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Subject: [furry-balloon] A semi inflation, sorta airfat, n' yiff story!

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2002 10:14 PM

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I call it spikes revenge! Enjoy it yah hear! Its graphic though... hee hee.

Spikes Revenge!

Dawn broke over the cloudless horizon, and a thin ray of light shot across

the heavens, lighting everything in its path. A green valley was seen as the

day crept over the mountainside, and the music of a new day filled the ears

of all who cared to listen. It was on a slight hill, in the nook of a tree,

that a little creature was stirring. Purple in color, with slight details on

his fins, and a muzzle to boot. As the little purple critter shook off the

leaves he had buried himself in the night before, it was very clear that he

was reptilian. Not only that, but a small dragon. Spike was his name, and he

was a young purple dragon. He was also small, very small at that. Only a

foot tall.

"YAWN. Hewwo world."

The little dragon climbed out of his tree, and down to the soft earth below.

Stumbling to the stream that ran past his hill, and hopped in for his

morning bath. The stream was warm, and the little dragon squealed with

happiness. Drinking his fill in the stream when he was done, he waddled down

to the inner valley, to see what was going on. As usual, the ponies were up

and about. Various colors of them to boot. Applejack, firefly, and fizzy

seemed to be the only ones in the immediate area, so Spike went over as

usual to go say hi.

"Mownin! How are you dis mownin?"

"Oh great, it's the squirt again." Said applejack with a sigh.

"What do you want now spike? Can't you see we're busy?" Was the reply from


"Yah! Shove off you annoying reptile!" Snorted Fizzy.

Spike whined, why were they being so mean today?

"What? What did I do? Why are you being mean to me?"

"Oh get lost!" Was the group reply, followed by a kick to the dragons ass.

Spike landed about 20 ft away, in a pile of leaves. Crying as he ran back to

his hill, he wondered what could have possibly made them hate him so? He'd

done nothing wrong… What he didn't know however, was that the ponies were

getting sick of him being around, as they were so convinced that they were

superior. They had no room for tiny dragons in their ranks.

Limping home, the little dragon's sadness was starting to turn into anger.

"Why did they kick me? They were nice yesterday… Those stuck up ponies! I'll

show them! They don't want me around, then I'll leave!!"

Storming up his hill, he sat on a rock, kicking his legs in the stream. He

was frustrated, as he knew he was too small to get even, so leaving was his

only option. He did not have anything to pack, so he just stormed off up the

path out of the valley. Grumbling the whole way to himself, he did not pay

attention to where exactly he was going. Only when darkness fell upon the

mountain path, did Spike start to worry.

"Oh now what have I gone and done? I'm lost!"

Looking around, spike could not see anything familiar. Just endless piles of

rock greeted the frightened dragons eyes. Scared, and alone, Spike made for

shelter. Finding a small cave hidden behind a boulder, the dragon snuck

inside to escape nature's wrath. It did not go back very far, but it was

just big enough for the little guy's needs. He curled up in a miserable heap

as far back into the cave as he could go, and promptly fell asleep. He

dreamed that night, not of running, and flying, and bathing in the stream;

But instead, of revenge, and domination upon the pony's. When he awoke, the

dragon was firmly convinced that he needed to do something.

"My home is in the valley! I'm going to take it back! But I'll have to take

care of those pony's first!"

The only problem was, that he was a 1ft tall weakling, and they were much

larger ponies. The solution hit him like a ton of bricks. He just had to get

bigger! But how? He mused. He did not know how to grow, nor did he know of

anyone else who did.

"I need to be bigger than they are. But who can help me? WHO?"

Crying, the little dragon sat back down in his little cave. What he sat on

was pointy, and stuck in his ass.

"OUCH! That hurt! Aww… Wait? What's this?"

Examining the thing in his paws, he saw it was a star shaped chunk of metal,

on a chain. Nothing was written on it, nor did it appear new. Rather, it

appeared very ancient. Thinking he had found some long lost treasure, his

curiosity instantly turned to draconic greed. Looking around to make sure he

was along, he slipped the amulet slowly over his neck. He was surprised,

that it was a perfect fit! Clapping his paws together at his good fortune,

the dragon did not notice his body take on a shine. He suddenly felt

confident, and sure that he could get his home back.

Stomping out of the cave, he made his way back to the valley. Huffing and

puffing with the stress of walking through the mountains, he had to gulp

down air to keep from passing out. Something was noticed eventually, and

Spike yelped with surprise! Everything around him looked smaller somehow.

