Letting You Down Easy

By Balloonie-cat Inflated


This work is © Balloonie-cat Inflated as of 1/22/05. All rights are reserved, but feel free to repost it where-ever you want, as long as you aren’t changing it or selling it without my express permission. Oh yeah, and my name better be on it.


Do not read while under the influence of jazz. Do not use while operating heavy machinery or a VCR/DVD combo.


Enough mumbo-jumbo, on with the show:


            “I’ve got to go soon,” he said, his words coming between licks to the cat girl’s dripping sex. On her back between his legs, she released his cock from her mouth, and the ears sticking up out of her hair drooped.

            “No go. Pleeease,” she begged, licking his glans delicately in an effort to distract him.

            “I have to go. I have to work and shop and see friends”

            “I not your friend?” Her face fell.

            He climbed off and guided her to sit up. Then he crawled around behind her and lifted her long striped tail so he could press against her smooth, bare back. She purred as she felt his penis push into the cleft between her buttocks, but then her ears drooped again.

            “I not your friend?”

            “You are,” he said, kissing her and stroking her nipples. “But I have other friends, friends who miss me”

            “I miss you too if you go”

            “Oh no, you won’t. I’m going to let you down easy; you won’t even know I’ve left till I’m back”

            “I no under-“ she gasped as his left hand slid inside her, his thumb beginning to tease her love button as his fingers found her G-spot. She began to grind her hips and play with her breasts, lost in the sensations he and she were creating in her. Dimly, she felt his right hand on her belly, felt a familiar tug and a relaxation, but she was too full of pleasure to pay it any mind.

            He knew just how to work her; he was taking his time, teasing her, building her orgasm by slow degrees. She was starting to feel weak and dreamy as she quaked and quivered around his hand; his attentions seemed to be melting her like wax. Going with it, she slumped against him and let him work her at his own speed.

            Her loins were on fire, but the rest of her body seemed heavy and limp. It was as if all of her energy were gathering in her sex. Suddenly, he set her off, and the energy began to escape as waves of pleasure rolled through her. She cried out weakly and settled back even further as her body began to shudder with the ecstasy.

            It wasn’t like a regular orgasm. That felt like an explosion, like it was filling her to bursting with power. This was slow and gentle, and it felt pleasantly draining. She felt like she was thinning and spreading, becoming a puddle of skin in his lap, and behind her closed eyes, she imagined her normally huge and perky breasts shrinking and drooping.

            Distantly, a part of her was aware of what was really happening, but she was too orgasmic to care. She sighed as the waves of pleasure carried her off to sleep, and as her head fell onto her flaccid chest, her last sensation was of being in his arms.

            He continued to masturbate the sex doll for a few minutes, wanting to make sure she was flat asleep before he let go. Time passed, and at last, the trickle of air from her open navel valve stopped. She was limp and empty in his arms. He could safely put her away for later.




That’s it. A very short deflation story. I tried to keep the nature of the girl a secret until the end. Send any questions or comments to balloonycat@yahoo.com J