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Sorry that I have nae been working on much for the e-mail list or even the FIP site, but this one project I have going is, nae only going to take about a year before I can even get started, but is so much fun to work on. However, Damia, a lass I met on Furry Muck, wanted to see just how big I could be.

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Caitlynn Wildfire

Fukure na Neko Megami

The Pressures of Stardom!

Caitlynn's private balloon room

Welcome to Caitlynn's private balloon room. It's a huge room and I do mean HUGE for the balloon neko-girl who loves to be inflated. The floor is almost like one gigantic soft rubbery surface which allows her to sleep anywhere in the room Along the wall are many different tanks of gasses and water which allows her or anyone else to be either inflated or herself to have fun. Next to them is a special canister of high potency liquid latex for those who want to be like her for a short time. Within the wall is a stereo/tv system that makes most threater systems look rather take. Within the confines of the entertainment center, she has a treasure-trove of great music and videos for her amusement.

Currently, the room is highly cleaned up and the front bay window is open, allowing a panaroamic showing of the city below. It appears to be a calm and beautiful day with the clouds lazily drifting by. The rest of the room has some balloons hanging off of the walls and tanks with streamers and banners every which-a-way. In the center of the room is several beanbag chairs of varying colors and a huge blanket spread out before the chairs. There's all sorts of food and a huge box of unblown up balloons of various sizes and shapes.

Sidebar Note - This date of sorts occurred after a bit of a meeting playfulness in the Herm Haven where Damia wished to get to know Caitlynn better. Thinking that a private place would be better, they moved to Caitlynn's appartment.

Damia appears and smiles. "Hello there again..", she says.

Caitlynn is stretched out onto a enormous purple beanbag chair in the middle of the room, laying on her tight and firm tummy with her massive breasts pushed out in front of her like a pair of exotic pillows of orange and purple rubbery-like flesh. Up in the air is her equally massive tushie which looks as if it's resting just above her head with her long tail lashing back and forth with her eagerness showing rather easily. Keeping her head propped up with her large right hand and the upper swell of her chest, she glances at you and waves, causing her breastballoons to jiggle against the floor, the smile on her face brightening up her own features. "Hiya," the rubbery feline replies in delight as you walk into the rubbery floored room. "Welcome to me place."

Damia's Description:

You see before you what looks to be a demoness, quite obviously a demoness. And a very powerful demoness at that. The monster stands just over nine feet tall in front of you, with dark black skim that absorbs any light around her. The skin evidently, though, *bulges* with inhuman musclature, giving her inhuman strength. Her hands and feet end in incredibly long claws, that can easily grow to the size of daggers when she is angered, hard enough to rip through solid steel without even a pause.

If these were her only attributes, that would be enough. This demoness, though, is stacked. Her dark skin covers absolutely nothing of her incredible, hourglass form. Breasts the size of her head lie high on her chest, incredibly firm breasts that bounce slightly with every shift of movement. Her waist tapers down to her thighs, where a bikini bottom has been arranges. THe bottom is much, much to small for her tight ass, and is constantly damp from her arousal. The form is completed with long, tapering legs that seem to extend forever, thinly muscled, though they seem like they can carry her through anything.

Damia smiles and steps towards you, her own body bouncing properly as she glances over your incredible form. She smiles as well, glancing around. "Its a very nice place indeed.", she says, "But not nearly as nice as what lies in front of me."

Caitlynn smiles as she arches a playful eyebrow, taking the moment of questioning to look you over carefully ... not that she did not do this before while at the Herm Haven, but, in this light, she has a better chance of doing so now. Her fingers on her right hand stroke along the side of her face as her emerald gaze travels along your form. At the mentioning of your statement about her, her ears perk forward and her facial cheeks color brightly in violet. "Why thank ye," she whispers as her smile brightens just a hair more.

Damia walks up towards you until she is standing next to the huge bean bag chair. She leans against it, her smile brightening as well as she inhales, lifting her breasts upwards as she sees you looking at her. "So", she says, leaning towads you, "you said you could grow?"

