Author's note - (2/05/00)
This is the first time that I have written something outside the realm of mucks in over ten years that is getting out into the public through the Fursize mail listing. Since I needed something to write about to get me warmed up, I decided to write about something that is based lightly on Real Life. Sort of. ^_- There is a good deal of yiffing and playfulness. I hope ye like it. Comments are welcome at
Caitlynn Wildfire
Fukure na Neko Megami

Uncanny Conventions

Rolling over onto her back on the huge bed, Kym stretched and yawned, pushing her hands up to the headboard. She smiled with a soft expression that was known to melt the hearts of many around her and won her many dates throughout high school. She brought her hands down and along her tight chest and tummy, her fingers smoothing the material of the enormous t-shirt. Adorned on the shirt was Kate and Julie, the Furry Pair, leaping into the air with their weapons drawn. A light giggle escaped her lips as the smile widened.

That reminds me of the Halloween party last year . . . she thought to herself as the images of all of her friends dressed in the largest variety of get-ups that she could ever remember. All of the dancing . . . the drinking . . . the fun . . .

The images popped for a moment, one particular memory flashing across her mind's eye. That was also the night that she tried to explain herself to Cleo Ravenwood, her best friend. Bright emerald eyes twinkle from underneath an uncannily tight pinned-up style of hair. A pair of silver-rimmed glasses frame a broad face and rested on a cute button nose that always made Kym think of mushrooms that she loved very much. The only thing that broke the beauty of Cleo's face was the engimatic scar underneath her right eye. It was a long, yet thin slash that seemed to changed from a soft fleshy color to a bright pink when she was either embarrised about something or excited.

With an explosive motion, Kym sneezed, almost banging her head against the headboard of the bed. Reaching up, she brushed the thick lock of emerald hair out of her face, pushing it back up to the rest of her unruly ebony hair. The Japanese believe when someone sneezes, someone is talking about you . . . Another soft giggle bubbles out of her mouth as she reaches over to the nightside table and gets a tissue. The silence of the room is broken by another explosive sound . . . Sniffling a bit, she smiles. I hope she's good-looking, she adds playfully.

The entertainment system engaged and filled the bedroom with the earily morning show on Rock 102 from the downtown sector of Neo-Atlanta. Turning around a bit, she glanced over her right shoulder and looked at the time. 9:12 am. Closing her eyes a bit, she sat up and stretched again, rolling her head to the right as her neck popped softly.

Plenty of time to get showered, grab something from the vending droid, and dash down to the dealer's room . . . Kym planned within her head as she visualized what she needed to do. My timing will be perfect!

She smiled a bit to herself as she slid out of the bed and flounced into the shower, her feet padding against the cool surface of the tiled floor. Turning on the shower, she held her hand underneath the hot spray, getting it nice and hot. Tossing the shirt onto the sink's edge, she stepped into the shower and started to lather up. Kym always had a passion for keeping clean and making sure that she looked her best. Arching her back, she pillows her left cheek against her shoulder as her hands rake through her tushie-length tresses, washing all of the strands carefully. Short and wide ears perk through the wet matted black hair. The rich foam spreads down her lithe form and onto the bottom of the tub. Turning around, she closed her eyes and made sure that all of the foam washes away. She sighed happily.

Too bad I cannot stay here all day . . . this feels so good!

Kym took the shower head off of the holder and slid it along her body, guilding it over every tight and sexy length of her form. While she was stunning, Kym was not voluptious or curvy like Cleo. Most of Kym's charm was her boyish looks with the intense hint of her definate feminine side and the ethetic appeal of her skunk heritage. Her chest was mostly flat with a teasing budding of her breasts and capped with nipples that were three times larger than what would be expected for a girl her size. As the water splashed over them, the surface crinckled a bit and the nubs pop out bigger, making her shiver. Wide and flaired hips which are mostly covered in black fur with a white strip that races down her tummy. Shapely legs shifted slightly as she finished cleaning away the shampoo.

Reaching out of the shower, she snatched a towel and began to pad off the water from her body. Another soft sigh of delight formed at her lips as she worked on drying off her nipples. It took all of her will to keep from doing more with the terrycloth texture. With a light bounce, she stepped out of the shower and started to work on getting her face ready. The hairdyer blew the hot air against her, fluffing up the unruly hair, making the green spot of fur on the front of her hair stand out more. Changing from that to a toothbrush, she gave her teeth a quick scrubbing and spat unlady like into the sink. Finishing up with a soft belch, she checked her face one last time before heading back into the bedroom.

Cleo always hated listening to me in the morning . . . she tee-hee-ed! to herself.

Walking briskly over to the suitcase, she rummaged around and found a clean, yet sexy purple pair of lingerie. Strapping the bra on first, she cupped the soft bust, checking to be sure that her nipples were not getting pinched. Then, she stepped into the thong-like bottoms that teasingly hid, yet accented her naughtiness. She stood back up and snatched her pair of jeans from the second bed of the hotel room. As she slid into them, she paused for a moment as the speakers filled the air with the sounds of Robert Palmer's Simply Irresistable. A smile stretched across her lips as she turned from the entertainment console and walked back into the bathroom. With a bit of a flourish, she slipped the white shirt over her chest. Tucking the edge of the shirt into the jeans, she zipped them up and then pulled out enough of the t-shirt's edge so that the image of the Furry Pair could be seen. The fluffing of her huge tail was the final touch. Kym closed the bathroom door and looked at the full-length mirror. Posing, she smiled a bit more.

