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This is the page where I will keep the information behind the page, such as copyrights, old update details and such.
If you find a broken link or something amiss, please let me know so I can fix it.

Note from morphy: I'd also like to reiterate that if you wish to submit items to the Furry Inflation Pages that you email them to me ( rather than posting them to a mailing list, I'm about 15000 (yes, thousand) emails behind so I've got a bit of catching up to do. Also, please tell me what name you wish to be known as, and keep telling me with each submission (unless it's in an obvious place such as your email address or the media itself). If you don't, I'll guess at it and we all know how bad a guesser I am.


And for those keeping track, the FIP has inflated to 665 directories with 4677 files using over 210,000,000 bytes.


About the Author

This page was created by Cerine, herself with a balloon form that has seen some use (and has a few noted pics in the archives). :) If you have suggestions, complaints, problems about this page's load time (mind you, this is *not* something Cerine can see), etc., mail Morphy as he is the one in charge of running things.

Things to know about Cerine: I am a college student. Oftentimes I am very busy or preoccupied, even on FurryMuck. Feel free to say hi to me there, of course; just please note that you know me from these pages. I am not an artist. I am a writer; however, see before about time problems. I may write something inflation-related soon, if I can put my mind to it. Don't count on anything. I run this page because a) I have bandwidth, b) I happen to like the subject, c) people seem to like me for it, and d) as far as I know, no one's complained to admin-types about these pages. If any of these change, the future of this page will be in jeopardy. I don't think they'll change.

About Copyrights

All images directly on these pages (defined as anything on "") are copyright their artists and/or players, and as such are noted with the images. Images from these pages should not be distributed freely, and are here with the permission of the people with the copyrights.

Images that are linked from this page are such so that the owner of this page, Cerine, can show balloon/latex pictures and related material without violating copyrights. As such, Cerine takes no responsibility for links outside this server. You're on your own. If any webmaster/artist/author/foo wants a link of theirs removed from my page, all they have to do is contact me or the site's staff such as Morphy. Links will be removed as soon as possible, often within minutes on a normal basis. So far, this has only happened once, and the links were removed within 2 hours.

About Links

The Inflatable Furry site welcomes any and all images and stories related to latex, furries, and/or inflation. Appropriate material will be placed and/or linked on the page according to author and/or Cerine's wishes.

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