and new forms, of pleasure; always returning what he received in kind. Almost like a business arrangement, only money never changed hands.

She nuzzled him gently, her soft rubbery nose squeaking softly against his fur, trying as gently as possible to wake him to wake him.

"C'mon sleepy head... Rise and shine," she whispered into his ear, which received a muted groan in response. She giggled at him, and nibbled fiercely on his ear with her soft teeth. Sometimes it was hard to tell when he was really asleep, and when he was just playing. She assumed he was playing and nuzzled him again, which caused him let out a soft whimper.

"Can no let me sleep?" he whined.

"You came to sleep?" she asked, arching a brow. He smirked, wrapping both his arms around her and giving her a good squeeze; which caused the air inside her to shift and her body to distort somewhat.

"I no come to sleep," he replied, "But when I get here you already asleep."

She made a muffled sound as she was squeezed, "I'm always asleep when you show up... That's never stopped you before." Shutaro rubbed the sleep from his eye with the back of a paw.

"Well... Maybe I just tired," he said with a mock yawn. Now she knew he was playing. She nuzzled his chest, smiling to herself as her paws began to explore his body. She tickled him in a few choice spots, knowing exactly where he was ticklish, and was rewarded with squirming and laughter. Looking back up at him she smiled, her paw making it's way between his legs, pressing against, and encircling, his slowly hardening foxhood in a cocoon of warm air and rubber.

"Well... You have a little gray vixen that needs attention," she said with a little smirk as she squeezed him gently.

"Mmmmph," he said, about to speak, but cut off by another of her gentle squeezes, "Would be... Rude to no... Make sure you taken care of," he almost purred. She nodded her agreement, giving him a quick kiss and lick on the nose as her paw caressed the head of his continually hardening shaft. He was quite well endowed, for a fox; something she hadn't noted before for some reason. Probably because his visits usually left her too delirious with pleasure to notice.

The thought brought another smile to her face.

"Looks like I've turned the tables on you," she said, resting her head against his shoulder as she rolled over top of him, continuing to play with his cock. Shutaro, however, was much too distracted to reply, or appreciate the irony of the situation. He moaned softly, eyes begging, pleading, for her to do more than simply play. But she would not oblige him, not yet. The sound of soft breathing, and the squeaking of latex against fur and flesh, filled the room. A peaceful sound, like a forest in winter.

"Not yet," she said with a bit of an enigmatic smile, "I have a few requests to make. One, actually." She said, her voice breaking the peaceful calm, "I want a bigger room. More space." Shutaro moanwhimpered plaintively, partly at the question, and partly at the cessation of Amanda's playful massaging of his, by now, fully erect member. He had a bit of a one-track mind when it came to women, especially inflatable ones. He was predictable that way.

"But I no sure you ready," he said, finally, after another peaceful pause.

"I am," she replied quickly, eager to prove it to him in whatever fashion he requested.

"No, I no think you are..."

"Let me prove it," she countered, it was now her voice, and eyes, that were beginning to plead.


"Any way you want me to," she said, rubbing the full length of her rubbery body up against him.

"Please," she whispered, cupping his chin in one paw, whilst her other paw went back to work, resuming it's gentle strokings and squeezings. She slowly drew his muzzle to hers, and caught him in a deep, passionate, kiss. Gentle, yet at the same time firm and demanding; her tongue gently exploring the inside of his mouth. The smoothness of the wet enamel of his teeth. The ridges on the roof of his mouth. The texture of his rough, organic, tongue, in contrast to her smooth, soft, latex one. Slowly she broke the kiss, gazing into his eyes pleadingly. Longingly.

He knew it, too. He had to know what she had been thinking, the desire that had dominated her days and nights, her waking moments and her dreams. Just like he knew when they first met, and was somehow able to divine her deepest, most secret, desires. Desires so deep she had hidden them from even herself. His back arched beneath her, lifting her slightly and almost causing her to roll off him like she was nothing. Indeed, from a mass standpoint, at least, she was practically nothing. Muscles tensed below her, and the happy sounds coming from her kitsune partner grew louder and louder as her paw continued to work. She brushed the back of her paw against the tip of his cock slowly, leaving a small trail, a streak, of his latexy pre there. She brought it to her face, inhaling it's rich scent.

"Not yet," she said softly, which received the predictable response.