What spike did not know, was that the amulet had rubberized his body, and

his gasping of air had inflated him bigger. All spike knew, was that seeing

as everything was smaller, that meant that he had to be bigger! He sat and

growled happily at this turn of events, and continued his run back to the

valley. On route, he continued inflating himself unknowingly, and by the

time he got back, he was no longer a 1ft tall weakling of a dragon. Instead,

he was a 10ft tall balloonie dragon!

"Attention ponies! I have come back to claim my home!"

The response was silence, as it was nighttime, and the ponies were asleep.

Spike decided to wait till morning for his revenge, and stormed off to his

cave. A surprise met him at his hill, as he was larger than it was! He was

too big to fit into his home anymore, so he curled up against his tree, and

fell asleep. During the night, his snoring made him bloat up even bigger!

His monstrous body stretching out and up, and spreading a thick scent of

rubber around the whole area. Spike slowly awoke as morning came, deeply

aroused at his own smell. He was also deeply aroused at how big he had

gotten! Standing up at 20ft in height, the horny purple dragon stormed off

in search of the ponies, as his hormone filled mind had a good idea for what

to do about revenge. Stroking his black, 3ft wide, and 8ft long member, he

advanced on the water hole. The ponies were gonna get it this time, and his

little black monster was gonna help do some damage.

Chapter 2.

Spike ran at the waterhole as fast as his air filled legs could propel him.

7 assorted ponies were all there, and did not hear the footfalls of the

inflated dragon. Spike roared his arrival the moment he was in range, and

began his game. The plot he had devised was ingenious, and perverted to no

end. One by one, he chased the ponies, rounding them up as they ran away

from the monster. Each one he caught, he threw into a cave, then blocked the

cave with a large rock.

Within an hour of hide and go seek, Spike had all 7 trapped within the

makeshift prison. Now was the time for creation, the creation of the

ultimate revenge! Mixed with a dash of personal satisfaction of course. It

took almost no time for the 20ft tall dragon to dig a large pit in the

earth, deep enough to prevent escape of anything smaller than 10ft in

height. Satisfied that his plan could now come to fruition, he opened the

cave where he had imprisoned the ponies, only to take them all out one by

one. The ponies were scared half to death, and did not put up much of a

fight. With one mighty swipe of his paw, an enclave was made in the pit, big

enough for the ponies to retreat into. Which they did very quickly. They

understood that spike was planning to keep them around, and as one they

regretted the rough treatment they had applied to the once small dragon.

Spike loomed over the pit, and flexed somewhat for the horror of his captive

audience. Grasping the snake between his legs, he stroked himself for his

own pleasure. Priming himself up good, he waited for the climax he knew was

due. When he finally began to blow his load, he stuck a thumb over the tip

of his meat, turning the simple stream of spooge into a powerful hose. The

ponies got knocked against the wall of the cave by the stream, and were soon

bathed in the dragons seed. Doomed to smell of spike for all eternity, the

happy looking dragon laid down to rest. It had been a taxing day.

Firefly was the first to say anything.

"What are we gonna do? Are we doomed to be this dragons plaything? How did

he get so big anyways?"

"I don't know firefly." Cried Applejack. "I'm scared! I don't wanna die!"

"Relax applejack. We'll just wait this one out. What that wimp of a dragon

gonna do anyways?" Was the only thing fizzy said.

Spike chose that moment to not only wake up, but also that moment to look

over the edge of the pit, hear everything that fizzy said, and get quite

pissed off too. Now was the time.

"All right ponies. Listen up! Here's the name of the game. Survival of the

hottest. You will all do what I say, or I will hurt you. Now, you will all

commence doing whatever it takes to bring each other to climax. The first to

loose consciousness, looses. The looser will be my play toy for the evening,

and the rest of you get to live longer. That is all. Now, BEGIN!"

It took a moment for them to get into the swing of things. But soon they

were all priming each other up with hooves, horns, and tongues. The tangle

of equine bodies was hard to make sense of, but the screams of passion were

clear above the mass of pony flesh. The writhing slowly stopped, and 6

ponies backed away from the sleeping body of Fizzy. Spike lifted the dark

blue body out of the pit, and licked her clean. He suckled on the rainbow

colored tail, then slowly lowered her body down between his legs. This was

going to be one for the record books. Rubbing the sleeping pony over his

sheath, he slowly brought the little black monster out to play. As he

hardened, he penetrated the pony. She came awake, and shrieked as the

massive member grew larger inside her, pushing her insides together. Before

fatal trauma could occur however, Spikes amulet made Fizzy's body stretchy

as well. Spike did not notice however, as he was too occupied enjoying

himself to no end. Soon he was wearing a pony skin condom, and loving every

moment of it.

