Author's Note - (2/22/01)

If any of ye know me or even where I live most of the time when I'm nae fighting the crowds of the malls, going to work and dealing with computers, accounts, or me boss, or I'm nae at home with me cat and computer, then ye know of me disdain for the upcoming nightmare that most know as St. Patrick's Day. Now, I will be fair and say that it's a holiday that I used to like before moving to Savannah and spending a good bit of me second time in college dealing with the morons and other such that the parade and holiday here attract. I have seen people hurt over and over again. Tis breaks me heart and I know that Patrick is rolling in his grave to think that a day named after him is causing this much pain.

Now that I have said me peace for the holiday, let me explain a bit of the background behind the story. When I was a wee lass, I asked me pop about St. Patrick's Day. He went into all of the history that everyone and their uncle knows about it. Then I asked him about the parade. Being a good father, Pop told me about it as well. But then, (ye saw this coming, dinnae ye? ^_-) I asked him about why there was nae balloons in the parade. Me pop n'ver knew of me passion for them, but he know that I always watched the Thanksgiving and Christmas Day parades. I said all of the others do, why nae this one . . .

He dinnae give me an answer.

So, as me gift to all of ye, here's me reason for why there are nae balloons in the parade.

Now, onto the disclaimer that I guess needs to be put into the header of the story before I start telling ye and ye start reading. There is nae yiffing, maybe a bit of masturbation, but there will be a good deal of inflation and macrophilia.

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Caitlynn Wildfire

Fukure na Neko Megami

Where are the balloons in the St. Patrick's Day parade?

Arching her back which caused the tight blouse of her security uniform to creak and groan in protest, Caitlynn closed her eyes and rolled her head slightly to the right, pillowing her facial cheek against her shoulder. The edge of her short skirt rose up a bit, showing a teasing hint of the plum colored thong that she wore underneath. The whisper of the skirt was like the cheering section. She laced her fingers together and lifted her huge hands over her head. With a soft moan of delight, she stretched for a few moments. She flexed her powerful arm muscles made the short sleeves to tear on the edges, fraying them. The stitching of her blouse over her massive chest creaked a bit louder as if to be trying to tell her to stop torturing them. They are just doing their job, holding together a few pieces of cloth in a working design which is supposed to cover her upper body.

Smiling brightly for a moment, Caitlynn allowed herself a long and heartfelt yawn which rolled from her toes, through her chest, and over the soft lips of her grin. Opening her eyes, she looked about and spun lightly on her toes with her powerful arms held out from her sides. "This is the job that I was meant to have," she whispered in sheer delight. Inhaling deeply which caused a button to explode off of her clothing and ricochet around the room twice just from the pressure. "The rich smell of helium and latex . . . "

Tossing her head back, she started to laugh in a light and airy sound which echoed off of the walls. The cloth of her blouse sighed once more as it stretched and filled out more and more, the buttons seeming to hold their breath and push against the rising pressure.

Caitlynn lowered her hands and looked around the place. Standing pretty much at the front lower right area of the warehouse, she whistled as she looked out over the hundreds of boxes that contained some of her most beloved things: balloons, canisters of helium, and balloons. Taking a moment to savor the splendor of her kingdom, she placed her huge hands behind her back and started to walk about, her large feet thrumming in a hollowly staccato sound against the floor. The reverberation of her large feet made the place seem positively enormous to Caitlynn. This just delighted her that much more. Within her massive chest, her equally impressive heart quickened it's beating, causing the surface of her chest to lightly jiggle from the thump-thumping sound.

A glimmer of something bright and shiny caught the attention of her gaze and she shifted her weight to look at it better. One of the boxes was left slightly open, the metal of the nails catching the light within the warehouse. Walking over to it, she arched an eyebrow as she looked into what she could see inside. She had to kneel down slightly, placing her right knee against the floor to allow herself to look into the box better. Contained within was hundreds of balloons of all sorts of colors. Reaching into the box, Caitlynn whistled softly once more as she pulled out a fistful of balloons.

"So many balloons . . . ," she whispers softly. "So many colors . . ." With a bit of a quick check, she glanced at the wall clock that was to her right and just above the door to the manager's office. The clock informed her that it was just barely into the evening hour, just about an hour after she arrived to take this job. Israfel has asked her boss at the city courthouse to offer the job of night watchman to Caitlynn, knowing that few would be stupid enough to break into the place with the PlastiCat on guard.

Also, Israfel knew of Caitlynn's passion for balloons . . .

