Author's note - (8/15/00)

I'm still grinning much of this morning, even as I write this, about the dream that strongly, and I do mean strongly influenced this story. For the past two weeks while I have been working on getting a job and me car fixed, I have been watching Star Trek: The Next Generation . . . roughly about three shows a day while I have been either mucking or just working on the computer. Lasr night, before I went to bed, I watched the episode called Starship Mine where Jean-Luc Picard fights off terrorists in his ship alone while facing off against an energy maintenance sweep. Kinda like a Star Trek version of Die Hard. Well, it was late, perhaps 3 am when I finally fell asleep and this dream, short as it was, popped into me head.

Granted, this is some embellishment to this just for some clarification, but I give ye me oath that this is the way it happened.

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Caitlynn Wildfire

Fukure na Neko Megami

Inflation: The Next Generation

Captain Log - Stardate: 44969.5

The Enterprise is on route to Deep Space 9 for a lay-over and refurnishing of supplies and some much needed shoreleave for the crew. Dr. Crusher has been concerned for the last couple of weeks that many member of this crew . . . perhaps one of the finest I have ever worked with . . . is stretched too tightly. There have been some minor reports of problems with tension. Councilor Troi backs this up with her reports on these same few members. But all of these are just minor things. This crew has always given Starfleet one hundred and ten percent of their efforts. I just feel that it's time that I give them a reward.

It took some work, but I was able to get us diverted to DS9. It's not much of a stop-over, but I have extended shoreleave to anyone who wants it for the next week or so. There is also Bajor that I have looked into with Councilor Troi's help to find activities and special events to aid my people to find ways of taking advantage of this downtime.

However, like always, there are those aboard, who feel that such downtimes, and, for that great of a length, is a waste. Chief Engineer LaForge has decided that while his crews perform some light maintenance, he is going to finally sit down and do some improvements to the school that we have on board for the children. As he explained it to me, he wanted to be able to download some Bajorian and Cardasian information as well as some other files for the school's history section as well as update sections of art and music. But, the main thing LaForge is working on is making the computers in the classrooms a bit faster and smoother by cleaning them out and working on the processors. A definate noble and wellneeded effort . . . children are our most valued resource.

Personal Log - Same Stardate:

I am keenly aware of Geordi LaForge's passion for making sure the children have plenty of good things to learn and to do in the classrooms as well as some of the finest and most up-to-date systems that they could have anywhere in the Federation. If I remember right, Geordi spent much of his life drifting back and forth with his parents from one place to another. While he had some good teachers, he tells me privately that the ones here are some of the best and I have to agree. This is part of his passion for doing this assignement.

However, before leaving my office, he told me that there was another reason that he wanted to supervise this simple project. One of his best and newest recruits to his department, Lieutenant Caitlynn Wildfire, seems to be showing signs of quarky moodswings and some mild stress. Nothing that I think is serious, but Deanna tells me that the lieutenant, who I have not had much of the pleasure to meet with her, has something eatting away at her. Perhaps a guilt or something that's revolves around children.

Now, while it's known that I have not been one of the more active supporters of having children on my ship, I have come, over the last five years, to notice that the families add a stability to the crew. I still believe in the power and the need for family and friends.

Geordi and Deanna agree that having Caitlynn work with this project might help discover what's eatting at this good woman. Her records in the past tell of a fine and adventerious officer with perhaps one of the most brave records that I have seen in such a young person. I would hate to loose her and seeing one of my own in pain is not something I can take lightly.

Geordi and Data will be working alongside Caitlynn and, hopefully, they will have the project done in plenty of time to take advantage of DS9 and Bajor . . .

"Shoo . . . shoo!" called out the lieutenant, flapping her huge hands out to the children who just wanted to watch her work on their desktops. A little boy who was barely older than seven and two of his friends stood there watching with mild interest. One of them looked more like Geordi did when one of his technicians worked on the warp core . . . with professional interest and a bit of prideful worrying.