Fizzy was beginning to enjoy herself as well. Now that her stretchy body was

preventing her tearing apart under the strain of Spikes dragon hood, she was

locked in a state of bliss. The bliss turned to confusion as she watched her

body stretch horribly around the still hardening mass of dragon cock inside

of her. Only when her limbs were splayed to the side, and the tip of the

massive member was poking out of her muzzle, did she try to scream. But it

was too late, she could not utter a sound. Spike brought a massive paw down

as he finished hardening, and began to play with himself. He took his time,

teasing every section of the pony covering him, using her shivers to further

excite himself. He licked her stretched out twat, making her cream all over

the place. It took hours, but finally spike blew his load into the pit.

Further marking the ponies with his scent. Once he softened, Fizzy shrank

back down to her un-stretched size, and moaned in the afterglow. Spike was

not finished with her however.

"Now you will blow me. Literally!"

Spike slammed fizzy's muzzle against his softened shaft. She tried to suck

it, but only earned a slap on the flank.


Fizzy got the idea, and started huffing and puffing into his dong. It

quickly became hard again from the treatment. It took a while, but soon

spike started to get larger again. Fizzy did not know what she was doing,

nor did she notice that all of spike was getting larger. She caught on to

spikes request when she felt the member against her muzzle leap in size.

Spike was not 30ft tall, and moaning with rapture at the increased size.

"I'll not make you bigger! You'll just get us all!"

"You'll do what I say! Or else!"

"Or else what?"

Spike grinned, exposing razor sharp fangs. He eyed the pony's flank, and

noticed the tattoo of some bubbles. He figured it was time to play harder,

and grabbed the pony around the neck. Putting her muzzle inside his maw, and

started to blow. Fizzy's new stretchy body yielded to the air pressure, and

rounded out in the middle. Soon her whole body began to enlarge like spikes

had, but she was not the one in control. As she approached 10ft in height,

stress lines began to show all along her body. Her skin turned transparent,

and the stretch marks turned bright blue. Spike uttered a savage laugh of

pure euphoria, and then Fizzy made like the bubbles. She popped.

Exploded was the more appropriate word in this situation. Her body caved in

upon itself at the point of tearing, only to violently rupture, and spread

outwards like a supernova. She could only stare as she split into a million

pieces, and drifted down among the foliage. Spike roared with glee, happy

that his plan was working. He fully indented to punish each pony in this

way, eventually becoming massive, and dominant. It was going to be a fun

week indeed. And this was only day one.

End of chapter 2.

Day 2.

Spike awoke the next morning, feeling as powerful as ever. He walked away

from the pit to gather things to eat. Can't have revenge on an empty

stomach! He returned a short while later, with a whole tree full of apples.

It took him almost no time at all to devour every trace of food on the tree,

and then use it as a giant tooth pick. The 6 remaining ponies inside the pit

whimpered with hunger, as they watched him feed. Spike heard they're pleas,

and had another great idea.

"You ponies are hungry I see? Well, you'll only get one thing to eat from


Spike unsheathed himself, and rapidly began to stroke his new best friend.

The 10ft black monster bobbed in front of him, air filled, and thoroughly

satisfied with the treatment it was getting. As if to cry out with

happiness, the tip of his member mushroomed, and blew its load all over the

ponies below. Spike roared happily as a few gallons of seed splattered

everywhere, then sat down to bask in the afterglow of it all. The ponies

stood there disgusted, not knowing what else to do. Spike stood up on shaky

legs, and smiled down into the pit.

"Now, there is your meal. Eat my seed! It's the only food you are going to

get, so bloody well get used to it!"

The ponies all started to cry, but reluctantly started to lick the seed off

each other as a meal. They found spikes seed to be sweet as sugar, so it was

not all that bad. By the end of the meal, they were actually liking it. But

it was no longer time for enjoyment, as they all knew.