So much time . . . Caitlynn thought to herself.

A soft giggle escaped her lips, causing her blouse to swell a bit more, the buttons sighing slightly in protest, but they figured that it would be a matter of time before they were out of a job.

Caitlynn scooped up the handful of balloons and started to walk towards the manager's office. As she approached, something else caught her attention for the moment. A thick hose laid curled against the baseboard of the wall which seemed to be connected to a series of canisters. Pausing at the door, she shifted her weight a bit and followed the trail of the pipes and canisters down along the wall. At the middle of the wall, about twenty feet away was a huge machine that Caitlynn recognized almost instantly. It was the helium regulator for the parade balloons. Since it took a long time to build up enough pressure for tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day parade, the manager, Mr O'Dell, left the machine running.

A small shiver of delight raced through Caitlynn's body, finally lighting onto the tips of her nipples which just meant one thing to her at the moment. She was getting so turned on by this place. The thought about the helium hose being ready and waiting just made her that much more aroused.

It took a great deal of effort as Caitlynn tore her gaze from the teasing hose and looked towards the door as she opened it. Stepping into the office with a brisk bounce, she looked about for a moment. Unlike a lot of warehouse offices, this one was really clean and with a soft carpet on the floor. In the back center of the room was an unusually large desk and a huge leather chair. All sorts of odds and ends were scattered out over the desktop. Off to the right of that was a nice couch with a potted plant next to it. In front of the couch was a modest sized coffee table which had on it some sportsman magazines. The walls were lined with wood paneling to help further enhance the image of the place. Against the right side of the wall that held the door was a full-length mirror. All in all, not a bad office, for where it was.

Walking around to the office chair, she pulled it back and away from the desk, lowering herself into the chair. Her skirt slid up slightly, baring a bit of her ample tushie which set off a few delightful squeaks. With a soft blush, she leans back into the chair and sighed happily, laying the balloons onto the desk top. Caitlynn gave herself a moment to cool down from her excitement and get some control over herself.

A soft smile slid across her lips as she opened her eyes and glanced downwards at the pile of balloons. Running her fingers through the soft rubbery stack, she picked a nice big green one. Uninflated, the balloon was about a foot wide and really tough looking. Perhaps being able to expand to a really huge size . . . she thought to herself, her nipples popping up as big as shotglasses underneath her blouse. With a slight airy giggle, she glanced down at her breasts, which swell a bit more from the laughter, and mock-growled at them. "Down, lasses . . . tis nae the moment to be teasing me . . ."

Taking another few moments to cool down, she leans back in the chair and turned it to the right, away from the edge of the desk. Once she felt calm enough to have a bit of fun, she smiled brightly and brought the end of the balloon to her lips. Her thick violet tongue slid out of her lips and caressed the nozzle of the balloon, almost as if she was planning something erotic. She wrapped her lips around the end and suckled lightly. Her breathing increased as she got a rich taste of the latex within her mouth and over the taste buds.

Within the depths of her massive breasts, Caitlynn felt the familiar tingling returning once more . . . the sensation that she got when she really was aroused. Rolling her head to the right and allowing a soft purring sound to escape from her chest, she leaned back in the chair and pushed her huge feet out against the surface of the carpet.

I guess having a bit of fun could nae hurt, she thought to herself.

Taking a deep breath, she inhaled mightily, filling her chest out slowly bigger and bigger. In her mind's eye, she imagined that she was just a simple balloon, being filled with the rich life-giving air. The expression on her face was one of gentle bliss that one might find as they think of an old and fond memory that they just remembered. However, the buttons on her uniform blouse top were not amused. The stitching that held them in place started to give a bit and the middle two buttons were the first to go. Popping off of the cloth that they had made their home, they bounced against the edge and surface of the desk, going to where only the janitor might find them. The remaining buttons, seeing that the end was closer than they thought, gritted themselves and took up the load that the first two had left them with.

Her chest expanded out to being about twice it's normal size, the cloth of her blouse stretched as tight as it could go. Several small tears started to give along the shoulders and over the seams of where the cloth was stitched along the sides. The sides of her chest touched the edge of the large office chair that she reclined in. Pursing her lips, Caitlynn blew her breath into the balloon. Soon, the balloon was about the size of her chest and then bigger as her own "balloons" shrank back down to their normal buxom size.

Caitlynn opened her eyes and smiled brightly in a child-like joy as she gazed at the large emerald balloon that she held at the nozzle in her right hand. She had managed to inflate the balloon to about three feet across.

