By Lord Balloony-cat Inflated


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            Heads turned to follow Tabs as he made his way down the toy aisle. Perhaps it was because he kept pausing to pick stuffed toys from their shelves. Perhaps it was the fact that the cart he was pushing was already half-full of stuffed tigers, bears, cats, and other animals. Maybe it was the tune he was whistling, or the little dance he was doing with each step. It might have been any or all of these things, but people probably would have noticed him even without them; after all, it was hard to miss a six-foot tall plush tiger whose loincloth was being lifted by a large erection.

            “Top of the day to you,” he said, tipping an imaginary hat to a pair of inflatable vinyl skunks who had been staring at him. They looked disconcerted and slightly embarrassed at first, but then smiled and nodded back. Further on, as he was considering a fat little brown bear, he caught movement from the tail of his eye and looked down just in time to see a little puma furry reaching out a curious hand for the long shape under his loincloth. Wilting slightly with chagrin, he stepped hastily out of her reach, and a moment later, her mother grabbed her and pulled her back.

            “No, Moira, that’s very rude,” she chided the infant, slapping her hand lightly. Then she looked up at Tabs, offering him an embarrassed smile. “I’m sorry,” she said, not quite meeting his eyes, “she likes to grab’s that age” She risked a quick glance at him, checking to see if he was upset, and the humor in his large yellow eyes put her at ease.

            “No harm done, ma’am,” he said, and continued on his way, beginning to whistle again.

            “Hey there, handsome,” a busty squirrel plushy murmured, unabashedly eying the size of him under the cloth. “Can I play with your toys?”

            “Tempting offer,” he said, favoring her assets with a theatrical leer, “but I’m afraid these are for display only” and he turned his hand as he spoke so the silver wedding band caught the light.

            The squirrel looked genuinely disappointed for a moment, and seemed about to say something else, but he was already moving on to check out a green and blue dragon near the end of the shelf. It was the last item to go into the cart before he headed to check out.

            The cashier, a pretty, young, inflatable vixen, passed his items over the scanner one by one, her latex skin squeaking as she moved.

            “Birthday party?” she asked idly, indicating the toys as she counted his change.

            “Romantic dinner,” he replied. She started at this, and looked at him more closely. “Oh,” she said, seeming to take in his plushy nature for the first time, “then might I suggest flowers for the lady,” and she pointed to a stand of them near the door. He bought a dozen roses, lightly kissed the vixen’s rubbery hand in thanks, then headed out the door, beginning to whistle again.


            He was waiting for her at the door. No sooner had the plushy white tigress walked inside, than he was sweeping her into his arms. With one large, fuzzy hand, he squeezed a round, shirt-clad breast that was almost six inches across; with the other, he handed her a thin, square box about six inches on a side.

            She giggled giddily, nuzzling under his chin so her whiskers tickled him.

            “Are you sure this is wise?” she asked coyly, pulling her top off, “my husband could be home at any moment”

            “For you, it’s worth the risk,” he husked, bending to lick at her bosom as he lifted her into his arms. “You’ve gotten bigger since this morning,” he said, heading for the bedroom. She purred as his tongue did its work.

            “An anniversary gift for you,” she said, “I know you like them big and soft, so I got some cotton and overstuffed them a bit on my lunch break. Are they big enough for you? It’s very light stuff, so I could make them bigger if you want.” She looked into his eyes, and his heart melted at the uncertainty he saw there.

            “They’re wonderful,” he said, burying his muzzle between the soft, fuzzy forms. “What did Zebra Joe say?” he asked, his voice somewhat muffled.

            “He said ‘God damn it!’ but that might have been because three burgers caught fire while he was staring at me,” and she laughed. Then she opened the box...and gasped. Inside, on a thin layer of red velvet, was a collar fashioned of black leather. The buckle was sterling silver, with fine scrollwork, and tiny diamonds gleamed here and there in the leather.

            “Tabs,” she said softly, fastening it about her neck, “it’s beautiful.”

            “A special collar for a special lady,” he said, smiling mischievously.