Spike waved a paw, and the ponies started yiffing each other yet again. They

seemed more eager today than they did the day before, and were soon whooping

with glee as they brought each other to climax many times over. This time it

was firefly to fall asleep first. Her yellow body covered in sex juices. The

remaining 5 ponies stood up, and walked away from the doomed equine. Spike

lowered his paw once more into the pit, and raised his prize to his maw. He

blew into her mouth, slowly making her round out like all the rest. His

newfound magic instantly making her a stretchy pony. Larger and larger she

became, and when she awoke, she was a 30ft pony! Spike was playing it risky,

making his victim as big as he was.

"Now you will blow me up!"

"And what if I refuse? I'm as big as you are!"

"But I've got sharp claws wrapped around your neck. Blow or die."

Firefly looked cowed, her orange tail swishing around with apprehension. She

lowered her muzzle do his member, and took the whole thing inside her maw.

Bobbing her head up and down on it slightly, she began to blow spike up

larger and larger. Spike moaned as he stretched up to 35ft in height. The

smell of his arousal almost as strong as the smell of freshly stretched

latex. Grinning mightily, he rested his paws atop the pony as she continued

to blow him up. When he reached 40ft in height, firefly noticed a problem.

His dong was growing as well, and expanding down her throat. She grew to

like this feeling, but had a hard time blowing. Spike noticed this lack of

performance, and grimaced.

"Did I say you could stop? Get back at it!"

Firefly tried to comply, but was starting to choke on the big member. Spike

reluctantly pulled her off, but quickly shoved her face back at the tip

again. Firefly coughed slightly, then went back to work. Huffing into the

tip, and licking at it. She was trying to get spike off again, so he'd be

placid enough to deal with. Now 50ft all, spike chattered and gibbered at

the feelings he was having. With a mighty bang, his member again spent its

load. Firefly eagerly lapped the offering up, and watched for any reactions.

Spike was falling asleep, but he knew what was going on. He tried his

hardest to resist, and reached up to grab the pony by the neck.

"Don't you try anything. I'll not have my revenge spoiled so easily!"

Spike thrust his muzzle over firefly's, and bit down hard. The pony yelped

as the dragons teeth broke through her stretched out skin, and she started

to deflate. Spike gulped down the pony's air, falling deeper and deeper into

slumber as he did. He started to grow again as the pony's air filled him up

more and more, this time not as much in height, but around the middle too.

His whole body filled out actually, making him look thick, and bulky. He

developed a paunch, with light stress lines on the side. Now 70ft tall, he

went into a light coma with a deflated pony balloon being used as a blanket.

Spike slept happily, while the remaining 5 ponies wondered what their fate

would be at the hands of this giant monster.

"We've got to do something! Firefly had the right idea before she was

deflated! We need to try and give him what he wants, and escape!"

Applejack was the speaker, and had it in her mind that she was going to win

this little contest. By any means necessary.

Day 3

Spike was still sleeping, and the remaining 5 ponies were trying to get out

of the pen. Not all that hard however, as each one was starting to like the

situation. They all wanted to be inflated too. Applejack was the highest on

the list of would be inflationists. She wanted it bad, and had a plan to win

this little act. She planned to inflate spike so big, that he exploded. Then

she would take over as rightful ruler of the valley. So it was her that

hopped overtop of her sisters, and managed to scamper to the top of the pit.

Walking slowly over to where the massive dragon was sleeping, she poked him

on the snout. Then ran back into the pit, telling everyone to be quiet.

"Erf… go-way.. not time for school yet.."

The light poke had woken spike up, and he gradually remembered where he was.

He was also really enjoying the situation, and was much less angry then he

had been the previous days. That the ponies were co-operating was surprising

to him.

"All right ponies. You know the drill. But first, what shal it be?

Breakfast? Or pleasure?"

The ponies were hungry, so they all voted for breakfast. Opening their

muzzles, they awaited the salty white bounty to come their way. Instead,

they found fruit, and other wild foods being dropped into the pit.

"I'm feeling generous. Consider this a reward for co-operating."

The ponies ate their meal with relish, and happily sat down to relax, and

pet over their bloated stomachs. Spike let them rest for a bit, before

standing up to his full 70ft in height. His slight air filled paunch wiggled

as he moved, producing a comical effect.

"Ok, now its time to get serious. Play till you drop ponies! The first 2

down are mine today!"

