The Balloonie Links

A list of links related to furries, fetishes, and inflation...


Title Subject Notes
BEArchive breast inflation The site dedicated to expanding cleavage
Expandng Horizons inflation A message board catering to all aspects of inflation
Drake's Inflatable Corporation furry inflation An archive of inflating critters with it's own message and RP board
Inflation RP Board inflation A nifty messages board to role play or just write out your inflationisms
The InflationNation inflation Your home for cartoon inflation
Inflate123's Wacky World inflation videos Inflate123 (AirHare on FM)'s introduction to inflation of all sorts
LatexBlue comic, inflation Silly/surreal comic strip featuring a blue latex cat
Project-P pregnancy Morphs. A few furry, in an anime sort of fashion.
The Roundhouse inflation, fattening If it's not inflation by air, it often ends up here. Go! See! Enjoy... *^.^*
Shadowlord Inc inflation, transormation,
vore, art, stories
A massive vault of videos and artists, with a very large section dedicated to inflation clips
Inflate now! inflatibles The Inflatable Animal Fetsh site, hosted by Xydexx

Other Furry Fetishes

Title Subject Notes
Vor-com soft vore Another vore site all about smooth soft vore
The VoreTex furry vore The web pages for the Food Chain on FM
Orca Mirror
LD5 Mirror
The UB Nexus fem genital vore One of those utterly bizarre combined fetishes...

Personal sites
Title Interests Notes
Alden's Story Locker inflation Stories of course!
Anima's Den inflation vore tf Lots of stories and logs to read plus a bit of art and Anima's Blog
Alumineko's Balloon-Bomb inflation anime-style Not furry but mountains of swelling art
Dragomike's Cave inflation, sizey furs Big big big dragons here folks
Drake Montana inflation, macro Drake's personal site with lots of art
Meanbean macro, inflation A pleasantly unique style
Rangarig's Creations vore, inflation, yiff The most well known place for rendered scaley dragons doing whatever the heck they like
Introducing: Rogue furry macro Rogue's site of macro stories and pics. Violent, good-hearted fun
Sebastian's Mystical Bondage Shop furry/anime girls, latex, bondage Fetish art for the finicky feline
Sheema Vixen commisioned art Sheema's place for nice drawings of her
Tombfyre Kraken's Lair sizey furs More art than you can wave a high pressure air-line at
Web Balloon latexed furs, mpi, vore Morphy's personal site with neat stuff!

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