The young couple walked up to the doors of the Helium Club. This was the first visit for both of them, and they were eager to try the place out- getting an invitation to the place strained the young man's resources, because the Helium Club has a rather exclusive clientele- if you were not already rubberized or a balloonie, that is. If you were, the club found you.

At the door, they were greeted by a canid-type furson [dog-type, that is. Head of a dog, body of a man.] "Welcome to the Helium Club. Your invitation, please?" he asked, hand out for the card.

The young man handed over the card. The furson [who has the head of a basset] read it carefully, then looked at the couple. "Let me go over some of the rules. The rest will become evident later.

"First, this is a place for people and fursons who enjoy expansion of their, or their partners, bodies, by whatever means strikes their fancy. Inflation is completely voluntary, done so only at desire. Forced inflation will result in the forcer being blown up themselves and left that way for an indefinite period, depending on their attitude. Afterward, they will be barred from ever returning.

"These bands determine what level of size-changing magics you will be allowed to use." he said, putting a black rubber band on their right wrists, with one green dot visible. "After more visits, as you prove your capability to use the magics, you will be allowed to access stronger spells and stay larger longer. Private areas for entertainment are available.

Since you are here together, it will be assumed that you will wish to remain so. On future visits, if you come along, you will be allowed to access the singles area, where you can meet people who share your interests. For now, you will be in the couples area. Enter, and enjoy." The doorman concluded, waving the couple through.

After the two people went in, the doorman looked at his monitor again. Spotting a regular customer coming up the walk, he opened the door again. "Hello, Al. Where's Marissa? It's not like you to show up here alone." He said.

"Marissa has been transferred to Washington, Ralph. She left last week. She asked me to start coming here on my own." Al said, holding his right arm up for his membership band, which has five black dots on a green background.

"I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure you can find some suitable companionship in the singles area tonight." Ralph said as he slipped the band on Al's wrist.

"That's what she said." Al passed through the doors himself. Ralph watched him go, then put a call through to the singles area, advising the monitor there of Al's situation. Since Al is a five-dot member, no service was barred to him. Besides, the staff liked him. Al could fix any piece of equipment the club has, and has done so on more than one occasion.

Al entered the singles area. It was rather busy, with nearly fifty people, of both sexes and all types there. He went up to the bar and ordered his favorite beer- Banks Ale, from Barbados. It was the only place he could find it stateside. As he sipped, a feline furson sat down next to him. "Hello, Al." she said.

Al looked at her. "Hello, Sheila." he said politely. Sheila is a tubby tabby, about 5'5" and 200 pounds of yellow-orange striped fur. Like Al, Sheila is rubberized, able to stretch any part of her body.

"Where's Marissa? You don't usually come here alone."

"Transferred to Washington. She wanted me to come here and meet people, now that she's gone."

"Oh. Shall we have a little fun together? We can get a private space." She asked, cuddling up next to him, purring quietly.

Al thought for a short time, listening to her purr. Then, he took his arm and wrapped it around her twice, pulling her close. "Sure. She didn't want me to be lonely. Want a beer first?" he asked, draining his.

"Okay, if you promise to burp me later.' she purred happily. He ordered two more beers, and they sipped them together, chatting quietly, making plans. Sheila is a four-dot green band member, but what she couldn't get, Al could.

They went to a large private room, actually an old airplane hangar. [The club is at a disused airport.] On the way, they picked up some items from the Magic Shop on site.

In the room, the first thing they did was to undress, putting their clothes safely away. Then, they hugged and kissed each other, their hands roaming over each other's bodies. Al liked the feel of Sheila's fat-filled curves, running his fingers through her rolls. Sheila found Al's firm body interesting, but hard. "You're too small, fella!" she giggled. "I'm gonna blow you up until you're nice and big!"

"Sounds like fun, girl! Go ahead- blow me up! Make me your toy balloon!" he rumbled happily. She reached down and grabbed hold of his dick, pulling it out and up to her mouth.

"There's the hose! Now, let me blow you up until that belly button is ready to pop!" She reached over to a shelf, where the objects they picked up were placed. Selecting a tablet, she brought it to her mouth and swallowed it. Then, she put his dick to her lips and gave it a lick, waiting for the tablet to work.