All 5 of the ponies grinned with anticipation, and began working each other

over. Priming with hooves, impaling with horns, and doing all sorts of nasty

things with tongues. Lickety Split was the first down, followed shortly by

Northstar. Applejack, and the other two ponies retreated to their corner to

rest, and continue playing with each other.

Spike decided to take one at a time, thus picked up northstar first. He

placed the tiny pony against his muzzle tip, and began to blow. The amulet

around his neck made her the stretchyest pony yet, and let spike blow her up

to gigantic heights. He blew and blew for a few mins, and finally ended up

with a 100ft tall pony, that had a large round belly. Northstar awoke to the

sensations of being this large, and purred. She all but lunged herself at

spike, wrapping her muzzle around spikes huge shaft. The dragon grunted and

groaned at the quickness of the inflated ponies treatments, but soon laid

back to relax. Northstar huffed and puffed into the dragon's dong, making

him hot and horny, and much much larger.

Spikes tiny paunch started to expand again, ballooning out like a beach ball

in front of him. It soon reached his knees, then his whole body grew again.

80ft, 90, 100, 110, 120! The titan of a dragon could stand no more, and

mounted northstar roughly. She squealed with pleasure as her inflated form

distended under the dragon's weight, and when he penetrated her secret


Grunting and groaning, spike slammed his moist member home rapidly. His

large air belly slapping against the ponies backside every time he humped.

Northstar was screaming with joy and happiness by the time spike finally

blew his load, and went limp on her backside. The pony was lost in the

afterglow, and could not do anything to the big dragon as he laid there

still inside her. A few moments passed, and spike got himself together

again. He exited the female, whipped his dick clean on her flank, and walked

around to her muzzle again. She knew what was coming, and opened her muzzle

happily. Spike took a deep breath, and started to blow the giant pony up

again. As time passed, she became transparent, and little blue stress lines

began to show on her mammoth stomach. All told, she was 200ft tall, and

sported a 300ft belly. It took only a few more breaths, but the pony

exploded into millions of tiny fragments. The roar of the blast knocked

spike off his feet, and left him panting with exhilaration.

"That was by far the best. And I've still got one more to go!"

He grabbed Lickety splits next, who had recovered, and was eager to become

huge like spike.

"Blow me up big handsome!"

"What? You want to be blown up?"

"YES! DAMN I'm hot for this!"

Spike was thrilled, he was having the time of his life, with willing

victims! This time he decided to do things differently. He walked away from

the pit, and took the pony to the local waterfall. Holding her muzzle

directly under the flow, he watched with joy as the gulped it all down,

swelling in the belly monstrously. It took half an hour of gluttonous

drinking, but spike soon dragged a 150ft round pony back to the pit side.

The other ponies gasped with awe and wonder at the site they saw, and began

to play with themselves. The water pony was lost to the world, gasping with

pleasure at the feelings from being so full. Spike rolled her over onto her

back, and began to belly yiff her. Rubbing his eager dong up and down the

sphere of her belly, yipping and growling with pleasure as he did. Soon he

spooged yet again, shooting his large load off into the forest.

He was not done however, and went around to the ponies front.

"You know what you have to do now."

"Yes master!"

The pony licked at his cock tip, and blew into its hole as hard as she can.

Spike sat down, and cradled the pony in his lap, petting her water filled

belly happily as he expanded yet again. His sumo belly expanded mammothly,

becoming its own body almost. It had to be 60ft around by now, and once the

pony was done, spike was 200ft tall. Spike stood up, posing for the tiny

ponies sitting inside the pit. The stress lines on his belly were getting

large, and it did not look like he could take much more. He backed up a few

steps, and with a jump, landed square on top of the water filled equine.

Laying down on top of her, he rested for a moment. Then with a joy filled

cry, he lowered his head to hers, and started to fill her with air too.

Bubbles could be seen flowing through her near transparent body, pooling in

her belly. Spike was pushed higher into the air as he did this, and could

feel the soft rubberized pony getting tighter and tighter beneath his body.

With a soft snap, she burst. The water inside her body draining across the

land, and into the river.

"Now that was a blast!"

Spike laughed at his own joke, and laid down for a rest. He had 3 ponies

left, and boy did he have plans for them.

Day 4.

