By Strigoii

Anna Raton carefully arranged her hair in the long French braid that her mother always liked to wear. The style had accidentally become her trademark. Six months ago she had been singing karaoke at her favorite club when someone came up and asked if she would like to sing in a band whose back-up had gone to the hospital for appendicitis. It turned out to be for the biggest concert of the year.

When the reviews came in it turned out that Anna was as big a hit and the band. The band's lead singer even asked her after the concert if she would like to tour with them. A week later offers poured in, and two months later she was the newest teen sensation, Animousie. Anna chose the pseudonym because: it fit well with her real name (raton means mouse in Spanish), she had eyes like bishonen's (big and round), and the most obvious reason she was a mouse.

There was a knock on the door. "Anna?" It was Vic, the fox who asked if she would sing at the concert. He had become Anna's manager since she became a professional singer. "Five minutes, Anna," the fox said. They were shooting her first video tomorrow; today was an all day dress rehearsal. Vic said that this was a good idea because it would get all the sillies out of everyone's systems.

Anna gave herself the once over in her dressing room's full length mirror. Hair, that was perfect after all the grooming she put into it. Clothes, turquoise spandex halter with a chartreuse 'A' over Anna's left breast; along with spandex shorts with a similar 'a' on her right buttock. Fur, Anna's natural russet brown that, along with her green eyes, betrayed her Irish heritage. "Maybe I should think about coloring in a pattern," she thought to herself, "Nah!"

Anna then turned around and walked out the door, just as Vic was about to knock for the one minute warning. The fox stepped back as he took in the mousette's image. "You look glorious," he said. Anna swished her full hips and wiggled her tail. "Thanks," she said, "I think that today is going to go well." Indeed, Anna felt her best when she looked her best; and if what Vic said was true, she looked great.

As she took her place in front of the huge green screen, something caught her eye. A flash of purple and orange on a tail, Anna's eyes followed the tail up to a pair of full hips in a pair of denim cut-offs and higher up to an even fuller bust in a purple lycra halter. Anna's eyes were at their widest, when she saw the mop of red hair and Cheshire cat grin.

"Vic?" Anna said, "What's she doing here?" Vic turned to see the purple and orange neko. "She wanted to come to the shooting," the fox replied, "I told her she could only stay for the rehearsal." Anna's eyes widened almost impossibly for a normal fur. "You did What?" Anna said trying not to shriek.

"I told her that she could stay for the dress rehearsal," Vic repeated, "And only for the rehearsal. I knew you didn't want any one at the shooting, so I told her she could stay for the rehearsal." Anna's lip trembled as she tried to keep her cool. "Do you know who that is?" she squeaked.

"Yes I do," the fox replied, "Do you?" Anna nodded furiously. "I don't think so," Vic replied, "You see she's a fan of yours, and a friend of a friend of mine. She found out I was your manager and wanted an autograph. I asked if she would like to meet you and she said yes. I see that I should have asked you first."

"Vic-tor," Anna squealed, she only used Victor's full name when she was about to lose it. "That's Caitlynn Wildfire; she's like totally famous, and I don't even have my first video out yet. She's gonna me practice and she's gonna think I'ma total doofus." Anna's fur was beginning to turn a deeper shade of red; Vic knew what was about to happen. "Anna calm down," he said.

"I can't calm down," Anna said, trying to control her breathing. She was starting to look a little pudgy around her midriff. Her breasts swelled slowly as the 'A' on Anna's halter began to get distorted. "Anna," Vic said, but she couldn't help it. Her breathing had gone into one long inhale. Anna began to look like an tightly inflated toy. "Vic," Anna managed to squeeze out, "Help!"

Caitlynn could hardly believe her luck; here she was in a studio for the rehearsal of a music video. She watched as they put together the green screen behind the set. Caitlynn thought of the fun she could have with a green screen. A moment later, she saw her appear out of her dressing room; Animousie.

The pop star was walking up to the stage with Rhonda's friend Vic. He was a handsome fox with a coat of silver fur; it went nicely with the pop star's own Irish red hair. Animousie was a cutie, rather than a hottie. She broadcast a sort of personal innocence that the plasticat could feel on her skin. As the mouse took her place on the stage, Caitlynn saw the pop star's eyes widen as she called Vic back over. She knew Caitlynn was there, and she knew who the plasticat was. "Uhh-oh," Caitlynn thought to herself, "Better get that autograph later."

