The Seasonal Balloonies

By Lord Balloony-cat Inflated


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One more thing: Special thanks to Skipp, for his short story “Bubble Morning”, which lead me down a new thought path for my own story and made me aware of the movie Catnapped!

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            Miniyaow finished gnawing the meat off of a last leg bone and let out a resounding belch. “Whew,” she declared, “I’m stuffed” She pushed back from the table and laid her paws on her stomach, which groaned and grumbled with its freight of raw beef.

            “Excellent,” Sarana said cheerfully. She turned to the other of the two young felinoids, a male named Ca’hin, and asked him sweetly if perhaps he was full as well.

            “Oh yes ma’am” he said, patting his own aching stomach. “If I eat any more, I’ll bust a seam”

            “You’re both quite sure you’re full?” she asked again, “because you can’t expect to fill up with gas if you’re not full. I’d hate to have one of you wake up all saggy”

            “No no, we’re both quite sure,” Ca’hin said, “Aren’t we Mini?”

            She nodded.

            “Very good then,” the priestess said. “Now wait here until we return. It’s time to give you the Flesh Needles”

            Twin looks of apprehension bordering on alarm formed on the two felinoids’ faces.

            “Relax,” Tyo said cheerfully. “The Needle only hurts for a second. The loss of flesh is actually quite pleasant, I’m told” The priest and priestess smiled reassuringly as they left to get the cases that held the Needles.

Ca’hin and Miniyaow tried to do what the priestess had said, but it was hard to relax when you were about to be jabbed by a needle that was going to let the flesh out of your body like the air from a tire.

As Miniyaow sat beside Ca’hin, she found her thoughts turning to the events leading up to this strange situation…

Miniyaow yawned and stretched slowly. Around her were the soft sounds of her siblings awakening to meet the new day. Miniyaow extended her tongue and began to groom the sleep from her fur, pausing when she reached wetness around the cleft of her sex. It seemed that she had been dreaming of mating again. Miniyaow found that since early this year, males and mating were all she did dream about; or think about. She had noticed that her scent was changing as well, and that her parents and her older siblings kept looking at her in a funny way when they thought she couldn’t see, as if they knew something she didn’t. It was all very puzzling.

Setting aside these thoughts for now, Miniyaow continued her grooming. She gave the wet area of her fur special attention, especially the funny little ring of flesh around the lip of her vagina, which sent delicious sensations rippling through her at the slightest touch. Today it seemed especially sensitive, but before she could explore this discovery, one of her younger brother hit her in the head with a pillow.

“You clean yourself too much” he said. “One of these days, you’ll go too far and clean yourself away for good”

“That’s not true and you know it Niffs” she said irritably. She was annoyed with him for the pillow and for interrupting her when she was enjoying herself.

“Will too,” he said, smiling nastily. “There wont even be a body to bury. Just a big ol’ clean spot”

“That’s a load of shit if I ever heard one. People can’t be cleaned away” Her tone let it be known how ridiculous she thought this was.

“It can too happen,” he said. “Wanna know why?” his voice dripped with smug arrogance.

            “No” she said.

            His face and ears drooped for a moment, then he decided to ignore her and go on anyway. “It can happen to you, ‘cause you’re just a big scuzz ball anyway and everyone knows scuzz gets cleaned away.” He smiled nastily for a moment…but only for a moment. His face tried to change to a look of shock and fear, but it was interrupted by Miniyaow’s leap into his chest. She knocked him off his bed and the two felinoids went rolling across the floor, biting and snapping ferociously.

It might have been frightening to an outsider, but it was really just a more vigorous form of the play-fighting all kittens used to practice their skills. Neither of the two was in for anything more serious than some bruising and small, stinging cuts; most of both would be administered by Miniyaow and taken by Niffs, because she was older and larger.

In fact, Miniyaow was just two moves away from pinning Niffs under her paws when their oldest sister, Ti’yaowl, popped her head into the room. Ti’yaowl yelled at them both to come down stairs and they could kill each other later and did they want to make everyone late for Summers’-end carnival?

“Summers’-end carnival?!” Miniyaow exclaimed.

“Yes,” Ti’yaowl said. “Don’t you remember? It’s today.”

“I’d forgotten all about it” Miniyaow said.

Niffs laughed. “You forgot about the carnival? What a dope”

“Oh a dope, am I? A dope and a scuzz ball, eh?” Miniyaow smiled sweetly. “Well, just remember” here her voice took on a nasty edge “The magic ticket always puts you to sleep first, so there’s plenty I could do to you before I join you in Dream Land.”

Niffs gulped nervously. His scent turned sour with fear. “You wouldn’t dare,” he said in a small voice.

“Wouldn’t I?” Miniyaow chuckled and headed downstairs.

Miniyaow loved Summer’s-end carnival. To her it was better than all the human holidays she had ever heard of, a huge celebration at the start of the cold months followed by an enchanted sleep through fall and winter. Miniyaow wasn’t especially fond of the enchanted sleep bit, but the sleep spell was on the tickets. The only way to avoid sleep was not to take one, and that was no way at all, as far as Miniyaow was concerned. So here she was, Niffs in tow, standing in line at the ticket booths. After this morning, Niffs hadn’t wanted to be anywhere near Miniyaow, but no one else would take him and mother said he wasn’t old enough to wander around by himself.

If this had been last year, Miniyaow would have found herself escorted along in tow of someone else. When she found that wasn’t going to be the case this year, she had sorely tempted to take advantage of her newfound independence. However, the chance to torment her little brother and please her parents had been too good to pass up. Needless to say, Niffs was not happy at all. He kept shooting nervous glances at her and alternating profound apologies with nervous questions as to whether or not she really meant to do something to him when the spell sent him off to Dream Land. Miniyaow kept silent, preferring to let him stew in his one juices for a while longer.