A soft sigh escaped from the lieutenant's lips as she blew her breath out and caused some of the strands of her thick hair to flap up and down against her forehead. Bright emerald eyes dulled slightly as she sidelong glanced at the children while she worked on hooking up the cabled and connectors for the downloading and cleaning of the desktop's memory core. Her long tail and wide ears moved about in obvious annoyance . . . at least to those who cared to notice. Pausing with the probe in her huge hand, she turned around and looked at the children once more.

"I'll tell ye what . . . ," she said softly as she shifted her weight on her huge booted feet, allowing her tushie to center over the right back heel of her foot. Her emerald gaze turned to the children in turn to make sure that they knew that she was talking to each and every one of them. " . . . if ye go and allow me to finish up me work, I'll see about setting aside some holodeck time soon and show ye some special tricks with balloons . . ." The children seemed to brighten a bit at this, many of them had not even heard of balloons until the lieutenant came on board. " . . . perhaps if te are verrae good, I might . . . just might . . . show off some of me . . ." She leaned in for some added effect like telling them a secret. " . . . powers of shapechanging . . ."

The children nodded as one, looking rather thrilled at this aspect of a reward for allowing her to work on their desktops and staying out of the way. Two of them dashed off, almost running into a courious Deanna Troi as she walked into the classroom. The betazoid watched the third boy hug the lieutenant lightly and smile. "Thank you, Caitlynn," he replied as he turned to join his friends.

Once the children were out of sight, the lieutenant sat down onto the floor and sighed slightly. "Bribery . . . ," she chided herself. "Is that what it's coming to in order to get things done?"

Deanna giggled lightly as she leaned against one of the desks. One of the things that she liked about the lieutenant was her down-to-earth sense of humor and her way of handling people. There was beneath that uniform a large heart which kept itself open for so much love, so much understanding for those around her. This always made Deanna a be curious to why the lieutenant went into computers instead of counciling.

"Sometimes when we need something done for the wellbeing of children, we need to give them a bit of reassurance that they will ok," replied Deanna smoothly, allowing her thickly accented voice to carry throughout the room. "It's never easy as a child to understand why things are done. Their perspective is quite different from ours since their worlds are just opening up for them."

Brushing some of the hair out of her face, the lieutenant grudgingly shrugged, causing her uniform to creak slightly. "I suppose so," came the slightly tired reponse. "It's just hard to think of it that way . . ." Reaching into a pocket, the feline took out a plum strip of cloth and tied it around the brow of her head to help keep the hair out of the way. With that taken care of, she dipped her head back into the desk.

Deanna watched as she took the iniative on the conversation. " . . . Especially when you had to rely on yourself when you were growing up?" she asked, maybe even going as far as to complete the thought.

A rather rude snort errupted from underneath the desk.

"Caitlynn . . . ," the councilor began, her tone softening a bit, but, at the same time taking on a slight firmness. ". . . ignoring the past can lead one into repeating the same mistakes, even if they were caused by someone else."

The feline lieutenant said nothing for the time being as much of her upper body disappeared within the desk, almost making Deanna wonder with some perverse ammusement on how such a buxom woman could fit into a small place like that. Her tail was the only thing that told Deanna that she was still slightly annoyed by this, but . . . it also meant that she was thinking about it.

A good start, thought Deanna.

Slipping away from the lieutenant, Denna started to head for the door when her three favorite friends came in carrying the much needed equipment on the anti-grav loaders. There was the ever curious Lieutenant Commander Data who search for being human never ceased to amaze her with his bright and inquisitive face and lean body. Next to his right was the equally dashing Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge who, over the years that Deana served with him, has come so far and has done so much for the people around him. Both of these two friends seemed to mesh together in work and in play to make a dynamic team. Then, there was the impressively tall Commander William Riker, the one friend, person, who understood herself perhaps better than anyone on board. Imzadi. Her special one. All three of these friends had qualities that Deanna appreciated and acknowledged as their own which made their friendship to her even more special.

