Doug Winger

Doug Winger is one of the most prevalent furry artists on the Internet. For better or for worse. :) Many of his themes over the years have dealt with inflation and size change, mostly of certain body parts. The pictures on these pages are but a selection of the most appropriate inflation pics he has; and these don't even start on the mall series of large-cocked, large-breasted shemales. And that too is only a beginning. Prepare to have your mind blown (so to speak) if you haven't seen these before.

Doug also has his webpages (with some new, macro-related images) at . You can also try as well as there's a lot to go through there, I promise you. Doug has been considering taking commissions, but currently doesn't have that. However, he will take most any idea you throw him, and it will have a chance of making it onto paper (don't expect any better guarantees). Of course, such an idea did manage to get me the pic, inflatef (take a look at page 4)...:)

Doug's e-mail address is . He is available as Doug (not JustDoug, who he used to be) on FurryMuck. He likes talking with people about inflation and most anything. He sometimes (gasp!) is found in West Corner of the Park. (Well, we knew he was a perv, but...yeesh.)

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