Title: Pop Goes the Ranma

Subtitle: Probably the WEIRDEST Ranma Sexfic Ever

Author: Rann Aridorn

Pairing: Ranma/Ryoga

Warnings: Um... M/F Balloon Sex... and, er... reverse birth? ^^;;

Comments: Ho-kay... this has to be the most odd Ranma sexfic ever, and if my normal fics don't even get a peep out of this list, this one could drive them screaming to the unsubscribe button. Not that anyone would notice, other than me actually getting some mail on this account due to unsubscription notices.

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Pop Goes the Ranma


Rann Aridorn

Ranma Saotome and Akane Tendo wandered through the crowded, noisy evening, their kimonos rustling in the soft breeze, sandals tapping against the packed-dirt thoroughfares that were littered with various food cartons and discarded scraps of paper. Children ran past, squealing and laughing, followed by parents shouting for them to come back. Ranma smirked as she munched on a cherry popsicle. 'I knew I was right to wear this thing here, the free eats are comin' up more than ever.'

"Miss! You, the cute redhead!"

Ranma perked up, plastering a cute smile on her face as the tone of a male vendor about to bestow free goods upon her trickled to her ears. She whipped around, finding a tall vendor wearing an elaborate clown mask gesturing to her. Bounding over, Ranma noticed that he seemed to be rather cute, even with the mask, with a nice, slender build under his robes, and long black hair. She looked around him to find what he was selling, hoping for food, she was disappointed when she noticed the flock of balloons held by their strings in one of his hands. 'Oh well,' she thought cheerfully. 'I like balloons.'

"Here... I've got a special balloon, just for a pretty girl like yourself," the vendor purred, plucking one of the strings out between slender, deft fingers and proffering it to Ranma. It seemed to be the exact same shade of red has her hair, with glittering gold designs dotting over its surface.

"Thanks, mister!" Ranma chirped, taking the balloon and trotting off with it. Akane caught up a few moments later, rolling her eyes at Ranma's giggling, girlish behavior as she bounced the balloon around.

"Honestly, Ranma, you're acting like a little GIRL."

Sticking her tongue out at Akane, Ranma biiiiihed. "You have no sense of fun. Balloons are cool at any age! They're all squeaky and squinchy and neat." ^_^ Yanking down on the string, Ranma caught the balloon between her hands, pressing it lightly, letting her fingertips scrunch over it, making the latex squeak. "Besides, it's a fair, Akane! You shouldn't be all-" She blinked, looking down at her hands. She squinched her fingers a few more times, then attempted to pull her hands apart. The balloon stretched with her hands, sticking tightly to them. "Oh, great! That joker put super glue on the balloon!" Carefully lifting the balloon up to her face to look more closely, she pulled her hands apart. Akane snickered as she watched Ranma's face through the balloon, then blinked when Ranma's eyes widened.

"Ranma, what's wrong?"

"A-Akane... th-this thing's GROWING INTO MY HANDS!" Beginning to panic, Ranma pulled with all her strength, the balloon popping loudly as it was rent. People around them jumped in surprise, then laughed and moved on, not noticing anything out of the ordinary. But Ranma was still pulling at the rubbery latex, trying to get it off, only finding that the balloon's popping seemed to speed the process, the material moving all over her hands and up her arms. Seeing Akane move closer, hands raised, Ranma waved her off. "Don't touch me!" She shuddered, feeling a strange feeling move down through her flesh under her skin of the covered area... it was both unbelievably strange and also, somehow, erotic at the same time. She fell to her knees, then looked up as a low, resonating chuckle came from above.

"Yes... don't touch her, Akane. It will, indeed, spread to you if you touch her before the process is complete!" The balloon vendor tossed aside his clown's mask, revealing the gleam of cokebottle glasses.

"Mousse!" Akane cried, growling a little.

