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Caitlynn Wildfire

Fukure na Neko Megami

The Pet

That night, she dreamed . . .

The soft wind of the night air blew off of the surface of the gently rolling tides of the bay and encirled her lightly, a whirling vortex of dizzying sensation that can only be felt through the depths of the soul. Whisps of her silky red hair whipped about the edges of her face like a living thing, flapping against her cheeks and occationally tickling the edge of her mouth or nose. Along the ends of her pouty lips curved a bit of a Mona Lisa smile: one of those engimatic expressions that is both timeless and seriously debatable. The cute button-like noses of hers wrinkled a bit as she fought off the desire to sneaze, trying so very hard not to ruin the moment.

Her large emerald eyes gazed out along the slightly white-capping surface of the bay which reflected a bit of the sky's own turbulance. The stars could barely be seen through the cloud-cover, almost like a patchwork series or even a quilt laid out on an old bed, expressing times best left in the past. The brightness of the moon, full in it's natural splendor, shown down upon the water like the all-seeing eye of the One who created all things, an artist or scientist who waits to see how her creation deals with life.

The gust of wind rippled up and flaired the edges of her leather jacket, sending a tart and harsh shiver of cold up her spine. A soft gasp of surprise and delight escaped her lips, forcing her to roll her head a bit to the right and close her eyes. Pulling the jacket closed with her huge hands, she allowed them to rest against her massive bosom, enjyoing the feeling of the leather and her own fingers there for a brief moment. A light puff seemed to make her swell a bit, becoming slightly more ample. Within her broad chest, there was little doubt she could feel the steady beating of her heart showing to her that she's very much alive right now.

Something that she had not felt in a long time.

With a reluctance, she opened her emerald eyes again and gazed out over the edges of the bay once more. Almost as if on command, the clouds parted and allowed the moon to expose some of the harbor's secrets. The sharp and jagged edges of twisted metal thrust out of the water as if the dead were reaching for the heavens after being denied entrance to paradise. The greenish-gray surface caught some of the light from the heavens and revealed more of the shadows that seemed to flee . . .

Nae unlike me . . . , she thought silently.

Cold water slapped against the surface of the shattered hulk of a once proud ship. The former gleaming surface of the metal was now dim with the corrosion and build-up of algae and barnicals from the salty brime. The gentle echo of the wave caressing and trying to sooth the ache the ship seemed to endure was too much on her soul. With a soft cry, she turned away from the horrors that she saw on the water which were enhanced by the past.

Leaning heavily against the cold metal of the railing, she placed her huge hands behind her back and supported herself a bit better. Dropping her head down to the top swells of her chest, she closed her eyes again while her ears folded back along the rolling tresses of her alburn hair.

"Thinking of someone, eh?"

Her ears perked up and swiveled around to help her catch the owner of that voice. Her eyes snapped open at the same moment, aiding in the search. Gazing about the closed shops of the riverwalk, there seemed to be no one else about. A few dozen street lamps did their job of trying to make the area safe for night travel, but even they were scattered about. Another sharp breeze gusted against her body again as if to distract her for a moment and it took quite a bit to fight off the pleasurable gasp which it caused.

It took another bit of strength to fight off the cliche question that appears in situations like this.

A soft and hollowy thrumming sound greeted her ears, forcing herself to pause for a moment. The voice stepped out of the shadows, allowing the light to expose it's form to her. It was the form of a mephit, the large tail being the biggest give-away. The furson was short, perhaps a bit more than five feet which meant that he or she barely came up to her shoulder. Liquidy-like silver fur caught what light it could and gave off soft highlights. Darker than ebony striping and other markings were barely be seen, but helped define much of the furson's form. Over the shapely curves which seemed to be both masculine and feminine was a one-piece turquoise bathing suit with short sleeves.

She started to say something to this furson as he . . . she? . . . came closer to her. It seemed that her voice was caught within her chest. All intelligable thoughts were being drained from her at an alarming rate. The short shunk seemed to smile softly and tilt hir head back to better look up at her. Reaching up with a gentle hand, sie touched her lips lightly, causing the feline to rear back.

"Shh . . . ," the skunk whisper huskily as her soft violet eyes glowed softly. "There's nothing to fear. You are mine now." The caresses of hir hand against the feline's soft purple fur seemed to sooth her. Her own emerald eyes opening up a bit larger, the intense glow of hir violet ones filling her.