Caitlynn rolls over onto her back, making her huge breasts bounce back and forth in a rather slow and jiggly manner as they slap each other playfully, her face tilting backwards to gaze up at you. "Oh, aye ... ," the rubbery feline replies easily as she waves that off with a smirk. "I could be the biggest furson around ... with each tit the size of Jupiter." She winks as her eyes lock onto your own breasts with interest.

Damia slides with you, her own eyes watching your massive breasts roll forward on your chest. She smiles and reaches out, sliding a hand over the bean bag chair slowly. Grinning at you, she says, "Well. I like size. The bigger the better.", she whispers, winking back at you.

Caitlynn ohs? as her faces brightens up a good bit at your words, her face shifting into a rather surprised expression. "Ye're serious?" she asks rather excitedly, her breathing starting to deepen.

Damia smiles and nods to you, watching how your breasts heave upwards with each breath you take. "Incredibly serious.", she murmers.

Caitlynn licks the edges of her lips with the tip of her tongue as the expression on her face brightens just a fraction more intense while she looks up at you, still in a rather upside down manner. "Sounds good ... to me," she manages to reply through her soft panting of excitement, her breasts swelling a bit from her inhalation. "Do ye like to get involved in making ye're lovers bigger?"

Damia steps up towards you, watching your breasts strain forward even *more*. She smiles and nods. "What would you like me to do?"

Caitlynn smiles as she squirms lightly on the surface of the beanbag chair, her ample tushie wiggling back and forth. "Love to have ye blow me up like a balloon," she replies with a wink as her hands along the surface of her tummy.

Damia mmms and climbs up onto the chair, getting up very close to you as her hand draws slowly over your side, caressing. "And where shall I blow you?", she asks, leaning forward, letting her lips trace slowly over your stomach. "Here?", she asks, blowing against your stomack.

Caitlynn ohs! in delight as she giggles slightly, closing her eyes while bouncing against the beanbag chair. Arching her back, she giggles a good bit more, causing her breasts to blow up slightly more, inflating up about two cupsizes. The tank top stretches and creaks lightly, the straps biting into her shoulders.

Damia looks up as your tank top stretches. She moves forward, kssing her way up your body as her breasts drag down against your stomach, inflating themselves slightly with her arousal. "Here?", she asks, kissing your nipples, her lips caressing them through your tanktop.

Caitlynn's emerald eyes catch the inflation of your own breasts, making her shiver softly in delight and purses her lips once more. A soft groan escapes her lips as she closes her eyes, feeling the delicious touch of your lips against the material of her encased nipples which are about the size of thick shotglasses upon her breastballoons. The kisses thicken her nipples that much more, making them look a bit like small and cute cocks within the tank top. Sliding her huge hands around, her fingers trace a gentle touch along the swells of your own chest, just exploring for the moment.

Damia shivers, her nipples instantly hard against your touch. They are impressive in size, though obviously not near your own. Her own lips part, taking in your nipple through your tanktop, sucking gently against it as she presses her form against your own.

Caitlynn gurgles in delight as she rolls her head slightly to the right, her red hair fanning out along the side of her body like a burst of intense red fire. Her fingers pause and slide up and along the thick nubs of your own breasts, still keeping the stroking light and playful for the moment. When you start to suckle and press yourself against her breasts and body, she seems to mold herself against you, mostly in the chest. Another gron whispers out of her mouth as the nipple that you suckle flairs a bit within. Opening her eyes, she smiles down at you. "Come up here and blow ye're ballooncatlass up with a kiss," she whispers teasingly.

Damia feels your nipple flair. She smiles as her mouth falls free from your nipple, inhaling deeply. Her chest rises, almost *impossibly* high as she takes in an incredible amount of air. "I was just waiting for you to be ready.", she whispers, "Careful. I..made sure I can blow a *lot* of air.", she says, sliding up against your body, her breasts pressed against your own as she kisses you deeply.