A while longer turned out to be the time it took for them to reach the ticket booth, at which point, Niffs refused to take a pass. “Take a ticket son” the dispenser said cheerfully. Niffs shook his head and Miniyaow suddenly noticed that there were tears in his eyes. Enough was enough. She had had her fun, but if Niffs was going to get this worked up about a tiny little mock-threat, she would have to put a stop to it. “Take the ticket, Niffs,” she said.

            “No,” he said, “You’ll kill me while I’m sleeping.”

            “Kill you? Is that what you’re afraid of?” He nodded. “Niffs,” she said carefully, “I’m your sister. It’s my job to give you a hard time. But it was just a joke, so stop being such a kitten about it.”

Niffs looked cautiously hopeful at this. “You mean it?” he asked. “You promise?”

            “I promise,” she said. “Now take the damn ticket, would you please”

Niffs’ smile burst forth in its full glory as he turned to the ticket man. “One please,” he said.

He giggled as the spell tingled in his arm. “Come on, Miniyaow. Let’s go”

Without looking, Miniyaow took a ticket, feeling the familiar jolt as the spell traveled up her arm. She knew (or thought she knew) that she would begin to feal sleepy in about six hours, and she would tumble off to Dream Land shortly afterward.

She sighed, wondering if six hours of leisure were worth six months of sleep and decided they were. She was about to move on, when she noticed that Niffs was still standing by the ticket booth, looking at something shiny in his paw. She walked back to him.

            “What is it?” she asked.

            “My ticket,” he said, holding up a rectangle of silver foil. “When I got it, it was blue, but then it changed to silver. And look at yours Miniyaow”

She looked down at her own paw, expecting to see the familiar rectangle of red. Instead she found shiny gold.

            “What does it mean?” Niffs asked.

            “You expect me to know?” Miniyaow was incredulous.

            “Hmm,” Niffs said, “I guess you’re right. I should never have expected a blockhead like you to know”

            “Why you little…” Miniyaow began. She aimed a playful cuff at his face, but he was already tearing off through the crowd.

            “Hey Niffs, wait up!” she yowled, and took off after him.

            The summers’-end carnival was wonderful, as always. Anything and everything that could be bolted together or magically conjured up was there, packed tightly into a few acres on the outskirts of town. It was truly a grand sight to behold, with calliope music, lights of every color and shade, two roller coasters, a Ferris wheel, a carousel, and balloons, legions and armies and hordes of balloons. The colorful spheres of rubber drifted everywhere, overhead and underfoot, drawing knowing smiles from the carnival’s older patrons and occasionally punctuating the general roar of the crowd with loud bangs as a sharp-clawed foot came down in the wrong place. The whole place was a swirl of sensory input, which Miniyaow and Niffs drank in like hungry sponges. This was the stuff that good winter dreams were made of.

            In the past, Miniyaow had always approached the carnival with a capricious attitude, wandering hither and yon, sampling the various attractions until about 7:00 PM, when the spell put her to sleep for the winter. This year got off to much the same start, minus the time it took Miniyaow to locate her little brother and chastise him for running off on his own, but as 7:00 drew nearer and nearer, it became apparent that something was amiss. Niffs was, as usual, showing signs of sleepiness as the magic slumber began to take hold. However, Miniyaow herself seemed unaffected by the spell. This was very strange and somewhat alarming, as she imagined herself freezing to death in the long winter, while everyone else slept safe around her. She had to find mother and ask her what was happening.

            “Stay here, Niffs,” Miniyaow said, pausing beside the trunk of a small tree. She need needn’t have bothered to speak. Her brother’s eyes were glazed and half-lidded and he made no response to her instruction. He wasn’t going anywhere, except to Dream Land. Miniyaow extended razor sharp claws and began to climb the tree, leaving her brother dozing on his feet below. Poking her head out of the foliage, Miniyaow scented the odor laden air, sorting amongst the various (and sometimes offensive) smells until she had isolated her mother’s personal scent. She snorted in surprise, unable to believe her own senses. Her mother’s smell was laced with the chemicals of deep slumber, which was even stranger than her own current alertness. Adults never fell asleep before children, never. Now more uneasy than ever, Miniyaow searched the air currents for her father’s spicy aroma, only to find his scent subdued by sleep as well. Frantically, she isolated each member of her family who was older than she herself. If her parents were both asleep, it was unlikely that anyone younger had escaped the spell’s clutches, but she had to try. As she expected, they were all asleep. Miniyaow’s own scent became thickly laced with fear as she climbed down the tree. All of her family apparently slept, even Niffs, who had fallen asleep some time after Miniyaow had left him. She herself still felt nothing. She took out the strange golden ticket and looked at it fearfully. Was there something wrong with it? What was she going to do? She had to find help soon, or she really would freeze to death amidst the sleeping bodies of her fellows.

Suddenly, Miniyaow’s ears perked up and swiveled. Someone was coming. Turning, Miniyaow caught sight of a figure padding toward her on all fours. By the smell, it was a female, though an unusually old one. Miniyaow envisioned her as the mother of several litters. When the female drew close enough to make out clearly, Miniyaow saw that she was, in addition to being unusually old, rather on the plump side; with a general swollen roundness about her form. This roundness was especially concentrated in her underbelly, making her look gravid with child. Miniyaow decided she liked it. It made the stranger seem friendlier, less threatening.

            “Hello Miniyaow,” the plump female said cheerfully, “I am Sarana, the priestess of The Change”

            “How do you know my name?”

            “The ticket” Sarana said, and smiled. “The moment your hand touched it, I knew your name, your scent, and what you looked like. Ca’hin wondered the same thing” She turned her head and called “Ca’hin, come meet your mate!” over her shoulder.

            “My mate?” Miniyaow tilted her head in curiosity. Sarana seemed about to answer, but just then, Ca’hin jogged to a halt beside her.

            For a long moment, no one spoke. Ca’hin’s scent was powerful and virile and male. It had a very strong effect on Miniyaow’s hormone drenched body. Her breath shortened until she was almost panting, her heart pounded in her chest, and her sex became moist and warm. Ca’hin was in much the same boat. His blood was boiling as his nose filled with the overpowering scent of a female ready to mate. His heart and lungs were working to beat the band and his penis had unsheathed and become engorged. His tongue lolled and he began to pant. Sarana watched this interplay with detached amusement.

