The morning after Alden and Marissa underwent the double explosion, they headed in to work, planning for the weekend. What Alden didn't know was that LT. Cables had some plans other than what they discussed. The rest of the week, Marissa was stockpiling various items for use on an unsuspecting rubberized cat. She visited several specialty shops, obtaining fun items, including another box of candy-coated helium pills. It was the only way, other than a compressor, that the little chipmunk furson could get the big rubber cat to burst.

The officially-stated reason for Alden's visit was that he was going to help around the house and yard, doing things the little chipmunk couldn't. The people in the division suspected otherwise, but they didn't comment about it. They knew that fursons are allowed to stick together. Besides, the division liked LT. Cables, because she just simply told the people what needed doing, and trusted them to know their jobs. She also didn't mind getting dirty, crawling in to inspect repair jobs. She was never wrong with her critiques. Alden was also making himself popular in his new duty station- his reputation preceded him, and two people he had served with on the Kamfish were also there.

Friday afternoon, after work, they headed to the house. Once there, Alden got to work, checking the roof and gutters of the house and barn while Marissa prepared dinner. She sprinkled some added spices onto Alden's salmon steaks, because she wanted to pull a trick on him that night.

After dinner [and it was a big one], Alden stretched out in the living room sofa. "Mare, that was good. What were you trying to do to me, fatten me up?" he asked.

"Why not?" she said, snuggling up next to him. "You need some softening up, big guy! You're too hard-bodied to be cuddlesome!"

Alarm bells started going off in Alden's head when she said that. "You didn't, did you?" he said slowly, as he realized that he felt fuller than he should have been.

Marissa snuggled up closer to him, rubbing his bulging furry belly. "I sure did, big guy! You're gonna have a lot of extra ballast on you when I blow you up tomorrow!" she giggled.

Alden groaned when she said that. "You know I hate being fat and heavy, Marissa! I've been fighting to keep myself trim since boot camp! I was a fat kid who promised that he wouldn't get fat again!"

"Don't worry about it, Al. I got the antidote for the mix, and Monday morning you're gonna be slim, trim and racy. But this weekend, you're gonna be fat and cuddly!"

Alden felt the layers of fat begin forming on his body. Marissa snuggled even closer, reveling in the increasing softness. They cuddled and played with each other for the two hours it took him to fatten to 400 pounds, almost triple his starting weight. "There you are, cuddly boy! Nice and fat and soft!" she sighed. "Tomorrow, I'm gonna fill you up until you're real big and handsome!"

Alden just sighed. He hoped that the antidote would work. He hated being fat- with fat. Helium was another matter.

The next morning, Marissa led Alden to the barn, where the helium tank waited. "Time to lighten your load, fat man!" she giggled as she put the nozzle into his navel, then opened the valve.

Alden sighed, with pleasure this time, as the helium expanded his body. Slowly, he grew bigger, taller, and fatter. He held out his arms, and she jumped up. "You better get outside before you get too big for the door, fatty!" she chittered. Slowly, he did so, Marissa giggling with every bounce off his expanding belly.

When he grew to be 20' tall [and almost that wide], she jumped off and ran inside to turn the gas down, but not off. Returning, she ran and jumped into Alden's tummy, knocking him over. She clambered up and sprawled on his huge belly. "Comfortable now, Al?" she asked.

"I am now. I'm not heavy anymore." he said, reaching his arms up and tickling her all over, expanding his hands to give her an all-over caress.

"Good! Because now I'm going to make me your size, so we can play together!"

"But how, Mare? You can only inflate yourself until you're round!"

"The same way I made you fat and cuddly- magic!" she exclaimed, producing a capsule from her hair. After she gulped it down, she slid down his belly until they were face-to-face.

"Kiss me, fat man! Blow me up until I'm your size!" she begged, kissing him repeatedly.

"As you wish, little lady!" He took a deep breath, put his lips to her face, and blew. He had an idea in mind, one formed by the helium still trickling into him.

With the squeak of stretching rubber, Marissa expanded, getting bigger, taller, and rounder. Breath after breath Alden blew into her, making the little chipmunk furson nearly his size. Then, Alden realized he had better stop and hold on to her, because she was now buoyant! He rolled on top of her, his weight [such as it was] holding her down.

"Got you now!" he purred. "This is for fattening me up, little lady!"

"But, Al, I left the helium on! When you get buoyant, I'll get loose!" she shrilled.

"Not if you pop before I do! Where did I put that needle?"

"It's down here, and it's getting sharp!" she squealed, feeling his stiffening member press against her.

"Oh, my, you're right! Time to start poking until something pops!" he said, putting actions to words. Once he was inside her, he yowled with delight. Then, he put his plan into action.

He began filling her up, using his member and the helium in him as a tank. She squealed with glee as she rapidly expanded. She grew and grew, past 40 feet, then 50. He wrapped his arms and legs around hers, to keep himself in position. Stretching his body, he began licking her boobs, which by now were shallow domes on her ovoid body.

Between giggles, Marissa managed to squeak, "Stop it, Al! I'm too big, and getting bigger! I've never been this big before!"