Caitlynn gasps lightly as her eyes close for a moment, feeling the nipple fall free from your mouth, making her shiver in delight. Her hands grip lightly into the flesh of your breasts for just a moment longer than that, then the feel the expansion of your chest as you inhale. Her eyes widen as she smiles in sheer delight at the size of your chest, wondering for a moment how you do that. "I dare ye to blow me up as big as ye can and desire," she teases as she mmmms! into the kiss, tilting her head to the right and seals her lips against yours, allowing her hands to trace along your breasts ... while she can. ^_^

Damia mmmms and lisses you tightly, her hands slide down, cupping your massive bosom, eagerly awaiting it growing even *larger*. Her lips part slowly, sealing against your own. Then she blows into your mouth, her tongue following the incredible gust of wind as it slides into you. Its an incredible amount of wind, comparable only to the wind blown out by a strong compressor.

Caitlynn groans in delight, muffled by the seal of your lips around her own, as the steady rush of delicious air blasts into her mouth and follows your tongue down into ehr throat and beyond. Arching her back as she whimpers in delight, her breasts seem to blast up in inflation with tremendious force and size, almost doubling in a rather smooth, yet quick fashion. The straps of her tank top creak in protest as the front stretches and strains against her nipples which also grow right along with the rest of her chestyballoons. Mashing and slightly molding to your own chest as you inflate them, they grow bigger and fuller, pushing you slightly up into the air. To keep the seal upon her lips, she stretches her neck slightly. Both of them are about the size of beanbag chairs against your own chest.

Damia moves with you, feeling her body pushed upwards by your incredibly growing breasts. Her hands reach down, sliding over your nipples that grow against those soft palms of hers, rubbing slowly and caressing. Her mouth still breathes deeply into your own, though it seems that she must surely have exhausted her air by now, blowing tons of air into your throat even as she looks over in wonder at your new size.

Caitlynn elongates her neck slightly more as she tilts her head to the right, keeping her soft lips sealed around your mouth and working on containing the huricane blast from your wonderious lungs into her body, specifically her breasts. A soft and grugling moan escapes her lips as the air rushes into her, ballooning her breasts larger and larger by the moment, the soft swells starting to pillow against your hands while they caress the nipples which also fatten up and perk outwards from the exhale.

Damia moves with you, her lips tightly fastened against your own. The hurricane doesn't cease, pouring wind into you pounds by the moment, filling you. Her hands caress still, stroking your full, thick nipples through your shirt, caressing you slowly as she rubs what she can of her body against yours.

Caitlynn's huge hands slip up and along your chest even as her own boobie balloons grow and grow and grow from the delicious surging of the air into her. Thick fingers caress your breasts, allowing her to feel the pliability of them and definately loving it from the soft giggle that bubbles out of her chest which makes the copious flesh to bounce and wiggle within the grip of your hands. The cloth of the tank top keeps on stretching to accomidate it's mistress, expanding tighter everso slowly.

Damia lets her tongue lick over your lips, still blowing incredible amounts of air into your body. She moans into your throat, feeling your huge hands caressing her breasts, stroking them. They're incredibly firm, and still large enough to fit into your palm neatly. Her body moves upwards, shaking with the giggle that causes your body to shake. Her hand pinches your nipple, slightly, even as she feels your tanktop growing ever the more stretched against you.

Caitlynn moans deliciously into the stroking kiss if your lips against hers, feeling the tantaizing stroking of your saliva along the soft flesh of her lips which perk slowly into a playful smile, though her eyes stay closed and the etched expression of child-like joy spreads across her face, brightening her features. Wrapping her tongue along the tip of your tongue, she gives you a series of playful suckles. Her breasts, still easily ballooning from the blast of air into her, now have easily doubled from their previous size when you first met her and eagerly increasing as if that's all she wishes them to do. The nipples also fatten up and grow right along with her breasts, inflating larger and larger like a small mellon with a thick shot-glass like knot on top which is her nub. The increasing flesh of her breasts pillow along the surface of your chest, slowly pushing you up in the air as they push outwards along the edges, revealing more of the bright orange flesh of her cleavage and the rich purple flesh of the undersides. Showing you that she's definately loving this, she lightly squeezes your breasts within her huge hands, stroking them as she adds a bit of teasing pressure against them, loving how the flesh slightly spills out of the sides of her hands. As you pinch a nipple, she arches her back and gasps in delight into the kiss, the teasing motion causes her breasts to fatten up another couple of cupsizes.

