Nervously, Ted stepped up to the door and rang the bell. Sharing fantasies in e-mail and chat rooms was one thing, but actually meeting a fellow fetishist was something new for him. Ever since discovering a year ago that we wasn't the only person on the planet who had a fetish for inflatables, he'd gone a little wild, at least virtually. He supposed it was inevitable that he'd eventually want to meet someone who shared his desires. Of course, he'd prefer if it had been a nice friendly nympho college gal, but women inflatable fans were rare indeed. He wasn't thrilled about getting into this stuff with a guy, but his eagerness to play with the promised toys was enough to overcome his doubts.

His thoughts were interrupted as the door opened, revealing an impeccably dressed man who could be anywhere from 40 to 70. "Ah, you must be Ted," he said, with a hint of a British accent. "Do come in!"

Ted walked into the foyer, looking around in surprise. He had somehow expected this whole thing to be kind of sleazy, but this was the kind of place where his Aunt Victoria would have felt right at home.

"And you're, er, Nigel, right?" Ted asked.

"I most certainly am, young man. And welcome to my far from humble abode." He chuckled dryly at his own joke, and Ted echoed it politely. "Shall we get started right away?"

"Oh, yeah, that would be great," Ted replied. He wasn't sure if he wanted to get into things right away, but it was preferable to the awkward small talk he had expected. He followed Nigel down a short hallway decorated with a series of small ornate tables, upon a few of which were assorted inflatable animals in addition to assorted high-class knick-knacks.

Opening a door on the right, Nigel gestured for Ted to enter. With a last nervous look around, Ted entered the room beyond the door. "Wow, this is... something else," he said, amazed. The large room contained a lovely variety of big inflatable pool toy animals, none of which he'd seen before. There was an enormous green dragon boat grinning goofily at him, easily roomy enough for 6 people. On a couch in front of the wide-screen TV were two big seal ride-ons, one purple, one bright pink. Off to one side was a bright green caterpillar couch, resting on 14 puffy red feet. Hanging from the ceiling were several whale and dolphin ride-ons, all at least six feet long, and all brightly colored or patterned.

Ted barely knew where to look next. He could already feel the slick vinyl contours of the animals in his arms, rubbing against him... he broke off the thought quickly. No point getting too excited too soon, after all.

"So, what to do you think about my collection?" Nigel asked, gesturing to the room with a broad sweep of his hand.

"It's just... amazing," Ted said breathlessly. "Where did you get all these? I don't recognize any of them!" He walked over and sat down on the caterpillar couch, leaning gently against its upraised head that formed one end. He closed his eyes and inhaled the scent of vinyl, almost missing Nigel's reply.

"Oh, I have unusual sources," he said. "But perhaps if we get along well, I can introduce you to some of my friends."

"That would be great!" Ted stood up, idly running one hand back and forth over the caterpillar's head. "So, um..." he faltered.

"So what shall we do?" Nigel helpfully suggested. "Well, I didn't explain this to you on-line, since I like to save it as a surprise, but come with me." He opened a small door to one side of the room and stepped through. Ted followed to a smaller room, containing just a few plush chairs and a large inflatable polar bear standing at one end of the room. Nigel crossed the room quickly, opening a closet door and pulling out a folded bundle of pink vinyl.

"This is a special creation of my own," he explained, carefully unfolding it to reveal a deflated pink orca ride-on.

"What's, um, what's so special about it?" Ted asked timidly, not wanting to offend.

Nigel showed him the underside of the killer whale, where a small oval had been cut out at the head end, and a horizontal slit ran between the pectoral fins. "This is a double-walled toy," he explained. "One can actually climb inside before it is inflated, and wear it like a costume. With a little practice, one can walk, if rather unsteadily, on the tail fin. Of course, walking is not what it's designed for." He gestured to a small vertical slit toward the tail end.

"Oh, wow... it's, it's an orca sex doll. That's amazing. That's gotta be better than just rubbing against the vinyl. Wow..."

Nigel held the orca doll out to him. "So, what are you waiting for?"