He's right . . . she thought to herself. I'm all of that. Too bad Cleo has not seen that yet.

Before she could dwell on that thought too much, she snatched up the keys to the room and patted her ample tushie to make sure that her wallet was there. Closing the door, she headed out to have fun.

* * * *

Kym's huge feet thudded against the floor as she raced through the ground floor of the enormous Hyatt building. Gripped tightly within her right hand was a hot and ooey-gooey Zero Burger (TM), still sandwiched within the plastic packaging. Pushing lightly, she worked her way through the crowd of people, getting several didsgusted stares from them. She could care less. Chasing down the snack droid through the halls of her floor and the one above hers took most of the time that she had slated to make it to the dealer's room.

Sliding and trying her best not to bump too many people, she dashed past several who were already in costume. There was a Lum and an Ataru couple leaning against one of the walls next to a sexy Gally, who was better known as Alita in the states. (Kym always hate the fact that Viz changed the name.) Off to the left and next to the small bar was a Ko-Enshaku from Giant Robo chatting with a Ranma-chan girl who was perhaps far too young to be nursing that drink. There was also several American comic book heroes as well, from Super Squirel to Wonder Kat from DC Consortium and Spider Monkey and the Incredible Aradillo from Mighty Marvel Mega-Press.

Standing at the door that leads into the dealer's room was a huge chunky wolverine with thick rimmed glasses and a huge portpholio case of goddess knows what. Kym paused at the door, standing back from the guy for a bit, panting slightly. At the sound of her gasping, he turned a bit and gave her a bit of a curious and concerned look. Waving him off, she stood up and ripped into the Zero Burger (TM) which was still nice and hot.

"I'm ok . . . ," she managed to reply between bites of the burger. "Just thought I might be late."

The pudgy wolverine arched an eyebrow as he looked at her over his glasses. "Late for . . . ?" he prompted.

Finishing off the Zero Burger (TM) with one last chomp, Kym paused to chew a bit and swallowed. "PlastiCat's performance and autograph session," she replied briskly, trying not to show too much of her excitement.

Ah-ing lightly, the guy nodded slightly and then checked his chronometer. "Not yet . . . ," he confirmed. "She usually is a bit earily . . . to get set up . . ."

Kym nodded as well as she licked off the cheese and mayo from her fingers. "So I have heard," she agreed as she wiped her hands off on her pant's legs. "I heard about the convetion she attented at the Chicago Megaplex. There was that rumor of her beating the crap out of an ex-boyfriend or some guy that she picked up before the convention . . ."

Laughing loudly and with a bit of an obnoxious guffaw, the wolverine slapped his knee lightly as the portpholio case falls to the floor next to his feet. "That was the best one," he snorted a bit, his laughter till echoing through the tone of his voice. "She threw the guy through the barroom at the motel and beat him over the head with a bottle of Jack Daniels." Taking his glasses off for a moment, he wiped his right eye. "Such a waste of her favorite liquior."

A giggle of her own bubbles up from her chest as she nods. "Is that the one that the photographer from Lunar Loonacy snapped some choice shots of her and placed them onto the global net?"

He waves his hand a bit as he threatene to go back into his laughter spree. "No . . . that was . . ."

The wolverine's thoughts were broken by the crash of something breaking and another few things heavily hitting the floor. Shifting his weight, he turned and looked towards the edge of the door. Kym blinked a bit as she followed his own gaze. On the floor was someone dressed in the dynamic Doctor Victor von Doom wrestling with a purple and orange person who was entwined in a series of impossible bends and positions. The light of the room gleamed off of the villian's impressive armor as the pair fought and slugged each other. There was an explosive oath that made some of the people who were watching pause and then start to cheer. All Kym could do is stand there, pressed up against the frame of the doorway and watch the two titans fight.

The purple and orange form stretched like a rubberband back as a huge gauntleted fist slammed into her face, making her gasp a bit and growl another bit of unintelligable explictive. Planting his huge feet into the floor of the room, Dr. Doom's right hand started to glow in a nimbus of crackling energy. The other had her right arm entangled around his left arm and trying to pin it back and away. Her left arm flailed lightly, trying to move the threatening appendage.

"Resistance is futile," the hollow and omnious voice thundered. "No one foils the plans of Victor von Doom."

"Bite me, ye substitute rocket scientist," came the harsh reply between clenched teeth. Getting her left arm free, she shaped the huge hand into a sphere of purple, she brought it down hard against the edge of his face with a solid BONG! sound that echoed through the room. Bloodshot eyes roll up into his head from behind the grim mask, the ruler of the small kingdom fell onto the floor, taking the victor with him. With a soft grunt, she started the process of pulling her body from the conqured villian and stood there, her body reshaping herself back to normal.

With a bright smile, she tossed her head back and to the right as she closed her eyes and smoothed her rich red hair out of her wide face. She arched her back slightly as her huge hands came down and along her buxom form, straightening the skin tight suit. Opening her eyes, she waves to the crowd.

"Welcome, true believers . . . ," PlastiCat called out. "Welcome to the International Comic Convention!" Tossing her huge hand into the air, she posed, allowing the muscles underneath the tight costume to ripple and show off her heroic proportions. The room errupted in applause.

All Kym could do is stand there and smile.