Damia groans, feeling your body pushing him upward. She shifts, her tongue playing with your own, dancing with it even as she slides a little further up so that she can keep pouring her air into your mouth, filling you entirely. Her air pours deeply into you, so sweet-tasting and warm. Her hands slide down to keep caressing your thick nipples, feeling them fill her hand like tiny little shotglasses. Her own eyes fliutter, incredible sensations coming as you stroke her full breasts with your incredible hands.

Caitlynn sighs in delight as her own tongue decides to join into the dance, lashing out within her mouth and stroking the surface of your own. More and more as the sweet and intoxicating huricane force of your breath rushes into her mouth and deep into her body ... and larger and larger her breasts swell and press against you, pushing you slowly further into the air and growing fatter so that the surface of her breasts start to cover more than just your chest as they slide delightfully along the curves of your tummy, still fattening up to reach the size of small beanbag chairs. The nipples also grow within your hands as if to tease you with their increasing texture and size, hopefully adding to your pleasure. Sliding down and along your chest as her own breasts cover all of your own breasts, her huge hands stroke along the surface of your sides, exploring as they go downwards ...

Damia sits on top of your breast chairs, laying against them as her hand caresses what little of them she can. Her tongue dances with yours, air enough to flatten an entire village pouring through her mouth into your own. Her back arches as you slide your hand over her side, more moans falling away into your mouth. She shivers and murmers, against your lips, barely audible, "How big do you want to be?"

Caitlynn opens her eyes as her ears perk through the strands of her rich red hair and she gazes up into your face while her expression cheanges to one of inquiring, the thick red eyebrow on the right side of her face arches just a touch. The expression fades after a moment as she smiles in delight. "Oh, I wish to be as big as ye wish to see me be," the rubbery feline replies with a wink. "Surely ye wish to see just how big ye're PlastiCat-lover can be ... right?" As she keeps on chatting, her hands slowly continue their tracing along your body's sides and over the tops of your hips and waist.

Damia smiles and nods, shivering as she feels your hand tracing over her own. THe force of her breath *increases*, if that's possible, growing exponentially as she works at growing you large and larger, as large as she possibly can!

Caitlynn smiles as she winks at you once more, taking your hand within hers for a moment's worth of sharing the need for this to continue. Her fingers slowly caress your own, stroking and teasing. Her eyes widen as she feels your breath increase so dramatically, feeling your lips just simple appear against her own which definately catches her by suprise. The surging of air into her body once again causes her breasts to fatten up and push against your body, almost doubling from their current size to their new and improved state, spilling over the sides of your body and against the smooth surface of her beanbag chair. Her boobieballoons seem to wish to compete with the solitary piece of furnature. You think you hear her gasp against your lips, "Goddess!"

Damia groans as her hand squeezes your own, the air pouring into your body with incredible force. She feels your body pushing her away once more, straining the limits of the couch as she your body growing so incredible against her own. She smiles at your exclamation and concentrates. Her body starts to softly glow, even as you feel the force of air increase *again* and *again*!

Caitlynn moans again in delight as she bites back another gasp of sheer delight while the force of the air doubles and then doubles yet again. For a moment, her facial cheeks swell and fatten up from the pressure, blowing up like small balloons of their own, scrunching up her face with their increasing size. Slowly, her face starts to swell slightly bigger. Her neck thickens up as she stretches it to keep our lips sealed against each other. The air rushes into her body and blows her tits bigger and bigger against you as they too double and double again in size. Arching her back, she gasps into the kiss this time as her tushie starts to balloon bigger, evident from the pressing of her hips and crotch into you.

