Learning the Hard Way

By Lord Balloony-cat Inflated



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            The latex tiger lay on his back in bed, his furry mate riding him like a horse in a rodeo. As she bucked and heaved atop his tiger-hood, the tigress blew breath after breath into the neck of a large, round balloon. He loved to watch her blow things up; the way her large bust lifted with each breath, the way her cheeks puffed out when she blew, and the sight of the balloon swelling with her air were almost twice as arousing as the friction between their loins. Now, both he and the balloon were very near to bursting.

            “Oh, it’s so big!” the tigress giggled, holding the balloon at arm’s length to admire its nearly four-foot girth. The tiger moaned as she said this, and beads of sweat stood out on his shiny brow.

            “Pop it, please,” he gasped, as she bounced on him like a trampoline.

            Her face fell. “Oh, but it’s so cute,” she cooed, hugging it to her and running her free hand down it’s squeaky side. “Almost as cute as you,” she added, smiling at him through the stretchy latex. “I just couldn’t hurt something almost as cute as my mate.”

            “Please,” he said. He absolutely loved the sight and sound of a popping balloon, and he thought if he could get his mate to burst one, the experience would be exquisite. Eventually, of course, he was hoping he could get her to pop him, but first thing was first.

He had already given her three orgasms (she had screamed her pleasure into the shiny pink orb) and could feel a fourth building inside her, but the balloon was driving him crazy. He needed it to pop or he would go insane with lust.

            “Please, just poke it with a claw,” he groaned, as the fourth orgasm broke over her. “I’m going nuts down here.”

            “No, I don’t want to hurt it!”

            He sighed, feeling his excitement begin to sink inside him, dropping down to a place where it would fester and smolder with no release.

            “You won’t hurt it. They like it.” he said, bucking beneath her, trying to hold onto his arousal.

            “How could they like it...HEY!” she had cried out as he tried to do the job for her, needing his release. She jerked the balloon away from the pin in his hand and let it go; watching it lose its air as it rocketed about the room seemed to do some good, for his loins ignited and he painted her insides with his latex-smelling seed.

            “There. That worked, didn’t it?”  she asked, climbing off him and licking first herself and then his penis clean.

            “I guess,” he said, but he still felt too full, too tight, too hot. If she had popped that balloon, it could have been gold, and he hated to settle for silver. She seemed to sense some of his thoughts, for she stroked his belly in a placatory manner as she lay down beside him.

            “I’m sorry, honey,” she said, stretching and kneading his rubbery skin, “I just can’t hurt such a cute little thing. I love them too much”

            “It doesn’t hurt. They like it. I like it, and I’m a balloon.”

            She looked horrified. “You want me too pop you?”

            “Eventually,” he said, bracing himself against her response.

            She shook her head and rolled over abruptly. “Sometimes you’re just too strange for me,” she said. “I could never hurt you like that!”

            He sighed, wanting to tell her again that it didn’t hurt. In fact, it felt wonderful. However, he could see from the set of her ears that he shouldn’t even touch her, much less talk to her right now. He rolled so his back was to her, then lay there thinking, wishing she was a popper like him, wishing there was some way he could show her what it was like. Suddenly, a plan appeared, full-blown in his mind, and he twisted to look at her sleek, striped back. She would have to be forced into it, and that made him feel a little dirty, but he decided it was for her own good. Holding that thought like a shield against guilt and doubt, he waited for her to fall asleep, then moved stealthily down to her dainty toes.


            The tigress snorted, twitched, and awoke to the sensation of something warm and wet encircling her legs at the thigh. As she lay there wondering what it was, it advanced another few inches, and she felt a powerful rippling all down her legs. Slightly anxious as well as curious now, she turned on the bedside lamp...and was distracted by a note in her mate’s sloppy hand:

            Dearest, it read, I cannot talk now for obvious reasons, so I leave you this instead. Please try to stay calm. Know that I love you and I would never hurt you. Trust me, and a wonderful new thing will open for you.

            Wondering what the hell was going on, she turned to look at her legs...and gasped. Her mate was eating her. His jaws were stretched impossibly wide over her thighs, and dimly, she could see the rest of her going down his throat and into his stomach. For a moment, as their eyes met, she was frozen with horror; then he swallowed another few inches of her, and the paralysis broke.

            “What are you...why are you doing this??? Are you mad because I wouldn’t pop the balloon?” her eyes were filling with tears, and she saw that this upset him, but he continued to swallow her as he shook his head: No, I’m not mad.

            “Then why?” she asked, nearly sobbing as his head approached her crotch. “Why are you trying to kill me???” He shook his head violently and pointed to the note: Not trying to kill you. Trust me!

            She put her hands on his jowls and tried to push him back, but he was simply too strong. She was crying now, about to try sinking her claws into him, when his tongue suddenly began to play with her slit in a very ticklish way.