* * * *

The session of autographs and Q and A went rather well as far as Kym cold tell from the back of the gathering of fans. Sometimes she had to shift her weight a bit and stand on tip-toe to see what was going on or walk around on another place, but she managed to keep an eye on what was happening. PlastiCat was very good at answering all of the people's questions, posing for pictures and videos, and anything else that the fans wanted. Some of the things that was asked of her was to lift people into the air for the cheering crowd or stretch her body into many shapes of great lengths. All of these things were simple enough, but it seemed to delight PlastiCat as much as it did her fans.

As the morning wore onwards, the crowd started to fan out and leave, with a few people coming and going. However, through all of it, Kym stayed right there and watched everything, taking notes of all of the superheroine's actions. Shifting her weight from one foot to the other, she sighed happily as her heart hammered in her chest. Meeting PlastiCat had been a dream of hers for a long time.

The memory shifted within her mind's eye as it started to replay once more within her. Cleo and her had been shopping in Chicago when the air siren started to wail. Both girls came out of the ice cream palor where they were having lunch. Shielding her eyes from the bright glare, Kym looked out over the bay and saw a terrible sight. A huge fueling hovercraft had smashed into a luxury liner and both vessels were ablaze. Turning to Cleo, she noitced that her friend was pale as a ghost and twice as scared. Standing close, Kym tried to comfort Cleo.

"It's best we stay here . . . ," she assured Cleo. "Someone will take care of it . . ." All Cleo could do was nod blankly.

Suddenly, there was a huge thud that made both girls look about the area in surprise. Many of the people did the same as the thudding got louder and closer. Someone shouted and pointed up into the air as a enormous shadow fell over the gathering of rubberneckers. Kym tilted her head back and look up, following the finger. A gasp caught in her throat as she gazed upon the titantic form of PlastiCat, grown to a size of what she could only guess of three hundred feet tall. The heroine stepped carefully as she could, making her way towards the beach and into the water as if she was just going for a swim.

The image of PlastiCat popped as she was brought back into the present. Blinking for a moment, she watched as a young girl of about seven was held up in the air within the coils of PlastiCat's tremendiously elongated form. Like a living rollercoaster, the heroine allowed the small girl to slide down through the twists and turns, finally being tossed into her father's open arms. Clapping happily was the fans and the girl was giggling and clapping perhaps the loudest.

"There ye go, sweetie," PlastiCat called down as her body returned back to normal, bouncing and jiggling slightly. "Was that what ye expected?"

Nodding happily, the girl squealed and hugged her father, appearently asking in advance for PlasiCat to do this for his daughter. The pair walked off as did many of the people. Turning around, the heroine sighed a bit as she bent over and got a towel to mop some of the sweat off of her, not noticing Kym in all of the hustle of the peoople.

Kym held her breath as she walked over to the area where PlastiCat was standing. The skunkette's heart hammered within her chest, making her pant softly and almost unnoticable. PlastiCat kept the towel drapped over her shoulders as she brought a Pepsi to her lips and took in several huge gulps of the drink. Kym paused about three feet from her heroine and waited patiently.

Another soft sigh escaped from PlastiCat's lips as she close her eyes and brushed some of the hair ot of her face. The fur still lightly glistened from the sweat. She had given it her all over the past couple of hours, making sure that was not too much or too little that she could give to her fans. However, mulitple shapechanging wore her out.

A rumbling broke the silence as PlastiCat's huge hands stroked the edge of her tummy lightly, making her to blush a bit. Last time I forget to eat before a convetion . . . the elastic lass promised herself.

Kym could not help but to giggle to herself as she watched.

Thick ears perking through the rich red hair, she turned a bit and glanced over at Kym. Arching a wide eyebrow, she looked at Kym and smiled, the blush of violet washing across her cheeks. Placing her huge hands onto her wide hips, she turned more and tilting her head to the right.

"Even superheroines need to eat . . . ," PlastiCat whispered huskily as she winked.

Nodding, Kym smiled back. "You cannot beat up bad guys on an empty tummy," she agreed. Walking over closer, Kym could not help but to notice that she is a bit taller than her heroine.

A giggle bubbled up from PlastiCat's chest, making the costume creak a bit. Kym's gaze traveled down to her chest and watched the amazing happen, but she turned her gaze back up to PlastiCat's face. The smile on the purple cat-girl's lips widens. "Aye," she replies as she walked over to a chair and sat down. Gesturing to an another chair, she leaned back. "Please, join me . . ."

Her heart hammered a bit harder within her chest, making her palms a bit sweaty. With a nod, she walked over to the chair and sat down, shifting her weight to the right so that she can look better at PlastiCat. Rubbing her hands against her pant's legs, she smiles at PlastiCat.

"So, what can I do for ye, lass?" PlastiCat asked softly.

"Well . . . ," Kym began and made her request. At first, all PlastiCat could do is arch an eyebrow and listen. After Kym finished, PlastiCat's smile broadened as she nodded.

* * * *

With a forced calm that she did not feel, Kym padded lightly down the hallway from her room towards the elevators. Clutched at her right side was a huge bouquet of roses, the air around her was teasingly touched by the rich fregrenace. Deep inside her chest, her heart startered to hammer once again. Reaching up with her left hand, she covered her the area and closed her eyes for a moment, taking in slow and deep breathes. Opening her eyes, she stopped near one of the elevator doors and palmed the controls for one of the cars.