"You want to put me in it? But it's a girl whale, I mean, you know..."

"My dear boy, I may be a bit twisted, but I'm nonetheless quite straight. I do have a male model for special occasions, in which one's member can be extended into the whale's, but I much prefer females." He continued as Ted looked skeptical. "I assure you, it works out quite pleasurably for both parties. The orca's vaginal slit is properly placed to provide plenty of frictional stimulus to the wearer."

Ted hesitated, then agree to climb into the doll. After all, he'd never had a chance to do anything like this before, and he didn't want to wreck things by being picky. Stripping awkwardly down to his shorts, he stepped into the suit, shivering as much at the touch of the chill vinyl as at the thrill of the thought of being a pool toy for a moment.

He pulled the head section up over his head, adjusting it so he could look out the face hole. "All right, I'm ready." Nigel helped him lie down on his side, and hooked up the valve to an air compressor. He closed his eyes as air began filling the orca, the vinyl pressing in against him from all sides. His arms could fit into the flippers as far as his elbow, and he waggled them happily as the suit inflated. He was rock hard by the time the compressor shut off, and Nigel closed the valve with only the slightest hiss of escaping air.

"There we are, my girl, all ready." Ted didn't know what to say to that, especially the girl part, so he just kept quiet. Nigel rolled him over onto his back, the suit's dorsal fin flattening out and sending a little more air to squeeze him tighter. He tipped his head forward as best he could, and watched Nigel undressing fastidiously, carefully folding each item and placing it on a nearby chair. He was in remarkably good shape for a man of his age, whatever that age might be, and he, like Ted, was fully erect. Almost daintily, he straddled the orca doll and slid his penis inside.

Ted moaned. Nigel had been right... their dicks were sliding against each other as Nigel thrust into the doll. He awkwardly tried to hug him close with his fins, but had to settle for waving them. He couldn't believe how good it felt. The vinyl pressing against him from all sides made his skin sensitive to every little movement, and he started to feel like he was being caressed all over. He closed his eyes again and kept them closed this time, losing himself in the sensations.

Nigel kept thrusting rhythmically, muttering to himself, "Oh, yes my sweet whale, yes, yes." He increased the pace as they both worked toward orgasm, thrusting faster and faster. Ted moaned again, pinned almost immobile in the suit, wagging his flippers joyfully. "Oh, yes, yes. You're my sweet little whale, aren't you? My little whale, so sleek and shiny... so lovely... my sweet whale."

Ted couldn't believe how good he felt. He was lightheaded, pleasantly dizzy, feeling like he was floating despite the weight of Nigel on him. He started murmuring in return, "Oh yes, yes. I'm your lovely little whale, sweet little whale, yes." Their voices blended together in his head, a soothing chant that drew him even deeper into whatever blissful state he was sliding into. He was on the brink of orgasm, so very close now. Nigel was thrusting harder and harder now, rocking them back and forth on the floor. Ted lost his inhibitions and started kissing the side of Nigel's face desperately. "Oh yes, your little whale wants you, needs you, oh yes yes yes, I want you in me, yes..." He was dimly aware that he was spouting out his idea of what women say during sex, based almost entirely on porno movies, but was beyond caring.

The feeling of lightheadedness became almost overwhelming, he lost all sense of where he was and what he was doing, and then he came explosively. With a last effort, he managed to bring his flippers together to clutch Nigel close to him as they both climaxed, bucking and lurching on the floor. He couldn't believe how long it lasted, but after too short a time, it was over, and he flopped back, limp, panting. The dizziness overcame him and he faded into unconsciousness, a droning voice intoning weakly in his ear, over and over, "I'm your whale I'm your whale I'm your whale." He couldn't tell if the voice was his.

When he came back to himself, he lay lazily on the floor, feeling the carpet rough against his skin. He pondered this thought for a moment, trying to figure out why something seemed wrong with it, until he remembered that he shouldn't be able to feel the carpet through the suit. He tried to sit up, and found that he couldn't move at all. Panicked, he opened his eyes, then immediately shut them at the view. He could somehow see both sides of the room at one, like looking through a fisheye lens. He opened them tentatively once more, to find the view unchanged. He squeezed his eyes shut, mind reeling.

