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After all of the eager and delighted responses from the FurSize list, I decided to ask Nozzle to help me out again in another story. This one was rather spontanious. I hope ye all like it. Once again, Nozzle appears here at her player's permission.

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I Wildfire

Fukure na Neko Megami

The Trouble with Bubblegum

Stretching and yawning, I walked past the guest room, pushing me huge hands into the air and arching me back to work out what felt like a good bit of stiffness in me back. Rolling me head slightly to the right, I pillowed me fat facial cheek against the crook of me arm, allowing me neck to pop some of that harsh tension out. Me tail lashed back and forth slowly as the rest of me body loosened up. It just went to show that even the rich (and forher heroines) needed something to keep themselves busy. Even with the manga shop that I'd been running and the company downtown called Circuit Maximus, there's still been a bit of downtime for me. Of late, I had been able to shop and to lay out in the sun and all of the other things that I love to do. Even getting back to some of the exercises that I enjoyed to work through to keep in shape.

So how fitting was it that a perfectly energetic (and responsibility-less) Nozzle lept onto the super-heroine's back with a gusto. "Hi, hon . . ." she chirped irritatingly, slinking her prehensile tail a good four or five times around me lumbering form. "Tired?" she asked.

I omphied! as she landed on me back, causing me to gust out a good bit of me breath. Feeling the rich and softness of me new lover's rubbery form against me body and along the fur, I glanced over the edge of me shoulder, arching an eyebrow. A gentle smile tugged at the edge of me lips as I looked at her underneath the red bangs of hair. "Hiya . . . ," I replied as I closed me eyes a bit and, for a moment, fought off another yawn. "Aye . . . it's been a long week. Nae busy, just I guess too much time on me hands."

Nozzle hugged me lightly and cooed playfully in me ear, "Well, why haven't y'all been sleepin'? Or . . . bettuh yet, why arent' y'now?" She slinked off her back to gave it (and her superfurry strength, if so possessed) a break. She folded her hands sheepishly in front of her, Tail having a harder time being complacently kind to her exhaustion. The green rubbery digit tickled me a bit, trying to illicit a genuine tickled smile.

I giggled a bit at the rich and soft tickling of her breath against the edge of me ear, making me tank top stretch and swell a bit, the straps bitting into the firm and muscular shoulders. I shivered a bit in delight as her body slid off of me, making me purr a bit louder. Turning me body slightly, I smiled as I shrugged, causing a bit of a bounce within her body. "Been sleeping too much, I think . . . ," she replied as she pushes her huge hands into the air, allowing her back to stretch out again. Closing her eyes for a moment, she mmmmed! as she worked the last of the sleep out of her body. "I'll be ok . . . just need to move around for a while and wake up." She opened her eyes and lowered her huge hands as she looked at me, noticing a bit of this serene playfulness that me have at the moment, making her a bit . . . nervious. ^_- As her tail strokes and tickled her, she smiled and giggled a bit, puffing up her tank top once more.

The girl across from me laughed, curling her capricious tail underneath her in a springy-stool. "Sorry, hon . . . she has a mind of her own." She licked her lips and placed her hands on her knees, kneading them through her jumpsuit. "Y'look like Ah'm gonna put y'all througha wringer, hon. Relax . . ." She offered a big grin to me. One that took up most of her face.

I smiled as she stepped back a bit to lean against the edge of the room's wall that was close by. I tilted me head as I watched her hands while they corral her playful tail carefully. "I have notice that," I replied whimsically. "Ye're tail is almost like an uncontrolable precosious child." I shrugged a bit as I smiled, me body seeming to relax slightly. The pressure within me tank top deflated, allowing me chest to return to it's normal, beachball size. "Relaxing is something that I need to do . . . ," I replied. "Got any suggestions?"

Nozzle shook her head with a bounce of her emerald locks. "Nope," she chirped again. "Ah'm mostly about stimulation, not relaxation." She laughed and said, "Unless y'all want t'spend the next few hours as a three-toed sloth're somethin'." She was . . . probably kidding. Though, serious enough to plop off her coiled tail and saunter on light purple Keds toward me, the same bigh smile on her face.

I arched an eyebrow as I listened to her, the smile on me face widening slightly which brightened up me face. "Sounds good to me," I replied with a wink. "Stimulation can lead to relaxation . . . in a roundabout way." Holding up me huge hands, me smile grew a bit bigger. "As to being a sloth, nae thanks . . . I like me current rubbery form better."