Caitlynn helped herself to a cup of the studio's coffee, with lots of cream and sugar. As she sipped the brew, she turned back around to see Vic trying to calm down a very agitated mousie. "Is something wrong ?" she said to herself. Slipping into a corner, she pursed her lips together and began to inhale. A moment later, rather that a average sized plasticat, Caitlynn had become a nine foot giantess. Now she had a good view of what was going on, and it wasn't good.

Animousie's russet fur had reddened to a bright scarlet; and she was beginning to look a little plumper than when Caitlynn first saw her. In fact she was getting quite fat. No, not fat, tight; with pressures other than just air. "Och, ye've stirred up a real hornet's nest this time Caitlynn," the plasticat thought to herself, "The lass is a balloonie like yeurself and I'll bet not many people know about it. Probably just her and her manager. Right now she's gonna blow from all that she's got bottled up; and tis gonna be yeur own fault everyone learning her secret unless you do something"

Caitlynn quickly scanned the room until she found what she needed. There was a twelve foot step ladder left unattended at the far side of the studio. It was leaning against the wall where no one was paying attention to it. All the studio personnel were busy doing the own odd jobs and paying no attention to the ladder, or to the pop star having a panic attack. Caitlynn looked back at her problem. Vic was doing his best to try and calm the girl down, but the poor mousie had turned a beet red and from her shoulders to her knees she looked as thought she had suddenly gained three hundred pounds. "Another minute or two and she's gonna burst," Caitlynn said, "Have ta werk fast."

Caitlynn let her tail stretch and snake out along the floor at the bottom of the wall, until it was at the base of the ladder. She then wrapped her tail around the bottom rungs, and waited. She looked to see Animousie's shade deepen until she was almost purple. Just then Caitlynn gave her tail a sharp tug. The base of the ladder lined up flush with the wall and began to topple forward. It landed with a loud BANG; everyone's heads turned just as the star went POP. The studio workers must have thought that it was an echo from the ladder hitting the concrete floor. As Caitlynn returned to her normal height, she saw Vic bundle the burst mousie into his office before anyone noticed she was gone.

"Why'd that have to happen today, why?" Anna fussed. Vic ran a washcloth under the sink in the washroom and gave it to her. "It was my fault," he said as he poured himself a drink from the bar, " I should have told you Caitlynn was coming before we got to the studio. Then you would have been ready for her."

"Now everybody in the studio knows about me," Anna said moping. She flopped into one of Vic's overstuffed beanbag chairs and sniffed. "Nae one knows, lass." Anna looked up to see Caitlynn Wildfire flowing into the room through the slats in an air vent. Anna started to tense up again only to have Vic throw a glass of cold water in her face. "Anna Raton, meet Caitlynn Wildfire," he said, "Now that I have introduced you, you cannot have another panic attack."

"But everybody in the studios saw me," Anna said once she got her breathing under control, "And anyone who didn't, heard me when I popped. Face it, Vic, my career is over before it even got started."

"Nae one saw ye," Caitlynn said, "Everyone was setting up for the rehearsal, so they were concentrating on their jobs; and the only thing they heard was the sound of a ladder falling over. I was the only one who saw anything; and from what I saw, I knew ye wanted it kept secret."

"Thanks," said Anna, then "It's not fair though, I wish I were a normal mousie. I'm not even a normal balloonie." Caitlynn looked up. "And just why would you be saying that now?" asked the plasticat.

"You saw what happened," Anna said, "The only time I inflate is when I get really really embarrassed. I get really fat and then the worst part I don't even pop right; I snap like bubble gum."

"Every 'loonie does that when they get nervous," Caitlynn explained, "It's called a 'Tension Pop'. What happens is ye bunch up all tight and tense and inhale until… Basically ye just become a Tension Sheet."

"What's a Tension Sheet?" asked Anna.

"It's a sheet of bubble wrap that's been painted red with the words "Tension Sheet" printed on the back," Caitlynn explained. Anna started to giggle. "Stop that," said the mousie, "I'm supposed to be mad at you."

"Why," asked Caitlynn, "Because ye can't do this." Caitlynn inhaled and let her breasts grow through the alphabet until her halter was stretched to the limit. Anna watched as the plasticat's bust swelled enormously. The mousie's jaw went slack as she nodded slowly. "Girl how old were ye when ye found out what a balloonie was?" asked Caitlynn.

"Umm fifteen," Anna replied shyly.

"And when ye found out ye were one?"

"Seventeen," Anna said, "A boy, Josh, took me into the back seat of his car to teach me how to kiss. I got all embarrassed and…anyway, I blew the roof off of his convertible." Caitlynn giggled and let the air out of her chest. "I'm surprised the other kids like you didn't support you after that," she said.