            “Speaking of overstuffing,” he said, setting her gently on the bed, “I have a present for you too,” and he lifted a bag full of stuffed toys and dumped them onto the sheets in front of her. A look of naked hunger came into Tadda’s eyes, and her nostrils flared as she picked up the blue and green dragon.

            “How many did you get?” she asked thickly, licking her lips as she hugged the dragon to her augmented bust.

            “Dozens,” he said, kneeling to pull her pants and undies off. She flexed her innards and her fuzzy, satin-lined sex gaped for a moment, then sucked closed, inviting him in. “Feeling hungry?” he asked, gently nuzzling her nether lips. They squeezed together, squishing and pulling at his soft, plushy muzzle.

            For a moment, she said nothing. She was looking over at the piles of stuffed toys with ravenous hunger. Then she turned back to him and divested him of his loincloth with two deft movements, exposing a satiny tiger-hood engorged with stuffing.             “First, slip that into something more comfy, like me,” and with a sudden motion of her hips, he found himself enveloped in her soft, smooth interior. “Then feed me. Feed me until I can’t hold any more,” and she was kissing and nipping his face and ears as she spoke, moving faster and faster as she became more excited. “Stuff me until I’m as fat as a hippo and my seams are about to burst!”

            “Yes,” he said, in a voice that was almost a sigh. He took her in his arms, relishing the softness of the stuffing beneath her fur as he squeezed her. She was very warm and cuddly, especially with her new assets pressing into his chest, and for a few moments, he simply ran his hands over her back and sides, enjoying her plush white body. Then she lay back with hands behind her head, favoring him with a lusty stare.

            Hardly breathing, he picked up the dragon she had been holding, dangling it just above her mouth. She snapped at it, but he held it out of reach for a moment, enjoying her frustration. Then he put the dragon to his own lips, tore a hunk of fabric and stuffing from its fuzzy belly, and kissed her, shoving the morsel into her mouth as he did so.

            Her tongue snatched it greedily, and she whined, begging for more. He snapped up another mouthful, taking out one of the dragon’s legs this time, and fed it to her in the same way. This continued until all of the blue and green toy was gone. Tadda belched loudly as she swallowed the last morsel, then opened her mouth and waited for more.

            As he reared up to get another toy, he ran his hands over her belly. The dragon had been of a good size, and already he thought he could detect a slight bulge beneath her short nylon fur. He rubbed it for a moment, kissed it, then seized a teddy bear from the foot of the bed and went back to work.

            This time, he tore the animal’s head off and fed her with small pinches of its synthetic interior, pushing her down whenever she tried to rise up and snatch the bear from him. Soon, the bear was just an empty skin, which he tore apart and gave her a strip at a time. She seethed under such slow feeding, but in the end, the bear was gone, and she was uttering another belch.

            “Faster,” she cried. “Stuff me, fuzz brain!”

            Smiling at this, he picked up a round, yellow chicken from the pile and pressed it against her lips. Instantly, her mouth opened, seemingly of its own accord, and clamped down on the puffy animal. There was a sound of tearing cloth and Tadda’s eyes widened in surprise as her jaws and throat began to work rapidly. Within seconds, the chicken was gone and Tadda was slightly larger.

            She belched again, then stared at him. “What was that?” she gasped. “I felt like I didn’t have any control over that.”

            “I told you that collar was special,” Tabs said, and he smiled mischievously.

            “Naughty boy, tricking Tadda,” she said, returning his impish grin.

            The next second, Tabs was forcing a small bear against her lips, and the magic collar -which he had enchanted using some of the plushy’s innate magic- caused her to devour it in a heartbeat. In rapid succession, Tabs fed her five more animals, then sat up to survey the situation and let Tadda catch her breath. She was, he saw, looking decidedly paunchy now, and at the sight of that slight, soft curve, he found he had unconsciously begun to thrust gently within her. Tadda purred and squirmed beneath him; he could feel her getting wet as the fullness in her belly turned her on.