Damia looks down, watching your hips and crotch push upwards against her. She smiles, reaching down and..somehow, managing to slide her hand over your crotch, caressing it and pressing gently against it. The air rushes from her lips, still growing in intensity, easily enough now to topple an entire city as her body arches against your own. Her other hand stays busy as well, sliding down and slipping as well as it can into your shirt, feeling how tight its being constrained by your massive breasts. She caresses one of your full nipples, trying to push you over the edge past which your shirt can't stand.

Caitlynn groans in delight once more as the pressure within her keeps on growing and growing and growing, simply amazing her with all of the pressure that's surging throughout her body now, making her feel like a balloon for the first time that she can remember. As your hand touches the surface of her jeans, you can easily feel the warmth of her arrousal through the material, the surface feeling just a teasing bit moist along with the heat. Her thighs press her croch against your naughty fingers, straining with the need of her urges, hornier than anything that she'd been in ages. It takes a bit of focus, but ... she is able to squeeze her eyes tighter as she tries to push more of the super huricane force of air into her body. With her head swollen to about twice her normal size, her ability to take more of your breath into her is doubled. Like some sort of errotic air sponge, she keeps on soaking up all that you can give to her. Her breasts, simply enormous and about twice their former size of a moment or so ago, slow down as the rest of her body starts to swell slightly. The pressure causes her tushie to expand bigger and then deflate as her belly balloons fatter. Her huge feet also expand a bit, then deflate as her legs thicken just a few inches around.

Damia smiles and pours the air into you, faster and faster as her hand strokes against the warmth that she finds, pressing down against your incredibly tight jeans as her tongue licks against your mouith, still blowing literally tons of air into you per second!

Caitlynn's tank top starts to softly creak from the increasing pressure that it seem to cannot keep up with as you keep on blowing harder and harder into her body like some sort of plasticat balloon. The tightening of the straps bite harder and tighter into the flesh of her shoulders as the material's own resistance keeps on growing right along with the expanding of her breasts which are now the size of small weather balloons that seem to be pushing you almost vertical. The jeans also creak as her tushe fattens up and balloons outward, pillowing just slightly against the beanbag chair. Her tummy, fattening up and rounding outwards even as slightly as her tushie, presses down against the edge of her jean's waist band.

Damia gets pushed upwards. Her hand reaches down, unable to reach your crotch, but does slip into your tank top. Her hand finds your nipple, which is easily the size of her own hand, caressing it, stroking it slowly as she pleasures you. She smiles with the creaking of your tanktop, enjoying riding such a strong, growing balloon. Her breath pours still into you, doubling about every minute or so now, apace which she seems determined to keep up.

Caitlynn whimpers in delight as she turns her head just a bit to the right and to the left, her facial expression changing just as slowly with the inhumanly errotic pleasure of your blowing her up like this. Along the undersides of her eyes and around the edges of her ballooned facial cheeks which pillow teasingly along the fattening edges of the upper swells of her breasts, the orange cleavage standing out intensely from her facial features. Feeling your hand leave her crotch, her right one stretches downwards to the waistband of her jeans and feverishly starts to try to undo the snap there. Once she feels your hands sliding along the thick surface of her nipples which are about the size of small, yet fat cocks, she gasps once more in delight as her breasts jump and swell in size about half again what they were, now the size of small cars each, parked on either side of her chest. Her tummy, fattening up as well as if she was getting pregant, pushes outwards, making her stretch her hand further downwards as the snap comes undone ... making her growl with fusteration.

Damia smiles at you, glancing down to watch you slowly undo your jeans. Her hand ifnds your nipple, cupping it and squeezing it with considerable strangth, sure to be noticed by you. She smiles up at you and urmers, against your lips, "Now for the last huzzah.", as she concentrates. Her chest sweels large, imhumanly large, and suddenly the breath flowing into you increases once more. Not once. Not twice-fold. But *easily* twenty fold, storming into your body for the long moment that she can hold it.