A giggle escaped her lips, filling her breasts outwards once more. Tilting her head a bit, she regarded the balloon. "I see ye are nice and big, me friend," she whispered to the inflatable toy. Taking a blunt finger, she poked the surface which gave a good bit. "But, ye still seem to be hungry . . ."

She pulled the balloon closer and took in another deep inhaling breath which filled her chest back out to the size that she was before. The buttons, having relaxed a bit from the first time, grumbled at the lousiness of their job, but managed to hang on for dear life. Placing the nozzle back against the softness of her lips, she released the air into the balloon. Within a few slow moments, the balloon expanded bigger and fuller, the pressure building all over, soon reaching a size that was just under six feet.

Opening her eyes once more, she smiled a good deal more as she gazed in playful jealousy at the balloon, the purring within her massive chest increasing. With a quick jerk, she tired off the nozzle and pulled the balloon against her chest and lap. She closed her eyes and presses her face into the balloon, sighing happily. "Now, ye're me size . . . ," she whispered hotly.

Kicking her feet a bit, she turned the chair to the right, catching the edge against one of the top drawers of the desk and pulling it open. Caitlynn shifted herself in the chair and kept on snuggling. Slowly, she pushed the balloon down over her tight tummy and spread her thighs a bit, allowing the surface of the balloon to stroke along over the inner flesh. The material of the skirt bunched up and pushed against her flower, causing her to arch her back and blow a soft purring kiss against the top of the balloon as if it was a lover.

Caitlynn giggled again, swelling her breasts bigger. "I'm nae that kind of lass," she playfully teased her balloon.

Her right hand slid up and along the side of the balloon towards the top where the nozzle was. She gently pushed the balloon down against herself, the fabric of the thong and skirt adding more and more pleasure to her flower as the latex of the balloon made her skin tingle. Another whimpering moan escapes her lips as she closed her eyes and rubbed her cheek against the surface of the balloon. "Besides . . . ," she added, still in that soft voice. "We just met . . ."

For a few long moments, she arched her back and pressed herself into the chair as she caressed the balloon against her inner thighs. The top of the balloon stroked and teased the edges of her breasts as they started their own inflation, pushing against the balloon and swelling outwards as she got turned on. Panting deeper and deeper, she moaned more as she lightly bounced and rocked within the chair, feeling the pleasure of her orgasm building like a surging tide against her womanhood. The undersides of her breasts started to touch the cool surface of the armrests of the chair, sending a serious jolt through her, almost making her . . .


Startled to say the least, Caitlynn opened her eyes and blinked for a moment, wondering what the hell that was. The force of her surprise caused the chair to spin lightly around to the left and stop at the open drawer. Looking down into her lap, she saw the tattered remains of the balloon-lover that she was having so much fun with. Her wide purple ears flattened against her head as she awwed! "Ye poor dear," she whispered sadly as she picked up the largest of the remains. She sighed a bit, dropping the remains into the trash.

Turning the chair more, her left elbow bumped the edge of the drawer, making her turn and grumble a bit as the pain from her funny bone raced up her forearm. At the moment, she glanced over her shoulder to see what caused that and then . . . all she could do is arch an eyebrow. She turned herself around to look better into the draw as she leaned in. Several magazines were housed within, making her for a moment wonder why the manager would hide them.

It only took a moment to have it click.

Caitlynn's frown turned upside down and grew. "So, our upstanding city manager has a fat lass fetish," she whispered as she pulled out the top magazine. The tittle was Fat Felines. Laying the magazine down onto the desk top, she looked back into the drawer to find a few more. There were Puma Plumpers, Copious Centaurs, Meaty Mustelids, and Voluptuous Vixens. Spreading out the magazines out over the desk top along with the first magazine, Caitlynn shook her head a bit in wonder, but the smile was as bright as ever. "Wonder if his bean-pole wife knows about this . . ." was the first thought to escape her lips and then she blew it off. Caitlynn was supposed to be the upright and civic-minded PlastiCat here, so blackmail was a no-no.

"Still . . . ," she could not help but to wonder.

And so, for the next hour, Caitlynn flipped through the magazines, turning page after page with glossy photos and steamy stories about various furries being huge from overeating, some magic and foreplay, or even one who was a bit like her, a balloonie as they classify ones who can expand, but she didn't seem to be all that great. At least not to Caitlynn. As she turned the pages, her slightly naughty right hand slipped down to the underside of her skirt and slid up underneath. A soft blush started to wash over her fat facial cheeks as she tilted her head back and to the right, closing her eyes for a moment. Her finger stroked and teased her, causing her massive heart within her chest to start beating faster. Soft blasts of her breath caressed the pages of the magazine that she was looking at, turning a page. The crinkle of the page caught her attention and she opened her eyes a bit.

