Liberation (Part 1 of... However many I decide to write ^^;)



The city lights spread out in a luminous blanket. It was nearly impossible, from this altitude, to discern the frenzy of activity below. From up here, it was just another night like any other. No bands of revelers... No noise... No music... From the observation deck of the MegaFur Tower the only sound was the rush of the wind and the distant sound of music coming drifting up from the crowded ballroom below. The Grand Starlight Hall, which crowned the MegaFur Inc. world headquarters, as the tallest building in the city, offered a commanding view of the surrounding urban sprawl.

A regal view.

A view intended almost exclusively for the wealthy and the social elite, although there were daily tours. It was three minutes past midnight at the exclusive MegaFur New Year's Ball. An annual event for executives, investors, and a few celebrities; a real high-class black-tie affair.

Amanda Silverfox, Vice-Chief of Research and Development, had never been more bored in her entire life. The mindless inane chatter, and self-congratulatory speeches, made by a handful of the wealthy and elite, did not interest her in the least. She leaned up against the guard rail, as she looked out over the city, wistfully; cradling a half-full glass of campaign in her hand. Attending hadn't really been her idea. She didn't want to go, but somehow she got dragged along.

The tickets had come as a sort of bonus, along with her promotion to Vice-Chief of R&D. She had headed the team that developed software which increased the efficiency of the new MF-160 neural interface control system by over 60%. The device, and it's software, were hailed as a breakthrough in the fledgling field of cybertechnology and made the company a fortune. The company, to show it's gratitude, gave her a promotion, in name, at least, a small bonus, and a free ticket to the ball. Everyone on the team had been given one (of course, only she got the promotion). They were all below, drinking, partying, and carrying on, whilst she stood on the deck above and, essentially, moped.

Probably not the best of ideas, seeing as how she had gone to great pains to clean herself up for this evening. Usually, she gave little thought to her appearance. She was an attractive vixen, make no mistake. However, it was hard enough for a vixen to be taken seriously in such a complex and competitive field with out the stigma, the accusations, and the favors, that had a tendency to come with being a beautiful woman climbing the corporate ladder (she hadn't really wanted it that way). Besides, as a researcher her appearance was far less important then making deadlines and producing results.

She had purchased a relatively simple, yet fairly expensive, dress. A black, strapless number that would have probably looked tacky on anyone else. It hugged the subtle curves of her body in a way that complemented her figure, and her soft grey fur, well. She was attractive, but not terribly busty. New shoes, new makeup, a new hair style... Her usually listless long blonde hair was freshly washed and worn up. She had even purchased a pair of contacts, so that her large blue eyes would no longer be hidden behind a thick pair glasses. At the very least, she hoped, she would meet *someone* nice. But she had no such luck, and the evening was almost over. From what she had seen, the party was comprised almost entirely of horny middle-aged executives, some accompanied by their over dressed wives.

She downed the last of her campaign, and rested her elbow on the railing; chin in palm as she stared off into the dark horizon, framed with the lights of stars, buildings, and cars. She contemplated her situation. So deep in thought, in fact, that she did not hear the fox creep up on her.

"Is everything OK?", asked a voice in, somewhat accented, broken, english. She jumped, startled, and spun around. The fragile campaign glass fell from her hand and shattered on the concrete with a soft tinkle. Standing before her, dressed in a black tuxedo, like the all the other male guests, was, possibly, the most handsome fox she had ever seen. She didn't bother to ask herself how she had managed to miss him. He was tall and well-muscled, from what she could see; athletic, but not heavily built. His fur was grey, like hers, and he had long lavender hair, held back in a loose pony tail, and two of the prettiest sparkling green eyes she had ever seen; one of which was shaded by a stray lock of his hair, which blew in the wind.

"I sorry if I startle," he said, taking a cautious step forward, "You seem like you awfully lonely up here, all by self." She looked down and away, trying to appear uninterested; her inner shyness showing through.

"I'm fine," she said softly, searching for something else to say... "I haven't seen you... around," she said lamely, "Do you work for MegaFur?" A little bumpy, but it's a start.

"No... I no work for MegaFur," he replied, "I inventor." He sounded asian, maybe japanese.

"Oh?", she replied, with a note of curiosity, "You must be pretty well known to have gotten an invitation Mr..." she trailed off, waiting for an introduction.

"Shutaro... But you call me Shu, if you like. Is for short. I no very well known, but I buy lot of parts from MegaFur. I such good customer they send me invitation," he says, with a little grin. She forced herself to look away again. Those sparkling green eyes... There was something about them that just drew her in. "What you do?", he asked her.