"No," she said firmly, trying to regain some of the control she had lost, "I need something first."

"I already tell you-!...", he began, sounding frustrated, before she cut him off.

"Not that," she said, leaning in close, resting a paw against his muzzle lightly and leaning over to whisper in his ear, "You're forgetting something."

"Hrrf?", was all he was able to say. His mouth was obstructed by her paw to the point where all he could do was make a muffled, confused, sound. She quirked a brow at him.

"Wouldn't you rather have me... Bigger? Hmm?," she asked, sliding up on his body somewhat. Just a little bit. Enough so that his muzzle was able to rest comfortably in between the mounds of her modest breasts. She was rewarded with the pleasant, moist, sensation of Shutaro's tongue licking at the latex of her chest and stomach. She rolled over, allowing him to return to his spot atop her as he continued to lick. His saliva seemed to have a latexy quality to it. She could feel herself, her body, absorbing it. She could feel it making her stronger. She moaned softly... It was her turn to make those happy sounds.

He straightened, sitting atop her; straddling her body. His weight pressing against her soft body caused it to, again, distort somewhat; some of the displaced air to rushing up to her chest, and some rushing down to her rear. He grinned at her, almost wolfishly.

She wasn't quite prepared for what happened next.

She wasn't quite prepared for the sudden change...

Almost on a whim, it seemed, Shutaro's form wavered briefly; like a mirage. It was something out of some Sci-Fi movie or TV show. A wave of shiny latex, like the one that had slowly overtaken her own body, and left her in this state, spread out from his abdomen. But his change was much quicker than hers. His body shimmered fluidly for a moment, before it settled and became solid... Substantial. In a matter of seconds, he was just like her.

So many questions, so little time. Before she could open her mouth to speak, he was on top of her again. His muzzle pressed firmly against her as his, still erect, now rubber foxhood slid into her smoothly. The sensation was different from anything she had ever felt before, it was almost beyond description. Having him inside her as flesh and blood was one thing, but latex and air was quite another. It warmer somehow, warmer and softer. Much more comfortable, and much more comforting, than the heavy feeling of his normal body bouncing atop her, which she had become accustomed to. Slowly he exhaled, blowing into her open muzzle. She could feel him move against her, inside her. Her body, starting with her breasts and stomach, began to expand as Shuato began to add more and more air. She moaned, another soft moan that was, this time, muffled by Shutaro's muzzle and the influx of air.

She loved the way it felt. Not so much the sex, but just the way her body felt when she was being inflated. The way her body stretched and grew, the pressure slowly building inside her. Even the tiniest puff of air could send a myriad of pleasures shimmering through her form. Everything else was additional, secondary. The heightened sensitivity that came from being inflated was what she craved... It was a sensation she could never get enough of. It was why she wanted to be bigger. The bigger she was, she reasoned, the further she stretched, the more pressure inside her... Surely that meant more pleasure. It was the only logical conclusion. However, she was fast drifting away from logic as she continued to be filled with more and more of Shutaro's breath. Her mind became more and more distant as a fog of pleasure clouded her brain... She closed her eyes, and let escape a tiny whimper as she felt his muzzle pull away from hers.

"Mmmmm... more," she almost whined beneath him, as he moved against her, filling the room with all sorts of squeaks, most of which she had become deaf to, in her present state. But at the same time everything seemed to become more focused, more clear, in some ways. She still felt him inside her, warm and soft, moving back and forth. The feeling sent tremors of pleasure throughout her being. She opened her eyes, partially from the pleasure and partially because there was some part of her conscious mind that still survived, some awareness that cut through the fog of pleasure, and wanted to see what she looked like. How big she had gotten. Her breasts bounced slightly against her distended belly. She was big, but not the biggest she had been by any stretch of the imagination.

She could barely see Shutaro...

She could see he had the hose.

What was he doing?

She heard a soft squeak and a click, as the nozzle of the hose was attached to something. But what? She didn't feel anything, and she wasn't aware of any part of her body that would make that peculiar "click" when a hose was connected. Before she could speak, again, she received her answer... It was subtle at first, but slowly the realization dawned on her. She heard the hose being turned on, and then the soft hiss of the air. The soft, tell-tale squeak of latex stretching... He must've hooked it up to himself, was the only thought she could managed before it hit her.