"Caitlynn, there were no other kids like me in school," said Anna, "I was it, I practically had to beg Josh not to tell anyone else cause I didn't want a reputation."


"The apartment my family lived in was a few blocks away from a club called The Montgolfier," Anna explained, "Have you heard of it?"

"Yeah I have," Caitlynn said, "It's a strip club, most of their dancers are balloonies. I worked at one once or twice when my pocketbook was a bit on the lean side." Anna's face started to turn a bit redder. "Then you know what they do in there don't you," she said shyly.

"Ahh, you went in there," said Caitlynn naughtily. Anna shook her head quickly. "No," she said, "My brother, Ramon, snuck a camera in there and I found the tapes he shot." Her face reddened a little more. "Any way this tiger girl… she took a hose and she blew…"

"Will ye look at this Victor," Caitlynn said "The girls blushing over a little helium dancing." Anna shook her head again. "No no no no," said Anna, "After I saw the tape, I tried to do it myself. My dad had an air compressor and it just wouldn't work for me."

"I see now," Caitlynn said, "You've never been around others like yourself, other 'loonies I mean. Only another 'loonie can teach you how to be one. Tis not stick a hose in an orifice and just grow grow grow. You have to learn to relax, to breathe, and to realize that tis part of being a balloonie. Otherwise nothing will happen."

"But what about the…"Anna started, turning red again, "Sex parts?"

"Anna, you really are an sweet innocent thing," said Caitlynn, "Sure a lot of us get turned on when we grow bigger; it happens, we just let it take us where it takes us. Some of us burst, some of us just run out of air, and others just wind up drifting around the room in a pleasant afterglow. Like I said, tis part of being a balloonie."

"I dunno," said Anna twiddling her fingers. Caitlynn thought for a moment; Anna had never been around other balloonies before. She had missed out on the part of her life that supposed to be one of her greatest. Maybe Caitlynn could do something about it though, but what? "How old are ye Anna?"

"My birthday is next week," she said, "I'll be twenty-two, why?" Suddenly Caitlynn had a plan.

Anna fidgeted in her seat as they drove to the club. She was now dressed in black and neon-green spandex shorts and top; her hair was pulled back into a pony-tail rather than her usual braid and she was wearing a pair of John Lennon sunglasses with blue lenses. "Are you sure this is a good idea?" asked Anna.

"Trust me," said Caitlynn, "I come here all the time when I need a break from the rest of the world; and it's high time ye met a few other people like yerself. No one will force you to do anything ye don't want to do."

"I hope so," Anna said twirling her fingers.

Caitlynn parked the car in front of a place that looked as though it had once been a huge warehouse. Near the roof, Anna saw a sign composed of three huge neon letters. "B.I.O.?" she asked. Caitlynn smiled. "It stands for Beautiful Inflatables Only," the plasticat explained, "What it means is you can't get in unless you are a balloonie or the guest of a balloonie. I'll get you in as my guest so you don't have to prove what you are."

"What do you mean," asked Anna, as she closed the car door. Caitlynn placed a hand on the mousie's shoulder and guided her towards the door. As they approached the entrance, Anna noticed a rather large and imposing tiger guarding the door. Beside him was a large coil of hose that was hooked up to an odd looking device. "Hi Bruno," said Caitlynn cheerfully. Anna shrank behind the plasticat, trying to hide from the bouncers view. "Evening Caitlynn," Bruno replied sotto voce, "Who's your friend?"

"This is…" the plasticat started

"Caitlynn, no," said Anna under her breath.

"…Anna." Caitlynn finished, "She's works for Victor, ye know, Rhonda's friend."

"Ahh yes," said Bruno, "The fox."

"Listen Bruno," said Caitlynn, "Our Anna here is from the boonies. Is there anyone in the club who might be making her a bit nervous." Bruno shook his massive head. "No, no one that would give her a bad time," said the tiger, "Rhonda is here that much I am sure of, other than that all we have been letting in are couples and members."

"Good," said Caitlynn, "Then we'll just…"

"Hold on there," said Bruno sticking out his hand, Caitlynn gently bumped into the offending palm with her chest. "What's wrong Bruno?" she asked. The bouncer picked up the end of the hose and held it out. "I gotta ask one of you to," said the bouncer.

"Yer kidding," said Caitlynn

"Nope, Ryu's got us enforcing the rules pretty hard these days," said the bouncer, "Too many regular people sneaking in. We even had a girl try to sneak in by impersonating you."

"What gave her away?" asked Caitlynn, "Bust too small?"

