By Scotty Rave

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Chapter Two

At the British National Space Centre, an astronomer by the name of Basil Fortesque was looking through a giant telescope when he saw the odd light in the sky. There was no chance of it being a star since it was moving slowly through Earth orbit.

“Astounding,” Fortesque muttered to himself, “Too slow for a falling star…no tail so it can’t be a meteor…it could be alien visitation. If only I could pinpoint its landing area…too early for that. I’d better keep an eye on that.”

He turned away to jot down his early findings on a notepad and left to get a cup of coffee. He hoped his star would still be there until his return.

Far up in space, it was rather obvious that this star was not what it seemed. It was in fact a giant, dark grey-and-blue vessel with a row of yellow screens across the front. The odd thing was that the vessel resembled a balloon without a string.

Inside a dark room, two figures stood before rows upon rows of white boxes no larger than video cassettes. Their shadowed bodies shined slightly and they were definitely female. One of them wore a dark cape that hung down just past her knees and was held on by a silver chain.

“Ran, how long until we reach the target planet?” asked the caped one.

“Not long my Queen,” replied the one named Ran, “Earth is only a day away.”

“Good,” the Queen smirked, “And our invasion force is ready?”

“100%,” Ran nodded, “We have precisely 50 of our invaders in stasis right now. That should be enough to make a basis on the planet when we land. We’ll begin releasing more soon after.”

The Queen simply gave a nod of her own in reply.

The vessel flew faster towards the blue planet below and began to glow white all over until in a bright but silent move, it vanished completely.

Fortesque returned to his telescope and looked through it. When he realised that his star had disappeared, he dropped his cheese roll to the floor and groaned, “Oh bollocks.”

I must now break from the story again and indulge in a short description of my little ventures. Any good writer knows that author opinions are important, and it is my opinion that I give little stories with the story.

At this point I was brainstorming the rest of the second and third chapters of this novella. With no other ideas coming to me, I pulled on my coat, grabbed a sketchbook and pen and left the house. I sat on the stone formation at the beach and looked out at the beautiful sea before me, listening to the caws of the seagulls and the gentle lapping of the waves.

I decided to walk onto the beach itself and despite the sand somehow getting into my leather boots; I came across something rather extraordinary that gave me the idea I needed. I saw, in a rock pool, an oyster with his shell closed. Lying across it was a jellyfish, its gelatinous flesh wobbling. I did not touch the jellyfish for fear of being stung, though I suspect he got back into the water by morning at least.

I now return us to our story, with new and fresh ideas forming in my head.

Fortesque attempted to show his findings to his fellow astronomers, but they did not have the proof to believe him. No satellite pictures were taken and no traces of atmospheric penetration were found. It was as if the vessel had never been seen streaking through the vacuum of space.

The vessel did exist however, and it had now come close enough to land, right in the middle of Epping Forest. The propulsion jets on the back of the ship died off and four silver legs extended from the bottom, touching the ground to keep it in place. The legs sunk slightly into the forest ground and a circular hatch opened in the top of the vessel. The 50 white boxes were launched from the hatch in a great stream before flying off in all manner of directions. The hatch closed and the vessel’s surface began to ripple, the whole construction taking on the colour of its surroundings.

The white boxes, propelled by invisible wings, flew in every direction and disappearing into the blanket of night that covered the fair city of London. However, one of them crashed into a lamp post and hit the ground with a thump, spinning into an alleyway and hitting the wall. The helpless creature inside the box whimpered.


Bill awoke the next morning with his body lying so flat along the bed it was like he was sealed there. When his eyes opened his vision was completely blue and somewhat blurred. He tried to move his hand but found it was weighed down by something.

What the hell?’ Bill thought and with a growl, forced himself to sit up. To his horror, he found himself trapped beneath a giant, rubbery blue sheet. His scream was muffled greatly.