"Oh, uhh...", she caught herself doing it again, "Umm... I'm the Vice Chief of R&D. It's just a name, though. Headed the coding of the software for the MF-160."

"Ah!" the other said, a look of recognition spreading over his handsome features, "I read about you in paper... You Amanda Silverfox. I always been fascinated by your work, was hoping I get to meet you tonight." She blushed, not used to compliment. She didn't take praise well, especially when somewhat flustered, as she was now.

"Th- thank you... I'd be happy to discuss it with you," she almost stammered. He walked to the rail, looking out over the city.

"Is nice view," he said, "But is little chilly up here, want go somewhere warmer?" he asked.

"We could go back to my place," she replied, speaking without really thinking. It was ridiculous, and she knew it. She had to fight to suppress a wince. She hardly knew the guy, just met him, and here she was inviting her over to her place. But still, there was something about him... She almost felt compelled to ask him.

"You sure about that?"

"Yes," she said, growing more sure of herself; the strange compulsion she felt tempered by her loneliness, "I... Haven't really had any company in a long time. I've always been too busy with... Work." He simply smiled at her.

"Well, I never able to turn down invitation from pretty lady... Beside, you look like you need relax," he said with a grin.


Her apartment was spartan, at best. It barely looked lived in, partially because it was only barely lived in. She spent more time in the office, working late, most nights, than she did at home. Her work was really all that she had in her life. It was furnished by the company, so it contained the bare essentials. A bed, refrigerator, couch, television, and computer, around which was the only clutter in the entire apartment, stacks of papers, printouts, books, and manuals.

They hadn't said much on the way over. Shutaro was quiet, confident... Relaxed like nobody she had ever met. He appeared to be completely at ease, comfortable with his life and content simply to exist. Everything else in life, to him, was merely window dressing. At least, that was the image she had built up in her own mind. Amanda herself was considerably less at ease, and remained silent out of shyness and awkwardness. She didn't exactly know what to say, and she didn't want to be the first to shatter the fragile silence that had formed. A calm silence that made her reluctance to speak somewhat easier to bear.

However, it was only a matter of time before the odd compulsion, which had taken her when she had first looked into his eyes, overcame her. It was if he was pushing at, and pulling on, her at the same time. His large green eyes drew her in, drew her closer. They were coaxing her, luring her in with the promise of something better.

Something warm and sensual...

Something calm and tranquil...

Something more, something that was sorely lacking in her life. Something she would do anything to have. She would do anything to get at the secret that remained veiled behind those large sparkling eyes.

The subject of her work never came up...

They never even made it to the bedroom...

By the time she had closed the door to the apartment behind her, she was convinced. Layers of perception had built up in her mind, clouding her judgment and altering her reality. This was the man for her. She was thoroughly convinced of that. He had the secret, he had what she needed to be whole... She wanted it, she wanted him, more than she had wanted anything in her entire life. The next time she saw those eyes, she threw herself at him; pressing her muzzle to his in a hot, passionate, kiss.

He carried her easily. The force of her lunge and the strength of her kiss did not phase him. In fact, it didn't appear to surprise him very much, either. However, her mind glanced over these trivial details. She clutched and tugged fiercely at his clothing, desperate to get closer. Desperate to get him to give up what he carried with him, carried inside him. The world a blur to her. Shutaro was, by contrast, relaxed. He moved slowly and carefully... Deftly, her clothing seeming to melt from her body at his touch.

By some happy coincidence they managed to find their way to the couch, where they collapsed in a tangle of pleasure. She opened herself to him, spreading her legs wide. Her eyes silently pleaded with him. They begged him to enter her and make her complete; give her his secret. She rubbed herself against him, moaning softly at the thought. She could feel his erect foxhood tickle at her labia... Almost as if teasing her. He was teasing her. He knew how badly she wanted him, but he wasn't going to make it easy. He was determined to draw the experience out, make it last, savor it. She kissed him again, her hands traveling up and down his sides; wandering down to caress his cock.

"Mmmmm... Please," she moaned, "It's been so long... I need you." He groaned slightly at her touch, smiling.

"No... No yet. You need relax first," was his reply.

"No!", she said, almost firmly... She would have done anything for him. Absolute, almost slavish, devotion shone in her eyes. Anything, but wait... "I need you *now*!" She said, and with a small grunt forcing him aside; so that she could get on top of him. She moved with blind certainty, like a puppet being directed by some higher force. She slowly took him into her mouth, the only thought in her mind, and began to suckle his thick, hard erection. Her tongue tickling it and encircling it; which coaxed sounds of pleasure from the fox beneath her.