            “Isn’t chemistry wonderful?” she asked playfully. “I see that you to are anxious to ‘get acquainted’, so we shan’t dawdle here any longer. Please follow me. I’ll tell you what’s been happening on the way.” With that she turned and headed for the entrance to the carnival. Miniyaow and Ca’hin trailed behind like cans after a car with “Just Married” in the window.

            “If your parents followed doctrine,” Sarana began “then this is what you have been told: the fall and winter months are too cold and the food too sparse for us to survive unaided. Thus we throw a carnival at the start of the cold months and everyone who takes a ticket falls into a magical sleep until spring comes. None of this is true.”

            Miniyaow and Ca’hin gaped at this and their ears went up in surprise, but Sarana didn’t see.

“Although we would find fall and winter hostile to us, they are quite survivable. What we really do during the winter is put the children to sleep and turn into balloonies-“

            “What!?” Miniyaow exclaimed, “That’s ridiculous”

            “More like insane,” Ca’hin added derisively.

Sarana turned. She smelled decidedly amused by their disbelief “Ridiculous, eh? Insane, eh?”

            “Yes ma’am” Ca’hin said uncertainly.

            “So what you’re saying is, you’re willing to believe in an enchanted sleep and a magically constructed carnival, but transmogrification is ‘insane’.”

            Ca’hin and Miniyaow looked thoughtful. “I guess it doesn’t make much sense to believe in one and not the other” Miniyaow said at last. Ca’hin said nothing. His ears were down and he seemed to be carefully counting the pebbles between his fingers.

            “I'm glad you realize that. Now, where was I? Oh yes,” she began to walk again as she picked up the tail of her thought. “As I was saying, we all become balloonies and we sort of take a vacation. With air in place of flesh and a magical bubble over the land to shut out the cold, we set our cares aside and become creatures of whimsy. When the spring comes, we turn back into furries, the bubble deflates, the children awake, and we resume our normal lives.”

            “Weird,” Miniyaow said.

            “Why do you put the children to sleep?” Ca’hin said, “It seems kind of unfair that they miss out on the fun”

            “They never know it, Ca’hin, and besides, the process of transformation involves a mating of sorts, and children just aren’t ready to experience that yet.”

            “Oh, “ Ca’hin said “I guess I can understand that, but it still makes me mad that my parents lied to me”

            “Come now Ca’hin. I shouldn’t have to tell you why that was necessary. How would you feel if you knew that a lot of fun things were about to happen and you couldn’t be a part of it?”

Ca’hin nodded his understanding.

            “So what’s the big deal about us?” Miniyaow asked.

            “Every year, a male and a female who have just become sexually mature are chosen to be royal balloonies. You two got the golden tickets, so you’re this year’s royal balloonies”

            “Does that mean we get to be kings and queens and boss people around?”

            Sarana chuckled. “No, not really. What it means is that you two will be the first to become balloonies. When you mate, you will transform the others. It also means that in the spring, you’ll be the first to become furries again and your mating will then restore everyone else to furry form.”

            “So where do you come in?” Miniyaow asked.

            “I'm the Priestess of The Change. I make the tickets, track down the golden ticket-holders, start them turning into balloonies, and I’m also the Great Bubble.”

            “Great Bubble?” Ca’hin tilted his ears in confusion.

            “You’ll understand when the time comes. Ah, here we are”

            Ca’hin and Miniyaow had been too engrossed in Sarana’s explanation to notice where they where going. Now they realized that they were in the center of town.

            “What is that!?” Miniyaow asked.

            That is the temple of The Change,” Sarana replied.

            “Where did it come from? Magic?” Ca’hin asked.

            “Oh the Temple is always there, Ca’hin. It’s just on a different plane of existence most of the time. And yes, it is magic.”

            The Temple was quite a spectacle. Fully fifty tall, it was built in the shape of a female cat sitting up on her haunches. Her eyes were closed in a smile, and her forepaws rested on the great curve of her hugely swollen belly. Ca’hin at first took this to mean that she was pregnant, but changed his mind when he saw the air valve in her navel. Besides signifying that she was actually a well-inflated balloony cat, the air valve served as an entrance to the Temple, and was reached by a grand staircase. As the trio approached the foot of the stairs, the temple door, which formed the plug of the air valve, swung open, and a very rotund male stepped out.

            “Greetings, Sarana. These must be the royals. I am Tyo, the priest of The Change and the Great Inflater”

            Miniyaow’s train of thought was interrupted at this point by the return of Tyo and Sarana, both of whom carried a case of dark and fragrant wood, ornately carved and hinged and latched in gold. “Come over here and lie down,” Tyo said, indicating a large silk floor cushion. Miniyaow and Ca’hin padded over and lay on their sides facing each other as Tyo and Sarana removed the Needles from their cases. Miniyaow had been expecting something small, like a sewing or a hypodermic needle; these were actually more like huge hat pins, with six inch shafts and Ping-Pong sized heads, which were apparently color-coded: blue for Ca’hin and red for her. Miniyaow swallowed nervously at the Needle’s large size. Her scent became laced with the sour odor of fear, and she could smell it on Ca’hin too.

            “Don’t be afraid,” Sarana soothed. “Like, Tyo said, it only hurts for a second. Now, hold still”

            Miniyaow winced as the Needle pricked her belly. She heard Ca’hin’s hiss of pain and knew that he too had been poked. For a moment, nothing happened. Then the wound began to tingle. As Miniyaow watched, the fur around the wound seemed to melt away, replaced by a shiny, latex-like surface. The tingle spread and the change spread with it. Miniyaow began to feel lighter, as if she were losing mass somehow. Soon, she and Ca’hin were completely transformed from fur to shiny latex. There were twin sounds of Champaign corks popping as air valves popped out of Miniyaow and Ca’hin’s navels. Then the hissing began. Gas began to spray from the pinprick wounds in Miniyaow and Ca’hin’s shiny tummies, filling the room with a powerful, earthy, intoxicating odor. Sarana and Tyo sniffed and sighed contentedly in unison.

