Inflatable Fighter

By Lord Balloony-cat Inflated


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One more thing: this is a deflation rather than an inflation story.

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The tigress was caught, backed up against a tree and surrounded by the enemy. Several of the vulpine spearmen crowded close and poked the tips of their weapons into the huge, soft beach ball that was her belly. Not wanting to be punctured, she quickly dropped her spear and raised her hands above her head. Her stretchy skin was dimpling under the pressure of those sharp, sharp points, making her very nervous.

One of the spearmen, apparently the captain, chuckled nastily. “These blowup dolls think they’re so tough with their little spears. They just don’t understand that when you’re full of hot air and made of vinyl, you can’t fight a war.”

He lowered his spear and approached her, running his hand up over the curve of her big tummy, then cupping and squeezing her left boob.

“Why that huge belly and those big boobies are just begging for an arrow or a spear.” His men chuckled at this. He stepped back, admiring her pneumatic figure, her perfectly round, perky breasts the size of cantaloupes, the slim curve of her hip, the long, smooth legs, the thick, stripped tail. The only thing wrong was the belly. It was over three feet across and it stuck straight out. It was as if the tigress had swallowed a huge beach ball. He poked it with a claw tip, disgusted at the springy feel of it, while at the same time attracted to it in some way he could not explain. This attraction made him angry, and he drew a small dagger from an arm sheath. Her eyes widened in fear.

“No, please. Don’t cut me,” she begged.

“Shut up” he said, lashing his bushy tail in rage. “You know what your problem is?”

She shook her head. He had pressed the knife against her tummy and was tracing lazy patterns with the point. She could feel it was a very sharp knife and she was afraid to take more than shallow breaths, for fear the extra swelling would push the knife through her skin.

“You’re way too full of yourself.” The foxes all laughed at this.

The knife had reached her navel now and he stopped moving it. She was panting with fear now, and her belly and boobs pulsated with every breath, swelling on the inhale and shrinking on the exhale. Watching this, he suddenly realized that whatever he thought of the cat’s big belly, his one-eyed warrior liked it just fine; the little guy was giving that belly and those boobies a standing ovation.

“You know what?” he said, “I’m going to let you go”

His men erupted in murmurs of surprise at this, which made the tigress look hopeful.

“Really?” she asked, daring to relax a little, in spite of the knife still touching her navel. On top of her head, her pointy ears rose with hope.

“Yeah,” he said. “Tell all your inflatable friends to give themselves up. Tell them if they want to surrender, they should let the air out of themselves, like this,” and he pushed the knife just a little harder.

She gasped as she was penetrated, ears flattening with dismay and tail going straight down. There was a gentle hiss as the air began to trickle out of her. Surprisingly, the sensation was very pleasant, erotic even. It was as if all her tension and fear were bleeding out of her with the air, and she felt the same way she would if someone had started to caress her taught skin and lightly tickle her clitoris.

Without moving the knife, the captain turned to his men and told them to back off so the young tigress could leave. She was leaking slowly, he thought, and she ought to be able to make it back to her little friends before running out of air. He turned back to the tigress, meaning to take his knife out and tell her she was free to go, but when he saw her, he was frozen with surprise.

A dreamy, contented look had come over the tigress’s face. Her eyes were half-lidded and there was a distracted smile on her lips. It almost seemed like she was getting off on this, which wasn’t right at all (though his one-eyed warrior disagreed). Slowly, as if sinking through water, her hands came down and began to caress the surface of her great belly.

The captain stared in shock, unable to move or speak, transfixed by sight of this female rubbing herself down. He was disgusted (or so he wanted to believe) to find that he was even more aroused by her arousal, and he found himself cursing the slowness of her leak; he wanted to see her deflating. As if gifted with a life of its own, his knife hand suddenly slid forward just a little more.