Nozzle rolled her shoulders over into a shrug. In a blink of a moment and Nozzle was gone. Then the sound of her voice, smaller and squeekier, came from down along the purple of me breast. She smiled from her reclined position, a few inches tall (with her tail neatly wrapped around me left breast) and said, "Well, what would you suggest? Ah mean, stimulation can come in so many forms . . ."

I arched an eyebrow again as I looked down once hearing the soft squeaking of her voice, making me almost do a double-take. I smiled a bit as I leaned back against the wall, knowing that I was nae going to smoosh her against the wall. "Aye, that it can," I replied as I leaned down and nibbled lightly at the edge of her ear with a playful gesture. "I'm open to so much . . ." Me fingers reached down and along the swell of me left breast and stroked her tail lightly. A bit of an idea came to me mind as I stroked her tail. With a careful urging, I leaned down a bit more and carefully uncurled the tail a bit to bring the tip closer to me lips. Opening up the nozzle there carefully, I puffed on the end of her tail . . .

It took verrae little of a puff. VOOOIP! Nozzle quickly blossomed into a party-favor at the urging of me lips. She giggled and wiggled her fingers and her toes (though the latter, of course, were shoed up.) "Hmmmmm hnn," she said, her big doe-eyes blinking a staccato rhythm of giddy pleasure. "Bubble-Chan," she grinned lightly, "Y'all are fixated on this inflation thing, aren't me?" It's an obvious joke, even as she bobbled at the end of her tail "string".

I smiled as I lightly straightened up, allowing her to bounce lightly in the air, held down by the tail and the gentle hold that me fingers have on her tail. "Sure am . . . ," I replied with a wink as I looked at her body. I tilted me head to the right as I smiled more. "Some lasses like big dicks, some like innocent lasses, some even like pets . . . me, I'm a simple gal . . . "

Little lights sparkled in Nozzle's eyes as she locked some sort of hold of hers. Me mind was lost a moment, suddenly aware of being in the same predicament as Nozzle just was! Held by the furry tuft of me tail, a gigantic Nozzle has hold of me teensiness, me bloated and distended purple body bouncing at her fingertips. She, naturally, was back to "normal", and made me a very lovely party balloon meself. "Hmmm," she mewed. "Simple . . . me too."

I blinked for a moment in surprise at the sudden change of pace as she felt the rich fullness of me ballooned form, nice and fat to say the least. A soft and rumbling purring escaped deep within me chest in a rich, hollowy sound. Closing me eyes, I pillowed me cheek against the edge of the distended swells of me chest. "This is nice too . . . ," I whispered happily.

Nozzle grasped me in her fingers and squeezed lightly, making me body squeek in protest. She thought for a moment and vigorously rubbed me against the side of her head, sticking me to the wall until she could figure out what to do with me little (if heavily inflated) body. Prickly static and just a bit of dizziness from the shaking were her comic relief for the moment . . . me being the "balloon" of the joke. Nozzle admired whatever cartoon "stars" might be circling me dizzy head as she thought. "Y'know . . . Ah'm just nevuh too content with static things." She grinned at her pun. "Ah like things changin'. Evun what muh partners look like. Ah hope that doesn't offend . . ."

I ohed! as I opened me eyes for a moment, feeling the richness of her fingers stroking and caressing me rubbery, bloated form, feeling the gentleness and the playfullness that she really enjoyed about having Nozzle play with me like this. As I felt the static tingling and racing through me body, I giggled a good bit, puffing meself up bigger and bigger, me entire body responding to the laughter and mirth of this moment. Once me body has expanded to about a good few inches (at this size, it would make a good difference ^_-), I moaned lightly as I felt me body sticking to the wall, sending another rolling shiver down and along me spine. Opening me slightly glazed eyes, I smiled a bit more. "Aye . . . ye do seem to have that charged personality that keeps things around here in shock at what ye do," I added with a playful smirk on me face, looking a good bit more like a feline.

Nozzle screwed a playfull look of pure 'evil' on her face. "Oooohh . . . that pun should cost me," she said. But instead, she clicked her heels together three times and we both were sitting in a bean-bag chair, Nozzle curled up on me lap; me back to normal. Sort of. Nozzle was wearing (rather than her latex jumper) a white baby-doll nightie, fuzzy about the hem and neckline (plunging for the neck, cut at -bearly- her crotch of the hemline). Me, on the other hand, appeared in a clingy black latex teddy. Complete with wafer thin latex hose and a heaving cupsize-too-small. While Nozzle's hair was done up in a pair of playfull pigtails, her's was swept into a twist atop her head (and looking slightly tossed in a way that would take -hours- to get looking just right.) She sucked on a lolly and smiled at me saying, "Y'all want a hand at transformation, hon? Ah don't mean inflatin' me . . . Ah mean -changin' me." She stroked her chest slightly . . . me domineering outfit could nae take the control away from Nozzle. Still . . . her baby eyes bat playfully.

