Something Special

A Very Short Popping Story

By Lord Balloony-cat Inflated


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Enough legal mumbo jumbo; on with the show:


            “I have something special for you, tonight,” the balloonie cheetah said slyly, spreading her legs and drawing her finger up the inside of one squeaky thigh. Her mate dropped his coat at the door and, as if in a dream, drifted over to the couch where she lay, waiting in a filmy negligee that revealed just enough to madden the imagination.

            He could see, as he knelt beside her, that she had added quite a bit of air since this morning; she had given herself that big potbelly he liked, and both pairs of breasts were large and round and waiting for his hands.

            Then he smelled that she wasn’t ready for yiffing yet, and he became confused. He didn’t have time to think however, for she beckoned him forward, her long finger squeaking against the underside of his jaw as it curled and uncurled.

He leaned in close.

            “Honey, would you get this sash for me?” she asked, seeming to have trouble reaching it up on the crown of her belly. “It’s what’s holding this thing together”

            He reached to undo the knot...and found there was no knot. Instead, the two halves of the sash were joined together by a hat pin. He pulled it free and stared at it in his hand, wondering how she could have found out. All those girl-friends, all the prostitutes, all the potential mates lost because his idea of fun was to puncture their big bellies and ride them down to sleep.

            He had worked very hard to suppress that urge after he met her, vowing that she would never discover his dark desire. And now here she was offering it to him on a silver platter.

            “How did you know?” he asked, as the negligee fell apart to reveal her succulent breasts and her enormous, vulnerable belly.

            “Know what?” she asked innocently, but he could see by her eyes that she was only feigning ignorance. If he had any doubts, any fool could see that that negligee was supposed to be tied shut; the pin was for him.

            “Oh, nothing,” he said, trying to sound nonchalant as he straddled her great tummy. If he needed any more proof of her intentions, he got it when she simply lay there and smiled seductively without asking why he was positioned so far above her yoni. No wonder she wasn’t ready for yiffing yet, he thought, as he arranged the pin behind his back; she was expecting to come to orgasm on quite a different prick tonight.

            There were so many questions he was dying to ask her as he stared lovingly down at her adorably ballooned body; oddly enough, the surest way to stop himself from ruining the mood with questions was to make sure she wouldn’t be able to answer them. With this in mind, he struck.

            She stifled a hiss of pain when the pin pricked her; then she was gassing out as he began to rub his penis against her, and her loins ignited in the great rush of letting out her air. She yowled with pleasure as he rode her down.

            She was gushing like a released balloon, and she sagged into sleep in seconds, but not before she felt his warm seed paint her skin and heard his yowl of thanks mingling with hers. Her lips curved into a smile as the last of her air was let loose and he made contact with the couch through her deflated skin.

            Gasping and heaving, and still spurting occasionally, he lifted her limp form in his arms and rubbed her face against his, savoring the wonderful gift his mate had given him as he inhaled the scent of her latex. Then he threw the pin in the trash to avoid temptation and went to get the patch kit.




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