She knew it was there, in there... Inside his body, inside his cock was the thing she needed most. What was it? It was something... Something good. Why did she need it? She didn't know. Didn't care anymore. The sounds of pleasure, the moaning and the panting, grew louder as she sucked harder, played more, and did all that she could to coax him toward some distant, amorphous goal that would, somehow, bring her something that she knew was, in some way, good.

Time lost all meaning as she lost sense of herself and her surroundings...


She didn't know how long it had been since she lost herself, how much time had passed, when she came to her senses. But something felt different...


Shutaro lay panting in the bed next to her.


When did they make it to the bedroom? Who was this fox lying next to her? What had she done? What had come over her? A million questions swam in her head. She hadn't intended for this to happen. It was as if someone else was inside her, controlling her. Directing her actions like a puppeteer.

She sat up on her elbows. For all the questions that swam in her head, she felt satisfied.



For the moment, anyway. Something felt warm inside her. Something that tingled at the edge of her senses, and within the pit of her stomach; something warm. There was a peculiar, rubbery, taste in her mouth, which seemed to suffer from the same warm numbness that had enveloped her stomach. She tried to speak, but found it difficult. Not only were her lips and tongue almost numb, but they felt soft...


She looked down at her naked body, and what she saw there startled her into a panic... Her fur was disappearing, replaced with a smooth sheen. Starting from her stomach and spreading outward in a wave, like a ripple traveling along the surface of a still pond. She touched herself, soft and stretchy... Like latex... Like a balloon! Gods, what was happening to her?!?

"W-... What did you do to me?!?", she managed to get out, after a moment of stunned silence; panic in her voice evident.

"Mmmm... Just relax... You good, but now is my turn," he almost purred.

"I didn't want this! I didn't ask for this! Whatever you did, undo it!! Gods, I don't even KNOW you!!!"

She tried to stand, as the sheen continued to spread throughout her body. However, those parts of her body, namely her middle, as well as a good portion of her thighs, did not have enough structure to support the parts of her body that had not yet become latex.

"Relax," was all he said in reply, "I know you want this... You tell me so yourself."

She stopped her struggling, thinking it over. Had she? What *had* happened to her. Was it something in her drink? No, it couldn't have been that. She never let it out of her sight. Was she drunk? The confusion, over what had happened to her, and how, made it impossible for her to relax. Slowly, the last few bits of flesh and fur were overtaken by the wave of latex that crept over her form. Her body shone in the pale moonlight, which filtered in through the curtains. She whimpered, softly, as his hand traversed the contours of her new body; making a gentle squeak.

"What did you do?" she asked softly.

"I make you beautiful..."

She moved, once the initial shock had worn off, exploring the extent of her change. No part of her body had been left untouched. It took some getting used to, as she was much lighter; she weighed only a fraction of previous weight, now that she was comprised of nothing more than latex and air. It did feel good, like a weight had been lifted from her, in more ways than one. Slowly she began to relax, as Shutaro gently caressed her; from the mounds of her breasts, down her flat, squeaky stomach. He stopped at her waist, however; going no lower. She knew he was teasing her again, trying to arouse her. It was somewhat unnecessary as, deep down, her transformation had already done that. She had always had a secret fascination (which she had never had the opportunity to indulge) with balloons, and all things latex, and had dreamed of something like this happening to her before. However, this time is was much different. Her dreams did nothing to prepare her for the actual experience of becoming a balloon.

"What now?" she asked, somewhat eager to explore the capabilities of this new body.

He nuzzled at her chest, inhaling her rich latex scent deeply, "I sure I think of something..." he said, a playful gleam in his eye. His hand went to her muzzle, cupping her chin and drawing her down, drawing her closer, and into a long, deep kiss. She almost knew what was coming, as she felt him take a deep breath. But it caught her off guard, none the less, as he exhaled into her; filling her with his warm breath. She expanded in all the right places, her somewhat modest breasts doubling in size with the breath. The sensation sent ripples of pleasure throughout her being, as she felt her skin, her very body, stretch and grow larger. She had always wanted to be a little bustier.