He felt a gentle hand roll him over onto his stomach and gently stroke his back. "I see you're awake, my dear. Welcome to your new life. I know, you're very confused right now, but I'll help you as best I can. First, why not take a look at yourself. Come now, there's really nothing wrong with you. All will become clear. I've got a mirror right here for you."

Reluctantly, he opened his eyes and looked in the mirror. Looking back at him, he saw one oversized cartoony eye, exactly like the ones belonging to the inflatable whale he had been encased in. He blinked in surprise, and again in horror as the eye in the mirror blinked back. It was clearly just painted onto the vinyl surface - what he was slowly starting to realize was now his surface - but it moved and blinked like a real eye. It was like watching an animated cartoon, right down to the long, feminine eyelashes that swayed fetchingly with every blink. Looking at them, he suddenly remembered that he'd been dressed up as a female whale, a fact that was confirmed as one of the hands holding him up to the mirror slipped below his belly, and a teasing finger slid into his vinyl vagina. His eyes rolled back and he moaned involuntarily even as he wanted to shriek in terror.

"That's my girl," cooed Nigel.

"What... what have you done to me?" he asked weakly. He didn't recognize his own voice, a breathy, feminine, somehow cartoon-like tone that sounded just like... well, just like an inflatable whale might sound if she could talk.

"I've added you to my collection, my dear. Just like you asked."

He tried to shout, but couldn't do more than raise his voice a little, and his rage didn't come through at all. "I didn't ask for that! You... you tricked me!" He wanted to continue, but the man continued stroking his slit, working two or three fingers in to toy with it. He felt a hot rush of pleasure as Nigel tweaked something down there. After the fourth or fifth time, he suddenly realized it must be his clitoris. "Ah... ahhh..." he gasped, as the man chuckled quietly.

"Now, what were you saying, my dear? I believe you were going to yell at me. I truly abhor it when my pets raise their voices, you know. So uncouth. You'll find it extremely difficult to speak in anything but a friendly tone to me. Or to anyone else, not that you'll be seeing anyone else."

As he talked, Nigel pulled Ted away from the mirror and laid him down on the floor, his belly to the ceiling. Softly he straddled the inflated vinyl body below him, and gently slid his penis into his new toy. Ted watched in the mirror as he was mounted. Under other circumstances, the sight would have been funny -- a naked man making love to an inflatable pool toy. Except that Ted was the pool toy, and despite the simple look of cartoony joy on his features, he was terrified. Though it certainly did feel good. There was something about being fucked while unable to move that intensified every sensation. This wasn't like bondage -- movement wasn't restricted, it was simply impossible. He closed his eyes and moaned long and low, wishing he could wrap his fins around the body atop him and drive him even further into himself as he thrust again and again. He gave himself over to the sex completely, and their cries mixed as they both climaxed. His memories of once being human were fading.

"Mmmm.... lovely," he whispered, tickling under Ted's jaw and kissing him lightly all over." I have to admit, that was amazing," Ted said quietly. His new voice was sounding better to him all the time. Shouldn't he be more upset about this? And yet, it was getting easier and easier to accept that he was now one more critter in a collection of sex/pool toys. At least he was in good company, after all.

"Am I going to be like this forever?" she asked hesitantly.

"Well, forever is a long time. Let's just say you're going to be here for the foreseeable future, shall we, Wanda? Or perhaps Wendy... Wendy the Whale. Yes, I like that."

"Wendy? No, my name's... ummm..." What the hell was it? It was... it started with... crap.

"Come, Wendy, I'll show you around your new home, introduce you formally to my other friends. You'll be seeing a lot of each other, so I hope you'll all get along."