"Indeed! Soon, Ranma will be fully transformed, and completely unable to fight!" Cackling softly, Mousse removed a long, gleaming needle from inside his sleeve. "And with a single pinprick, Ranma Saotome will be no more!" Leaping from the top of the vendor's booth where he had been preaching his doom, Mousse whistle through the air towards the kneeling redhead... only to have his flight abruptly arrested by a mallet to the top of his head.

Akane scowled down at the twitching, crumpled bishonen at her feet. "Baka." She looked over to check on Ranma... and her jaw dropped.

The other girl was still on her knees, staring at her hands... through her hands. Ranma's skin now seemed to be composed of thin, semitransparent latex or rubber, like the balloon that had bonded to her. Akane could see the outline of Ranma's clothes and the things behind her through Ranma's skin, which was a shade of pinkish-beige, something like sunburned skin, though her hair was still bright red, slightly more opaque than the rest of her. Translucent, scared blue eyes looked up at Akane.

"A-Akane... what... what'd it... I..."

"Ranma..." Akane breathed, then scowled, turning back around and grabbing a handful of the front of Mousse's robes, hauling him up and shaking him. "WHAT'D YOU DO?!"

Mousse, having recovered somewhat, chuckled lowly again. "A change in outlook is good for everyone." His head snapped back as Akane's fist slammed into his nose. Raising his head a bit woozily, Mousse felt the shattered glasses snatched off his nose, then blinked as something sharp and shiny was pressed close enough to his eye that he could see it.

"You better elaborate, unless you want your glasses to make you REALLY blind."

The Chinese boy gulped. "Okay, okay... Ranma's a Living Balloon. I did it so she wouldn't be able to effectively fight back, and I could pop her."

"The cure! How do we change her back?!"

"I-I dunno!" Mousse shoved a hand into his sleeve, then held a book that seemed to be bound in black rubber out to Akane, his hand shaking. "Here... it's all in there... everything about it!"

Akane slammed her fist into Mousse's face again, then grabbed the book as he fell back, unconscious. Walking over to Ranma, Akane bent down to help her up, and yelped as she almost sent the other girl flying; seemed that most of her weight was her clothes.

"C'mon, Ranma... we'll take this home, and we'll read it cover to cover. There's gotta be some way to change you back..."

There was no way to change her back.

Ranma sighed as she stared at the bathroom mirror. She could see the wall behind her through her own body, and could feel the way that her form compressed slightly under the weight of her kimono. There was absolutely no cure, the book said, since Ranma's entire being had been completely shifted into this one. The most it could offer was how she could live now. The balloon girl sighed again, raising a hand and running a finger down her cheek. She made an odd face, both at the long squeak that the rubber-on-rubber made, but at the way it felt; different than regular skin, obviously. The closest she could think of was when her skin was wet and warmed with sweat, but it was still vastly different.

Slowly, curiosity overcoming oddity for the moment, Ranma opened the kimono and let it drop to the floor. She almost yipped as the suddenly lack of weight caused her slightly malleable form to spring up and lift her off the floor. Ranma flailed, which only caused her ultralight form to drift around more. Eventually forcing herself to be still, the redhead drifted back down onto the floor, then spent several minutes teaching herself how to walk in her new form without going flying with every step. Still, she tended to sort of float along with her movements, and it was in this way that she got back to the mirror and resumed taking a look at herself.

A lot of the slight details and muscles seemed to have disappeared, replaced with balloonish smoothness; her navel, for one, was gone, just plain, rubbery smoothness in its place. Her breasts seemed a little larger, and seemed more pert than usual even for her... well, they did seem to be defying gravity. The totally smooth globes were capped with raised circles that were slightly darker than her pinkish skin, approaching red, and seemed puffier than her nipples had been in flesh form, as well as constantly hard. Tentatively, Ranma raised her fingers and touched one of the puffy nipples lightly, then almost yelped and fell over at the strange sensation. It was the same rubbery consistency as the rest of her, but it was far more sensitive; the few times she had experimentally touched her nipples before, it had been somewhat pleasurable, but she had quickly stopped, rather frightened by the way it had made her feel. But this... this was a hundred times more intense. Shaking a little, Ranma tried to calm herself down before she floated away. Continuing down, she looked at the curves of her very slight mounds around what looked like a very tight slit. Ranma blushed, her pink cheeks coloring red, as she remembered one of the ways the book had said she could absorb... sustenance. Turning around, she looked over her shoulder at the smoothed curves of her back, and the shiny, perfect globes of her buttocks, their translucent nature allowing her some sight of the little rubbery pucker. Her legs and toes looked the same as always, except for that ultra-smooth, shiny nature that her whole body had.