Calm down, sweetie, she spoke to herself quietly. This is just a simple dinner with her. Nothing more.

The words of her thought echoed throughout her head, in an attempt to calm her down so that she could focus on the moment and enjoy it. However, the curse of having an active imagination. One of the true pains of the creative people and that was Kym's paradoxyal bane. In the journalism classes for college, she was aces with her creative writing and her ability to stay truthful and still make the articles very appealing without sounding like all she was doing was paroting quotes and facts.

Stepping into the elevator, she rolled her head back, allowing the top edge of her fluffy tail pillow against the back of her neck. Closing her eyes again, she sighed softly. I hope I'm up to this . . . I spoke so confidently to her and she seemed to be happy to do this . . . but . . . With a great deal of effort, she stomped down on that thought, pushing it deep into the back of her brain where she did not want to go ever.

Pressing the controls for the top floor, she felt a quiet surge of pride that she was taking her first step into a larger world. Shifting her weight slightly, Kym turned and looked out of the glass window that revealed the slowly setting sun over the edge of Neo-Atlanta. A soft and tender smile spread across her face.

No matter what, it's going to be a great evening.

After a bit, the doors opened to the floor that she wanted. With one last glance out the window, she turned and headed into the hallway. Her bright blue eyes scanned over the features of this floor, almost making herself whistle a bit. This floor was so much different than the others. It seemed like the architech decided to expand everything here to make the place appear twice as big as all of the other floors of the Hyatt. The style of the walls was adorned with pillars styled after the ancient Greeks with ever twenty feet a small cherb fountain. Potted plants and some small trees which all were carefully trimmed and taken care of.

Padding down the hallway and still in awe of the atmosphere of the place, Kym almost missed the enormous gorllia security guard. A grumbling sigh of displeasure was the sound he made that jerked Kym back to attention. He was as huge as this place was so different from her own floor. Dressed in the convential outfit that the hotel staff wore, he still would have stood out more because of the Stun 'Em Riot Baton (TM), also impressive.

"May I help you?" he asked with forced politeness as his right hand shifted over to the handle of the nasty-looking weapon.

Swallowing a bit, Kym nodded. "Y-yes, s-sir," she replied as she slowly reached back to her back pocket and pulled out her wallet. Holding up a room key pass for this floor and her ID, she forced herself to smoothly hand these to him. "I've been invited . . . to see . . . PlastiCat . . ."

Deep breathes . . . , she reminded herself.

Glancing over the items with a careful eye, the gorilla grunted a bit. With his huge hand that was about twice as large as her entire head, he passed them back to Kym and then hooked a thumb over his right shoulder. "That way, miss . . . ," was all he said.

That was enough for Kym as she nodded and placed the ID back into her back pocket. With her head held back and her continuing the deep breathing, she walked onwards towards the room that he motioned to. It took a great deal of effort not to look back and see what the guard was doing.

It only took a few minutes to find PlastiCat's room which was marked with a gold plated number four. With a slight giggle, she closed her eyes for a moment. Her trademarked petpeeve, she thought to herself. Although the Japanese believe the number four to be like the American number thirteen, PlastiCat seemed to rotate between these numbers when she went on these conventions.

Standing back a bit, she curled her hand into a fist and lightly rapped at the door three times, followed by a short rap and two longer ones. Lowering her hand, she stood there and forced herself not to rock on the backs of her heels, something that used to make Cleo so angry. Tee-hee!-ing slightly, she waited . . .

"Come on in, Kym!" a rich voice called out, slightly muffled.

Placing the key car into the door's lock-mechanism, she opened the door and stepped into the place. The place was like an appartment. There was the entry room which opened into a living room. Off to the right was a small, but elaborate kitchen unit. To the left was a hallway which she thought lead to the bedroom and bathroom. All of the floor was covered with the softest and thickest carpet that she ever had seen in her life.

This place is bigger than my entire appartment complex . . . , she giggled to herself.

"Make ye're'self at home, lass," PlastiCat called out from one of the back rooms. "I'll be out in a few moments. Needed a shower before ye got here."

Kym nodded a bit as she walked into the living room, taking in all of the features of this place. Off to the right was a huge entertainment center with impressive speakers. Next to it was a large stone-worked fire place with a hologram of a roaring blaze going within the thing. There was no heat, but it really helped to set the mood. Turning around a bit, she saw the bay windows that afforded an impressive view of the downtown area, showing the blinking lights. Over towards the far wall was a pair of easy chairs and a comfy-looking sofa, big enough for three. The rest of the floor in front of the couch and the fireplace was more than large enough for some serious dancing.

Wow! I need to become famous!

A soft thrumming of a staccato sound filled the air, making Kym bring her thoughts back to the here-and-now. She gaped a bit at what she was. PlastiCat was standing here looking at her with a soft expression on her wide face, the bright emerald eyes sparkling out from underneath the damp red hair. Wide and pointed ears rested on top of her head, perking through the mass of wet tangles that made the hair appear even darker in color than it normally was. Two thick strands of hair trailed down her chest from the rest of her mass of hair. Her huge left hand kept the massive white towel wrapped around her buxom form, though the cloth was having a time to keep PlastiCat modest. The edge of the towel was resting on the curves of powerful thighs, showing off the orange spots that covered here and there of her purple fur. Enormous three-toed feet rested against the carpeted floor as she shifted her weight slightly to her right side.