She was stretching.

But not from air... Nothing more was entering her body. Something was stretching inside her. It was another moment before her addled brain was able to pin it down... It was Shutaro! Somehow he was able to manipulate the air inside his body in a way she was not. Soon the feeling became more pronounced, and she moaned loudly as her rubber sex was slowly stretched bigger and bigger. She let out a cry of pleasure as she felt his cock inflate inside her.

"UUUNNNGH!!! .... I- In-... MMMMmmmm..." she tried to speak, but was unsuccessful. It was simply too much for her. She could hear Shutaro cry out as well, in much the same state. The top half of her body was nearly paralyzed from the pleasure, but her lower half, her hips, continued to move as she called out nonsense. It was if she had completely lost control of herself. Her stretched-out sex tightened against his inflating member, squeezing it and causing it to swell and press it's way further up into her body. Wave after wave of pleasure ran through her...

But that wasn't all.

The hissing grew louder as Shutaro cried out for the second time, the ballooning foxycock inside her leaping and beginning to leak... Not fluid, but air. First a trickle, then a flood... The air rushed into her, the sudden sensation of once again expanding causing her to nearly pass out. But she managed to hang on, biting her lip and squeezing her eyes shut. It was as if the air was passing right through Shutaro, and into her, on one long, endless, orgasm. It just kept coming and coming and coming.


Shutaro was too far gone to do anything to stop it, too lost in his own pleasure-filled fog. As if he had been reduced from a living, breathing, thinking being to nothing more than a simple tool. Like the hose he had attached to himself only moments before. All she could do was lie there and grow, moaning for more and more. She almost demanded it from him, like a spoiled child.

She was aware of everything...

The wondrous stretching...

The exquisite pressure...

Her size.

How big was she? Big, that was all she knew. Beyond that, she didn't care. But where were the walls? Shouldn't they be stopping her soon? She whimpered to herself, praying the inevitable wouldn't come. She wanted this to last forever. She wanted to continue to blow up until there was nothing else. Until she filled the entire universe... She never felt the walls. It was as if they had simply... Disappeared. She only felt the cold floor beneath her, and Shutaro inside her, doing what he did best.

Filling her with pleasure...

Filling her with air.

Time lost all meaning for her. The bigger she got, the more her pleasure grew. It kept growing and building inside her. Several times she felt as if she could no longer hold on, as if she just wanted to let go of all the pressure. Release everything inside her, just let it all out, but she couldn't. She had no longer had any choice in the matter. Shutaro just kept sending more air into her, without end. The bigger she got, the more little things began to stand out. It was if she could feel every molecule, every atom, of air, both inside and outside of her body, as they fought to attain some sort of equilibrium. She could feel them moving, struggling, jostling against the spreading latex. It added to her pleasure, which continued to build...

More and more...

Bigger and bigger...

Until she could take no more.

She didn't have time to cry out before her body gave way, rupturing into a thousand fragments. Her world shattered in a burst of white light and brilliant noise... Millions of light years beyond any orgasm she had ever experienced. For a split second there was absolute pleasure, absolute freedom...

Absolute peace...

Then there was nothing... Only darkness, and faint echoes.


Amanda floated, blissfully unaware, in the shallow white void of her mind. Slowly, but surely, her senses returned to her; the fog lifting from her mind as her head began to clear. She moved, her body making a soft rustling sound against the sheets of her bed. She moved again, as the feeling returned first to her arms and legs, then to her hands and feet and finally to her fingers and toes.

Her mouth was dry, and her face numb.

Her head hurt.

If she didn't know better, she could have sworn she had a hangover. But she knew she hadn't had anything to drink in weeks. Not since she came here. Where was here, anyway? She had some trouble remembering details, as her thoughts slowly sorted and ordered themselves. Soon, sequences of events took shape, revealing themselves to her. Fragments, at first, that were becoming clearer as she continued to contemplate her situation. She ran a paw over her body, making sure, once again, that she was fully intact. She was startled by the soft squeak she made as she explored herself. Calming herself, she began remembering still more. She opened her eyes, and squinted against the bright light in the room.


It had to be, she thought to herself. Was it yet another dream, she wondered, or was it real this time? The entire experience was so vivid, it had to be real. She rolled over onto her side and smiled, feeling something warm in the bed next to her.

It *was* real...