The three remaining ponies were the first to awaken as the sun crept across

the land. Applejack was the first to her feet, with windwhistler and gusty

close on her flanks. All three eagerly wanted to get on with the days

activities, and all but clambered out of the pit with lust. Spike was so

big, that he could be seen even from the depths of the pit. He snored

softly, and his gigantic air filled belly bobbed in front of him as he did

so. Rolling atop the orb of air, the weight of his body caused the air to

move around. So for a brief moment, spike had a gigantic tail, instead of a

huge belly. Once he completed the roll however, all the air went back to his

paunch, and the ponies caught a glimpse of his sizable package. It was way

out of proportion to the rest of his body, but lots of the air had ended up

between his legs.

Applejack whinnied as loud as she could, and spike lifted an eyelid. He saw

all three ponies doing their best to get his attention, and grinned a

massive draconic grin.

"Well hello there you three. Looks like you all want to get started eh?"

"You bet we do big boy!" was the simultaneous reply from the trio.

Spike grinned, and slapped his giant paw down against the side of the pit.

One of the earthen walls collapsed, and provided a neat little pathway for

the ponies. They looked confused, but slowly walked out.

"You may feed yourselves today. I can see that you are too happy with the

situation to leave. Besides, I'm so big… I could easily hunt you down if you


"Erp. Yes sir."

The equine trio went about their morning business. Bathing in the stream,

eating various things from around the valley, and finally coming to a stop

before a giant crouched Spike. Just his sheathed package was several times

the size of the ponies, and they all could not keep their eyes off it. Gusty

could hold out no longer, and ran up to the fold of flesh. She leaped upon

it, much to spikes joy, and began to rub her entire body along his sheath.

The dragon slowly unsheathed his large black length, and the trio of ponies

were amazed at how large it truly was. Flopping across the land, the 100ft

one eyed monster tantalized the ponies to no end. Each one wanted to be big

enough to ride it, and set to work. They hopped up and down, and started to



Spike was all too happy to obey, and grabbed gusty off his dong. Bringing

the pony up to his lips, he began to blow, and blow, and BLOW! Gusty's

middle ballooned outwards rapidly, and the rest of her body grew to keep up

with her. The magic spike possessed made her super stretchy, and hard to

pop. Spike took a rest to get his breath back, and gazed at what he had

created. A 200ft tall, very fat looking pony sat in front of him. She smiled

at him ludely, and lowered herself onto his bulging member. It was a

struggle, and a tight fit, but she managed to impale herself on the gigantic

shaft. She rocked back and forth as spike inhaled yet again, and soon found

a dragon muzzle locked around her own. She cried out with pure bliss as the

pleasure of riding so monstrous a shaft, mixed with being blown up even

bigger. Her middle swelled more and more round, and soon it was as if spike

was raping a giant blimp. She was 400ft around when spike stopped blowing

into the pony. He marveled at how much larger she was than himself, and

started to hump his prize lovingly. Gusty screamed with joy, as her

super-sensitive body started leaking rivers of juice from her stretched out

yoni. Windwhistler and applejack strode over to roll and drink up the rivers

of juice, and generally enjoy the scene unfolding before them.

Gusty was really enjoying herself, and decided to take over the situation.

She clamped her muzzle over spikes, and began to blow HIM up for a change!

Spike was not prepared for this turn of events, but enjoyed the fun anyways.

Gusty blew him up to her size, while still riding his member for all it was

worth. Said member grew within her, becoming a 200ft phallic symbol and a

half. ((What can I say, I'm writing for multiple audiences here.)) Spike's

belly ballooned outwards to an impressive 150ft, the lines of stress showing

plainly to the world. But the magic of the amulet held him together, as his

whole body grew and grew. When he was equally as large as gusty, he

continued to ride her happily, knowing full well that the remaining two

ponies beneath him would be even bigger than this one.

They lay coupled together for hours, each one reaching climax many times

over. Afternoon had arrived in the valley, and still they were mating.

Finally, spike decided it was time. He clamped down on her muzzle once more,

and while still yiffing, started to blow her up bigger. She grew and grew,

her muzzle becoming larger than spikes rapidly as he made her get larger and

larger. Soon he could only just blow into the tip of her lovely muzzle, and

he cradled it lovingly between his forepaws. Gusty was 600ft around now, and

about to burst. She grinned and knew what was coming, so she inhaled one

last time around spike's kiss, and exploded herself. She ripped across the

land with a thunderous blast, causing spikes seed, and her cum to splash all

over the place. Spike stood up, 400ft tall, and slowly softened between the

legs. Looking down at the two tiny ponies beneath him, he planned what to do


"Ohh… Tomorrow is going to be a special day indeed."

