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Titania's Toys

by Silussa (


[DEFINITELY adult material...if you're not allowed access to sexually

explicit material in your jurisdiction, don't read this.

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Thanks to Kaijima for feedback, comments, suggestions, information on

magical spells, etc., and Baxil for suggestions and guidance. Additional

thanks to SteveZ of the TSA mailing list, for additional editing and


Additional note: thanks to Morphy, who does think it belongs on the

list; otherwise, I would have never posted it!]

The restaurant owner allows herself to blink a few times, as the sight

before her settles in. True, her "hobby" as a "witch" had brought her

into contact with a few oddities, by most people's standards. However,

a living blow up doll was WAY beyond the pale.

Still, she could sort it out later. Right now, this...Female? Doll?...was

definitely in distress; much too large for the heavy rubber-like

clothing she was wearing, and swelling even larger. Whether the

squeaking and stretching noises were from the clothing, or the doll

herself, something had to be done, and quickly.

A quick glance over the curvaceous body fails to suggest any obvious

inflation or deflation points to the kitchen witch. 'Well, then,' she

thinks, 'we'll just have to...undress her.' Involuntarily, she swallows

at the thought, even as she figures just how to do this.

Taking a deep breath, she lays the latex woman on the floor, then

crouches down, reaching for the tight lacing at the top of the bustier.

At her barest touch, it springs to life, rapidly unlacing as the

enormous pressure behind it is unleashed.

Unexpectedly, the restaurant owner finds herself with two very large

handfuls of inflated, swelling latex breasts. Surprisingly, they are

very warm and firm. The witch takes a sharp breath of air as a sudden

surge of arousal rolls through her being like a tidal wave, momentarily

taking everything else before it. Without even thinking, her thumbs

sweep across the erect nipples.

The response is as immediate as it is unexpected. The doll shudders,

moaning quietly at first, but growing progressively louder, then

shifting to a panting, even as she continues to quiver in obvious

ecstasy. For a long moment, the restaurant owner watches, stunned, even

as her hands keep gently kneading and stimulating the large inflated


The shock of the situation is finally banished as the sound of air

escaping permeates the witch's consciousness, and the realization that

the breasts in her hands are shrinking. "Oh, shit, she's busted

something!" Arousal replaced by concern, she listens for a few seconds,

then works frantically to finish unlacing the bustier. As the last part

is undone, exposing the lower abdomen, the noise of air escaping

becomes even louder. The inflatable doll is no longer pressing against

her clothing; indeed, she is quickly becoming too small for it.

A quick look reveals, in place of the belly button, an air valve, much

as one might find on an inflatable mattress, apparently popped open.

Somewhat shakily, she reaches forward and grasps it. Ignoring the gasps

of delight from the latex doll, she carefully, but firmly, closes it.

The room once again becomes quiet, except for the panting of the

partially deflated latex woman and the few sounds of things cooking on

the stove. She allows herself to lean back, her mind trying to make

sense of the extreme weirdness.

After several minutes, she blinks as she hears the squeak of latex. Her

eyes widen as the realization comes that, with each pant, the doll has

been slowly refilling herself.

The doll weakly sits up from her prone position on the floor, her

outfit once again a solid fit for her only mildly outrageous figure.

" name's Judy...sorry about this."

As for herself, she merely looks for a moment at the melodic sounding

doll, then starts giggling.


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