Inflate a friend by N C Halex


Welcome to the land of the balloonies. Where, through magic, living stretchy beings have been created. Where a heart's desire can be solved by a dose of helium or a moment of great passion. Where reality can take a back seat. Welcome.

We are the furry balloons, made up of latex or bubbles, and stretched as far as the imagination can take us. If you have been here before, these pages should make it simple to see what's new. If you're new here, let me give you a tour of what it is to be a living balloon.

Why do we do this, you ask? Because...well, because we have a want to be huge and round and floating off of the ground. To feel full and filled, by our own whim or someone else's. It's entirely a creation of our imaginations, but we enjoy who we are. It's fun.

There are others who share parts of our dream: those who love latex, or love blowing bubbles, or even those who like expansion, size change, and transformation. We welcome them here, for we are all of them. Even if the squeaks and the static electricity drive us mad on occasion...


Choose your path wisely grasshopper...

This site is an ongoing project and is always...

Under Construction

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