Day 5

The ponies awoke to a strange, deep grunting sound somewhere in the forest.

Their pit was still easy to get out of, thanks to spike making a pathway.

They looked around for the source of the noise, and soon spotted it above

the tree line. It was spike, and by the looks of it, he was playing with

himself. Windwhistler and applejack giggled softly, watching the huge dragon

have his way, with himself. The dragon heard the giggles eventually, and

realized that he had an audience. He did not mind. He rather liked all the

attention his gigantic self was bringing. His gigantic airbelly bounced and

bobbed with every pull on his large, and air filled member. He took his

time, and finally came all over the forest canopy. Satisfied, the dragon

stood up, proudly displaying himself, his belly, and his member to the

ponies. They gasped, and smiled happily as they thought of what they were

going to get today.

"Lets go spike! We wanna play!"

Spike laughed long and loud, truly amused by the total turnabout of events

over the past few days.

"I can't believe you two. 5 days ago you were so ready to kick my little

purple ass around, and now you WANT to partake in what was supposed to be

revenge. I must say I'm not angry with any of you anymore. Are you sure you

really want to go through this?"

"You betcha big guy!" Was the duo's reply.

Spike continued to chuckle, and laid his enormous bulk down on the ground.

"Well by all means then. You two may start wherever you wish."

The ponies raced towards him, and broke off to separate area's of his body.

Applejack ran to his muzzle, while windwhistler tore off to his crotch. The

latter of the ponies straddled his large sheath, and actually climbed

inside, trying to speed up the process of inviting her giant toy out to

play. Spike groaned at her entry, but murred happily at the naughty things

she was doing in there. Applejack however, plastered herself against the tip

of spike's muzzle, and gave him a long kiss there. She kept it up too,

expecting to be inflated first. Windwhistler could be heard hooting and

hollering happily, as she rode spikes emerging member up into the sky. She

bucked her whole equine body against the giant thing, and did her best to

pleasure spike. She too wanted to be inflated first.

It was applejack that won the bid off. As she was closest, spike lazily blew

a slow breath into her muzzle, causing her to grow till she was 50ft tall.

Once she was bigger, the dragon increased the speed, and the passion of his

kiss with her. She expanded happily, maintaining a proportional growth to

100ft, then 150, then 200. Larger and larger she became, and they kissed

harder and harder. Once she was 400ft tall like spike, she straddled his

torso, frenching him long, and hard. Spike stopped inflating her, pausing to

catch his breath. Applejack took this opportunity, so replace windwhistler

at spikes crotch, so she could get a turn at being inflated by the giant

dragon. Once spike had recovered, he began the slow inflation process with

the second pony. Like applejack, windy slowly grew in size, speeding up as

she got larger and larger. Windy didn't grow quite exactly like applejack

did however, as she got a very large airbelly just like spikes. So when she

was 400ft tall too, it hung down between her legs. She didn't seem to mind

however, and proceeded to lick spike all over for the grand inflation.

Applejack took spike's now hard cock tip into her muzzle, and started to

suckle. As she bobbed her head up and down, spike groaned happily, then

murred as the pony started blowing him up. Strangely, spike did not grow

very much this time. His belly kept rounding out more and more, and so did

the rest of his body. He was looking extremely obese by the time he noticed,

and strangely didn't care one bit. Applejack was happy with this turn of

events, as it appeared that spike was now less mobile.

Deep in the forest, all the little bits of scattered pony bits were starting

to collect themselves. One by one, deflated pony balloons started taking

shape on the ground. The trio did not know this, nor would they probably

have cared. Applejack stopped blowing spike up, when his airbelly was larger

than he was tall. Also, the dragon roared, and came inside the pony's

muzzle, thus she had to stop to lap it all up like a good little sex toy.

Windwhistler was back to kissing spike all over again, then planted her

crotch on the dragon's open maw. Spike eagerly lapped at her vent, and

started inflating her there too. Her rump, and belly kept expanding, and she

squealed with delight. Her entire body was becoming what looked like an

extremely obese show horse, and she loved every moment of it. Gradually,

stress lines began to show on her gut, and rump. She knew she was going to

burst anytime now, but she was too locked in bliss to care. Applejack

started suckling on spikes tail, further exciting the prone dragon. He

huffed and puffed into windy as hard as he could, turning blood red in the

face as he did. His efforts were rewarded soon enough though, as windy's

skin was soon tight as a drum. Further expansion would yield explosion.