Seconds later, there was a thump from inside her. She took a deep breath, and started blowing Alden up, using his dick as a hose. The pill allowed her to convert her exhaled breath into helium for ten minutes. In that time, Al blew up and up, growing to 18' tall, with a 45' waist! The helium was just enough to make him buoyant. She held him down, so he wouldn't drift to the ceiling, 50' up. "There you go! Nice and fat!" she laughed, then jumped on his belly, pinning him to the floor.

"Hey! I can hardly move! Stop that!" he laughed as she squirmed on his belly, stretching herself out to reach his head, tickling him all the way.

"I like my boys nice and helpless! They can't get away from me!" she purred as she finally got her face even with his. Spreading her legs wide, she wrapped her toes around his legs for anchoring. She continued to lick and tickle him, enjoying his trembling body as he laughed and laughed.

While he was laughing, his dick was creeping up along her thigh, tickling her as well. Soon, it neared her flower, probing at it like a questing worm. "Ooh! That's nice! Want it to go farther!" she cooed.

"Okay." Concentrating, he narrowed his dick down to a fine line. Then, he had it creep into her, where he let it expand as much as it could. Seeing her ears twitch, he whispered, "Gotcha!"

"You wouldn't!" she squealed.

"I will." He said quietly, then he opened his sphincters and contracted his muscles, allowing the helium to flow out of him and into her.

She let out a startled "Eep!" as she blew up, rapidly becoming spherical, then growing larger and larger and larger! When Al was back to normal, Sheila had inflated to 16' in diameter, with just her hands, feet, and head protruding from her spherical body. When he pulled his dick out, she rolled helplessly around the floor.

"Help! Catch me, please!" she shrilled as she rolled. Al caught her and rolled her to the shelf.

"Now, what shall I do now?" he mused, looking at the assortment of tablets and tools they had brought. Selecting a tablet, he rolled her head down. "I'm hungry! Want some milk!" he said as he gave her a pill, then took a hose and wrapped it around her neck, leaving the one end where she could get at it with her mouth. The other end he attached to a large green bellows, which he put near him.

As the pill took effect, Sheila moaned, "Al! I'm getting full! You better drink before I bust!!" Al smiled and rolled her to where a nipple was in front of him.

He licked at it a few times, and milk started to leak. "Now?" he asked.

"Yes! Now! I'll burst!" she cried. [She wasn't in real pain, just uncomfortable as her breasts filled. Not that you could see them…] Al puts his lips to her nipple, and after one last lick, began to suckle.

Milk sprayed into him like it was coming out of a garden hose. Eagerly, he drank and drank, unmindful of the fact that his stomach was swelling bigger with every gulp. When the flow finally stopped, Al's belly was swollen with milk, to the point that he was sitting on the floor, unable to get up because of the gallons of milk in him! His belly looked like a swollen water balloon.

He burped once, patting his swollen tummy. Ahh! That was good! Had too much, though. I can't get up!" he said contentedly.

"But what about me? I can't deflate! Not full enough! Need more gas! Please, Al, pump me up until I burp!" she begged.

"Okay." He took the bellows and began to pump them. She took the hose in her mouth and sighed in contentment as she filled and filled, floating up when she reached 18'. At 20', she felt her skin straining. She let go of the hose, hung there for a second, then burped, releasing the helium in her, deflating to normal.

Back on her feet, she walked up to Al, who was reveling in the feel of an overfilled tummy. Giving it a tickle, she whispered, "You're gonna need a lot of exercise to get rid of that belly, fat man! Take this and I'll give you a workout!" She put a pill to his lips, which he swallowed. The pill had the effect of making the milk solidify in him, enabling him to move without his belly sagging to the floor.

Once he was firm, they had sex for hours, each time making him reduce more and more until he was back to his muscular form. By then, it was past 4 AM.

As Al and Sheila walked out of the main building, they saw a young woman holding on to a string, which had a hugely inflated young man at the other end, about 10' up. Ralph was helping her cram him into a van. They looked at each other. "First-timers." They said together as they put their bands back on Ralph's desk.

On their way to their cars, they passed Ralph. "Rich college kids." he muttered as he went by. At her car, he said, "Next week?"

"Why not tonight? It's Saturday now, and I was thinking of bringing some friends tonight…" she trailed off.

He shrugged. "Sure. I wonder what we can do with more than the two of us?"