            “Our work here is done,” Tyo said. “Time for me to fatten you up”

            Sarana settled onto her drooping stomach, facing the royal balloonies from a few feet away. Tyo mounted her from behind and began to thrust his member in side her.

            “What’s happening to us?” Ca’hin asked. He noticed a creeping drowsiness and a feeling of softness, both of which intensified as time passed.

            “Never mind what’s happening to us. What’s happening to you?” Miniyaow asked in a tone of shock. Sarana’s belly was swelling. With every thrust from Tyo, it grew larger and larger, making Sarana look more and more pregnant. When the leading edge of her tummy met the floor, it sank in, as if it had no substance. Only when half its diameter was submerged did it begin to lift Tyo and Sarana off the ground.

            When Sarana spoke, it was as if Tyo were not there, except for the blissful expression on her face and the deep purr underlying her words.

            “Remember how we told you that I was the Great Bubble and Tyo was the Great Inflater? Well, right now, he’s pumping up my belly”

            “When we’re done, her belly will form the bubble that protects the town from the cold of winter” Tyo added without missing a stroke. He and his mate now lay atop a furry hemisphere over five feet in diameter. As it slowly swelled, it began to take on the smooth shine of latex and to become translucent.

            “And as for you, the Flesh Needles have turned your skin to latex and your flesh to gas. What’s happening now –ooo (Tyo had thrust more deeply for a moment)- is that flesh-gas escaping from you. Soon –mmph- you’ll both be flaccid, and sound asleep. When your food digests into gas, it’ll refill you, and you’ll officially be the royal balloonies.” Sarana paused for a moment, and when she continued, her tone and expression were those of a concerned parent going over last minute details with children.

            “Now when you wake up, don’t dawdle. Get stretched out and start yiffing each other’s brains out.” Miniyaow and Ca’hin both nodded. They were beginning to feel really sleepy as their bodies began to sag and settle. “Shortly after you couple, something very strange will happen, but don’t worry, it’s supposed to. Just go with it and keep –ahh- mating.” The royal balloonies’ eyelids began to feel like lead, but they struggled to stay awake. They both looked like leaky beach toys, rumpled and saggy, with piles of deflated flesh gathering around the side they lay on.

            “Changing back to furries is basically the same as changing into balloonies. You’ll have to prick you selves with the Needles to start it all up, and don’t forget to gorge first. When the weather starts to warm up, don’t wait too long to change everyone back –huh-whoa. If you haven’t changed everyone back by the time I start to deflate, the ones who are still balloonies will lose all their balloony magic and turn into ordinary balloons when the shrinking Bubble leaves them outside itself. They won’t be able to move or speak and there won’t be enough magic to fix them until next year. I guess that’s it. Any questions?” But there were none, for Miniyaow and Ca’hin were as flat as sheets.

            “I hope they’ll be alright” Sarana sounded worried.

            “Relax dear,” Tyo said soothingly. “You always worry, and it always turns out fine. Now relax and enjoy this” He continued to thrust, pumping her bigger and bigger, tighter and tighter. Soon the hemisphere of her belly was large enough to engulf the sleeping balloonies. It was now tight enough to be totally clear. Sarana held herself as she fattened, relishing the sensation of inflation. “More Tyo, more. Make me bigger,” she gasped. Tyo began to thrust harder and faster. He and Sarana rose up through the ceiling of the room, passing through it as if they were no more than ghosts. In a few thrusts, Sarana’s great belly had engulfed the Temple. “Bigger, bigger,” she moaned. The great shiny hemisphere towered over the town, spreading its reach further and further with each thrust of the Great Inflater. Sarana’s belly wasn’t the only thing that was swelling. With every thrust of Tyo, tension was building in the loins of the priest and priestess; their need for release was bloating and bulging like a balloon inflating. Soon, soon the balloon would pop.

            Sarana’s bloated belly covered everything for several miles in all directions. It seemed that she and Tyo were perched at the top of the world. The fire in their loins was burning at its brightest. Suddenly, both of them were overcome by a feeling of gassiness, as if they were about to belch. The feeling increased rapidly in time with the swelling of the balloon that was their need to orgasm. Their cheeks began to puff up, their eyes to bulge. All at once, the balloon burst. Their mouths flew open, and their gas sprayed forth with a great whooshing sound. The release was an agony of pleasure as they quickly softened and deflated. In moments, they were no more than two empty skins atop the Great Bubble’s shiny surface.

            While Tyo was busy inflating Sarana, Miniyaow and Ca’hin’s stomachs were busy inflating them. Their bodies lay draped across the silk cushion, limp and lifeless. However, their food was digesting unseen, gradually filling them with wisps and puffs of gas. The gas began to build ridges and humps in the two flaccid felinoids. The humps and ridges spread, connected, enlarged. Two hours after losing all her flesh, Miniyaow had enough gas in her body to support a dim semblance of consciousness. Of course, there was no outward sign of this, for the balloonies’ bodies had no more firmness than a boiled noodle and thus they were effectively and completely paralyzed. Their pressure continued to mount. In another hour, they were full enough to yawn and blink sleepily and to move about in a slow, clumsy fashion.

            “How –yawn- long do you think –yawn- we have left?” Miniyaow asked.

            “Not –yawn- sure,” Ca’hin replied. “It looks to me like we’re almost full. Maybe a few more minutes”

            Miniyaow sighed and sagged back into a supine position. Her head was still not fully inflated, and that made it hard to think. She was feeling very lazy and she decided it was not altogether unpleasant to be half inflated. It left you sort of mellow.

