I'm a fan of transformers (not that they'll be showing up here, although come to think of it cheetor is furry and an airhead....), furrys, lame jokes, ballons, and large mecha.

I dislike flame wars, roast chicken (it tastes like nothing!), hot climates, and country music.

Well there's not much else to say, I draw things, some of which inflate.

my e-mail address is

I do comissions if I've got time and/or find the subject interesting (no rated x stuff though)

And now because I've been informed that some of these pictures may not make much sense with out a wee bit of explanation here it is:

The black and white tigerstriped catgirl is catafracture; she's about 5'1" tall and just under 500 lbs (she's a robot, that internal structure is kind of heavy) as a joke I gave her a system to keep her from sinking like a rock when she's in the water (she inflates, what else would it be if you're looking here^_^)

The black "bug thing" is named Tichine, for the record I made her up after being awake and slightly intoxicated for a while and still don't know quite what she's supposed to be (but it looks good, and will probably inflate in some way!)

Can't think of anything else at the moment....

(sorry for any spelling mistakes, and for draging a simple info page on so long!)

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