            “N-no, st-st-stop that! No f-f-f-fair!” she cried, squirming and giggling as he pleasured her. A great swallow later, and he did stop, but only because his rubbery jaws were up to her navel and her yoni was beyond the reach of his tongue. She tried again to pry him off, but knew it would be no good. She squirmed against the tight, hot corset of his gullet, but to no effect, and when he swallowed again, she gasped; his throat muscles were doing a number on her clit.

            “Please, please stop,” she begged, but he only shook his head again and swallowed his way up to her breasts. Dimly, she could feel her legs folding up as they entered his stomach, and she saw him lifted off the bed as he suddenly acquired a large potbelly. That’s me inside him, she thought, before his hands seized her shoulders. He turned her then, rolling her over inside him, and she purred in spite of herself as her clit dragged against his gullet. She reached again to push on his face, but was distracted by his tongue on her nipples.

            He played with her breasts for several seconds, seeming unable to help himself, but at last, he gave another mighty swallow, and she felt them sliding down inside him. At the same time, her arms were forced up over her head as she entered him past her shoulders. His belly was bulging as more of her entered him, and he seemed to have reached a point where he didn’t need to swallow anymore. Wriggling like a worm, his gullet drew more and more of her inside, and her world shrank to first his mouth, and then his throat. She felt his jaws close over her hands at the same time her face entered the pink darkness of his tummy. A moment later, all of her was inside his gut, and she watched his throat close above her as she was forced into a fetal curl.


            Hardly had he finished the ingestion when the huge lump in his tummy began to thrash and jerk wildly, crying to be let out.

            “Easy, easy!” he shouted over her cries, petting and rubbing the bulge as best he could. “It’ll be alright! I promise!” But it did no good. Sighing, he hugged his enormous tummy to himself and concentrated on starting the digestion. Soon, he reflected, she would calm down whether she wanted to or not, but he wished he could have soothed her before he started melting her.


            “Let me out, let me OUT!” she cried, thrashing and kicking and bucking inside him. She could feel his hands running over his skin; presumably, he was relishing his meal. A part of her wondered how she could have missed that her mate was a psycho killer. Suddenly, she paused and sniffed, noticing that the smell of latex was getting stronger and stronger. That was when she felt the walls of her prison begin to sweat warm goo.

            Nooooooo!” she cried, realizing what was happening even as her skin began to warm up. He was digesting her, like he digested all the treats she fed him, and as she redoubled her useless struggles, a part of her worried absurdly about what this would do to her coat.

            Her lower regions were immersed in a rising pool of gunk, and as she howled and thrashed, she noticed a terrible thing: her struggles were weakening. As the goop rose higher and higher, she was getting sluggish and starting to feel strangely soft. Against her will, she found herself relaxing, slowing down, lying back. She could no longer precisely feel the part of her below the ooze, but that didn’t seem to matter much. Dimly, she realized that the stuff must have some tranquilizing effect, and that she should fight it, but the soft, not-quite-there sensation was up to her breasts now, and it was sort of pleasant. It was almost like becoming your own pillow, and she realized she was falling asleep only a second before it happened.


            The balloonie tiger purred softly as he felt his mate melt away, reduced to goo and a glowing blob of energy that was the real her. Concentrating, he took a deep breath and brought this blob up to his mouth, along with about a pint of the goop surrounding it. When he exhaled, a glowing bubble formed on his lips, a bubble that grew and grew until it was nearly two feet across. Then, as he patiently held its stem between his lips, it began to take shape.

            The bubble thinned and lengthened as he watched, spreading both up and down from his mouth until it formed a cylinder about three feet long and a foot through the middle. Six nodules poked out at various points along the cylinder; four became arms and legs, the other two a head and tail. At the same time, the main body widened in some places and narrowed in others, taking on a voluptuous female figure. Breasts swelled from the chest, and strips grew in the shiny latex skin.

            It was done. When he opened his lips, the stem fell free; there was the loud raspberry of a balloon losing its air, and then the deflated body of his transformed mate had fallen lightly to the sheets. Wasting no time, he reached for her arms and began to work.


            The tigress awoke to the sound of a forceful exhalation. At the same moment, she felt moist warmth fill her belly, then spread throughout her body. It felt wonderful, and so did the next burst of it, and the next. She realized suddenly that with each burst, she felt stronger, firmer, more alive, and suddenly she understood. When she opened her eyes, she wasn’t at all surprised to find her mate blowing into a balloon stem in her navel.

            Wha-what happened?” she asked thickly, as he blew another breath into her. Her body was starting to feel like its old self, though oddly lighter, but she could feel her breasts lying on her chest like empty balloons, and she knew she had a ways to go.