Kym stood there for a moment, like one of those hideious pink things caught in the spotlights of an approaching hovercar, her heart pounding within her chest. Suddenly, she felt small and unactractive to say the least. She remembered the story that she did on Cher, the wild pantheress of the airwaves. Cher told her that celiberties is just a person behind all of the glitter and glamor of the moment. Never for get that and you can deal with anyone, the singer promised.

An amused smile stretched across her lips as she looked at Kym and stepped down from into the living room. "Please, lass . . . I n'ver bite on the first date," PlastiCat whispered teasingly in the softest voices that Kym had ever heard before.

With a blink and then a light giggle, Kym snapped out of the trance and nodded to her heronine. "Sorry . . . ," she replied sheepishly. "It's just that . . ."

Holding up her right hand, PlastiCat kept that soft reassuring smile on her face. "Let's try something a bit different," she interrpted. "Call me Caitlynn or just Cait if that helps."

Kym smiled a bit more and visibly relaxed, seeming to deflate a bit. With another thought, she reached behind her and handed Caitlynn the bouquet of roses. "Here . . . I heard someplace that you like these . . . ," was all hat she could say, but it was better than what she was trying to say before.

A soft blush washed across Caitlynn's cheeks as the smile faded a bit, but the pleasure that she was feeling was not lost on Kym. Not in the slightest. Closing her huge emerald eyes, Caitlynn leaned in and sniffed the flower lighly. "Oh, lass . . . ," she whispered softly. Opening her eyes again, the iris twinkled with delight. "They are quite lovely . . ." Turning to the right, Caitlynn stepped over to a vase and place them into it. Then she walked towards the kitchen with Kym following slowly behind, a soft smile on her face as well.

"Can I get ye anything?" Caitlynn asked as she filled the vase with some water ot of the sink. Glancing over the edge of her left shoulder, she added, "We can order something from a variety of places . . ."

Shaking her head, Kym smiled as she rocked on her heels a bit. "No thanks, Cait," she answered, happy in a way that she grabbed the vendor droid before coming up. This time, she managed to time it just right and tackle the device outside her door. Packing away three Zero Burgers (TM), a thing of Mega-Fries (TM), and a Power Cosmic Cola (TM), she was quite filled.

Cleo would be rather disgusted . . .

An airy giggle snapped Kym once again back into the present. Taking a moment to focus, Kym's blue eyes look at Caitlynn as she leaned back against the edge of the skin, causing her huge chest to strain the folded cloth of the towel. A soft blush of her own splashed across Kym's face as she looked down.

"Now, that's interesting . . . ," Caitlynn teasingly whispered. "Ye are thinking of someone else . . ."

Kym's eyes widened as she looked into the face of her heroine, her heart just abot stopping. Tilting her head to the right and holding up her left hand, Caitlynn smiled gently. "Easy, lass . . . ," she tried to reassure. "It's ok. Such a cute lass like ye should have someone special."

Matching her smile, Kym nodded back. "Thanks, Cait," she replies softly, gazing at her heroine. "I care about her very much, but . . . I don't think she knows it."

An arched eyebrow was all that Caitlynn gave Kym, indicating that she should continue. However, Kym could not continue as she leaned in and tossed her arms around Caitlynn's powerful shoulders, pulling herself against the purple cat-girl. Bringing her own arms around the skunkette, Caitlynn felt a bit awkward at the moment, knowing that Kym was a bit vulnerable and not wanting to take advantage of the moment. Not that somewhere down inside of her that Caitlynn wanted to, but she wanted to be careful.

She reminds meself of me a long time ago when I fought me heart for what I wanted, Caitlynn thought to herself with a tender expression. This cannae be easy for the lass.

Caitlynn's thoughts were broken by the soft kiss of Kym's lips against her own, making her blink a bit, then unconsciously return the tenderness back through the touch. Tilting her head slightly into the kiss, Caitlynn allowed her lips to part as she turned up the heat of the kiss, her own heart hammering within her chest. Kym moaned lightly within the kiss, blowing some of her breath against Caitlynn's face, turning on the purple cat-girl on that much more.

Leaning back, Kym was the one who broke the kiss and opened her eyes to look at Caitlynn, the edges of her rich cheek tuffs tickling her own facial cheeks. With a soft giggle, Kym smiled brightly, but with a blush. "Sorry about that . . . ," she whispered to Caitlynn.

"Why, lass? Because ye kissed me?"

Shaking her head, Kym looked back at her. "No . . . because I don't want to put you into an awkward position . I care about Cleo, but . . . tonight is so very special to me."

Caitlynn arched an eyebrow again, her lips forming an "O" shape.

Taking a deep breath, Kym went on to explain the incident in Chicago with the crash of the two vessels and Cleo and her watching in awe as Caitlynn saved the city from a tremendious disaster. Caitlynn's ears perked forward as she listened carefully to all of the details, the blush of embarrisment and old wounds washed across her cheeks, making her heart drop slightly. Pausing, Kym noticed the expression of Caitlynn discomfort, her closed eyes and the ears folding back against the rich red hair.

"I'm sorry, Cait . . . I didn't mean to embarrsis you . . ." was all that Kym could say at the moment, wondering if she could explain the emotions that she held for Caitlynn. A love that was different than the one she felt for Cleo, but there nevertheless.