            The feeling didn’t last. In a few more minutes, enough air had built up to make the balloonies as firm as they could want. They were wide-awake and taut as drums. Miniyaow ran her hand over her shiny flank, producing a squeaky sound and a vibration that traveled all through her body and felt delicious in her sex.

            “I feel so light.” Miniyaow purred. She still felt lazy from a few minutes ago and as she spoke, she relaxed her body. Suddenly, air sprayed from her vagina. Startled, she tensed up, and the stream tapered off.

            “What happened?” Ca’hin asked.

            “I’m not sure,” Miniyaow replied. Experimentally, she relaxed some of the muscles in her pelvic area. The stream of air returned, accompanied by the same loosening that she had felt when they were being defleshed. She stopped relaxing and the leak stopped again.

            “I get it” she exclaimed happily. “I must have a sphincter valve in my vagina.”

With a little more experimenting, she had pinpointed the muscles to relax and could even control the speed of the flow.

            “I wonder if I have one” Ca’hin said.

            “No reason why you shouldn’t. Try relaxing your muscles. They’re sort of the ones you use to let out piss, if that helps any” Ca’hin concentrated, and was soon rewarded with a hiss from the tip of his penis.

            “That feels nice,” he said. “It almost feels like masturbating”

            “You know, you’re right. It has that same tingle. But now I feel all loose and sleepy”

            “Maybe I could fix that,” Ca’hin said, in a voice that was suddenly tense. He had gotten a strong whiff of Miniyaow’s gas and the smell was making him very yiffy.

            “Alright,” she said, lying back on the cushion. He knelt, straddling her hips, and opened the air valve in her navel. Gas began to hiss quietly and Miniyaow felt herself softening as air left her. Bending almost double, Ca’hin put his lips around the valve, and blew gently. Miniyaow began to tighten immediately. As she firmed, she grew less sleepy and more alert. It dawned on her that she was, at this moment, being straddled by a hansom young male. The feeling of inflation and the smell of Ca’hin made her yiffy.

            “That’s enough air, Ca’hin” she said. He closed the valve with his tongue and used his nose to press it flush with her belly. When he straitened, she reached up and licked his ear, then smiled coyly up at him. He moved without thinking: a thrust, a squeak of latex, and Miniyaow’s velvety inner recesses enveloped him. Miniyaow gasped as she suddenly found her vagina filled with a respectable amount of balloony penis. She lay still for a moment, listening to the rhythmic squeaking as Ca’hin thrust within her, then she began to move her hips in time with his, creating delicious sensations in her loins. Ca’hin began to pant with excitement. Miniyaow purred. The vibration traveled all through her body and into his, intensifying the stimulation they both felt Suddenly, a tingle began in their loins. The sensation intensified until it was almost painful. There seemed to be a lot of liquid in Miniyaow’s vagina, and Ca’hin began to feel his member losing firmness. A moment later, they both felt something that made them look between their legs with shocked expressions. Their sexes were melting together; Ca’hin’s penis thickened and Miniyaow’s labia tightened and moved along the length of Ca’hin’s member until the two organs had fused into a single shaft of flesh.

            “What the hell is that?!” Ca’hin demanded. He looked scared and a little sick. They had both stopped thrusting.

            “I don’t know what it is, but Sarana said to expect something strange and to just go with it. This must be what she was talking about.”

            “Just go with it!” Ca’hin sounded disgusted. “Easy for her to say. It’s not her penis that melts”

            “Hey, you’re not the only one with melted genitals, ok. Besides, it feels kinda nice if you just relax. Come on” she nuzzled his cheek, leaving a patch of scent behind from her glands. It had the desired affect. His libido began to rise at the smell of pheromones so close to his nose. He discovered that he could still feel the walls of Miniyaow’s sex gripping his penis, although neither seemed to exist any more. Experimentally, he thrust. It felt ok. Soon they were both lost in the rhythm of mating again. As they moved, the tube of flesh between them began to bulge on one side. The bulge developed into a tube of its own, transforming the bar into a T shape. Neither Miniyaow nor Ca’hin noticed this until the new branch suddenly lengthened dramatically, its tip shooting away from them like lightning and down into the floor. They paused for a moment, then shrugged and continued yiffing.

            Grraow was sitting on his bed, trying to concentrate on a book. It was hard going, because his mind kept straying back to what his parents had told him about the winter months. He could hardly believe that soon he would become a balloony and he could hardly wait for the promised months of carefree fun and yiffing. He had never mated before (although, like most adolescents, he gave his penis a good licking now and then)

and he wondered if it would be as enjoyable as he had imagined. Suddenly, his ears perked up. The door to his room had come open a few inches. As he watched, a thick tube of shiny latex, almost like a sausage balloon, threaded its way through the narrow gap like a snake. He leaned forward with his hands between his feet, watching the tube with the intense stare of the feline. His whiskers twitched in anticipation and his penis unsheathed and grew hard. The last four feet of the tube rose in the air and hovered there, reinforcing the image of a snake. Grraow had just enough time to see that the end of the tube was open, then it moved like lightning, fastening this open end over his penis. Grraow gasped as he experienced the sensation of a female’s velvety innards enveloping his cock. He squinted with pleasure as he began to feel the tube suck something out of him through his penis. It was an immensely pleasant sensation that left him feeling loose and lazy inside, much as Miniyaow and Ca’hin had felt when they were losing air. The last foot of the tube started to swell. At the same time, Grraow began to feel a creeping drowsiness and a weakness in his limbs. It was very relaxing. He lay back in bed, propped up on his elbows, watching his vitality flowed into the bulge and it began to take shape. The bulge became a ball, the ball swelled for a bit, then elongated into a football shape with the long axis pointed toward Grraow’s head. As Grraow grew sleepier and yiffier, the ball gradually formed the shape of a female balloony felinoid with Grraow’s penis in her vagina. Suddenly, Grraow’s eyes, which had begun to slip closed, widened in recognition.

            “Miniyaow?” he asked fuzzily. He was incredulous, and nearly unconscious.