Leaning against the doorway slightly as she made herself a bit of a speedbump for their work, Deanna watched the trio move around her and start to unload the equipment and set up. "So, how are my favorite gentlemen today?" Deanna asked in an almost playful and feline manner.

She had discovered that being with the lieutenant that she had devleoped a bit of a feline side to her own personality.

Pausing in the work, Geordi was the first to happily reply. "Going pretty well, Councilor . . . with Data's and Caitlynn's help, I should be finished with the classrooms within the better part of the day."

"Indeed," agreed Data as he moved one of the information compressors aside and started hooking up the cables that the lieutenant had laying on the floor. "The work has proceeded with far greater effiency than we first anticipated. Lieutenant Wildfire has managed to hook up most of the desks and replace the chips faster than I expected."

The quartet glanced at the lieutenant who waved a huge hand from underneath the desk. "Nae problem, Commander," she called out, seeming a bit chipper herself. "Tis one of those things when ye dinnae have the boss hanging over ye're shoulder to make ye nervious . . ." With a slight pause, she added, "Nae offense, boss . . ." Which was directed at Geordi.

Chuckling, Geordi took the playful barb at the indended value. "She has proven that she can do the work and, definately, works faster if I allow her the space to do the work. Sometimes, she finishes so fast that I have to resist checking her work, but . . ." The darkskinned man shrugs with a bright smile. " . . . but, when I do, I find that it's well done . . . she's worth her weight in latinium . . ." With a slight glance at the lieutenant, he added his own playful barb. " . . . for an overgrown housecat."

"I heard that, Commander," came the tart response. "I'll remember that when ye get stuck in a jefferies tube with a leg cramp.

Data arched an eyebrow, a bit like Ambassador Spock had done in the past, as he went to work, finishing up the connections to the compressors and checking a few other minor details.

Will smiled in that winning and pleased expression as he looked down at Geordi. "I heard about that from Ensign Gomez at Ten Forward. She told me that you twisted your back slightly and caught your leg on one of the rungs . . . ," he replied, leaving the statement open for Geordi to acknowledge which he did with a nod.

"Sure . . . it was a stupid thing," the engineer replied with no shame. "But, Caitlynn say me right away and got my leg uncaught and massaged the muscle to relieve the tension until I could finish and go check it out with Dr. Crusher." He laughed a bit. "Good thing she did too . . . Captain Picard came by shortly there after and was curious to what was going on. Caitlynn gave him a brief rundown and sent him on his way content."

"Aye . . . we could nae be having the chief engineer hanging upside down out of a jefferies tube when the captain came by, now cane we?"

Deanna giggled which was joined in by Will and Geordi. "Sure we could," Will replied. "That might spead up your rise into power, Cait . . . a new chief engineer would shake things up."

"Nae thanks," came her reply. "Geordi's too cute to have him working underneath me . . ."

The pause stopped Data and made the other humans in the room laugh a bit. Ever curious, Data turned to his friends and asked, "Why is that funny?"

A cough from Geordi with a slight darkening to his rich and dusky hues made Data turn his head towards his friend. "Surely your looks have little to do with the knowledge and skills that make you the ship's engineer," the android continued. "I would think that Captain Picard did not choose you with this in mind."

This was too much for Deanna as she turned and pillowed her head against Will's broad chest, trying so hard and failing so badly to hid her laughter. Will glanced down at Data, putting on his best poker face. "Yes, Data . . . ," he replied. "That is true. Geordi was choosen for his skills and knowledge of the ships systems . . ." He glanced back at Geordi who seemed to be waiting for the other shoe to hit the floor. " . . . but you have to admit, a good looking chief engineer is great for attracting the best and most beautiful technicians in Starfleet."

A playful punch to Will's chest came from Deanna as Geordi straightened up and starting laughing. Data looked confused back and forth at his friends, trying to process all of this, but seem to just enjoy storing this for later reflection.