Sighing once more, Ranma walk-floated towards the sliding door that led to the furo. 'I may be a balloon, but I still need to get clean... better use the shower, though, the furo might be too hot and p-p-p-p-p-pop me.' As she was reaching for the door, it slid open.

Standing above her, in nude, shining-with-moisture glory, was Ryoga, drawing back a little in surprise, muscles flexing over damp skin. As always, though, he still wore his bandanna. Emerald eyes blinked in surprise once, started to narrow as a scowl came to his lips, then blinked in surprise again.

"Er... Ranma..."

Sighing deeply, in a way that made her breasts deflate just slightly before swelling back to their full heliumesque glory, Ranma nodded.

"Yeah, Ryoga."

"... What the hell HAPPENED to you?!"

Ranma shook her head, inflated, half-floating pigtail swishing behind her. "Mousse turned me into a balloon. I guess you're gonna pop me now, huh...?" She looked at Ryoga's visible fang. 'Ah, but what a way to go...'

Slowly, Ryoga raised a hand that, Ranma noticed with surprise, was shaking a little. The balloon girl closed her eyes, a little fearfully, expecting nails to dig and rip at her substance in an attempt to rend her open. Instead, she felt his fingertips come to rest on her cheek, her rubbery skin indenting slightly under the pressure, a long, quiet squeak heard as he slowly drew his fingers down and along the line of her jaw. Opening her eyes slowly, Ranma saw that Ryoga was trembling, looking like he usually did just before he got a nosebleed and passed out. But the blood didn't seem to be rushing to Ryoga's nose; his cock seemed to have sprung to life the moment he touched her, very long, and almost visibly throbbing. Ranma's eyes widened, her puffy nipples sticking out even further, a strange sensation racing across her skin, seeming to come to rest around her strange new slit, a slickness forming amidst her rubbery folds.

"R-Ryoga... you... you like me this way...?"

Licking his dry lips, Ryoga looked down, seeing that it would be pretty much impossible to deny it. Also, looking down provided him with the full view of Ranma's new body, making him not WANT to deny it. Forcing his eyes up to meet the strange translucent blue gaze of the balloon girl, Ryoga nodded shakily.

"H-hai... I've always... always sorta had a thing for latex... a-and rubber... balloons are... they're sorta a turn-on for me." They were both blushing, but slowly, they were both relaxing a little, somehow coming to grips with the situation. "I mean... God, Ranma, you're absolutely gorgeous..."

"... Thanks," Ranma whispered, feeling that tingling again all over her latex skin. "Ryoga... I..." Taking a deep breath that increased her bust by a cup size and nearly did the same for Ryoga's eyes, Ranma slowly wrapped a hand around Ryoga's shaft, stroking tentatively. The lost boy arched his head back, moaning loudly at the feel of latex on his silky, sensitive skin. "I've always wanted you to think I was gorgeous, Ryoga..." Her strokes became a little more sure now, her other hand moving down to cup at Ryoga's soft, still-damp sack, inflated latex fingers kneading gently. "I've always wanted you... and now, I need you more than ever..."

"Need... me...?" Ryoga hissed through gritted teeth, having to use all his concentration to speak through the haze of pleasure that Ranma's ballooned fingers were producing.

"H-hai... my condition... well..." She slowly removed her hands from Ryoga's member, reaching them up to wrap her arms around his neck. "One of the ways that I can get my sustenance, and get stronger so I won't pop is... by absorbing a man's cum."