Windy was pushed over the edge buy all this, and she creamed into the

dragon's maw. He choked somewhat, but drank it down. Then with a fiendish

grin, he gave one large exhalation into the moaning pony. She came apart

almost instantly, ripping to shreds, and scattering all over the place.

Applejack grinned with victory! She was the last one left, and now her plan

could come to fruition! She mounted spike, impaling herself upon his large

endowments. He roared loudly. 3 times in one day! Was all he could think of.

Applejack leaned forward, and purred to the prone dragon.

"Will you make me the biggest? Bigger than everything around here? Bigger

than a tree! Bigger than a mountain! Maybe even bigger than the world?"

Spike nodded, and gave her a big muzzle kiss. He started slowly blowing her

up again, and as she grew, she rode his member happily. Spike groaned

happily from his pleasures, while applejack moaned from the growth, and the

sex. Within a few mins, she was 50ft taller than spike, and had to lean her

muzzle downwards somewhat to keep getting blown up. She sped up her

ministrations on the dragon, riding him faster and faster, as she grew and

grew. Now applejack was in charge, and she knew it. As she topped 500ft in

height, it was clear that she was larger than spike. She had not even

started to distend in the belly yet, and loomed over him with an aura of

power. She squeezed down hard on his member, and he creamed inside of her.

Watching him start to fall asleep, she saw her chance to fully take over.

Slowly getting off of him, she grabbed his softening dong in her maw again.

Now it was the dragon's turn to burst. She started huffing and puffing with

haste, and spike's belly, and body was rapidly becoming spherical. He was

too zoned to care, and only noticed something was wrong when he too became

tight as a drum, at 600ft round. Applejack snickered, backing away to gloat

for a while.

"I win spike. Looks like you'll pop before I do. Now I'll be the biggest

thing around! Muahaha!"

"You dirty… and here I was trying to be nice again!"

"Well, I know that. But I still wanted to win your little contest. So you


Before another word was uttered, she began blowing into his convenient

inflation tube again. He groaned as the pressure increased, and his belly

started bulging in odd ways. It came quickly. The medallion flashed,

applejack laughed, and spike exploded. His purple body flew everywhere, and

the force of his explosion knocked applejack off her hooves. She landed with

a thump, and heard an odd hissing sound. Looking around to find the source

of the sound, he noticed that she had landed on the fallen medallion, and it

had punctured her rear end.

"Oh poo."

Was all she was able to say, before the tear widened, and she too ripped

apart at the seams. All was quiet now over the valley of the ponies, as

every one of them had burst. Spike included.

It took all day, but by late evening, the first of the burst ponies had

completely reformed, and had inflated themselves back to a proper size. The

looked around happily, content that they we're not dead if they exploded.

The first to regenerate helped the others get back together, and soon 6

ponies were standing over the scattered, and partially reformed remains of

spike, and applejack.

"Looks like they are getting back together too."

"Man that was fun. I wanna do it again!"

"Me too. Boy I'm glad spike came along. Though I'm sorry we bullied him"

"Yah, it was that time of the month.."

The 6 made a bit of a dinner, and settled down to wait for the last 2 of the

group to get themselves back together. Early the next morning, spike awoke

to find himself a foot tall again, and meeped up at the larger ponies. They

all laughed, and gave him nuzzles.

"We're sorry about how we acted spike. And we're happy that you gave us such

a nice gift! We can all inflate, and pop, and reform safely now!"

"Really? I guess that means I can too! And boy is that a good thing, I miss

being huge." Claimed the dragon.

Applejack was awake about 5 mins later, and she looked groggily about the

circle of ponies.

"Err… hi spike. Umm… sorry about that… uhh… no hard feelings?"

A hug about the neck was all the answer applejack needed. She wrapped her

muzzle around spike's, and blew him up till he was 6ft tall.

"There you go spike. Stay that way from now on! Unless you want to get

bigger that is!"

Everyone laughed, and went about conversing their new abilities. All of them

could inflate superhuge, and pop without fear of death. They hoped to be

able to get larger and larger as they practiced too. Nobody ever found that

medallion that spike had, but they realized that they did not need it


Inflation became a daily ritual among the residents of the valley, and they

all got bigger and bigger as time went by. Nobody picked on spike anymore,

as he was always the largest. Times were good in the valley of the ponies.

And they stayed that way this time.

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