But it didn't stop there... Another breath came, and another, and another... He paused only to caress her rubbery tongue with his own moist, fleshy one. All she could do was lie there in bliss as she felt her body continue to stretch, accommodating all the excess air easily. Her body became more distorted, more cartoonish. Her once realistic latex breasts looked more like balloons, like two gigantic beach balls that bobbed gently as more air was added. Her belly began to bulge out slightly as well. She moaned into his mouth, rubbing her hand over her belly gently. The vibration, caused both by her hand, and Shutaro's breath, set off wave after wave of pleasure in her. Like nothing she had ever experienced.

With every passing moment her pleasure grew, along with her size. She closed her eyes, feeling as if she would loose herself once again. However, instead of becoming less aware of her surroundings, she became more aware of them. Of every little thing.

The minute currents of air swirling inside her.

The stretching of her latex skin.

The feeling of her body creeping outward; covering more of the bed, and the sheets beneath her.

The sound of her partner's breathing, and the hiss of the breath traveling through her muzzle and down inside her.

Her perception grew keener as she grew larger. It was if the bigger she became the more she understood herself and her place in the world. The bigger she got, the bigger that place became. He pulled back from her, stopping...

For the moment.

She kept her eyes closed, almost purring to herself.

"Why'd you stop? Hmmm?", she asked, almost breathless. She could feel his shifting weight beside her, and let out a loud groan when she felt his weight on top of her air-filled bulk.

"I no done with you, yet," he said.

She opened her eyes, taking a look around. Trying to see what he was up to. However, she saw nothing but herself. An almost solid, curved, wall of soft, grey, latex. She gasped, "I'm huge!"

Shutaro just giggled, moving around. She could feel his erect foxhood pressing into her body as he positioned herself for something... What it was suddenly hit her, with a sudden stab of pleasure as he thrust his cock into her swollen sex; nothing more than a wet opening at the base of her rounded form. She gasped again, the sensation so intense she felt as if she were going to burst.

"MMMMM!!! That feels INCREDIBLE!!! MMMMmmmm..."

She moaned, and moaned again as she felt him begin to bounce on top of her. The effect was double what it would have been, were she an ordinary vixen, of an ordinary size. Her body shivered, spasmed, and trembled as her pleasure once again threatened to carry her far away...

"mmmmMMMMORE!!! MORE!!!" she cried out, as he continued to move in and out of her; causing a distinct, and sensual, squeaking as he did so.


Something was still happening.

In the midst of her beyond-orgasmic pleasure she was still keenly aware of everything. Keenly aware of the fact that she was still expanding. Her entire body was nearly spherical, almost six feet in diameter.

Somewhere in the recesses of her mind, she knew she couldn't grow forever. There *were* walls and a ceiling to stop her.


Another part of her didn't care, she just wanted him to keep doing whatever it was that he was doing to her. Keep going until she burst. Until she could take no more.

How soon would that be?

Would she pop?

Could she pop?

Or would she just go on expanding forever?

She wanted to go on expanding forever. She moaned again, ripples sent, once again, through her sensitive skin, as she brushed against the ceiling of the room.

She could hear Shutaro somewhere on the other side, sounding as if he was in at least as much, if not more, pleasure than she was. She could feel his hot fluids running down her insides, leaving a thin, cooling, film in their wake. It was enough to push her over the edge, bringing her own passion to a peak as her body began to flatten against the smooth, cold, plaster of the ceiling and cause the bed to creak beneath her...

It was in this position that she stayed, and this position that she eventually drifted off to sleep in, exhausted...


It wasn't such a bad life, being a balloon. She adjusted well, even if she didn't where she was. She wasn't at home, that much was certain. Shutaro had taken her from there in her sleep, while she was resting (she wasn't sure how, as she was much too large to be carried from the room). Someone would've come looking for her when she didn't show up for work. Sooner or later she would've been forced to return to a life that held nothing for her; nothing of value, anyway.

She was happier this way, and Shutaro knew it. He let her deflate enough so she could practice walking, practice moving about in her new body. Soon she was as proficient with her new form as she was with her flesh and blood body. Of course, most of the time he kept her well-inflated, and virtually immobile. At her own insistence.

She had her own room, about as spartan as her old apartment, which she never left. A place to sleep, an air hose, for when she got bored, and little else. It wasn't that she was a prisoner, so much as she simply had no desire to leave. She knew, should she decide to, she could pick up and leave, return to the city, any time she chose. The walls were smooth, polished stone. As if they had been carved out of some rock face, or cavern. It was big enough for her to get large enough to satisfy her own desires, but not large enough to burst. At times, she wondered what would happen if she did.

Would she die?

For now, she supposed, some things would have to remain a mystery.

A vague threat, or a possibility for discovery, looming on the periphery of her consciousness...