I giggled slightly at the evil look that graced her face, me chest puffing up a good bit more which made the nipples pop outwards a bit and the rich orange of me cleavage to stand out against the soft purple of me chest. "That'll be fun to be seen," I replied, then blinked at the change and the suddenness of me sitting on the huge plum beanbag chair and with her in me lap. Nae that I minded to say the least, but it was the suddenness that caught me unaware. She blinked again as me huge hands slid along the smooth surface of the clothing, the texture of the smooth and oh-so tight teddy that clung to me body like a second skin, making me wonder if I was poured into that. I glances down at Nozzle, noticing the rich and soft change of clothes that me lover have on, making me huge heart within me massive chest start to beat a good bit faster. "Transforming ye?" I asked as I snuggled her against me chest, stroking me fingers against her. The smile stretched across me face as I leaned in and kissed her right cheek lightly. "Sounds like fun . . . definately delicious . . . what do I need to do?"


She dangled a little pouch in front of her nose. It was blue with gold thread with the word MAGIC! stenciled in gold filigree. "Pixie dust," she said with a grin, kissing me on the nose and folding the pouch of silvery powder into me large hands. She snuggled into me lap, a familiar tingle and warmth spreading in her nethers. "Ah can hardly wait . . ." she said, licking her cheek and standing from her soft rubery seat to bounce playfully away from me. "Just sprinkle some into your hand, make a changin' thought . . . and blow it toward me." She blinked giddily and waited . . . her eyes closed.

I arched an eyebrow as I carefully took the bag of pixie dust from her hand, looking at the bag carefully, almost with a "Ye have got to be kidding" expression plastered on me face. At the kiss on the end of me nose, I smiled a bit as I crossed me eyes for a moment and then closed them once again. Opening me eyes yet again, I looked at her and smiled as I shrugged lightly with the smile on me face brightening a good bit more. "Ok . . . what the hell? Peter Pan I'm nae, but Tinkerbell kicked arse." I sprinkled some of this dust into me huge hand and thought a bit of bubblegum which just popped into me mind. With a pursing of me lips, I blews the dust at her . . .

Nozzle stood there in her baby-nightie and smiled lightly. She was dusted with the silvery stuff . . . and nothing. She wandered over to me, grinning sadly. "Hmm . . . maybe it didn't work." As her arms slipped around me neck . . . I could feel how tacky her skin was. Sticky . . . like gum. She noticed this too, and bearly managed to work herself free. "Hmm . . . maybe it did work . . ." she said. Smiling, she asked, "So . . . now what, hon?"

I smiled as I leaned back against the beanbag chair for a moment and looked at me love, wondering the same thing meself, as I noticed that nothing happened. Stroking me chin for a moment, I watched me love as I felt her body slide against me, her arms sliding around me neck. As I started to say something, I noticed that sticky feeling and giggled, puffing up me chest a bit more. "A walking and living piece of bubblegum," I replied in delight. As me love asked me what next, I winked. "Why, like any kid in a candy store . . . I get to try out me Nozzle-love bubblegum . . ."

"Ah... nevuh thought a woman would say somethin' like this... namely me," she began, licking her lips trying to decide if her flavor is watermelon or apple, ". . . but can y'all fit all of me in y'mouth?" Nozzle laughed and placed her sticky hands on me breasts, getting them icky with sugary tackiness.

I smiled as I looked at Nozzle, me eyes sparkling in delight. "Well now," I replied in soft delight. "That is quite a challenge . . . one that I'm happy to try." She moaned slightly, purring happily, at her hands touch against me breasts. "Ready to find out?"

Nozzle shrugged lightly and said, "Ah suppose. Interestin' . . . though. When y'all changed me . . ." She started to think, " . . . into gum . . . Ah started lookin' forward t'this." She seemed perplexed as to why anyone would want to be masticated. But it had her on pins and needles. "Proceed, lover . . ." she said.