            Tabs ran his fingers over her bulge and planted a tender kiss on it, which made her giggle. Then he fed her a large horse, which made her swell and moan. Once slim and svelte, Tadda was now definitively potbellied, her round, gravid-looking tummy rising almost ten inches from her body in a cute, white hemisphere. His caressing hands were naturally drawn to its squishy surface, and as he gazed at it, he couldn’t help thrusting faster within her.

            A bear, a unicorn, and a zebra collapsed at Tadda’s bite, and now she was sweating and gasping, drenching her thighs with love nectar. As Tabs gently nuzzled her sixteen inch pot, she suddenly hitched in a breath and yowled while her first orgasm shook her. Tabs had to clench his fists and concentrate on not coming as she spasmed around and beneath him; he let her wind down just a bit, and then he gave her a bear, expanding her a little more.

            The sudden swelling launched her instantly to a new peak, and as she yowled, he felt his will crumble. A moment later, he was spurting within her, his cries of pleasure mingling with hers. Afterward, he pulled out of her and lay beside her for a while, getting his strength back and enjoying his plump, plushy mate. Between her soft, swollen breasts, and her big, squishy tummy, there was a lot of her to cuddle and caress. From time to time, he would feed her something small to tease her and keep her yiffy.

            “That double orgasm was wonderful,” she sighed, growing another few inches as she unstuffed a duck.

            “I couldn’t have done it without the collar,” he said, and she murmured agreement. By this time, he was stiff again. He reentered her and went back to work.

A cat, two hippos, and a penguin went flat and disappeared with uncanny speed, bloating Tadda’s belly to the size of a large beach ball. Then she was coming again, filling the bedroom with her panting and screaming.

            When she quieted down, her head lolled drunkenly for several seconds, while her bosom heaved with heavy breathing. At last, she groaned and met Tabs’ eyes.

            “Ugh, I’m really stuffed!” she groaned. “I feel like a blimp.”

            “You make a very cute blimp,” Tabs said, purring and nuzzling her tummy.

            She smiled. “I think I’m full, baby”

            “Aw. But I still have all these animals,” he said plaintively. Then a wicked look came into his eye.

            “You wouldn’t da-” she started to say, but she was interrupted by a bear, which caused her to distend a little more, which set her off on another orgasm. Tabs began to feed her steadily then, almost hypnotized by her helpless eating. He would give her a toy: she would balloon; he would give her a toy: she would balloon. There was simply no choice in the matter once the stuffed animal was past her lips. Her inevitable expansion at his hands fascinated him as he stuffed her...and stuffed her...and stuffed her. Every so often, another climax would explode through her, and he would have to clutch her swollen belly to keep from coming as she trembled and shuddered around him.

            Finally, the last animal was gone. Tadda’s current orgasm passed, and she fell back against the bed, panting, heaving, and looking decidedly overfull. Tabs was also breathing heavily, sweating with the effort of holding back his seed. One of them could set him off in a few minutes, but for now he just wanted  to cuddle against her soft, soft fur while she caressed her vastly inflated tummy.

            “Such a naughty, naughty boy,” she panted, shaking her head. “What am I going to do with you?” Then her hands locked behind his head and began to pull. “I know,” she said, “I’ll give you a kiss!”

            Tabs’ eyes widened as Tadda craned her neck to reach his mouth. “Tadda wait! The coll-” he cried, starting to struggle, but just then, the walls of her sex began to flutter rapidly. Unprepared for the stimulation, Tabs felt his loins explode in a ground-shaking orgasm, and when her lips locked with his, he was as weak as a kitten. A moment later, he felt a draining sensation, and a powerful lethargy began to grow in him. He wanted to struggle, but he was sagging like a leaky beach ball, while Tadda was blowing up like a balloon.

            Her belly was over two feet across now, and as it swelled, orgasms repeatedly wracked her. Suddenly, three of them hit one right after another, and she had to break the kiss to cry aloud.

            “More! Oh, Tabs, MORE!!” she gasped, apparently intoxicated by the taste of his stuff, and she kissed him again. She was exploiting his own collar against him, deflating him like a used sex doll, and as he drifted off to sleep, he could hardly believe how the tables had turned.




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