The Dream Come True

By:Brandon Dyer


There Was A Boy Named Zack He Was Just 11 Years Old He Had Been On Web Sites

His Parents Did Not Know He Had Been On (And He Was To Young To See) But He Looked Anyway

They Were About Women's Breasts Inflating Like Balloons He Had Read One That Said A Woman's

Breasts Grew To The Size Of Large Beachballs He Was Amased He Wished He Could Do That

He Thought That He Could Try To Do It So He Took A Hose From A Vacume He Went Into A Bathroom

While His Parents Were Out He Put The Hose Up His Butt And Then Put The Other End On The Sink

And When It Got To His Butt It Did Not Work Then He Gave Up Then An Adult Woman Poped

Out Of Nowere She Said "I Can Help Your Wish Come True" Zack Said "YOU CAN!" "Yes Said The Woman Silently

She Took Her Shirt Off And Then Took Her Bra Off And Gave It To Zack He Said " Hey Ladie

I'm Not A Girl!" "I Know That But I Gave It To You Cause That Is One Part Of Makeing Your Wish

Come True" He Said "OH O.K." Then She Asked Him To Take His Shirt Off He Did Hopefully

She Then Enhaild And Blew On Her Thumb like A Cartoon Would Do And Something Werid

Happend Her Breasts Begain To Expaind They Grew Faster And Faster Until They Were The Size

Of His House (They Almost Blew His Roof Off!) He Looked At Her With Sparkiling Eyes Then She

Pushed Her Breasts Agenst Him He Thought She Was Going To Smuther him Then He Felt The Pressure get Softer

But He Looked Down And Gasped He Saw Her Breasts Going Inside His Body They Stoped Going In After About a

Hour The Woman Backed Away From His Cheast the woman 's Breasts were gone And she Looked

About 30 Years Old And Her Cheast Looked The Size Of A Young Girls' cheast But Zack Dident

see Anything Wrong With Him The Woman Handed Him The Bra Again And It Had A Nossle

That looked Like A Pump Went The Woman Handed The Young Boy an Air Tank And Told Him

To Hold On To It She Then Put The Nossle On The Hole And Turned It On To Full power Then

Zack's Eyes Were Wide Open His Cheast Begain To Inflaite Very fast His Normal Male Cheast Begain

To Look Like An 18 Year Old Girls Cheast And The His New Breasts Begain to Look Like Large

Basket Balls And Then Looked like Very Large BeachBalls And Then Zack Said "That Is Good You Can Stop

Now' But The Woman Happy To See That A Young Boys Cheast Looked Like BeachBalls She Wanted To See More so She Turned It to Maximem

Now They Grew In 5 Seconds 5 Times The Last Size And They Were As Big As An Oven "Realy"

The Young Boy Loved It Soon They Were The Size The Of The Womans' Were Erlyer

And He Was The Happest Boy On Earth When He Saw The Roof Pop Right OFF!!! Soon They Were Big Enuf For A Family To Live In Him And The Woman Was So Happy

But The Boy Was So Happy He Fell asleep

The Woman Happy To See She Fell In Love With His New Figure She Then Took Her Clothes Off

And Secretly Had Sex With The Yong Boy He Woke Up! And Seen The Woman Doing What She Was Doing He Screemed

And His Throght Got Bigger And Mouth Widder And Him Takeing A Deep Breath He Axidentily

Sucked The Woman Down Into One Of The Breasts And He Stopped Growing And He Pulled The

Tube Out And Slowly Got Smaller And He Looked And Saw When He Was Normal Again One Side Of his Cheast Was A Little Bigger Then The Other But He Grined

And Said To His cheast "Well Thats What You Get" And Every Day He Went To His Room And Closed The Door

And Inflated His Cheast Day After Day After Day And

"He" Lived Happely Ever After!!!!!

THE END?????

To Be Continued............?