[Author's note: This story is pure fantasy. Ah, well, I can always hope.... RCA]

Alden MacManx was walking around the streets of Miami, reveling in the freedom of walking more than 30 feet in a straight line. This port visit was in danger of being canceled due to the collision with a tanker four weeks back, but his actions during the collision prevented heavy damage inside. Repairs were completed in less than two weeks, and now the ship was tied up in port, in a city where Alden had never been before.

He was looked at a little strangely by the people on the street, a furson in a Navy uniform, but he ignored their stares. As he stopped for lunch in a little restaurant, he heard a small voice say, "Allie?"

His ears twitched at that- he hadn't been called that since high school. Turning in his seat, he saw someone he hasn't seen in a while- Janet Cheeser, a little mousy furson he had gone to school with. "Janet?" he asked, not sure of what he was seeing. the last time he saw her, she was a slim little mousette. Now, she was rather plump. Okay, very plump. "What happened to you?"

"Well, we moved here, then Mama bought this restaurant, and, well..." she trailed off, blushing. "What you had, I got. You look so good, Allie!" she said, taking a seat next to him. "When did you lose all the weight?"

Alden flushed at the memory- he went to Boot Camp weighing 220, and left at 150, a weight he was close to now. "Boot Camp. Joined the Navy after school." he said.

"Are you free today? What ship are you on? Can I see it? Care to spend the night? Mama would like to visit with you, too!" Alden winced at the rapid-fire questions- some things never changed.

"Yes, the Kamfish, day after tomorrow, and okay." he said bluntly.

Janet giggled at that and snuggled up next to him. "It's so good to meet old friends again! Come on upstairs and I'll serve your lunch there!"

Alden sighed, then gave in graciously. After all, who knows when he would be this way again?

Upstairs, Janet pressed him about what had been happening to him since they last met. He told her most of the high points, then he hesitated.

"What's wrong, Allie? You look hurt!"

"I am." he said, then he told her about Suzy.

When he was done, she said, "You mean you haven't made love to anyone since? You poor furson! You shouldn't hurt yourself like that!"

"I can't, Janet." he said. "I feel like I would be dishonoring her memory if I did so with anyone else."

"You wouldn't be! You loved her, right?" At his nod, she continued, "She loved you, right?" He nodded again. "What would she think if she saw you like this? She would want you to have fun, right?"

"Yeah, she would. I just feel a little dirty about it." he said sadly.

"Well, we can fix that. You still rubbery?"

"More than before." he told her about the accident at prototype that enhanced his stretching and bouncing abilities by a great amount.

"You need to have your spirits lifted, Allie. I've got just the thing. We need to go someplace." Janet rose and took his hand.


"A place with lots of room, fat man!"

"I'm not fat!"

"You will be!" she giggled as she took him to her car.

An hour later, they were west of Miami, at a farm that a friend of her family owned. She led him to a barn, where a very large green tank waited next to a pile of straw. "This is something I always wanted to see back north, Allie. You being blown up with helium."

"I don't have any choice, do I?" he asked, taking off his uniform.

"Nope." she said as she undressed as well.

When they were naked, Janet took the hose and plugged it into Alden's navel. "I'm going to make you so big and fat, you won't be able to resist me!" she said as she raced to the tank and opened the valve.

Alden felt the helium rush into him, causing his belly to swell first, then the rest of his body. He found himself thinking of the times Suzy blew him up and played with him. To his surprise, he found himself enjoying the feeling again.

Janet noticed Alden smiling. She climbed up on his belly and began to snuggle. "Allie, I've dreamed of this for a long time, snuggling up to a balloonie. You feel so nice." she said, tickling him.

"I've forgotten just how good this is. I'm all yours, pretty lady!" he sighed with delight.

Janet climbed over Alden to his dick. She began to stroke and lick it. "Its so big, and its getting bigger!" she squeaked. Then, she began to give him one eager blow job! In and out, lick and tickle, as Alden swelled bigger, and bigger, and bigger!

Alden relaxed completely as he let her play with his manhood. Soon, he found himself experiencing the one thing he hadn't felt in a long time- orgasm! "Watch out, little lady, I'm... gonna... blow!" he grunted as the eruption hit, spraying all over Janet.

When he finally stopped shaking, he heard a squeak from Janet- he was afloat, and she was trapped between his legs, with the head of his dick at her face!

"Help! I'm stuck!" she squeaked. "Get me out!"

"I can't! I got too much helium in me to move! You have to pop me before I get too much lift!"

"I'll try!" she said. She tried her claws, but they were too small. As Alden expanded, his dick pressed harder into her face. Then she got an idea. As the head of his dick pushed harder, she bit through the thin rubber of the tip. There was a loud BOOM.

When Janet woke up, she was lying in the straw. Alden was unconscious in the rafters, draped over a beam and wrapped around another. "Wow! What a rush!" she said happily. "Allie! Allie! Wake up!"

Alden stirred, then woke. the first thing he noticed was the pain at the head of his dick. Second, he discovered where he was. He slowly untangled himself and lowered himself to the floor next to Janet. "Smart move, Jan." he said, wrapping himself around her.

"Let's do it again, Allie!"

"In a bit. I need to heal, and you need a bath." He picked her up and carried her, kicking and squealing, to the pond, where he jumped in.

He soon knitted, and they had more fun. In fact, the fun lasted long into the night. Alden was just sorry that Janet wasn't a balloonie, like he was. Janet loved tugging him around when he was buoyant, playing with his hugely inflated body. He loved being her toy balloon, like when he blew up for Suzy.

Back aboard ship, his shipmates noticed his relaxed attitude, and began razzing him about it. He didn't care- for the first time since Suzy's death, he was happy with himself and life again. Her ghost had stopped bothering him. He was free to resume life.