Suddenly, Caitlynn stopped . . .

Spread out over the pages was a huge layout for a utterly massive cheetah. With her fat face pillowed in several rolls of her enormous mellon-sized breasts, she was angled to where her head was away from the viewer and her tushie was right next to his or her right. The size of the copious tummy was just unbelievable. Some of the sides of the belly spilled over the edge of the bed that she was stretched out on and she was raised into the air about a foot or so as far as Caitlynn could tell. The thick, tree-trunk thighs hung off of the bed, keeping the tushie into the air and with the thick tail up as well so that the viewer could get a good long look at her.

Caitlynn snatched up the magazine and frowned intensely as she studied the picture. Without her reading glasses, she had a terrible time reading the small quote that was at the bottom of the right page, but she did make out her name being there. With a sound that sounded like a mixture of a gasp and a snarl, Caitlynn reached into her right breast pocket and pulled out a velvet pouch. Opening it up, she retrieved a pair of wire-framed glasses and slide them over the bridge of her nose and hooked the ends onto her ears.

"To Caitlynn Wildfire . . . now who is the bigger lass?"

Sitting up in the chair, Caitlynn blinked for a moment and then re-read the statement again. Her knuckles popped softly as she gripped the edges of the magazine, a slow and growing growl forming at her lips. "That bitch . . . that . . . bitch!" she whispered angrily.

Ever since high school, Caitlynn was the sort of girl who didn't bend with any one group. She seemed to make friends easily and kept them close to her heart, saying that there was always room for one more. Even ex-boyfriends and a few ex-girlfriends, she managed to bring them back up to being her friend and leaving it at that, always telling them honestly that there might be other days together. But like most times that were good, there was always one person who didn't like watching someone be happy. In Caitlynn's case, it was Ashley Warpspeed. Ashley was one of those who could not stand to not have any attention. Being rich and snobbish to the extreme didn't help matters much for Ashley. There were many times where Caitlynn and Ashley were in serious compition for the boys around the school. Even if one went out with Ashley, he would eventually be attracted to the honestly and simpleness of Caitlynn.

The last thing that Ashley had said to Caitlynn was a promise that the purple PlastiCat had blown off. "Someday . . . somehow, I will be bigger than you. More famious and more loved than you could ever dream of."

"Well . . . she does seem to be on her way . . . ," Caitlynn grudgingly admitted to herself. Flipping a few of the pages, she kept on looking at them, seeing her old nemsis in a whole new light. A soft whistle escaped her lips. "I'll bet she's about five hundred pounds . . . ," she thought aloud. That was until she looked at a picture with Ashley leaning to one side and holding one of her massive, pendulous breasts with both hands and suckling at the nipple. "That might be in just her breasts . . ."

Frowning a bit, she laid down the magazine, still open to the pages that she was looking at before. Leaning back in the chair and turning it to the right, Caitlynn folded her huge hands together and thought. "I could be easily bigger than she could ever dream of . . . ," she spoke out loud. "I could have me tits down to me feet and pillowing against the floor with a tushie that five fursons could sit on and still be comfortable. A tummy that could hold about four all-ye-can-eat restaurants."

Keeping herself leaning back in the chair, she looked up at the ceiling. Her thoughts drifted to thinking about how she could do this and let people know what she is doing. Well, her first thought was that the news would be the best place to start. Still, letting them know what she was up to and getting them here might be too much.

A soft smile touched her lips. "It does seem that they show up any time that I do something outrageous ... ," the rubbery feline thought aloud. "All I need to do is decide on what to do ..."

Propping her huge feet up onto the edge of the trash can, she sighed a bit. "However . . . that would just be one-upping her . . . ," she admitted. Stroking her chin with her forefinger of her right hand, she tilted her head slightly to the left. "I need something that will . . . be unmatchable . . ."

Something out of the corner of her eye caught her attention as she looked towards what it was. There, with the door still standing wide open, was the hose from the warehouse sized helium compressor.

An evil grin touched Caitlynn's lips, something akin to the expression of the Grinch and what lead to the stealing of Christmas for the Whoes.

And Savannah canceled the parade for one year and swore off balloons for the celebration ... well, for two reasons. The first was most of the people were without hearing for months. The second was that it took all of that year to repair the damage.