            “Sorry I scared you,” he said into her, his words firming and lifting. “I had to eat you to transform you”

            She looked like she was about to ask something, but just then she noticed his bulging midsection.

            “Still full?” she asked, as he blew her again.

            "Oh yes. Without this, my balloon magic wouldn’t have enough material to change you back once we're through"

            “Through with what?” she asked slyly, beginning to feel her kinky side awaken.

            “You’ll see,” he said into her navel.

            Soon, she was full, but he didn’t tie her off, merely pinched her stem shut. She tried to move then, and found that her wrists and ankles had been knotted into the bars at the head and foot of the bed.

            “Hey, what’s this about?” she asked, squirming a little. She noticed as she did so that her new skin was very sensitive.

            “I have to do it,” he said, “so you’ll stay still until I’m done.”

            “Done with what?” she asked coyly.

            “Done showing you what this feels like,” he said, showing her the pin from earlier. She gasped at the sight of it, and thrashed briefly, but stopped when she almost pulled her stem from his fingers.

            “Are you going to stick me now?” she asked, her eyes begging him not to.

            “Not now,” he chuckled, putting the pin down again. “I could make myself poppable at this pressure, but you’ve had no practice. Right now, you’d just gas out like a pricked beach ball and fall asleep. That’s no good.” He put his lips to her stem and took his fingers away. “We have to blow you up big first,” he said, and began to do just that.

            She wanted to protest as he blew into her, wanted to beg him not to do it, but the air flowing in felt good, and whenever she opened her mouth to object, he gently rubbed her clit with his free hand until she subsided.

            He sent great breaths into her almost as steady as a bellows, and soon, she began to feel a pleasant fullness in her midsection. The surprisingly comfortable feeling increased rapidly, and she was almost pleased to see that she was starting to get rather paunchy.

            Breath after breath flowed into her, the fattening air adding weightless inches to her waistline. As her belly ballooned, the tigress found that her skin was becoming more and more sensitive, both to the swirl of air within and the touch of sheets without. Her mate must have known this would happen, for he began to tease her by rubbing and tickling her swollen tummy. While she giggled and squirmed, he continued his filling work.

            He blew and blew and blew, pushing the curve of her tummy out past two feet. Some time ago, the comfy feeling of fullness had been joined by a sort of taut excitement, like the tingle she got when flying down a rollercoaster, and these feelings had been growing with every ounce of added air. Now, however, as her belly reached two and a half feet, the excitement and fullness became mixed with an odd sense of restlessness.

            The feeling grew as she did, and even though her mate had stopped teasing her, the bloating female began anew to squirm and writhe restively. It was like having an itch she couldn’t quite scratch, and it got worse and worse as she got larger and rounder. It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, just nagging, like being teased a moment ago.

            Smiling as she twisted beneath him, the tiger pinched her off, then tied her stem closed.

            “I think you’re just about ready,” he said, picking up the pin again and beginning to run it lightly over the swollen, defenseless surface of her great belly.

            “No, please. Don’t hurt me,” she pleaded, but even to her own ears, her begging sounded weak and false, almost as if a part of her wanted this. Smiling still more broadly, he leaned forward, draping himself over her tummy as he brought his face close to hers.

            “Trust me,” he said softly, and jabbed hard.

            To him, it must have lasted less than a blink, but to her, the moment of popping seemed to stretch out for many minutes. She could feel the pin pressing lightly into her swollenness and then, in exquisite slow motion, she felt it gliding deeper, felt it first dimple and then pierce her rubbery skin. Gradually, the pin moved inward, while the hide around it began to pull away with glacial speed. As the gap between metal and rubber widened, she could feel herself start to lose air, slowly at first, but picking up speed as the hole in her belly expanded. As she started to gas out, she felt that nagging restlessness begin to leave her, as though it were riding the air out of her body. The feeling of fullness was leaving her too, but surprisingly, that sense of tingling excitement was beginning to grow. The wound in her side was expanding faster now, starting to tear at the edges as her rubber skin pulled back, and she could feel air swirling delectably over her inner surfaces, caressing her belly and teasing her clit. Suddenly, the tears at the edges of her wound expanded tremendously, carving her apart like a thanksgiving turkey. As she blew apart in slow motion, she felt a delicious out-rush of air, and an explosion of pleasure. Then everything returned to normal speed, and she had just enough time to yowl before she went completely to pieces.


            When the tigress awoke, she half-expected to feel her mate blowing air into her, and was somewhat disappointed to find herself restored to fleshy form. He lay beside her on the bed, slim and trim again now that he had given her back her flesh.

            “That was incredible. I never knew it felt like that.”

            “I’m glad you liked it,” he said, grinning at her. “So, how do you feel about popping now?”

            Hardly had the words left his mouth when he felt her claw tip jab into his tummy. Smiling inwardly, he opened himself to the popping and allowed her claw to burst him apart.


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