The sensations were wonderful. She felt as if the air were caressing her from the inside as it left her belly. A wet spot was quickly spreading at the crotch of her bikini, and her nipples were rock-hard points tenting the surface of her bikini top. She lowered her arms, forgetting all about the fox-men surrounding her -except she was still dimly aware of the captain and his sharpness inside her-, and began to rub her hands all over her belly and boobies as her tail swayed with lazy pleasure. She cursed the slowness of her leak, wanting to feel her flesh soften under her hands, needing to increase this feeling of lazy stimulation. As if her thought had made it so, she felt the captain probe a little deeper inside her. The air was being let out of her a lot faster now, though it was still a very slow leak. As the air whirled and swirled within her, it tickled and tingled and caressed her dripping sex from the inside. She closed her eyes against the pleasure and began to purr. The air running over the edges of the puncture was like a tongue licking her clit, making her hotter and wetter even as she felt herself soften and relax.

The captain could see the cat’s belly shrinking now, though only if he stared very hard, and he realized he must have pushed further into her without thinking. His disgust at his arousal was disappearing, leaking out of him as the tigress lost air. He was not as far gone as she was; he still had a dim awareness of his surroundings and his men. This awareness was the only thing that kept him from moving his dagger in and out of her, like a male yiffing a female.

She could feel herself shrinking under her hands; slowly, her belly was getting smaller and softer; she was just beginning to feel heavy and weak and sleepy as the air was let out of her. She was finding this helpless deflation intensely erotic. The whirls of gas caressing her insides, the tongues of air teasing at the erogenously sensitive edges of her leak, the smooth hardness of the intruder in her navel, and the growing softness beneath her hands were all combining to drive her crazy with lust. Even the weakness, sleepiness, and heaviness were helping to stoke the fires in her loins. She wanted to cum so bad, but she wasn’t deflating fast enough to make it happen.

“More, more. Let out more” she murmured urgently, as her hands began to press, her arms to squeeze in an effort to force more air out of her belly. The captain was still frozen. His disgust was gone. His lust for this deflating beauty was all consuming. As her belly slowly shrank in her arms, his universe shrank until there was only her and him. She was noticeably smaller now. Her big tummy was only two and a half feet across instead of three, and her breasts had gone down a whole cup size, from G to F. He still didn’t understand his sudden desire, but he really didn’t care. All he could think about was this tigress, shrinking, softening, loosening. He reached out with his free hand, wanting to touch her, wanting to feel her flesh collapsing. As he leaned forward, his weapon went a little deeper.

What was this? The sharp, hard intruder had just pushed a little deeper. The hiss of air had grown louder. She opened her eyes to see the captain of the spearmen reaching toward her even as he pushed deeper into her belly. His lust for her shown from his eyes as clearly as a searchlight in the dark. A lot more air was getting out of her now and it felt miles better than before, but it was still not enough. As his hand touched her bulging tummy, she stopped hugging herself and reached out to him. At the same time, she leaned into his steely sharpness, forcing him into her to the hilt.

He could feel the air leaving her as he touched her sexy belly. It was shrinking noticeably, seeming to retreat from his hand. He loved the feel of her springy flesh now and wondered that he had been disgusted at this beautiful creature. Before, he had wanted to hurt her and scare her; now he only wanted to yiff her until she was flat. Amazingly, she seemed to want the same thing, for she stopped hugging herself as he watched and reached out for him. At the same time, she leaned forward, and the hiss of air became a muffled whoosh.

The air was being let out of her much faster now. It was almost like an orgasm in itself. The heaviness-weakness-sleepiness was growing by leaps and bounds as she grabbed the captain and tried to pull him against her rapidly shrinking belly. However, his knife hand was still between them, and neither could push past it.

She was pulling him toward her, but his knife was between them, keeping them apart. As air continued to gush from her belly-wound, he fought his need to yiff her and withdrew long enough to cast his knife aside. Then he threw his arms around her, or tried to, since her belly was still very full, unsheathed his foxhood, and pulled her toward him again.