            “Not quite,” she replied. As she moved, Grraow noticed that the tube had become part of her stripped tail. “I'm actually a simulacrum of Miniyaow, but I am linked to her, so when I thrust, she feels it. The reason you’re feeling so sleepy right now is because I’m sucking your life force and soul into myself. When I finish up, your body will be lifeless, but don’t worry, you’ll be reborn as a balloony when I'm done. Now, what say we fatten you into a proper cocoon?”

            “Wha?” he yawned loudly.

            “Just lie there, and I’ll do the work” With that said, she began to thrust, creating delicious friction in Grraow’s member. He purred. As she continued to undulate on top of him, he began to feel bloated and gassy. The feeling increased with each thrust of her lovely hips. He was beginning to pant, despite his loss of life force. The bloated feeling increased further as the simulacrum reared up and began to bounce playfully with one shiny hand on his stomach. Suddenly, she smiled, for his belly had begun to swell under her hand. His back and sides were also rounding out, and his limbs were beginning to plump up into cone shapes. With each delicious thrust, he grew. She loved the feel of him expanding under and inside of her as she pumped him up. To him, the tightening of his flesh and the lightening of his body was exquisite and very stimulating. He found that the bigger he got, the more sensitive he became to her attentions. Seeming to know this, she stretched out full-length on his bulging body, pressing her taut tummy to his, and began to caress his sides and belly. He continued to swell, first into a barrel shape, and then into a sphere. That sphere was now in the process of absorbing his limbs and tail as she pumped him up bigger and fatter.

            “Bigger,” he moaned. “Oh please, make me bigger. PUMP ME UP!”

            “Yes baby, we’ll make you bigger” She too was panting as she clung to the furry, swelling surface that was Grraow’s belly. Her thrusts were coming faster and faster. Grraow’s inflation was driving them both mad. He was so full that he could no longer move; the great sphere of his body extended out to his wrists and ankles and was rapidly swallowing his tail. He was over eight feet across and still fattening.

            “Bigger! Make me bigger! Oh baby, pump me up!” he cried. His tail disappeared into his body. They rolled gently as he became unbalanced. She hit the floor on her back, still clutching him to her. Now, she did not so much thrust as rock his bloated body back and forth. She hoped he would come soon, for she could not hold onto him much longer. He was big enough that his back was brushing the ceiling when the dam finally burst. He gave out an ear-splitting yowl as his loins seemed to explode. She stopped thrusting and held him as the climactic spasms sprayed the last of his soul into her. His yowl tapered off quickly, and when she let go of him, his body was lifeless. She broke intercourse, rolling him off of her so she could stand and survey her handiwork. Before her lay a lifeless furry sphere from which protruded hands, feet, a head, and a wilted penis. She had transformed a young male into a cocoon. As the vessel of his life force, she would enter the cocoon, and he would emerge, reborn from her flesh as a balloony. She had to hurry. Already, the change from simulacrum to Grraow-balloony was beginning. Quickly, she turned and twisted off the tube at the end of her tail, severing herself from Miniyaow. Then she rolled Grraow’s body until the head was close to her and began to squeeze into the mouth, tail first. Grraow’s mouth was easy to stretch around her lithe form, and she was soon falling asleep in the gloom of the cocoon.

            Miniyaow had experienced all of this first-hand, through the tube that extended from the fusion of her genitals and Ca’hin’s. That tube had burrowed underground, split, and popped up offshoots all over town. Everywhere, shiny latex tubes were fastening onto furry genitals; everywhere, furry life force was being sucked into simulacra of Ca’hin and Miniyaow (Ca’hin if they were females, Miniyaow if they were males); everywhere, furries found themselves fattening into giant lifeless spheres. Miniyaow and Ca’hin felt all of it as if they were there. Miniyaow was beginning to see why their relatives had been put to sleep. She would not have relished mating with her own father.

Finally, the last furry was bloated into a cocoon. All this time, Miniyaow and Ca’hin had been mating in a daze, their minds spread out along the branches of the tube that produced the simulacra. Now, as the last simulacrum crawled into its cocoon, the network of tubing began to retreat, bearing with it Miniyaow and Ca’hin and all the pent up sexual force they had accumulated from tons of yiffing without orgasm.

Miniyaow awoke to a tickling in her crotch, as if a breeze was blowing down there, and the knowledge that Ca’hin was no longer in her arms. She felt bloated and gassy, and when she opened her eyes, she saw why. Ca’hin was not in her arms because both of them had been, and were still being, fattened into huge spheres just like all the furries in town. They were just barely touching at the belly. Their arms, legs and tails had already been swallowed by what were now five-foot spheres. As the tube network continued to retreat, Miniyaow and Ca’hin became larger and yiffier. Miniyaow purred as she grew tighter and tighter and tighter. Ca’hin moaned softly as he swelled. The tube came up out of the floor. When it reached the rope of flesh that had been Miniyaow and Ca’hin’s genitals, it split.

Ca’hin felt the melting sensation in his groin again and saw that Miniyaow’s tube was now sticking into her vagina instead of merging seamlessly with her flesh. From this, he deduced that his tube had changed as well. He saw that she grew fatter as her tube shortened. It reminded him of a bomb fuse and he wondered what would happen when the “fuse” ran out. He was stuffed to the gills with gas, a shiny sphere bloated so large that it squished where it met the walls of the room. He was torn between his desire to feel himself grow fatter and fatter, and his increasing need for release. The pressure was driving him crazy.

They continued to bloat. As their tubes drew closer and closer to their sexes, they grew more and more tense. Suddenly, Ca’hin saw Miniyaow’s tube withdraw into her sex. Her body seemed to gather itself for a moment, shrinking a bit as it tensed up.

