The Trouble with Balloons

By Lord Balloony-cat Inflated



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Enough legal mumbo jumbo; on with the show:


He had first met the leopardess in the Zoo, a singles’ bar he frequented. They hit it off real well, and almost before the young tiger knew it, they were headed back to his hotel room. Neither of them could be bothered with such trivialities as closing the door; they were too busy tearing each other’s clothes to shreds. No sooner were they naked then they were on the bed and he was inside her. As she lay back, he began to gently rub her large, perky breasts in his hands.

That was where the trouble started. He tried to keep his mind on the moment, on the smell of her body, on the feel of her sex around his tigerhood, on the silkiness of her fur under his hands, but those breasts were so big and round. He just couldn’t help thinking about balloons. That’s when it started to happen.

The leopardess broke their hot kiss and stared. Her boobies were ballooning. Under his hands, they were growing as she watched. Already she had moved from a C to a D.

“What the hell!?” she yowled.

“I’m sorry,” he stammered “I didn’t mean to do it. I can put them back”

She stared at him with wide eyes.

“You mean you did that? How?”

“It’s a talent I have, or maybe a curse. When I picture some part of a female inflating, it does”

As he spoke, her breasts began to grow again, swelling and rounding, and pushing his hands further away from her ribcage. The feeling of expanding, especially where her skin rubbed against his hands, was exquisitely erotic, and she let out a purr of pleasure in spite of her shock.

He shook himself suddenly, and the growth stopped.

“I’m really sorry,” he said. “Here, let me put them back”

“No, don’t,” she said. “It actually feels pretty good when you do that”

“So I’ve been told,” he said. Her breasts were starting to grow again, very slowly this time. You could only see it if you watched the spots on her fur and saw them spreading apart.

She purred again, placing her hands over his, wanting to rub and squeeze her ballooning titties. So what if it was weird. It felt good, and she decided to go with the flow. Under their hands, her boobies were growing through the alphabet; now they were E cups, soon to be F. It looked like someone had stuck a pair of party balloons under her skin.

“Can you make the rest of them bigger?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said. As he spoke, her other four titties began to practice their A,B,C’s and she moved quickly to fondle them as they swelled. “But it won’t stop there,” he warned. She barely heard him, but he kept going. “Once I get going, other parts start to inflate”

She gasped in surprise as she felt her butt begin to grow, broadening her hips and tilting her body as they rose.

“Don’t worry about that, she said, beginning to thrust against him, “you just inflate whatever you want” Never in a million years would she have imagined herself saying that, but it felt too good to say no.

He got back into his rhythm then, as her breasts continued to grow. They were all volleyball sized now, and they bobbled back and forth as she and he fondled them; their gentle swaying made her look like she belonged in a balloon dance at a carnival. She found that if she strained her pointy ears, she could just hear a hiss of air filling them up.

Shortly after that, her breasts stopped growing and she was just wondering what he was talking about “other parts”, when she felt her slim tummy begin to push outwards. His hands moved over it as it swelled, ballooning from a gentle rise to a largish beach ball in a matter of minutes. As her belly filled out, she realized something she hadn’t noticed until now: her skin became more sensitive the tighter it was stretched.

“Hey lover boy, how ‘bout pumping up my beautiful nether lips and my hot little clit?” No sooner had she spoken, than she felt herself expand down below. Her nether lips got bigger and puffier until she could feel every vein and wrinkle in his rigid member. When her clit started to grow, it was almost enough to send her over the brink of orgasm. She had to clench her teeth against the pleasure that rolled through her.

Apparently, he was a belly fan, because her tummy just kept getting bigger. Already it was over two feet across and almost as sensitive as her clit. Soon the inflation was spreading down her sides and under her bulging boobies; her body was becoming a sphere.

The swelling continued unabated. Soon the upper curve of her tummy was completely under her lowest pair of breasts. It lifted them away from her ribcage, like a tide lifting boats, and continued on up her chest. When the swelling reached her armpits, her shoulders and her thighs began to swell, slowly pulling her limbs into a starfish shape. He had to cling to her breasts to keep from rolling off as he continued to fill her lovely body with air.

“More, more” she murmured, as the ball that was her body began to eat her arms and legs. Bigger and bigger he pumped her up, until her body had eaten even her tail. Now she was just a big spotted ball with hands, feet, a head, a swollen yoni, and six ridiculously large boobies. She was very sensitive now, and she could feel every feature of his body as it pressed against her.

“Mm, rub me down. Put your hands all over me,” she pleaded, and he complied, thrilling her with the caresses of his hands, his feet, his tail, and his tongue.

Suddenly, she came. With a loud bang, her sixth breast blew apart. However, she was currently experiencing the orgasmic equivalent of a tactical nuclear strike, and before she had time to calm down enough to notice the breast, another one popped. Then the other four went in rapid succession. She yowled with pleasure.

He was still putting air into her, but she wasn’t getting any bigger. Her skin had begun to creak with the strain and the pressure/pleasure was almost more than she could stand. Suddenly, just moments before he would have let go within her, they both felt her reach her limit…and pass it. The explosion of pleasure in her loins was almost enough to destroy her.

It was as if a switch had been thrown; one instant, her yoni was gripping his member as her body pressed against his, the next instant these feelings were gone as she burst with a bang and he dropped to the bed atop a flaccid, sleeping leopardess-balloon. He picked her up gently, holding her empty form in his hands and wishing he could have held back on the air for just a little longer; as it was, she had gone from around him before he could even start to come.

“That’s the trouble with balloons,” he said to himself, “they always pop before I do”

It was then that he noticed the pretty vixen maid who was standing in the doorway.

She started to stammer. “I-I, the door was open and I was just going to close it and I saw…w-what happened to her?”

“She popped. She’s empty right now, but she’ll flesh out in a few hours and be as normal as ever. I just wish I hadn’t popped her too soon”

You did all that?” she asked. She was staring at him with the same expression the leopardess had worn earlier when she had learned about his power.

“Yes,” he said. “It’s a gift, or maybe a curse. I can-“ she interrupted him.

“Could you do that to anyone?” No sooner had she asked, than she received her answer. Without meaning to, he had already begun to inflate her breasts. Unlike the leopardess, there was no sign of fear or shock. She simply giggled and began to fondle her boobies as he blew them up. Even as she did this, she was stepping into the room, closing the door with a swipe of her long bushy tail.

“I hope I don’t pop before you do,” she said as she sat down next to him on the bed, her breasts still expanding pleasantly.

…It was a wonderful feeling to spray his seed inside her seconds before she burst.


The End