I smiled a bit more as I leaned in and kisses me love lightly on the lips as Nozzle finished the rest of her thought. "Well, we'll see what ye think of this," I replied with a wink. With a slow and deep inhale, I started to suckle at her lips almost like she was naething more than a thick and long noddle of ramen or pasta. Closing me eyes, me huge hands slid and stroked along her body carefully.

She squeeled as her face started pinching together, being drawn into me mouth in a slippery wave. Her arms and legs and tail locked errectly as I slid me hands down along Nozzle's body. She shuddered as she was enveloped, her reason for being suddenly realized. Imagine: the thing me love was destined for suddenly being realized. This was Nozzle, now . . . body and soul transformed by the "dust."

I moaned as I kept on inhaling, me bust swelling and puffing up a bit bigger from the air rushing slowly into me body. It was nae like the usual puffing up of me chest as most of what I was slurping into me mouth was Nozzle and nae just the air. A soft and rumbling purring escaped from within as I kept on pulling more and more of Nozzle into me mouth.

Sliding and snaking and squeeling up past her lips, Nozzle became more and more of a rubbery confection, lapped up and about by me tongue, tasting strongly of watermelon and had a slight tartness to her. Her fingers and toes wriggled as she slid under me nose. The fuzziness of her baby-doll tickled me nose as it too slipped into me ever-enlarging cheeks . . . amazingly nae making me sneeze.

I groaned in delight as me facial cheeks were puffed up to the max from the mass and delicious volume that Nozzle took up within me mouth. I leaned back against the beanbag chair, purring in delight at the deliciousness of her errotic taste within me mouth. Me tongue slid along and over her body as me teeth do their best to start to lightly chew Nozzle around a bit. It was nae a lot of care in me chewing, it was the fact that she took up so much within me mouth. Nae that I minded . . . ^_-

The whatever it was within me, the mooshy mass of girly gum sloshing around, giggled and squeeled like being tickled with me teased her with me tongue and gnashed her within me teeth. "MMFFFFFFFFRRREE!" she wailed, which unmufled by me mouth, I suspected, was a request for more chewing. "HRRRRDDDDRRRR . . . !" She squeeled.

I growled in deight as I grinded me teeth to the best of me ability, chewing as hard and as smoothly as possible, knowing that fast dinnae work as good as a steady rhythm of chewing or movement. The tongue kept on stroking along the edge of her body as the chewing got stronger and steadier.

Little mooshed hands beat against the roof of me mouth and squeeled of ecstacy writhed from within the amorphous Nozzle-blob of green goo. Each chew was reminiscent of the bucking hips of a lover, and she squeeled, "Blwwwwwwwwww!" to prompt me into sliding me tongue into her, to ready her for air . . . and to fill her to her limit before she can climax in me mouth!

I giggled slightly as I felt the hammering within me mouth and the delight that Nozzle was getting from all of this wonderious playing and chewing. With me tongue, I stretched me lover along and against me tongue a few times, teasing her further, as I stretched her about. After a few more chews and picking a place against her gooey form, I slid me tongue against her body and pursed me lips as I got ready to blow.

A little sticky bit of her body popped out from between me lips. Only undescribably green with a little of the purple of me tongue beneath it. Waiting. Tensed.

I smoothly exhaled into her bubbled form against me lips and pushed me love outwards as I kept on puffing nice and smooth with deep and large gusts of air into her bubblegum form.

Large and round, little gusts of air tickled at her smoothely arching ball-shape. Her eyes and smile were all that remain of her slight blissfullness. Green and gorgeous, she spread from me lips growing bigger and bigger and bigger . . .

I moaned as I kept on blowing gust after gust of air into her ballooning bubbly form. Me huge hands gripped for a while against the shiney surface of the beanbag chair as I kept on huffing and puffing slow and steady into her body. Once Nozzle got nice and huge, I giggled a bit and popped her with a thick finger to have Nozzle feel the delight of the orgasmic-like sensation.


I was COVERED in green Nozzle goo. In me hair, all over me dominatrix outfit, all over the beanbag chair. She giggled as a mouth appeared in the middle of the gooey mess of me girlfriend, her eyes blinked in two different places on her body as only hers show through. "Well . . . this is a sticky situation." It was the best her spazmed body could come up with. "Hope . . . that relaxed ya, hon . . ." I could feel her sinking into mebody, resting and "cuddling" as best as a sticky mess of gum could cuddle.

All I could do was to sigh in delight and wink. "That's only if I decide nae to blow ye again . . . ," I replied with a bit of playfulness.

The response was simply delicious.


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