"Tis ok, lass," Caitlynn replied softly, opening her eyes as the right one was wet with the kiss of a tear. "It's just that . . . a partner died . . ."

Reaching up, Kym touched with the tenderness of a mother taking care of a baby to wipe away the tear. "I know . . . the Storm Giant . . ."

Smiling, Caitlynn nodded. "Aye . . . that was me special love, one that I could nae bring meself to tell him just how much I cared."

Another tender kiss on Caitlynn's lips told her that Kym understood, her blue eyes sparkling. "Perhaps we could . . . celebrate loves that could have been?"

"I'd like that, lass . . ."

* * * *

Sitting down on the carpet in front of the fireplace, Kym folded her legs up underneath her tushie, allowing her thick tail to twitch behind her. Placing her hands into her lap, she worked on keeping herself calm. But it was very hard. Caitlynn, bringing out a huge air mattress, rolled it out onto the floor. Sitting like Kym, but across and to the left from her, Caitlynn placed the air valve against her lips and start to smoothly inhale and blow up the mattress. The movement underneath the towel caught Kym's attention and held it fast. With each inhaling breath, Caitlynn's purple-furred breasts filled out bigger, showing off more of the rich orange clevage. The rich exhale blew into the mattress, making it grow bigger and bigger and bigger.

Kym whimpered a bit to herself as she sat there, still clothed within the jeans and t-shirt. Something that she could no confess to anyone, even Cleo, her best friend, was her passion for balloons. She loved the feel of them before they were inflated, the delight that he experienced when she blew them up or filled them with water, the rich scent of latex, and the feel of them against her fur as she bounced against them. Usually that was enough to bring herself off in one thunderious orgasm after another until the balloon burst, which brought her off again.

Caitlynn capped the end of the valve as she lowered the mattress to the floor, showing off the huge and soft expance of the surface. Kym smiled as she watched Caitlynn start to slide out of the towel, exposing the unearthly ripeness of her body. Catching within her throat, Kym whimpered a bit, getting the purple cat-girl's attention.

"Are ye sure that ye wannae do this?" Caitlynn asked, feeling the engmatic tingling teasingly through her breasts that only meant one thing. The one thought that made Caitlynn bite her lower lip in silent delight was just how big she was going to get.

Reaching up to the light controls of the living room, Kym turned down the luminesence to a third. "Yes," she replied softly as she undid her jeans and stepped out of them, showing off the thong-like bottoms. "I'm sure . . . because what I'm looking at is a dream come true . . ."

Blushing lightly, Caitlynn gazed lovingly at Kym. "Thanks, lass . . . ," she whispered softly. "Ye know about me . . . condition?" Her eyes drifted down to her breasts, then back to her skunkette lover.

The bright smile on Kym's face spoke volumes to Caitlynn.

"I always wanted to know how big they can get. Only having seen them huge four or five times before, I have an obsession to see them bigger . . . ," Caitlynn whispered huskily as her eyes took in the image of Kym pulling the shirt off and unclasping the bra that teasingly hid her own breasts and the huge nipples. Dropping the shirt off to the side, Kym nodded, the excitement spreading across her body. "I think I'll enjoy it as well," she admitted happily.

Stretching out on the mattress, Caitlynn looked up at Kym and the skunkette smiled brightly. Kym leaned down and nuzzled at the throat of Caitlynn's neck, lightly nibbling which caused the cat-girl to roll her head back and sigh in delight. Finding her lips, Kym kissed Caitlynn passionately, tilting her head into the kiss while Caitlynn parted her lips, licking and suckling back. Reaching out to Caitlynn's overinflated beachball boobies, Kym's dainty hands moved over the mamoth swells expertly. Moaning softly, Caitlynn kept up the passionate kissing as her huge hands reached down and stroked the curves of Kym's tushie lightly. Kym whimpered again in delight as her hands traced along the orange curves, just right underneath the fattening nipples that were swelling as if they might need bras of their own. Glancing down, she noticed that Caitlynn's breasts were definately BIGGER . . . though no audible sound like when she blew up her balloons.

Caitlynn rolled her head back to the other side, the rich hair framing her face as she laid back against the surface of the mattress, panting in short gasps of breath. Pressing her powerful thighs together, Caitlynn rubbed them against her flower, making her start to get a good deal wet. Her huge hands kept on kneading the ample curves of Kym's tushie, stroking and teasing the girl.

Searching out the large taut nipples with aerole that was about the size of tangerines, Kym stroked and tugged at the nipples like they were made of Elasto-Putty (TM), pushing Caitlynn closer to orgasm. Kym broke the kiss, but kept on stroking the nipples as she watched her rubbery lover writhe against the mattress. Leaning down, Kym wrapped her lips around one of the nipples and started to suckle teasingly. Caitlynn squirmed again, moaning softly, as Kym felt the huge breasts inflate two cupsizes right there in her mouth and against her cheeks. Kym kept up the stroking and suckling.

Caitlynn moaned over and over again as her huge hands kept on kneading an stroking Kym's tushie lovingly and with a bit more pressure. Tossing her head back and closing her eyes, Kym fought to keep her attention on those wonderful breasts that were growing and growing just for her delight. As she pressed her face against the nipple and bit into the nipple, Kym pushed against the swelling mass of Caitlynn's tits which began to double and double again in height and volume, the sides of the copious flesh touching the edge of the mattress.

