The Furry Inflation Grab Bag

Ideas for artists and writers, and fans alike to inspire, use, and enjoy.

How to Submit Ideas

Submit any new ideas for this page to Morphy. He has the right to not post ideas which he feels are not applicable to this page. The more detailed and/or novel the idea, the more likely it will get used. However, by submitting to this page, you give up a little bit of control on how these ideas are used or who uses them. Think of this as publically writing your idea on a wall for all to read and act upon if they wish to do so.

What Ideas to Submit

This page is for ideas to use in stories and artwork. Any ideas related to this page are acceptable, and will likely be passed on to a few people who might do them. Posting an idea here is no guarantee of the idea being used but it certainly increases the chance versus keeping it to yourself, right?

Using Submitted Ideas

Ideas used here should be credited to the person creating them. If an author or artist wants to use the idea, I wholeheartedly suggest contacting the person involved; however, I offer no guarantee of such contact. (Newest at the bottom)

And now...

The Ideas

That's all for now! Enjoy!

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