“Oh, Ca’hin,” Miniyaow panted breathlessly “Ca’hin I think I’m going to...” her words suddenly changed to a yowl of pleasure as air erupted from her sex in a powerful jet. She began to lose pressure, rapidly deflating as the fattening gas escaped her. Seconds later, Ca’hin felt his own tube disappear. For a moment, his muscles tensed, making the pressure unbearable. This seemed to last forever, but finally, the down stroke came. The whoosh of his penis losing gas filled his ears. The vibration traveled all through his body. A tiny spark kindled in his loins. Even as he shrank, the spark grew, like a slow-motion explosion in a movie. A column of pure fire seemed to rush up through his torso, incinerating everything in its path. Ca’hin yowled in ecstasy as his brain went up in a soundless flash of orgasm. His penis felt like a fire hose, spraying forth gas in a high pressure/high pleasure stream. He on the other hand, felt very loose and relaxed, as if he had been wearing a very tight belt that had just snapped off. He yowled again as another wave of fire rolled through him. As the fire passed, it left a warm, pulsing glow in its wake that made Ca’hin feel very mellow. He began to purr very loudly as his bloated body let loose air.

Miniyaow on the other hand kept screaming as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over her. Powerful muscle contractions raced across her glossy hide, forcing the air from her sex. Between waves, she had the sublime sensation of melting inside, turning into warm goo. She and Ca’hin shrank and shrank, their genitals hissing like snakes. As soon as their limbs were free, they hugged their dwindling bodies, trying to hold in the wonderful feeling of orgasm. They were both purring loudly now; slack expressions of idiotic joy were on their faces. Soon, they began to change from spheres to felinoids and the gas flow began to taper off. When it finally stopped, both balloonies slumped to the floor, holding themselves and purring loudly with their eyes squinted shut in pleasure. Both of their bodies still hummed like tuning forks and it was some time before either spoke.

“What a rush” Miniyaow said from where she lay.

“You said it” Ca’hin agreed. “I feel…” he trailed off, unwilling to spoil his feeling of drowsy satisfaction by putting it into words. Because she felt the same way, Miniyaow did not press him to speak. She was so sleepy, drained of all energy, kept awake only by the air in her belly. She decided to change that, relaxing the muscles of her sex. A soft hiss filled the room as gas began to leak from between the lips of Miniyaow’s vagina. A moment later, another hiss joined hers as Ca’hin began to lose air from his penis. They lay still then and enjoyed the feeling of laziness, of loosening, as their pressure went down. They were starting to wrinkle, to soften, and to settle as they let go of their gas. The leaks were very slow, but before long, they were both fast asleep. Meanwhile, changes were going on within the bloated cocoons.

The simulacrum hung motionless in the red semi-darkness of his cocoon. He was not really a copy of Ca’hin anymore, having lost his identity when he disconnected from the tube that had produced him. Now he was just a shell, inhabited only by the sleeping mind of Niala, which he had absorbed.

The shell’s features began to change. They melted, softened, and shifted. The body lost its masculine form, becoming more slender, less angular. The penis and testes melted back into the body, only to be replaced by vaginal lips. When the metamorphosis was complete, Niala’s sleeping mind resided in an exact, inflatable copy of her original body.

When the change came, each furry got to pick their balloony shape. Most chose to remain as they were in furry form, but some eschewed convention. They became dinosaur balloonies and canoid balloonies and balloony shapes never before seen outside the realm of Dream Land. Such was the case with Niala.

No sooner had her balloony body taken shape, then it began to change. Her muzzle began to lengthen and to become more rounded. The part of her face above the muzzle sank down to become part of the elongation. Her eyes moved to the sides of her head and her pointed ears melted away. At the same time, her neck grew longer; Her fingers and toes fused together; her hands and feet became fins; her arms and legs shortened and drew into her body; her tail grew as thick as her neck. Her body itself grew shorter. It also began to bloat and thicken, turning first into a barrel and then into a sphere. The stripes on her hide disappeared, to be replaced by a uniform pink. Finally, a fleshy flower, like the pinched neck of a party balloon, extruded itself from her bulging belly. When it was all over, Niala had transformed into a creature not unlike the plesiosaur, with a spherical body, four triangular fins, a long neck, and a snake-like head.

With a bang, Niala’s cocoon exploded into tiny fragments, exposing her to the world. The noise woke her and she yawned loudly, stretching her long neck and hugging her swollen belly with her fins. The new lightness of her inflated body and the squeaky vibrations produced when her fins rubbed her tummy were wonderfully sensual.

Excited as a child at Christmas, Niala turned her head this way and that, craning her long neck to see all of her wonderfully bloated body. She nuzzled her swollen flanks, sniffing her stretchy skin and licking its smooth, rubbery surface. The taste and smell of her flesh and the feel of her wet tongue on her sensitive hide nearly drove her mad with stimulation and she hugged her lovely new self again.

In the process of embracing herself, Niala pressed her neck and chin to the curve of her belly. This put the flower of flesh that was her gas stem directly in front of her nose. The site made Niala curious to try opening the valve.

Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the sensations that were coming from her belly until she could feel the tension that was the valve’s sphincter. She focused on this and put her mind to the task of reducing the tension.

At first, nothing happened. Then, she felt a tiny loosening. At the same time, a tickle began in her belly as a tiny stream of delicious smelling gas escaped from the valve. Before she realized what was happening, the trickle had become a fountain.

The startled Niala found herself propelled to the ceiling by a jet of her own gas. When she hit, she bounced off and began to fly about the room, rapidly losing air. The sensation of rushing gas was exquisitely stimulating, but as it continued, she grew smaller, and as she grew smaller, she grew weaker and sleepier.

Realizing this, Niala decided to pinch off the flow before she put herself to sleep. She concentrated on her belly again –not easy to do when she was flying about the room- and willed her gas stem to close. At first, nothing happened. Niala was now no more than three feet across. Her eyelids were very heavy and she was feeling incredibly loose and lazy inside. She felt like letting herself deflate until she went flaccid, but the greater part of her was determined to get control of the situation. She concentrated all of her remaining will, and after a moment, the valve constricted.

Niala cheered sleepily at her success. “Just in time,” she thought, holding her shrunken belly with her fins. She was now no larger than a child’s beach ball and very drowsy. Vaguely, she wondered how she was going to reinflate.