The entire floor of his room, as well as his bed, was coated by the blue sheet. Looking around frantically, Bill saw his keyboard, which now lay on its top in the corner. Forcing his hand forward, the blue rubber around him stretching with squeaks and groans, moved with him. He gripped the keyboard and with his other hand, pulled the plug lead. Bill pulled and the plug shot out, the three metal extensions shining. With a grunt, he managed to wrap his fingers around the plug and with all his might, jammed the sharp metal into the rubber. With the sound of an explosion, the sheet was reduced to blue tatters on the floor.

Bill scrambled to his feet and stared at the mess. He panted heavily, lungs rising and falling rapidly as they sucked in the sweet, vital oxygen. A small sound filled the air, like the laughter of hundreds of children after drinking from a helium tank. The fragments were rapidly flying back together as if magnetised. They melted into a thick, blue pool in the middle of the floor and the pool began to take shape. Billy watched in shock, unable to even scream, as the shape moved upwards and began to solidify. Moments later, he was facing a 6ft tall monster. It was completely blue and composed of rubber…yet it was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

The creature’s hands and feet had only three digits like a cartoon. She had a large, fluffy tail jutting from her back and the head was reminiscent of a fox, more specifically a vixen. The vixen-creature also seemed to have full, perfectly round breasts with perky nipples and a tight, glistening vagina. Bill felt an erection build as the creature walked towards him, her emerald eyes shining from her otherwise completely blue body.

“What are you?” Bill asked, his voice slightly shaking. The vixen narrowed her eyes and lunged forward. The human boy tried to run but he tripped. The vixen caught him in her arms and smirked evilly, tightening her hold. Bill felt no pain, quite obviously, but he found himself well and truly pinned. He tried to struggle out of her arms but failed. The vixen opened her mouth widely and craned her neck forward, chomping down on Bill’s neck. Her rubber teeth caused no pain, but they were firm.

Bill screamed in fright but he was muffled by the rubber.

The vixen gyrated her arms and breasts around Billy’s body, inching him upwards as the jaws then came down around his shoulders and his head began to slip down her latex throat. Bill looked at the dark, blue interior of the vixen as he was pulled even further into her body. By the time she bit down on his waist, he was staring out of her diaphragm and pounding uselessly against the blue walls. Soon, Bill found himself falling into her stomach, which had now bloated outwards to accommodate him. The vixen let out an odd, whooshing belch and began to caress her bloated gut, caress the captured teenager inside her.

Bill squeezed his eyes shut to stop the tears of panic from reaching his skin. He failed and soon, they were dropping down into the vixen’s body. The creature lay down on the floor and Bill felt a strange sensation wash over him. Opening his eyes, he found that a white liquid, milky in nature, was gushing forth from hidden valves all around the devourer’s inner body.

Screaming in panic, Bill tried to move away but the liquid was shooting into the body at breakneck speed. Holding his nose, he ducked under the liquid and began searching for a way out. Then it hit him, her vagina, her rectum, both would serve nicely. He first began swimming in what he guessed was the direction of her rump. But just as he reached it, the hole sealed up tightly, the rubber squeaking as it came together. Bill turned tail and headed for the vagina. Before it could close, he punched his fist through it and grabbed the carpet. With all his might, Bill pulled his head out of the round, squeaking sex.

“No way human,” the vixen said in a deep voice, “You’re mine.”

She spread her legs wide and then slammed them together. The force of her thighs squeezed him back in. Bill cried out and burbled some indiscriminate last words before his eyes closed and the world around him faded.

The vixen clenched her thighs and anus tightly as the liquid inside of her was absorbed through her skin. The rubber that composed her body became a shade darker and the exterior became tougher. She rested a pudgy hand over her belly and from her navel came a bubble the size of a cricket ball. The bubble was mostly clear yet had a distinct, blue shine to it.

With a nonchalant grunt, the vixen opened dropped the bubble to the ground, closing her eyes. She had not yet seen combat with the inhabitants of the planet and that boy had proven to be quite difficult to digest. Well, he could reform for all she cared. It was just one more balloon in the ranks.

As the uncaring vixen dozed off, the bubble began to grow and shift into a new shape.