"Nope," said Bruno, "Her tail was too long. Her's practically dragged on the ground." Caitlynn laughed as she took the hose from Bruno's hand. To Anna the mouthpiece on the end of the hose looked like a cross between a snorkle and a baby pacifier. She watched Caitlynn place the device into her mouth; as she did this, the plasticat relaxed and let the air from the hose fill out her form. Rather than getting fuller or rounder, though, Caitlynn was getting taller. A scant moment later, she was a foot taller than the bouncer with muscles bigger than the tires on a kiddie car.

Caitlynn wrapped her arms around Bruno and hugged him tightly. "Is that what you wanted little man?" asked Caitlynn. To Anna's surprise, Bruno was blushing as the plasticat kissed his cheek. Like a gentleman, Bruno opened the door for the pair and let them pass. Caitlynng loosed a huge sigh as she shrank back to her normal size.

"What was that all about?" asked Anna.

"That was Bruno," Caitlynn replied, "Dinnae let his size fool ye, girl; he's actually one of the sweetest and most kind people that I have ever met. He's just shy cause he's so big."

"Shy? Him?"

"Aye, see to him every one else is so small, that he's afraid of hurting them," Caitlynn explained, "I do the Giant Amazon thing every time I come here, makes him feel a little better. I don't mind really, I just wish he could find a nice big girl to date him."

"What about you?" Anna asked.

"Ah'm mated, girl," the plasticat replied, "To a wonderfully sweet person who I care very deeply for. She's a nurse at a hospital so we can't get together as often as we like; but we're still married."

"Then share him," Anna said, "Bring him home as a party favor. Maybe between the two of you, you can cure him of that shyness." Caitlynn paused for a moment. "Now why didn't I think of that?"

The inside of the club wasn't what Anna expected; there wasn't the usual blaring dance music or flashing lights. Instead there was a low lit room with a couple of blue and green police strobes and DJ playing a few techno mixes, but it wasn't the pure chaos of the last club she had been to.

"SWEEEETIIIEEEEEE!!!" Anna turned to see Caitlynn get tackled by a pudgy Irish Setter with a voice that sounded like it belonged to a teenie bopper. The pair bounced of the floor and hung in the air for a moment before returning to the ground. As Anna helped Caitlynn to her feet, the plasticat introduced her assailant. "Anna Raton meet Rhonda Donahue," she said, "Rhonda this is Anna, she's Vic's assistant."

"Oooh, is that personnel assistant or Personal Assistant," Rhonda quipped.

"In your ear, mutt," said Anna, under her breath.

"That's her business," Caitlynn replied, "We came here because our Anna has yet to experience others of her kind."

"Ohhhh," Rhonda cooed, "Why didn't you tell me she was from the boonies, I would have been a little more polite. Is she here to dance or socialize?"

"A little of both actually," Anna said without prompting, "What business is it of yours?"

"Ooh hoo hoo!" chuckled Rhonda, "I like this girl Cait, she has real Irish fire in her. Get her primed so we can see how she beats her feet."

"What did she say?" asked Anna as the plasticat took her hand and dragged her over to one of the walls. In a recessed alcove, there was a line that consisted alternately of small helium tanks and pancake air compressors. "Never mind her," Caitlynn said brusquely, "She's been drinking Amaretto, it the only thing that make her tipsy. It also loosens her tongue a little too much."

"What was that she meant about getting me primed," asked Anna. Caitlynn pulled hose out of a retractible reel set into the top of the alcove; the end of the hose was tipped with a mouth piece like the one on the hose the Caitlynn for Bruno, the bouncer. The plasticat closed her mouth over the nozzle. Once again Caitlynn's form filled out as she let herself be filled with gas. Anna looked to see that her friend was beginning to look as pudgy as Rhonda. A moment later Caitlynn's toes left the floor for a moment and then drifted back down. "Look out on the dance floor and tell me what you see," Caitlynn requested, her voice had gone half an octave higher.

Anna turned to see lots of people dancing on the floor, and a few of them were dancing off the floor. In fact many of them were greatly swollen and floating around the ceiling. Others were just pudgy like Rhonda was; they were being lifted off the floor by their partners. Bumping into Rhonda had made Anna forget that this was a balloonies only club; that's exactly what she told Caitlynn. "Getting primed is club lingo," Caitlynn explained, "It means that ya fill yerself up with just enough helium that you barely weigh a ounce. Ye don't have to do it if you don't want to."

"Actually, that sounds like fun," said Anna, "What do I do?"

"Just breath normally, and remember to relax," said Caitlynn. Anna took the hose from Caitlynn and put it in her mouth. "Ye have to press it against the roof of yer mouth with yer tongue," Caitlynn explained, "Otherwise yer just sucking on a big pacifier." Anna did, she felt the cool gas trickle through the mouthpiece and breathed it in. It filled her lungs, and she breathed it out as she normally would. She was a little dizzy, but other than that she felt fine. Anna assumed everything was normal.