Ryoga panted heavily, looking down at Ranma. Something inside him broke, letting out a tsunami of need and desire. He seized Ranma by the waist, his fingers digging into her yielding skin. Ranma yipped in surprise, trying to form a protest that he be careful, but he was already lifting her up easily, tilting her back. Knowing what he wanted, Ranma gulped, spreading her legs wide, wondering if they were both ready for this. Looking down, she saw wetness pooling on her latex skin between her legs, and saw that it was dribbling from her slit. Her legs sticking straight out to the sides of Ryoga's waist, her hands on her chest, she must have been quite a sight, like some hyperrealistic blowup doll. She cried out loudly as she felt the head of his cock at her entrance, her breath coming more heavily; instead of heaving with her breaths, her breasts inflated and deflated, increasing one or even two cup sizes with each breath.

Ryoga almost growled as he began to push into Ranma, finding her to be amazingly tight, gripping around every millimeter of his shaft that penetrated her like a condom that was a size too small. Her lubrication made it easier, but not by much. Grunting, he twisted her around on his cock, almost as if trying to screw her onto his cock; the pleasured trills and cries she made were well worth it, never mind that they were probably alerting everyone in the house to what they were doing. Finally, he felt himself sheathed completely in her clinging, rubbery, wet tightness, her balloonish buttocks pressing against his balls firmly. Panting, Ryoga began to move Ranma over his cock, less thrusting into her than simply sliding her up and down his shaft.

Ranma bit down on latex lips with latex teeth, muffling her cries to loud whimpers. She was being used, being fucked like a toy, and she was loving it. Ryoga was pounding her over his cock, seeming to have become a little more sure that he wasn't going to pop her this way, and the increasing force of his slamming her down against him was sending shivers throughout her substance, making her overinflated breasts bounce. She could feel herself approaching something, some kind of peak, as pleasure sizzled across her thin skin. Then, she heard his almost animalistic roar, and she just FELT his seed spurt inside her, heavy gushes of it, and could feel it falling into her hollow insides, an amazing tingling sensation following wherever it touched as it was absorbed into her. Letting out a loud, uncontrollable scream, Ranma climaxed unbelievably, feeling like she would pop, or explode, or deflate, or blast away, she didn't know what, but it was the most amazing sensation she could have ever imagined.

Panting, feeling Ranma's latex pussy finally stop trying to milk him dry long past the point where he was, Ryoga drew her off of him with a long, wet squeak. Righting her and pulling her to him, her breasts pancaking against his chest, green eyes met sparkling, amazed blue ones.

"I'll have to thank Mousse," Ranma began, but was cut off by Ryoga kissing her, and she became busy with kissing him back.

Ryoga mmphed softly as he sucked on Ranma's tongue, finding her to taste a little like rubber and latex, but also something else; finally, he decided it must just be the taste of 'Ranma', that unique identifier everyone had. Exploring her mouth, he found that it was like the rest of her body, but warmer and wetter; he was rather bemused to find that her teeth gave way slightly under the pressure of his tongue. Finally, he had to come up for air, almost gasping harder than before.

Ranma mmmed, nuzzling her balloon head against Ryoga's cheek. She blinked as she felt something indenting her stomach, and she looked down, seeing Ryoga's hardening cock pressed between them, squeeking as it grew against her. Smirking, the balloon girl looked up to meet Ryoga's sheepish gaze.

"Well, I am still hungry..."

Ranma bounced her way into the bathroom, humming happily, the weight of the towel over her shoulder practically the only thing keeping her from smacking against the roof with every step due to her good spirits. Pausing in front of the mirror to appraise herself, hands on hips, she winked broadly, giggling.

"Looking good, hot stuff," she murmured to her reflection.