"Why stop? You're so big and bouncy! You can get lots bigger than this!" For emphasis, he began to bounce on her belly. By then, her arms and legs were mere stubs. She still continued to inflate, growing past 70 feet, then 80, then 90. By then, Alden was almost completely deflated, and she was getting squeaky. Even with his full weight restored, she was developing enough lift to make them bounce around the yard. His member was nearing its maximum extension, so he started sliding down her belly, letting his stretched-out form relax a bit. He licked and tickled all the way down, arousing her to an even higher pitch of ecstacy.

Then, Marissa came. The orgasm surprised Alden, who thought he had some more time. The surge of pleasure caused Marissa to expand rapidly, shooting past 100 feet, then 120. He could hear her body straining from the uncontrolled expansion. He tried to pull out of her, but her expansion had trapped his member inside her! They rapidly shot up into the air, the hose being violently yanked out of his navel. Seconds later, Marissa exploded with a very loud BANG!

Alden was stunned by the blast, and he fell limply down to earth, crashing through the barn roof. Marissa's fragments slowly reassembled as they drifted down. In fact, she was conscious before he was. She went in to the barn, to see Alden's limp form on the floor. Giggling, she took the hose, put it in his mouth, then opened the valve wide. When he was round enough, she rolled him outside.

When Al woke up, the first thing he noticed was the hose in his mouth. The next thing was that he was immensely bloated- big enough to float! Then, he felt the ropes tied to his hands. He felt the helium flow slow to a trickle, then stop. He felt something on his belly, then he saw Marissa scrambling to his face.

She removed the hose from his mouth. "There you go, fat cat! Too big to get away from me!" she giggled, snuggling up to his chin.

"I'm huge, Mare! I can't move!" he squeaked.

"I know. I fed you up so you can grow to truly colossal sizes! I'm gonna make you burst, balloon boy! You're gonna eat the helium pills until you get too big! While you're blowing up, I'm going to try to pop you at the other end!" Steadying herself on his chin, she shoved not 1, not 2, but 3 candy-coated helium pills into his mouth. He fought swallowing them, but she managed to get him to swallow. Once they were in, she scampered down to the other end, where his huge member awaited her lust.

On her way down, she could feel the rumbling in his tummy- the pills were dissolving, releasing the highly pressurized helium inside. Once she arrived, she was initially dismayed at the size of his member- it was almost as large as she was! She opened her mouth wide, squeezed the tip down, and swallowed hard.

Marissa managed to feel the tip enter her stomach when the wave of inflation hit. His member expanded inside her, causing her to stretch out. She wasn't expecting the wave of pain as she filled up, arms and legs waving feebly as she flopped around at the end of his flapping dick.

Alden, meanwhile, was aware of the pressure in his tummy as the pills dissolved. He felt something strange at the end of his dick, but he couldn't see because of his bloated belly. It felt good, however. Very good. He felt the ropes strain as his buoyancy increased, but he didn't care.

Marissa was definitely having second thoughts about this venture- his dick was expanding rapidly inside her, and thanks to the pill she had taken, she wouldn't bust at her regular size! She couldn't scream or cry out, just stretch and stretch, becoming a living rubber to the tip of her rapidly overinflating lover's dick!

Alden felt pain as the ropes dug in to his wrists, then they both snapped! He shot up into the air, growing rapidly. "Well, I always wanted to float free." He thought absently as he spun up into the air, feeling an orgasm build as he grew bigger and bigger.

Marissa felt the snapping of the ropes, followed by the sudden ascent. "If I'm going to survive this, I better pop!" she thought. She started working her lips and swallowing, trying to get him to unload before he explodes.

The pair soared past 10,000 feet in altitude. Helium began leaking out of Al's dick, causing Marissa to swell. By then, Alden was over 300' in diameter, and creaking ominously. "Please, help! I can't take any more!" he thought as his overstrained body finally exploded. When Al burst, Marissa had enough lift to shoot high enough in the air to burst as well.

When Al woke up, it was dark, and he was floating on the water. He heard splashing nearby. Swimming toward the noise, he came across Marissa, struggling in the water. Gulping some air to make himself a better raft, he pulled her on top of him. "Now, will you tell me what this was all about, my little chippie?" he asked gently.

"Oh, Al, I'm so sorry! I just wanted us to have some fun together! You needed it, and I wanted it! There's too few balloonies around here, and most of them are intimidated about me being an officer, despite Regulations!" she said, half upset and half scared. "Can we get home soon? I'm wet and cold!"

"I think so. Let me catch the breeze." He stretched his feet into the form of a sail, catching the onshore flow. He comforted the wet, dripping chippie the best he could until lights became visible on shore.

Fortunately, they landed not far away from some friends of Marissa's, who didn't object to giving the water-soaked pair a ride to Marissa's home. By midnight, they were dried off and snuggling happily in front of the fireplace.

"This is good." she sighed, snuggling up to his fat furry belly. "I apologize for all this, Al."

"Accepted. Next time, talk to me. Those little schemes of yours have a tendency to backfire."

"Okay, friend." She said as she went to sleep. Soon after, so was he. What is it about cats and fireplaces, anyway?