"Anna?" Caitlynn's voice penetrated the fog causing her to open her eyes; just as her feet were lifted from the floor. The mousie raised her hands to her face and found that her cheeks were bulging with helium and were three feet across.

"What the…" Anna started to say, but she went soaring across the room blowing the loudest raspberry that had ever been heard in the bar.

"Oooooh, what happened."

"You went flying across the room," Somebody said. Anna found that the voice belonged to a cute neko with a greenish sheen running over his skin. He was shirtless and wore a blue vest; his long, grayish hair was kept out of his eyes by a sweat band. "KonekoRyu at your service."

Anna took the neko's hand and found that she was blushing, just a bit. "Umm… Seriously, what happened," she asked. Ryu went around the bar and poured her something and handed it to her; that's when Anna realized she was talking to the boss. She remembered Bruno the bouncer mentioning someone named Ryu having him enforcing the rules. "What's the last thing you remember," asked Ryu.

"Caitlynn was helping me get primed for dancing," Anna explained, "She told me to relax and breath normally, next thing I know I'm flying across the room." She took a sip of her drink, it was orange flavored with a hint of almonds. Ryu chuckled slightly causing Anna to frown. "What Caitlynn neglected to tell you," Ryu explained, "Is that you're supposed breathe through your nose, not your mouth." Anna started to blush again. she took a big drink of her drink and sighed.

"Relax, it happens," said the bartender "Something tells me all this is new to you."

"Is it that obvious?"

"No," Ryu replied, "But there are signs, if one knows what to look for then yes it is that obvious. It's nothing to be ashamed of though."


"Really," Ryu replied, "Tell you what, we'll go back to the primer wall and you can try again. I'll be there the whole time and if you want, I'll even hold your hand, deal?" Anna thought for a moment. "Okay," she said. Ryu walked to the end of the bar with Anna and left through the space at the end. Anna stood before the wall as Ryu took a hose down and handed it to her.

"The air compressors are for Balloonies who have too much helium and don't want to float around on the ceiling," explained Ryu, "I think this should be safe for you to try, just remember to breathe through your nose." Anna nodded and took the hose from Ryu. She then slipped the mouthpiece between her lips and pressed it against the roof of her mouth with her tongue again. Once more a cool rush trickled down her throat. This time, rather than filling her lungs, the air settled in her belly causing a slight, but not uncomfortable pressure. In fact it was kind of nice.

Absent mindedly she placed her hands on her stomach and found it slightly swollen. Anna looked to see that she wasn't turning red or getting tight, she was just swelling gently like a balloon. Anna watched as her belly swelled slowly outwards filling out her spandex. Her bottom was filling out as well, they were growing like a pair of beachballs in a pup tent. Anna's thighs began to plumpen up up roundly. Despite all of this she felt very relaxed. Her belly formed a small pucker over the hem of her shorts. "I think that's enough," said Ryu.

Anna took the mouthpiece from her lips. "This is nice," she said with a smile, "I'm not scared, I'm not turning red, and I feel good. But how do I let it out?"

"Easy, there are two ways for the inexperienced," said Ryu, "The first is a kind of reflex, you take a deep breath in and then let it out, then all your added mass simply follows."

"So that's why Caitlynn sighs so much," said Anna, "What's the other way?"

"Stick the hose back in you're mouth until you hear a loud bang." Anna snorted a laugh. Then as an afterthought she put the hose back in her mouth. As she grew bigger, she thought, "This isn't a bad way to relax." A minute later, she looked round rather than mousie shaped as she tipped over on her belly. "A little more of this and I could probably bounce," she thought as her arms became cone shaped. Anna spat the nozzle out of her mouth as her neck began to swell; she remembered someone telling her that that was how you could tell a balloon was full, though she could probably grow a little more.

With a little manipulation, Anna managed to roll to her feet. "Well Ryu, how do I look?"

Ryu rolled his eyes. "Oompa loompa…"

"Ryu said that you were having fun," Caitlynn said as she sat next to Anna. Anna sipped her drink. "I just wanted to see how big I could get," the mousie replied, "Anyway where were you?"

"I was in the little furs room," the plasticat replied, "Even a balloonie can't hold it forever."

"That's true," Anna replied, "I feel like dancing, don't you?"