Wendy felt her heart sink, or she would if she still had one. Her thoughts were in a whirl. "I went to college for this? So I could end up as an inflatable whale - though a darned cute one, I must say - to be a sex toy for some perv? This isn't right! I shouldn't be here! I should be out in a public pool bringing joy to kids' hearts! Wait, what the hell am I saying? I should be driving home right now. If nothing else, I wanted a chance to stick the old man in the whale suit and fuck him senseless. Wait a minute... I'm a girl, how would I fuck him? No, dammit, I was a guy! A guy with a cock and legs and a dorsal fin with a lovely sweep to it. Jesus, this is confusing... it's a good thing I'm inflatable, or I'd have a hell of a headache right now."

Nigel paused on his way out of the room, Wendy tucked under his arm. "Good god, this isn't right! You're supposed to be happy, or at least look it. Look at yourself, this is terrible!"

He held Wendy up so she could see herself in the mirror. Looking back at her was the most depressed pool toy she'd ever seen. Downcast eyes, morose frown... he was right, it was downright creepy. Like seeing a Smurf shooting up in an alleyway.

"Oh dear. Most of my toys adapt quite quickly to their new lives. I have quite a knack for finding subjects, you see. But I do hate to cause anyone distress. All right, Wendy, you've forced me break one of my rules. I like to save this as a special surprise for my creations, but I'll make an exception for you if it will wipe that awful frown off your beautiful new face. I can't do it right away, because each toy requires special preparation, but when I've got everything properly prepared, I'll work another bit of magic on you and bring you to life. Or rather, to even more life than you have now."

Wendy gasped in delight. "I... I'm going to be a real whale?" No, that's not right, she thought. He needs to make me a woman again! Or, no, wait... a man. An inflatable man? Oh hell, I give up. "A real live whale?"

"Well, no, you'll still be your lovely inflatable self, but you'll be converted to a special form of living latex. You'll be able to romp and play all you want, though I do hope you'll still want to, ahem, romp and play with me from time to time."

"But where will I live?" asked Wendy, the joy returning to her face.

"Well, as you may have guessed, I'm not precisely what one might call your average human. Or any human, for that matter. No, I'm from a rather more interesting world. Suffice to say that I have certain powers that allow me to customize certain aspects of reality to better suit my tastes. Some friends and I are rather fond of inflatable beings, and we're populating our little corner of the world appropriately."

"Wow... how many of us are there?" I can't believe I'm dealing with this so well, she thought for a moment, but then just as suddenly found herself back to fighting a bewildering surge of conflicting thoughts.

"A decent number, enough to spice things up. Don't worry, you'll be fully accepted by the other animals, and by most other folk. There's always a Grumpy Gus or two who might complain about such tampering, of course, but then again, my magic works over there as well, so they never complain long."

Wendy's head spun - so much to understand. She fought for control, trying desperately to maintain her grip. "Ted!" she abruptly cried. Suddenly it all poured out of her in a rush. "My name is Ted, I'm a human male, and I came here for a little perverted romp with a fellow fetishist! You transformed me into in an inflatable female whale pool toy and now you want to make me your own little personal sex toy to add to your collection!" She paused, regretting her inability to take a deep breath for effect. "That's it. I remember it all now."

The man frowned at her. "Oh dear. Perhaps I chose poorly."

Still tucked under his arm, Wendy looked up at him. "But..." She looked at herself in the mirror again. Let's face it, this is something she'd always half-dreamed of, never believing it could ever happen... to actually be one of the inflatable animals she'd lusted for. "But... this feels so... right. Did you do that to me?"

"Well, I do make certain mental adjustments to help my toys adapt to their new state, I admit. But I don't tamper with basic free will. Er, much."

Wendy ran her gaze up and down her sleek vinyl body. "I'm an inflatable whale... I'm a sex toy... Oh, I'm... beautiful...." She closed her eyes for a moment, and whispered to herself, "My name is Wendy the Whale." She felt good. Opening her eyes, she said it again, louder, "My name is Wendy the Whale." The look of utter cartoon joy had returned to her face. "Wendy the Whale." She liked the sound of it.

"Are you sure you're all right, Wendy?"

"I think so. I think I'm going to be just fine." Her memories of being human were like a favorite dream from childhood -- familiar, but unreal. This was the life for her. "Now, are you going to stand there holding me all day, or are we going to get nasty again?"