He backed off. Then she felt the knife withdraw. She almost hoped he would plunge it in again, but instead he cast it aside, and she felt his real hardness, his one-eyed warrior press against her through his pants as he hugged her to him. He wanted to undress them, to turn her around, and enter her sex as the air bled from her, but there was no time, so he simply pressed his foxhood to her shrinking belly, feeling the jet of her air even through his clothes, and pushed her back against the tree. Now the air was not just being let out of her, but forced out, and she began to cum very loudly as he thrust against her. As he forced her back against the tree, her big, soft tummy gave before him like a springy pillow, pressing against his throbbing foxhood and enveloping him in deflating tigress-flesh. It felt so good to press against her like this. The feel of her belly on his penis brought back long repressed memories of his adolescence, of “playing” with balloons in just this fashion. Now he understood: his lust for inflatable things had always been there, he had just been denying it in an effort to be like every one else. Now, as the tigress cried out in an agony of pleasure, he embraced his strange lusts, just as he embraced her softening body.

She was leaking very fast, almost as fast as his lust was rising, and he knew that neither of them would last long. She was really feeling sleepy now, but somehow, it was an erotic sleepiness, like lying still at letting a lover bring her to orgasm. Something else was happening too. As she loosened and softened, her orgasms were coming slower, but they were lasting longer. It was almost as if they were deflating along with her, becoming softer, stretching and spreading as the air left her. Even as she noticed this, the feel of his cock against her brought on another of those long, slow climaxes.

For both of them, the strange sex they had seemed to last forever, but it was only a matter of moments before her belly shrank from a huge beach ball to a gentle bulge. In a way, they were glad it was gone, for now he could kiss her and fondle her breasts and feel her whole body soften against him. A dim, detached part of him wondered where his men had got to, but the rest of him didn’t care. Nor did the tigress care. Her eyelids were getting very heavy, and her body was softening under the force of her lover’s embrace. Soon her tummy was gone. Her breasts, though still very full and firm, had shrunk quite a bit. Now they were only C cups.

Suddenly, he came in his pants, spraying hot seed like a faucet. The feeling was like an explosion in his loins, and his cries of pleasure mixed with hers as his lust was let out of him like so much air. As he was winding down, he felt her breasts collapse entirely under his hands, and he pulled back just a bit, not wanting to miss her final deflation.

It was almost over now. She felt him come against her, heard him cry out with her. The feel of his penis and his body had begun to mingle and spread as her breasts shrank away to nothing; now the feel of him was everywhere, all through her. He pulled back just a little, and this new sensation started her on another long, slow orgasm. At the same time, she began to wilt, softening and sagging in his arms. It was as if the waves of orgasm were massaging the last of the air from her body. Her eyes slid shut. Under his penis, her belly sagged toward her back. Her arms dropped from around him to hang down like empty socks from her sinking shoulders and her tail fell from his leg and hung loosely from her drooping rump. He watched as her head fell back, her beautiful face wrinkling and sagging. He pressed his muzzle to hers as her head emptied of air. At last, he let her fall flaccid to the ground and turned to face his men…only to find them crumpled in flaccid heaps, their deflated features barely recognizable, and himself surrounded by big-bellied beauties with strange looking spears.

“We didn’t want to interrupt her,” said a busty vixen who was obviously the leader. The captain was about to reply when the vixen jabbed him in the gut with her spear. He doubled over, expecting pain, but there was none, just a strange tingle and a hissing sound like air escaping from somewhere. He reached down to the wound and found that the air was escaping from him! As he watched, smoothness spread out from the wound, replacing his fur with fur-patterned vinyl.

“What have you done to me and my men?” he cried, angry that his men might be hurt, but unable to keep the pleasure from his voice. No wonder the tigress had pushed against his knife.

“We just turned you all into inflatables” the vixen said. “Or should I say deflatables.” She chuckled at her own words as his legs crumpled and he fell flat on his face. He seemed to be having a great deal of trouble moving, and it was becoming hard to think. Had he really thought they would surrender if he threatened them with deflation? They were smarter and better equipped than he had thought, and he mentally kicked himself for his stupidity. He was feeling very sleepy now, and it was hard to think or even to worry about his men. He just hoped, as the air left him and he went flat, that these females were planning to fill him up again and keep him around for a while.


The End