"I've been waiting for ye t'ask all night," said Caitlynn. She took Anna' hand and dragged her back to the priming wall. Caitlynn grabbed one of the helium hoses and let the lighter than air gas fill out her form once more. Anna took the next hose and did the same thing. As the shiveringly cool gas trickled into her system, her curves began to stretch against her spandex. For once in her life, Anna felt like she was really sexy; not just some cute kid who could sing and make boys swoon.

When Anna felt she was full enough, she released the hose and started to walk to the dance floor. As she took a step, she found that there wasn't any floor beneath her. Her toes were a foot off the floor. "Caitlynn!"

The plasticat turned and bumped against the floating mousie. Caitlynn reached out and grabbed Anna around the waist before she went floating across the room out of control. Caitlynn then let her friend go. Anna floated in the air about a foot or two off the floor. "Well well well," Caitlynn muttered, "My girl, I am jealous. Your first night here and you get perfectly pumped. Not many people can do that."

"Perfectly pumped?"

Caitlynn nodded. "It's where you get just enough in your system that you offset your body weight," the plasticat explained "This way you float without flying all over the ceiling," Caitlynn lifted Anna up by her waist and then let her go. The pop star was surprised that she didn't fall. "See?"

"I see," Anna replied. The mousie found that she could 'swim' any where she wanted to, while staying in complete control of herself. Slowly, she backstroked her way out onto the dance floor and floated over the heads of the patrons. As she did, Anna became glad that Caitlynn insisted the mousie wear the spandex shorts. Floating over the middle of the floor was a canine dressed in a black version of a Marilyn Monroe dress. Her bust looked like it was about to; and several of the floor dancers were either trying to stare up her skirt or down her cleavage. Anna suddenly blushed to the point that her face was redder than the rest of her fur.

Suddenly someone pulled on Anna's leg and brought her down to ground level. "Trust me girlfriend," Rhonda's voice whispered in her ear, "You don't want any of that." Rhonda pulled Anna across the floor and into a corner near the end of the bar. She seemed a bit more sober than the first time they'd met "What's going on?" asked Anna.

"Cheap thrills," Rhonda replied, "And here in public it can be dangerous, look." Anna looked and saw that the floating canine had a big grin on her face; half a moment later, the canine's bustline gave way to the pressures that were building up in her breasts. "What's happening to her?" asked Anna. Rhonda shook her head. "Those perverts aren't just looking up her skirt," the setter explained, "They are blowing on her labia; and other sensitive areas. She's swelling because she's building to an orgasm. Like I said, in public it can be dangerous. Pieces can get lost and you might not have enough of yourself to regenerate."

Anna listened to Rhonda as she watched the other canine burst free of her dress. Soon she was a complete sphere save for her head, hands, and feet; and they too were beginning to shrink into her swelling mass. Rhonda covered her ears as the canine detonated with a boom that left Anna's ears ringing. "Why didn't you do something," the mousie shouted above her tinitus.

"Do what, exactly?" Rhonda shouted in return, "People burst here all the time. The only way anything gets done about it is if Ryu or Bruno catches them. Otherwise, it's just another accident."

"Then why do they do it?" asked Anna.

"Like I said, cheap thrills," Rhonda explained, "Kids like that get their rocks off by causing that to happen. The girl had no control overwhat happened to her; when you get that big, you get oversensitive to anything brushing your skin. It feels good and makes a girl kinda horny."

"And the hornier you get the bigger you get?" said Anna.

"And the bigger you get the more sensitive you become," Rhonda finished, "It's a viscious circle."

"And eventually, BOOM!"

"Right," said Rhonda. She took Anna to a section of the dance floor where either Caitlynn or Ryu could see if they got into the same kind of trouble. It was near one of the speakers with a big woofer. As the music played, Anna felt the beat travel along her body as she moved with the music. "Don't worry," said Rhonda, "I won't let anything happen too you that you don't want to happen."

"Umm, okay."

Rhonda took Anna's hands and started to move to the beat of the music. The canine pulled Anna close and took a deep sniff of the mousie's hair. "Mmmmmm," Rhonda cooed, "You smell good." As Anna was swung into the air, Rhonda was beginning to look a little puffy around the arms, and her belly was beginning to bulge. Rhonda pulled Anna in close again to smell her hair. This time Anna saw the canine fill out as her blouse began to reveal deeper cleavage, and Rhonda began to look pregnant.