Over the past week, along with Ryoga giving her regular "meals", Ranma had been consuming a fair amount of the other sustenance available to her: rubber, latex, basically anything stretchy and balloon-like. As a result, she was much less translucent, the things behind her now appearing only as vague outlines, rather than simply being tinted by her tones. Her skin was still like a parody of flesh tone, but it at least wasn't see-through, though she found she could still assume any level of transparency less than her current one when she wished. As a result of being darker, light shone brightly against her surface rather than going through it, making her look as if she were constantly wearing something tight and shiny. Ranma was also heavier and stronger than she had been at first, and it was with a certain amount of satisfaction (and little tingles of pleasure) that she pinched a bit of her side and drew it out, stretching it, then letting it snap back like a rubber band, making her yelp, and then giggle.

'Yup... 'nother week, two at the most, and I'll be just 'bout impossible to injure! I'm already learning to morph my outer appearance into clothes, like the book said... and...' She smirked, flexing a balloon muscle. 'I don't get tired, though I sure manage to tire Ryoga out! Poor guy can't get enough of me... until he passes out, that is.' Putting a hand to her mouth to stiffle another giggle, Ranma continued preening in front of the mirror, shifting her tones back to the translucency she had started with, experimenting with various eye and hair colors. Hmmming, she decided to grab a snack before heading into the furo. Bending over, balloony little ass wiggling as she opened one of the cabinets below the sink and rifled around. 'Now, wherrrre is Kasumi's secret stash of condoms...? Aha!'

Nabbing several of the contraceptives, Ranma stood and opened them up, almost leering. Being this way had begun to be almost as much of a turn-on for her as it was for Ryoga. Ripping open the packages and tossing them in the trash, Ranma popped the latex sheathes into her mouth like potato chips, and chewed out of habit, though it really didn't much matter. She swallowed, feeling the lumps of the condoms slide down her throat; due to her increased transparency, she watched them as well, as they dropped into her emptiness and slid around to find resting places, then slowly dissolving, turning into darker spots on her skin that spread out slowly, until her entire body was a shade more opaque. Smirking and patting her stomach, Ranma turned her opacity back as far as it would go, then bounced into the furo room. 'Heh, not fighting with pop over my meals is soooo enjoyable.'

Just as she knew he would be, Ryoga was sprawled in the in the furo, arms resting lightly on the sides, head back, water and sweat making every hard muscle gleam in the dimly-lit bathroom. He looked up at the distinctive sounds of air-filled latex feet on tile, and made a small face at the purple-haired Ranma with Arabian-dark skin and bright silver eyes.

"What? You don't like?" Ranma teased, striking a pose, before laughing and resuming her normal coloration. She tossed her towel onto the sideboard, then hopped into the furo, landing on top of the water and floating around like a pool toy. Ranma closed her eyes for a moment, relaxing the muscles she'd been practicing, and felt her "rear vent" open and allow the water to rush in. Ranma slowly sank as the air inside of her was replaced with water, the level visibly rising up inside her like a water balloon (well, EXACTLY like a water balloon). Ryoga watched appreciatively as Ranma let herself be stretched by the water entering her, guiding the way her form filled out, resulting in what, out of the furo, would be a much taller, leggier, and older Ranma-chan, looking like an elegant woman in her early twenties rather than a girl in her teens. Ranma sighed deliciously, raising a long, slender leg out of the water and squeaking Ryoga under the chin with a toe.

"Hiya, big boy," she purred in an overexaggerated sultry tone.

"Were you this silly before you were inflatable?" Ryoga questioned in an idle tone, raising his hands to rub at Ranma's softly-sloshing leg, the latex skin yielding under the carress of his fingers.

"Probably not," Ranma replied with a smirk, her heavy, water-filled breasts resting low in the water. "Being an oversized love doll tends to affect one's personality." Rising up, water streaking down her slick, rubbery skin, she moved forward to kiss Ryoga adoringly, water-filled breasts flattening against his chest. Mmming, Ryoga kissed back, closing his eyes, their tongues entwining, Ranma's curling around Ryoga's a bit more than was humanly possible. Drawing back a little, the balloon girl leered at her beloved. "I have an idea for something you might like..."

"You've been studying that book again," Ryoga murmured, halfway between trepidation and anticipation.