A chuckle bubbled up from deep within the skunk as sie took the feline's large hand within hir own and started to guide her over to a bench. With a twist of hir body and a sentual flip of hir thick and bushy tail, sie slide hir rear against the firm and synthetic wooden surface of the bench. Sie gazed back up at the feline, still seeming to be deep within a quagmire-like trace. Holding her huge hand within hir smaller one, the skunk smiled up brightly at hir newly acquired plaything. Hir other hand patted hir small lap.

"Sit," the skunk happily commanded.

She turned around and sat down, pressing her ample tushie against the smaller hips and thighs of the skunk. Leaning back against the bench, the skunk shifted hir weight and slid hir hands up and along the muscled arms of the feline. "So big . . . ," sie whispers in delighted awe. Hir hands traveled down along the powerful thighs, tracing all of the curves and features found there. "So soft . . ." Cupping hir hands, sie guided them around the hips and back towards the ample tushie confined within the denium shorts, loving the feeling of the freyed edges. The tips of hir fingers glowed softly for a moment. Underneath, the clothing appeared to ripple like the watery surface of the bay and slowly part, exposing the feline's most private of areas.

"So mine . . ."

The fingertip traveled finally around to the front of the skunk's bathing suit-like clothing to where the crotch buldged up. A soft glow once more allowed the turquoise cloth to reform as well. The swell within the confines of the latex cloth inflated slowly bigger, pushing outwards almost like a living thing. Looking back up to the edge of the feline's shoulders, the skunk reached over and pulled her body back against hirs, the buldge pressing against the flower of the ensorceled pet. Hir hands kept the feline right where sie wanted her to be for the moment, steadily pushing her ample tushie against hir thighs, the swelling buldge pressing harder and deeper.

Somewhere deep within her soul, the feline had dreamed of something like this. Something where somone would forcefully do all of this to her. To where she would bounce up and down along something firm and thick within her. To where she would moan and cry in sheer delight. All the while, she would sit in their lap.

At penitration, her eyes snapped open, clearity and focus coming back sharply for one brief moment. Turning her head slightly around to the right, she glanced over at the skunk who was all but swallowed up by her larger form. The bouncing and pressing against her did not slow down, but steadily picked up again. Closing her eyes, she gasped in surprise at the size of the buldge surging deeper and deeper into her with every steady thrust. Her huge hands gripped against the cloth of her jean-shorts and some of the furry flesh.

The protest that she felt within her mind would not come out of her mouth. The idea of being taken like this was . . . and yet it was . . . It was almost too much for the feline, being too here and too now.

The skunk, sensing that hir pet was awakening, matched her own gaze down at hir, the violet eyes glowing softly once more. "You are mine," sie whispered as hir expression shifted to a bit more of intensity. "You . . . are . . . MINE!"

"Aye . . . ," came the equaly whispered response, leaden with the swelling desire from within.

A slightly malicious giggle bubbled out of the skunk's lips as sie slowly doubled the bouncing and thrusting of hirself against the feline. More and more within her could the feline feel the surging member pushing into her. The flesh of her plump flower stretched and gave into the constant pushing and pressing into her. With a rough touch, the skunk reached up and started to fondle her massive breasts, the flesh easily spilling over the sides. Tweeking the nipples did not help quench the growing desire within her.

Tossing her head back and to the right, the feline gasped over and over again, getting violated in this manner from behind and by someone that she did not know . . . and yet . . . there was something familar about the skunk. Something familar . . . something wonderful.

Pressure from the swelling started to build slowly within her flower and then, with the slowness of torture, spread out over her body. She felt as if she was being pumped up . . . inflated like a balloon. Another gasp of shock and delight rolled throughout her mind as she managed to force her head back around to look at the skunk.

What she saw was startling. Her face bumped into a pair of firm and bouncy balloon-like breasts, capped with thick, black nipples. It took all of her strength to look up. The skunk was no longer five feet tall, but a staggering eight feet tall, almost a full head larger than she was. Sie was robust in more ways than one, almost as if in pumping the feline up, sie also expanded hirself that much more.

Without much of a conscious thought, her right hand slid down to the surface of her tummy and she felt the muscles there were bloated as well. A glance was all that was needed, but a second one just reaffirmed the first: the skunk's buldge had grown to push out her tummy, the member's strong outline was apparent from the surface of her orange and purple body.

Glancing back up at the skunk who seemed to keep on growing made the feline almost explode with delight. But logic managed to curb desire for a moment. "Why?" was the extent of her mind's capabilities at this moment.

The skunk just laughed as sie kept on pumping the feline . . .

With a sharp gasp, Caitlynn woke up.


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