Rhonda saw the look on Anna's face. "Wanna feel?" the setter asked with a naughty grin on her face. Anna blushed as Rhonda put the mousie's hands on her bulging waist. "Ah'm not… not a…" Anna stammered, "Just cause I came in with…um…"

"I'm not a lesbian either," said Rhonda, "I like guys probably as much as you do; but for some reason the smell of your hair is getting me pumped." The setter grabbed a lock of Anna's hair and took a deep sniff. Anna nearly passed out as almost all of her blood rushed into her cheeks. Rhonda sighed as she felt Anna's hands on her swelling girth; the sensations caused her to grow even more. Rhonda giggled as her volleyball sized breasts bumped against her chin; Anna wanted to let go of the canine's big beachball sized belly, but Rhonda put her own hands over the mousie's to prevent it.

"No don't,' said Rhonda. She began to bounce to the beat with Anna blushing and holding on to her belly. As Rhonda smelled Anna's hair, Anna found herself holding onto the growing sphere that Rhonda's belly had become for dear life. Rhonda leaned back and lifted Anna off of the floor with her belly. Anna gave a small eep as her ponytail flipped over her face; it gave Rhonda an easy chance to smell Anna's red locks.

Rhonda moved Anna's hair to one side and smiled at her. "What's a matter," the setter giggled, "'Fraid I'm gonna pop?" She took a deep sniff of the mousie's hair; Anna's grip tightened as Rhonda's belly swelled up another two feet. Anna's eyes widened as Rhonda's belly shook with laughter. "Relax silly mouse," Rhonda giggled, "I need a guy to make me pop like that. Where's Vic when you need him?" She took one more deep sniff of Anna's hair. Rhonda's belly swelled until it was eight feet in diameter, with a nervous mousie balanced at its summit.

Rhonda stepped into the middle of the dance floor and swished her hips to the beat of the music. Anna forgot about the helium she had imbibed and held on tighter to keep from falling off. Rhonda started to bounce lightly off the floor and hung in the air for a moment. "What do you think of dancing with one of your own," Rhonda asked Anna, still perched on her swollen girth. Anna was still scared she would slip from the swaying precipice and hurt herself. "C'mon boonie mouse," Rhonda called, "You're not scared are you?"


A huge pair of purple hands plucked Anna from her precarious perch and "dropped" her. Anna floated in the air for a moment before looking into the giant pair of eyes. "Ye forgot ye could float, didn't ye?" asked Caitlynn.

Anna giggled and smiled sheepishly. "I guess I did," she said. Rhonda slipped under Anna and bounced her towards the ceiling with her tummy. "Belly attack!" Anna flipped over and pushed herself away from the ceiling with her feet. "Oh yeah," the mousie replied, "Wait till you get through smelling my hair. You'll need a shoehorn the size of a Buick just to get out the doors!"

As Caitlynn, Anna, and a few of the other patrons took turns bouncing the enormously overinflated Rhonda around the dance floor; KonekoRyu quickly weaved through the fray and strode up to the stage.

"Alright ladies and gentlemen," he said after adjusting the microphone, "And I use the term loosely." Anna and Caitlynn booed him soundly. "The BIO Club is trying something new tonight; and here's how it goes. We're all set up to have a little karaoke contest, every hour we're gonna have a free drink prize, and the best singer of the night goes home with thirty dollars; now how's that sound?"

The floor went dead silent.

"Okay," said Ryu, "How about forty, the best singer goes home with forty dollars?" A few of the patrons started to clap a bit, but the rest were still pretty quiet. "All right then fifty, best singer goes home with fifty dollars," said Ryu. Now the audience started to clap, that was a sum they thought was worth a song. "That's a relief," said Ryu, "For a minute there I thought I was going to have to break into the prize money for next week's bulging beauty contest."

"Hey Anna," Caitlynn whispered into the mousie's ear, "What say we bring in a ringer?" The mousie giggled and said okay. "Just give me a minute, I don't want anyone recognizing me." Anna then floated off towards the wall of helium tanks.

A few minutes later, Caitlynn was listening to the third contestant when someone bumped her arm. The plasticat turned to see Anna almost at her bursting point. She was still full of enough helium to let her defy gravity, but now she was three times her former size. "A little help Caitlynn," said Anna "Give me a squeeze." Caitlynn wrapped her enormous hands around the mousie's plumpened waist and squeezed. Anna's spandex gave a groan of protest as her bodice and butt filled out the rubbery garments. When Caitlynn removed her hands, Anna found that her waist was as narrow as she hoped it would be. "Wow, I didn't think this would work," said the mousie.

"All right next we have Anna," Ryu announced, "A young girl from the boonies, who came here with our favorite plasticat. Anna come up here, please." Anna drifted up out of the crowd and let her feet settle on the stage. "Umm, yes umm," Ryu stammered, "She's going to sing one of the new chart toppers that has been playing over the radio these past few weeks."