"Of course I've been studying that book again!" She whapped him on the shoulder, which made a sound like a water balloon bouncing off of someone without breaking. "But it says that, once you get to a certain point.... here, I'll show ya. Get outta the furo and lay down on the floor."

Giving Ranma a look that said 'I hope you know what you're doing', Ryoga did as directed, climbing out and laying down. Ranma climbed out as well, and except for jiggling more than was usual for a human, even her before her transformation, she seemed to weigh and look about the same as a regular human. Until, of course, she lowered her opacity back down to where she was nearly transparent. Smirking, Ranma squatted down and tickled at the bottom of Ryoga's foot with a little *squeaky squeaky*, which didn't help Ryoga in surpressing his giggled. "I heard in psychology class that men have deep, dark secret dreams about returning to the womb..."

"When did you stay awake in class...?" Ryoga muttered, looking at Ranma skeptically.

"When they talked about sex. Just relax, okay? I think you're really gonna like this..." Licking her lips, bracing herself as it were, Ranma pressed Ryoga's big toe up into her sex. Controlling her reaction to her intensely sensitive pussy being penetrated, Ranma kept pressing, the rest of his toes stretching the malleable substance to let them pass, and then the foot itself, pushing in past the ankle. Ranma had to stop and lean her head back, moaning.

Ryoga gulped as he watched his foot slide into Ranma, feeling her tightness all around him, seeing that part of him inside her; his cock was rock-hard, throbbing almost achingly where it rested against the hard muscles of his stomach. Ranma soon had the lost boy's second foot inside her alongside the first, and was panting and moaning as she pushed down along his legs. Ryoga shivered as he felt Ranma's pussy stretching to accommodate him, and her warm, water-filled being around his legs. His back arched as he felt that stretched entrance press his ballsack up against his shaft, then that too was inside her, both of them crying out as Ranma's clit and Ryoga's shaft rubbed up against one another. Ryoga forced his hands to his sides, eyes fixed on Ranma's stomach, watching his lower body slide into her. He could feel his cock amidst the water inside her, but watching and feeling it slide along her stomach from the inside, pressing the latex skin out, was too much for him. He cried out, loudly, but refused to let his eyes shut. watching his cock shoot milky spurts into the water inside his lover.

Soon, Ranma's body was stretching around nearly all of Ryoga's body. Only his head remained outside of her, and Ryoga took this opportunity to nibble at her labia and clit unmercifully, carefully using his fangs on the hot, rubbery flesh. He heard Ranma moan, and felt a tremor go through her entire body, which in turn caressed his entire body. As he felt inner muscles of some kind continue to pull at him, Ryoga blinked and looked up as best he could.

"Um, Ranma... if you pull me in all the way, will I be able to breathe..."

"Yeah," Ranma breathed, laying down on her back, moaning ecstatically. "Just, please, Ryoga... I'm so full... you feel unbelievable inside me..."

"Okay... I trust you..." Ryoga nodded as much as he was able, then closed his eyes, and felt warmth and wetness close in around him. Completely and totally surrounded by Ranma, the lost boy reflexively curled up into a fetal ball, relaxing, despite the fact that being so totally immersed in the one he loved had his cock remaining as hard as stone. He felt Ranma's hands stroking him through her stomach, and the resulting ripples of water that caressed him were enough to give him another orgasm, though he remained still, his cock releasing his seed into the warm water with barely a twitch, the pleasure crawling through him more than exploding. Slowly, lulled by the all-surrounding warmth and safety and love, Ryoga was fast asleep.

The lost boy came awake slowly and luxuriously, with a long, leonine yawn. He looked down to find Ranma laying atop him, reduced into her teenage appearance but still warm and jiggly from water filling her. 'She must have "given birth" to me while I was asleep,' Ryoga thought, leaning down to kiss the smooth, damp surface of the top of Ranma's head. His hand stroked over her back softly, indenting the latex, but Ranma only stirred a little.

'Well, I'll let her sleep,' he decided with a smile. 'Isn't every day a woman gives birth to a seventeen-year-old.'

-- Fin o.o;;V --