Pausing, Kym leaned back and opened her eyes to take in the size of Caitlynn's breasts which were about three feet across each. kneading them in their inflated and swollen state, Kym mused in a saucily voice, "Is this the biggest they have gotten?" "Nae even close, lass," came the reply. "Ye'll be amazed though, I promise, darling."

With a greater need to see them bigger, Kym almost lunged at Caitlynn's massive breasts which slowly inflated larger and larger. She lavished the ballooning boobies with all of the attention that she could muster, discovering much to her delight that they were uncannily firm underneath her eager touch. The nipples responded by swelling more and more, now becoming about the size of shotglasses up on the apple-sized aerole which Kym suckled back and forth almost out of control.

"Goddess . . . ," Caitlynn managed to moan between her panting lips. "That feels so good. I can feel that right down to me pussy. Now . . . nae too much on me nipples . . . oh, wait! . . . oh-aye!" She arched her back against the surface of the mattress and smiled wide and bright with almost child-like joy.

As Caitlynn came, her huge breasts surged in an explosive rate of expansion as the copious flesh spilled out onto the mattress and pushed Kym into the air as she rose with the inflation. Kym kept on kneading the flesh as Caitlynn opened her eyes and smiled with a slightly glazed look of flushed pleasure to her face.

"Ye are so good at this, darling . . . ," Caitlynn whispered, her voice laiden with her husky arrousal. " . . . to make them this big . . . they usually dinnae get this big . . ." All Kym could do was nod as she stroked and played with the massive beanbag chair boobies. "Well, they get so much attention that me pussy gets neglected . . . like to treat it so well too?" Another nod from Kym was given.

Rolling over onto her lean and tight tummy, Caitlynn pillowe her face onto the tops of her swollen breasts, her huge hands stroking the edges of the inflated flesh. Kym slid around her lover and gazed in appreciation of the cat-girl's profile. Although her breasts thrusted out about three times bigger, Caitlynn's tushie was large and meaty, just the perfect counter-balance of her buxom chest. Sliding around, she gazed at her tushie that was purple with an intense blast of orangish furry fire that teasingly hid her flower, but the dampness was definately appearent. Kym laid between the powerful thighs and pried appart the thick netherpetals of her lover's flower and started to lick the juicy center.

With a rolling gasp of delight, Caitlynn arched her back and tried to glance over her left shoulder at Kym. "Oh, nnnnnaaaaaaayyyy-eeeee!" Caitlynn squealed. "Ye must nae do that . . . !"

"Want me to stop?" came the brief question.

Caitlynn, with a tremendious effort shook her head, making the strands of hair than usuall hung down tickle the edges of her massive breasts, gritted her teeth as she panted her answer. "Nae, nae . . . ," she begged. "Just dinnae make me cum . . . when I come, they . . . they really grow . . . grow . . . GROW . . ." All Caitlynn could do is gasp in delight as Kym resumed the tongue action. The cat-girl slid back into her pre-orgasmic stupor. Caitlynn moaned and pleaded for her growth to stop, though secretly she wished it to never end.

Kym giggled to herself as she kept on working on the fatten buldge of her lover's clitty and the softness of her mons while Caitlynn moaned and growled mock-threateningly. "Unnngggh!" Caitlynn cried out as her huge hands kept on massaging the breasts and then slide down to the edges of the mattress, gripping it tightly. "Nae, nae! I'm goin' to cum . . . stop! . . . stop for a minute!"

Kym ignored Caitlynn's pleas and redoubled her efforts as her hands kneaded her broad tushie. Moving slowly downwards, Kym worked over her lover's powerful thighs firmly. Underneath her touch, Kym could feel Caitlynn's muscles quivering as she began to climax thunderiously.

Go, me lover! Go, go, GO! so I can be huge! Caitlynn silently begged Kym.

Caitlynn arched her back as she pressed her womanhood against the mattress, feeling the power of her orgasm surging through her flower which made her toes curl. "Yeee yeee yeee yee yee yeeeeaaaahhhhhh!" she cried out, squeezing her eyes shut as her cunt practically gushed its nectar out and splashing Kym's face. Pausing as she licked the honey off of her cheeks and lips, Kym noticed in the mirror across from them that Caitlynn's face was an intense study of pleasure as it provided a clear view of her lover's breasts. The aerole were now the size of small pumkins and the nipples about the size of soup cans. Panting, Caitlynn rested her head on them like a pair of soft and small weatherballoons.

Kym licked her lips again as she watched in the mirror as Caitlynn's breasts swelled forward, pushing against the rough textre of the carpet which was driving the cat-girl deeper into her orgasm, her cries filling the room. After several minutes of orgasming and growing and screaming, Caitlynn amazingly got up onto her knees and reached around her breasts as she rolled over onto her back, making the unbelievable orbs of flesh bounce and gyrate. Crawling around to Caitlynn's face that was hidden by the vast expanse of her chest, Kym leaned in and kissed her passionately which was returned with equal frevor.

"It's time . . . ," Kym whispered hotly to Caitlynn, who was purring happily against the matress, her tushie stroking against the inflated surface with a series of soft gasping squeaks. "You'll not tell me to stop, cause even if they pop, I'm going to have the ride of my life!"