Anna felt smug as she was sure no one would recognize her with her curves all pumped up like they were. As the music started up, Anna took the mike and slipped it into her now generous cleavage. She only hoped she didn't lose her nerve.

Gentle kisses, start me on my day

My lover wakes me, breakfast on a tray

Standing there in the morning light

He leans over and hugs me tight

And with eyes full of wonder he asks

Animousie, are you really real

Animousie, tell me how you feel

And I say

You treat me like I want to be

Not like some kind of fantasy

Just think of me, as a dream come true

If it helps you.

Sunday shopping, he never seems to mind

Always amazing, the thing's he finds

Treasures dazzling from afar

Gems that twinkle like stars

And with a laugh, he asks me again.

Animousie, are you really real

Animousie, tell me how you feel

And I say

You treat me like I want to be

Not like some kind of fantasy

Just think of me, as a dream come true

If it helps you.

Rhonda was dancing on the floor while keeping a pair of dance partners balanced on top of her immense belly; when she bumped into Caitlynn. "She's great," Rhonda told the plasticat.

"In fact with a little practice," the canine thought, "She could be the real thing." Half a moment later, an odd thought crossed through her head. "She's not," Rhonda said aloud, "She couldn't be!"

Animousie, you're a dream come true

Animousie, ooooh Animousie

Animousie, what did I do to deserrrrrrrve yoooou?

And I tell him

You are sweet to me for a start

Gen-tle of soul and heart

And for me you're a dream come true

That alone should tell you.

Animousie, A-ni-mou-sie

Animousie, ooooh Animousie

Animousie, A-ni-mou-sie

Animousie, ooooh Animousie



Animousie, A-ni-mou-sie

Anna got a roar of applause as she stepped off the stage. The audience made a path for her as she walked back to her friends, one hip at a time.

"Please tell me. Tell me I'm right."

Anna leafed her thumb through the five crisp ten-dollar bills she had won and then stuffed them down her cleavage. Rhonda followed Caitlynn and the mousie as they headed for the exit; Ryu had just announced last call.

"You sound like her because you are her," Rhonda said rapidly.

"Oh?" said Anna innocently; "Who do you think I am?"

"You know very well who you are," Rhonda replied, "Animousie." The way Rhonda had said it caused Anna to giggle. "Tell me I'm wrong," the canine replied, "Say you're not Animousie."

"You're not Animousie," and then she closed the door to Caitlynn's car.

Outside of Anna's apartment, Caitlynn rolled down the window on her Lexus. "Rhonda's going ta bug ye until she finds out what she wants to know," Caitlynn said with her Cheshire cat grin. Anna loosened her ponytail and tossed her hair back. "I think I can keep her distracted from that," she replied, "For a while anyway. I think I'll send Victor a bottle of that new shampoo I have been using." Anna then bounced on her feet and floated into the air.

She drifted up past the floors until she passed the roof and the fence that had been put around it to keep the kids from falling off. As she landed on the roof, Anna loosed a deep sigh that relieved the stress on her spandex. As she shrank back to her normally slim proportions, Anna took the key to the roof door out of her purse. As she was about to put it in the lock, the knob turned and the door opened. A pair of big brown eyes shyly peeked through the door. Anna knew the six-year old, she had watched her for her mother a time or two. Her name was Lucy.

"Hey punkin," Anna cooed, "Isn't it past your bedtime?"

"Sum'tin flew pas' my winda," Lucy replied sleepily, "Didja seeyit?" Anna picked the little kitten up in her arms. "Didn't have to," Anna said, "It was me."

"Nuh uhh," said Lucy, "You got's no wings." Then… "Momma says you're a pop star now, zat true?"

"Yep," said Anna, "Sure am."

"Oh? How big do ya get before ya pop?"

Anna chuckled at the question, and said: "Gee I don't know, lets see shall we?" Lucy nodded as Anna sucked in a deep breath. Lucy mouthed a silent wow as Anna's flat tummy swelled into a small bulge. "Still here?" the mousie asked when she finished.

"Yep," Lucy yepped.

"Okay," Anna said and went back to sucking in another breath. Fifteen minutes later, Lucy had nodded off on Anna's belly, which was now the size of an overstuffed beanbag. Anna would take Lucy back to her mother in a bit; but until then she was content to let the kitten be. Maybe tomorrow the two of them would see just how big Anna could get. Until then though…

As a warm breeze fluttered the ribbons in Lucy's hair, Anna thought of something her father had once said. "So long as you know where you are going and believe in yourself; the sky is the limit."

"The sky Papa," Anna thought, "Oh I think I can get much bigger than that."