Just then, there was another loud bang as Niala’s sister Taara burst forth from her own cocoon. Being a first-timer, Taara had no knowledge of the ability to customize one’s form. As a result, her balloony body looked just like her furry body, and she was totally unprepared for the sight of her sister’s transformed appearance.

“Wha-who are you?” she asked the strange creature before her.

“It’s me, Niala,” the balloony said sleepily. “Don’t you recognize my scent?”

Taara sniffed the air, flaring her nostrils to catch the smells . “I guess I do,” she said at last. “How come you look like that?”

“We can choose what we want to look like while we’re in the cocoons.” Niala said with another yawn.

Taara looked at Niala’s outlandish form, then at her own felinoid form. Even though she was inflatable, she suddenly felt drab and unoriginal.

“Can I change my mind?” she asked, “I don’t want to look like this anymore”

“Sorry kit, you’ll have to live with it” Niala said.

Taara’s ears drooped and her face fell. Then she looked up, curious again.

“How come you’re so small?” she asked.

Niala curved her neck downward so she could hold her head in her fins.

            “Ugh,” she groaned. “Too many questions. I'm too deflated to answer them right now. Just help me find some food, OK?”


            Niala glared.

            “Ok, Ok, easy. I’ll get some food.”

            As Taara was about to leave the room, a voice called up from outside.

            “Hey Niala, Taara! You awake yet? The gassers are coming!”

            “The what?” Taara asked, puzzled at the unfamiliar word.

            “Just what I need,” Niala said, and headed for the door before she remembered she could fly, and thus could use the window.

            “Hey, I wanna try that!” Taara shouted as Niala drifted down to the street below.

            “Go ahead Taara!” a male named Ruushuu called up. “It’s all right!”

            “But I’ll fall!” she cried.

            Ruushuu laughed. He was a big male and his laugh was big like him, and just as friendly.

            “You’re a big bag of air!” he shouted, “It’s not like you can bust a bone or anything”

            She smiled and stepped onto the sill, would have hesitated, but a slight breeze blew her off balance. She yowled in surprise, expecting to fall to her death in spite of Ruushuu’s words. There was no way she could land on anything but her head from just two stories up. As she tumbled into space, everything slowed down, so it was several seconds before she realized she was falling much slower than she should have. Opening her eyes, she saw that she was drifting lazily downward, like a tossed balloon. It was a strange, relaxing sensation, and she was almost sorry when Ruushuu ended it by catching her featherweight body in his outstretched arms. The scent of her struck his hormones then and he pulled her close to give her face a lick. She returned it as the smell of his masculinity enveloped her. When they parted, their navel-valves caught on each other and pulled open.

            Taara gasped in surprise, then began to purr at the sensation of gentle deflation. Ruushuu chuckled as she reached to close the valve.

            “You don’t have to do that yet if you like the feel. The leak is slow and the gasser’s almost here”

            “What’s a gasser?” she asked taking her hand away from the valve and moving to stand beside him. Their tails intertwined.

            “That is.” he said, pointing to a truck that was rolling down the road. There were several felinoid balloonies on board, crammed in between a multitude of huge gas tanks. Each balloony had a long pole with a contractible loop on the end in one hand a hose with a squeeze-handled nozzle-valve in the other hand.

            As they passed the balloonies lining the road, they snared balloonies at random with the poles and drew them to the truck, where the squeeze nozzle was stuck into a handy valve and the gas turned on.  When the balloony, usually quite a bit more bloated than before, signaled that it had had enough gas, they were unhooked and tossed gently into the air. Balloonies were being stuffed with all sorts of gasses, from float gas to happy gas to yiffy gas, and all sorts of mixtures. Taara gasped as a hugely bloated balloony suddenly squealed and burst apart with a resounding bang.

            “How awful,” she said. “Didn’t they know she was going to pop?”

“Oh, I'm sure she wanted to. And don’t give me that look.” he said, in response to her horror. It’s not what you think at all. See, she’s fine,” he said, pointing. It was true, the flaccid form of the burst balloony was drifting down to the road, as if it had merely flown into the air. Although flat, it seemed unharmed to Taara.

            “Why would someone want to pop? Isn’t it painful?” Taara asked.

            Ruushuu chuckled again. “No,” he said, “It’s not painful at all. As to why someone would do it, why don’t you try it and see.” Turning to the gassers he called “Over here, new one wants to get popped!”

            Taara gasped as a loop cinched about her middle and she was yanked toward the truck.

            “Don’t worry, I’ll catch you!” Ruushuu shouted from behind her.

            Before she could reply, she was at the truck, and a nozzle was connected to her still open navel-valve.

            “No wait I –whoa!” she cried as gas began to fatten her up. She rolled her head around and around, purring with delight at the feeling. The rush of gas, the tightening, the swelling, it all felt marvelous. Waves of pleasure rolled from her navel to build and concentrate within her growing body.

            First, her belly and her rump began to bloat and to round, then her limbs began to thicken, slowly becoming cones. Her six mammaries swelled until the looked first like lovely, succulent breasts, then like volleyballs. Delirious with pleasure, she grabbed one and suckled it as her belly and rump continued to grow, turning her body into a sphere that began to engulf her.

            She held her round, fat body as her breasts were absorbed into her ballooning belly. The squeal of latex on latex as her hands slid over her turgid skin traveled through her body to her sex, giving rise to even more pleasure. The build-up was unbearable, but she didn’t want it to stop.

            “Bigger! Make me bigger!” she cried as her limbs disappeared up to the wrists and ankles.

            The pleasure was almost a pain as she grew tighter and tighter, fatter and fatter. Her tail was swallowed. Now she was just a sphere with hands and a head.

            Just as she thought she could take no more, the buildup suddenly gave way to an explosion of orgasmic pleasure. Taara had time for one brief yowl of glee before she burst into a million pieces.


The End (for now:)