At this delicious point of the moment, Kym was so honry and turned on that she could not wait. Standing up, she rolle down her soaked thong and tossed it into the floor. With a fluid-like grace that she could not believe that she had, especially at this time, Kym walked around to the right breast and leaned in on tip-toes as the breast was about four and half feet around with a huge nipple that she could not even begin to guess at. Licking the nipple with her tongue, Kym felt and hear the pleasure that was rippling through Caitlynn at this moment. Climbing up, Kym straddled the nipple, sliding it into her moist flower easily.

I've never dreamed what this would be like, Kym thought as she arches her back and kneaded her own breasts, tweeking the engorged nipples. Balloons are delicious, but this was HEAVEN!

Finally, Kym brought her entire weight onto Caitlynn's boob, causing the cat-girl to explosively release a WHOOSH! of breath from her lungs. With a sigh of sheer pleasure, Kym tweeked her own nipples as she stayed right there for a moment, enjoying this . . . needing and wanting to feel this just once in her life. Clenching her muscles within her flower, she felt the slow and steady rise of the inflation of Caitlynn's breasts, her pussy demanding more and more as the increase of size against and within her. Balancing herself on top of this wonderious toy, Kym started to bounce against the nipple, pushing the flesh deeper and deeper into her which made her think that this was far better than any cock that she's had within her.

Caitlynn growled with pleasure, bucking and thrusting into the bouncing, obviously loving this as much as Kym was. Kym's feet and legs hugged around Caitlynn's massive weatherballoon tit which was supporting the skunkette's weight. Glancing over at the other breast which was as tall as the one she rode, Kym decided to take that nipple and tweeked it savagely upwards. Driving her fist into the ballooning boobie-flesh, Kym rose higher and higher into the air, her head brushing lightly against the ceiling.

Squirming against the mattress to the best of her ability, she growled between her panting and moaning. "KYM!!" Caitlynn screamed in sheer delight, her face barely seen from Kym's vantage point. "Now!! I've nae seen them bigger! Take me over the top! Bounce hard and cum all over them!" Rolling her head back and to the right, Caitlynn squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she continued to wail. "Pop me titties! They need to be burst! Ohhh, soon . . . it's goin' to happen! Goddess! Oh my goddess . . . Kym, it feels sooo good-I'm goin' to pop soon . . ." Her wailing hit afevered pitch. "Do me . . . do me! I'm such a huge balloon . . . ahhhhhhAhhh It's gonna happen . . . Me tits will rip ye open!"

Caitlynn kept wailing and screaming in delight as Kym bounce and rocked against the unbelievable titantic tits of her lover which were six and half feet tall and still swelling, if not a bit faster. The sides of the breasts started to push against things, sliding the objects out of the way and giving Caitlynn more and more room to grow and grow and grow.

"Bigger, Caitlynn!" Kym screamed. "BIGGER!!" Between all of the screaming from both girls, Kym could barely hear the inflation of Caitlynn's wonderful breasts beneath her, bringing her closer and closer to her own orgasm. Seemingly they were filling with air one moment and then the air changed into a liquid the next moment. All Kym could do was bounce an buck against these inflating gifts of divinity, loving every moment that she might not ever experience again. Squeezing the nipple within her, she felt the pleasurable blast of something hot against her, making her pause. The white cream splashed against her face and body as the momentum of her gyration kept her in motion. All it did was make Kym hotter . . .

"Bigger, Caitlynn . . . ," Kym whispered and panted as she laid back against the nipple, feeling her thighs being pressed wider and wider, stretching her open. The surface of her breasts felt definitely different. Harder . . . absolutely perfect in Kym's way of thinking at this moment. Bouncing like she was riding a bucking bronco with a wasp up it's tushie, Kym managed to look to the right. What she saw just drove her even deeper into her wild state. In the mirror, she saw herself riding the freakishly beast of titflesh. Taking a moment, her left hand stroked the surface of the breast that she was enjoying and is was tauter and harder than anything she could ever imagine. Kym's ears perked slightly as she hear the sound of something that sounded like the tearing of cloth.

"Here it cums!" screamed Kym once more, but twice as loud as she had before. The bursting point was reaching for both girls and, this time, Kym joined Caitlynn within the throughs of pleasure, her flower blooming in a richness of honey that she had never thought was possible for herself. The breasts of Caitlynn's started to stream milk a bit, just making hotter than she ever had been.

Caitlynn's own moaning mixed with Kym's, but there was something about it that she could not place. Something not right . . . something strange . . .

Then Caitlynn popped!!

* * * *

When Kym finally awoke, she was laying stretched out on the huge air mattress, the bright sun streaming into the room through he bay window. Stretching and yawning a bit, she realized that her face was slightly numb and tingly from apparently smiling all night long while she slept. Sitting up, she tossed the covers off and that was when she got the rich scent of the night before. The mixture of milk and honey rushed in, giving her a slightly heady feeling.

Caitlynn was no where to be seen . . .

As she shifted her weight, her right hand brushed the edge of something that crinkled. Looking down, the skunkette, picked up a letter . . .

Dear Kym,

I cannae tell ye how much I enjoyed last night and how much I think the both of us needed it. I cannae tell ye how I feel since I'm still tingling from all of the pleasure ye gave me.
Thanks again.

Much love,

PS - Ye got me the biggest I have ever been. ^_- *KISS*

Sighing happily, Kym laid back on the mattress, clutching the letter to her chest and closing her eyes.

Now, here is a story worth writting about.


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