"Hey!" came the lieutenant's voice as she pulled her head out from the desktop. "Are ye all here to work or to practice ye're act at Quark's later?"

Chuckling, Will and Geordi went back to unloading the anti-grav loaders as Data finished the last checks on the processors. Deanna decided to stay out of the way and leaned against the doorway to watch them work.

Looking over at the android, the lieutenant called out, "Commander, be careful of that junction box . . . I had to juryrig that so it would handle the connections, but . . . it still might nae be hooked up just right."

With that, she knelt back down into the desk and went back to work. When there was no response, the lieutentant paused. "Did ye hear me, Mr. Data?"

"I did, lieutenant. With my hearing, I can easily pick up most words and conversations at great distances. Even sort them out in a room full of people."

"Ok . . . just checking."

With a nod, Data knelt down to the floor and checked the connections. "It looks to be an efficient enough set up, lieutenant," he replied.

Another rude snort came from the desk that the lieutenant was working in. "Bet he could hear a mouse fart from the center of the universe."

Perking up, Data frowned as he looked at the lieutenant. "Why would I want to hear a mouse fart from the center of the universe?" he asked in innocent deadpan.

The three human started busting up laughing which also got the lieutent to start laughing as well. Within a span of a few moments, the front of her uniform top had inflated up nice and big, almost wedging herself within the console, but she could not care. Between the pressure and swelling of her chest and the pleasure of the laughter and the increased size of her bust was just too much for the lieutenant. She could feel the tight material of the uniform sliding against the increasingly sensitive flest of her breast and hitting the tips of her engorged nipples. Soon, she had filled the entire section of the desk and started to buldge outwards a good bit.

Something seemed to prick against her breast . . .


* * * * *

With a start, Caitlynn woke up within her beanbag chair, startled and still with a bit of a grin on her face. She was back in her appartment with a huge bowl of popcorn laying next to her right side of her body, a container of Coca-cola off next to it. Blinking for a moment, the smile on her face faded as she looked about the room and noticed that the television was on playing some of the show that she had been watching. It was one of her favorites: Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The smile returned to her face, but with a bit of sadness to it.

"It had only been a dream," she whispered to herself. A soft sigh escaped her lips. "A pity . . . I think I would have made a great member of the crew of the Enterprise."

With a soft giggle, she placed her huge right hand to her chest and allowed the pleasure of the moment to wash over her. However . . . something was wrong. She could feel the soft and lacy material of her enormous bra that kept her chest in check as well as the soft panties that she wore. The cool surface of the beanbag chair was underneath her tushie and the food and drink was still in it's proper place. On the screen, Picard and the crew were getting ready to close out the story . . .

Still, something seemed to be missing.

Her fingers brushed a bit to the left of her chest . . . that was when she noticed it. Glancing down, she discovered that her left boobieballoon had popped. Arching an eyebrow like Mr. Spock, she found this fascinating since she usually never popped and certainly not her bust. Taking her thumb, she rubbed the hole which she found quickly so allow her body to heal. Nice thing about her body . . . it healed almost instantly. Pushing the bra down over the bottom of her chest, Caitlynn turned it around and undid the clasp to allow herself to pull the item off. Cupping the flesh like a deflated balloon, she smiled a bit.

"Guess a bit of inflation is in order," she replied as she pulled the nipple firm and brought to her lips and start to blow.

However, after one gust, she noticed that on the television, Picard was sitting in his throne like chair with the bridge crew around him as the scene started to close. With a gesture of his right hand that Caitlynn knew so well, she heard the sexy captain issue the command: "Make it so."

A giggle escaped Caitlynn's lips as she looked at her deflated tit. "Aye aye, sir," she replied as she went back to puffing on her tit.

The Enterprise went into warp, but, by then, Caitlynn was gasping and moaning in delight too much to even care . . .