Caitlynn growls again, this time in delight, as she shifts and rolls from side to side just enough to allow you to feel the movement while her right hand slides against the soft and velvety folds of her flower, finally discovering the relief that she so deliciously needs right about now from all of this inflation. With eager anticpation, her fingers start working over the flower of her womanhood, the slick surface squeaking and her squealing softly fills the air. While her orgasm strenghtens underneath her fevered stroking, her eyes snap open as she hears your words, making her pause for just a breath ... (Pun intended! ^_^) ... as your mousetrap pinching of her nipples definately catches her attention. Her focus changes to that of your breasts blasting outwards almost a fourth of her own's size. Squeezing her eyes shut, she feels the unimaginable force of your breath storm into her ... and storm it does! Her breasts just about triple from their current size, but the rest of her body swells up, distorting and then equalling out like some sort of strange morphic balloon. Now her whole body is at least twice her normal height which was just below six feet tall. Her tushie, ballooned beforehand, spills over the edge of the lower part of the beanbag chair, definately seriously enormous ...

Damia lets the massive breath of air pour into you for a long, long moment, filling you as much as she can. Finally, though, she pulls her head back, letting the pressure on our lips break as she surveys her handiwork, looking down at your incredible body, and feeling your orgasm coming closer.

Caitlynn whimpers in delight as she arches her back to the best of her ability from the swollen size that she is, her head just barely touching one of the walls with her legs bending slightly as they threaten to knock over the stereo system. (Safety Tip for Inflating a PlastiCat - Make sure you are insured. ^_-) Her breasts, spilling over much of her body as her huge right hand frantically surfs her into her orgasm, are now the size of tanker trucks, the sides of the firm, yet copious flesh buldging against the walls on either side of us, creating just a bit of pressure against each surface. Her neck had to stretch once again to keep her lips sealed against your own as her breasts push you about fifteen feet into the air with the soft and firm pliable surface of her mega-balloonboobies. As your lips pop off of hers, she growls in delight as her eyes open for just a moment before closing again as her orgasm ripples and surges through her body, causing her to triple in size all over ... The walls creak and groan underneath the increase and inhuman pressure, but surprisingly hold as you are completely surrounded by acres and acres of orange and purple balloonboobie flesh. Somehow, you can see her delighted face from where you are, going through the errotic display of delight of her orgasm. After ten minutes, her gasping and panting slows down as does her expansion ...

Damia looks around, feeling wedged between your incredible large breasts, looking out to see them fill her view even as she watches you orgasm, feeling your body stretch up to push against the walls. She smiles and moves quickly, climbing up one of the breasts until she sits upon your nipple, her hands sliding over it with an almost inhuman strength in order to give you some sort of sensation.

Caitlynn starts to purr everso slightly as she snuggles into the depths of her orgasm as it finally releases her from the exotic rapture that kept her entralled for the stretch of what seemed like eternity. Feeling that euphoria surge throughout her body which makes her toes curl, she moans softly between purrs of sheer delight, allowing the tip of her tongue to snake up and wet the surface of her lips which are chapped from the huricane force of your breath ... oh, there's little doubt that you could seriously knock over just about anything (And anyone for that matter) around here. Opening her eyes, she starts to say something as she feels your body sliding and moving along the inflated swell of her room-filling breasts. Her body, sated for the first time in ages, though her mind is still desiring more if possible, tingles and ripples as she shifts about, curious to what you are doing since she cannot see. Her eyes cross as your hands start to work over the nipples, making her whimper. An "Oh, goddess!" gurgles out of her mouth as her eyes close.

Damia licks her lips, pausing to tease. "What shall I do with you now?"

It was all Caitlynn could do from screaming ... in delight!

Sidebar Note II - There maybe more. ^_^